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tv   10 News at 1100pm  CBS  March 2, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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. thousands of victims left in limbo until now. >> and it says you a push. >> to push. >> good evening. >> and thank you for watching. tonight there is new hope for thousands of rape victims whose evidence kits have sat untested while their attacker remains free. the governor says he'll sign a new bill that will prevent similar backlogs from happening again. and we explain how it will help the rape victims heal. >> reporter: 13,000 rape kits holding valuable evidence, untested, leaving many florida cases unsolved. nearly 1,500 are from the bay area. >> so this is a national epidemic, and we knew we had to
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put a price tag on public safety. >> reporter: a new bill will keep this backlog from happening again. >> and it ensures the timely test okay the evidence collection kits and it also gives the victims a voice. >> reporter: the bill rain shower requires local law enforcement to submit the sexual assault kits within 30 days. the state has 120 days to process. >> we will hold on to the evidence for them for a year. >> reporter: that extra time, says the director of sexual assault services for the crises center of tampa bay, gives the victims the chance to file a report. once they file, the evidence goes into a national data base and it is used to solve old crimes and helps prevent new ones. >> people will know if you do it again, you will get caught. >> reporter: the state attorney general says i have seen firsthand the heart ache caused by sexual predators and this legislation is a significant step towards justice and helping victims heal.
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the $32 million needed to clear up the backlog of rape cases. but where will the governor find all of that money? the governor's office says he'll first have to review the film budget. as for the senate bill 636, we're told the improve does plan on signing it. in tarpa, 10 news, wtsp. >> once the governor sipes the bill, it means the addition of highly skilled, high paying jobs in crime labs. right now if you drive a toyota or lexus, listen up closely. toyota is expanding its takata air bag recall by almost 200,000 cars. it now includes the 2008 corolla and models and 2008 to 2010 lexus 430 cars, and the recall involves the front passenger air bag inflaters bag goes off. takata air bags have listen
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the subject of the largest recall ever. day two of the jury selection in the hogan versus trial have come to a close. hogue yon is suing for $100 million. the attorneys on both sides of the case question 35 of the potential 109 jurors left. they will narrow them down to a jury of nine people. since a local celebrity is the focus of the case, it can an unbiased opinion. and they say they hope to have a jury selection by tomorrow night. time for headlines around the nation and the world. this is your of 60 -- 60 second scan. think you can hack the pentagon? you'll get the chance starting in april. the defense department will allow vetted and approved hackers, and you might even get paid. the pentagon says the -- the pentagon says it is the best way to keep up on cyber security.
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for the supreme court since the death of justice scalia. some say it violates a woman's right to an abortion while others argue it protects women's health. justice anthony kennedy is the key if the court were to split 4-4. the ididerod will shorten its ceremony yell start due do a welcome of snow. the normal 11-mile route has been recused to just three miles. warm weather has melted a lot of that snow there. the railroad is bringing in snow from hundreds of miles away to ensure there is enough on the streets. a famous 1,000-mile race will start on monday and that is your second ---60-second scan. as you consider a choice for 2016, the super tuesday is in full fall-out. donald trump and hillary clinton are in clear control of the presidential primary races. 10 news political reporter joins bus the latest on the hunt for that nomination. >> reporter: no big surprises
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division is growing in the republican party, you have ted cruz and both cruz and trump and marco rubio should drop out after such a bad showing on super tuesday? ben carson says he sees, quote, no political path forward signaling an end to his campaign. donald trump walked away with victories in seven states. ted cruz got three. marco rubio won just one. minnesota. and hillary clinton took seven states compared to bernie sanders at four and new tonight, clinton's local tampa. >> florida is going to decide who the nominees are, and florida will decide who the president is in the fall. so we are on ground zero of the american politics here. >> so regard ms of where you are on the political spectrum, if you on the fence, take a look at a new inter-active tool that can help you make a choice. >> it is called the voter guru and it is the hot new site.
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and see if it matches up in. >> yes. >> it is kind of for picking the president. >> are you surprised? no i am surprised. >> this is a good way to see what is really going on in the world. >> is that a surprise? is that in the a surprise? >> it is not a surprise when looking at the stance that independents can be more attracted to. >> reporter: it works in tracking the voting records of each. >> yes, we are build that wall! >> when i'm president, we are going to undertake a style! and in america we auto going to end a corrupt campaign finance system! >> reporter: and it is simple. all you do is answer a series of policy questions with your opinion, very liberal to very conservative. >> it is definitely accurate based on what i entered. >> reporter: pick the issues that are most important to you. >> and it does lay out the
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>> reporter: and, boom, it shows you the face of the candidate you most closely align with. is it who you thought? just head to voter dot guru to find out. you can find that on our 10 news app as well. get this, on super tuesday, google searches for how i can move to canada increased by 350%. you heard that right. the last time searches for that phrase were that high was in november of 20004 rites around when george w. bush was re- elected. >> canada is pretty nice at this time oh of year. >> they have good perfume and good bagels. a fa mill quarter face joining studioee 10. >> and 10 news wtsp is happy to announce the former bucs announcer michael clayton part of our team. he co-hosted several shows with stephanie and they had such good chemistry. >> and they interviewed a former new york jet and also paula deen, right?
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>> and now michael is joining stephanie permanently. you can see them weekday mornings here on 10 news. still to come -- >> a man who say his fired warning shots in self defense is sentenced to 20 years behind bars. >> he didn't want to sentence me to the 20 years. >> tonight, hear from those calling florida's 10-20 life law unjust. and new information about going gray. who scientists say is to blame. >> and tricks on the court. the globetrotters, ahead. >> you have to love globy and those guys a cold front went through today. you probably didn't notice, but the next one i'm tracking might be a different story for you. we're going to take you through when it is coming and what you can expect at 11:16. >> and it is a chance for an all new late show with stephen bow bare. and his guests tonight include
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nearly all of you want crime off your street, but sometimes the punishment just doesn't fit the crime a polk county man is spending 20 years in prison for firing a warning shot in self defense and aggravated assault. >> and he fell under florida's 10-20 life law enacted in 199 # and just last week the governor
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offense from the law, but 10 investigates and found out this latest move won't help people already serving time. >> reporter: the year was 2007, my space was the social media connection. george w. bush was the president, the first iphone wasn't even released yet. that was the last time eric was free. >> i had a gun in the consider and i grabbed it and fired warning shots out of the window. old in 2006. he was leaving a bar when a group of men surrounded his truck. to protect myself. >> reporter: no one was hurt. he had no criminal history, but a judge sentenced him to 20 years in florida state prison forage vatted assault. no and it is like the wind just got sucked rite out of you. you know. and i looked at my parents. >> i just couldn't believe it.
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>> it is hard. >> reporter: even though no one is hurt or even touched, if a jury convicted you of aggravated assault, florida's 10-20 life law requires a minimum mandatory 20-year sentence, and that's what happened to wyatt. t the time of sentencing, the judge made a point of saying he was bound by the legislature. >> the same day i got sentenced, there was a guy who had a child molestation case base. >> reporter: it has been nine years since the sentence, one that has also taken its toll on wyatt's entire family, especially his mother and sister. >> all of the christmases, all of the birthdays, the growing up, the parties, you know, you don't get to spend with him. it is like a death that keeps happening.
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>> and now an unction l wants two young nephews. >> he would have had less time if he had gotten out and got drunk and killed somebody. >> this is not justice and we this. >> reporter: the representative of lakeland has been fighting to change the law. harmed. when does this start making sense? it doesn't. it never made any sense. >> reporter: and in february the governor signed the bill that removed the aggravated life law. so what has happened to -- so what happened to wyatt won't happen to anyone else. >> event preventing anyone else from fall ing into this same situation, it is wonderful. >> reporter: but it doesn't help wyatt. he still has 11 years left to serve behind bars. >> i have the play the -- you have to play the hand that you're dealt and in the allow bitterness or resentment or anything to try to deter you from that. >> reporter: after failed post- conviction appeals, he says he
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>> whatever god has in store has to come to past, so resting in that and knowing that i'm not forgotten. >> wyatt's only hope is for a pardon from the governor. without that he'll stay in prison until april, 2027 and that is because eric was sentenced under a law intended for violent felons, robbers and carjackers who shoot at they victims. without the 10-20 life law, at the very most eric would have faced a maximum sentence of five years, but likely would have gotten much less. we'll be sure to follow this case very closely and we will keep you updated. beau zimmer, 10 investigates. and he cannot get that time back. >> it is just so frustrating when you know that the laws have been changed, corrected and whatever and whoever suffers before that, i mean -- >> it makes you really sick. >> it does. >> certainly we're going to be talking a lot more about this case and the controversial law,
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situation, so make sure you join us for a live web cast tomorrow afternoon at 4:00 on the 10 news app and also on we will be speaking live with eric's father from arizona. well, what causes gray hair? >> yes. yes. >> and let's go down the list. kids, stress, genetics. it turns out the scientists say gray hair is linked to genetics and the environment. >> tim? >> i knew there was something else. >> all of those cold fronts coming down in florida. >> researchers announced they found genes connected with gray hair, so, if anything, you can blame your parents. it is all that pressure to get the forecast correct. >> onono, no that is easy. ex-wives and bosses, that will do it really quick, won't isn't it? >> only kidding.
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>> forecast time. >> been there! >> and good evening. >> see, don't ever get an ex- wife. >> a cold front came through today, but this is about it. some clouds and the wind shift. that's all we saw. we didn't expect much from it, and it was very, very quiet indeed. good evening, friends. hope you have had a good week so far. your weekend is close by. the temperatures not very cold front like at all rthey? >> 60 winder haven. 56 in carrollwood. also in crystal river, and storm tracker 10 is nighs and quiet. we're sitting at about 59 in tarpa tonight that is about the only indication this a front technically has come through. it has been breaking up as it comes across. the humidity is right in the pocket where it was last night. and other than some clouds that are running overhead of the front that has gone by on the surface, we will keep this for tomorrow on and off.
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going through the day or tomorrow, so typical cold front. we'd clear out and have blue skies the entire next day. this one because it is weak overhead, we'll have a lot of the high clouds that will make the sky a little more white than blue. we'll still get plenty of sunshine. right here, that is the next system coming into the midwest tonight and then lit make its way right on the of us as we get into early friday morning. the next front, a little bit different than the one we just through the timing. but it is not coming tonight or your thursday, so let me get you those numbers first. we're right around 59 degrees and we'll stay in the upper 50s for next couple of hours. looking to start your thursday morning at about 55 in tampa. interestingly enough, it will actually be warmer tomorrow. another sign that that front was very weak, but also the winds quickly turn right back to the southwest. that's going to help it get that temperature up a little warmer. 76 today in tampa. we're going to have a lot of
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but they're thin enough. it should be a very pretty day. oak, pine and cedar in your allergy forecast continue to lady lead the way. the pine is the yellow stuff you're seeing on the cars and the oak is also off the charts and it will be the way the next few weeks. rain will help wash it out briefly and we do have a little bit to talk about. for thursday, the dry conditions. 83 is our high, and plant city as well with the strawberry fest winding up. a nice forecast. enjoy some warm hillsboro county sunshine out there and enjoy some music at plant city while enyouing the strawberries. cooler by the gulf waters. 77 in sarasota. we'll look for low 80s in sebring, winter haven and lakeland. on the water tomorrow, winds right in check if you're wanting to get out there. it will be a fantastic day to do so. light reese wind to northeast for the first couple of hours of the morning and by mid to late morning they're turning southwest.
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the high tide is at noon and the low tide a couple of hours after that at 2:00. the next front, now, i don't want to -- i want to keep this in to perspective. i do think we'll see a few showers between 3:00 and 7:00 a.m., but literally a few. i believe our future cast models are overdoing it on the intensity of the storms, but timing and placement, and this front, bus of the winds will pump in more moisture from the south on thursday, i think lit have a little more to work with and we'll likely have a few more showers that will track for you between 3:00 a.m. and 7:00 a.m. friday morning. head's up for the friday morning commute. i don't see these being strong to severe storms being a problem other than maybe wet roads friday morning. after 7:00 a.m., it is all done. anything we do see, and, again, i think it will likely be 30%, 40% coverage of a few showers. by 7:00 it is gone.
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sunny and very pretty at 77. and like the other front, this one current have any cold behind it either. 77 on saturday. 78 on sunday, and tampa will be in the 80s monday, tuesday and wednesday, which means the suburbs, east of i-75, upper 80s will be likely. also looking for a couple of windy days on tuesday and wednesday. so if you want to keep up with winds or maybe tack a look at the storm tracker 10, that good news -- that 10 news app is your friend. just click on the app on your phone. and there were some bright spots in the rays' spring training opener a loss to the nationals. the lightning sending plenty of their players to the world cup in september. and it is time the see how the
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good evening. hockey's world cup doesn't drop the puck but the teams were announced today and the lightning will send 10 players to the tournament. stamkos will play for canada and for sweden. spring training opener for rays today. it has turned into a loss for the nationals. and there were positives, and that is more important. and he pitched the perfect inning, eight total pitches. he concentrated on his curve ball and a good time for jennings. he plated the only run, a two- run double in the third. it is great to have him healthth heathy this year. and the first appearance for blake snell. he got rocked for a three-run homer. so the rays lose 6-2. aarm is goes tomorrow against the orioles. and for all of the excitement of the rays going to cuba to play some ball, not all of the players will be going. they're only going to take around 28 guys.
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being considered or not. still most are looking forward to havana. >> we have some players in this game, and it will be cool fortous go become there and bring the game to kuhna. it will be an intense, that is for sure. i know a lot of guys are looking forward to going and it would be a great thing an all levels. >> that is the 22nd. and the final home gym of the season, but it had no effect. east carolina was all over them. a nice pass, and they had a turn over problem tonight. too many of them, and they turned into pirate baskets. they scored just 16 points in the first half. finallished with only 39. they had only one three-pointer and they lost to east carolina. and the championship field is looking better and better, and ryan palmer, ernie els, all committed with the deadline coming up on friday. and one is key after the copperhead went through a
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this summer. >> the biggest change are the shapes of the bunkers, the bunkers being brought closer to greens, but the irrigation, for us the irrigation is the biggest difference. and it is something that the players don't see and this has made our live as lot easier. >> and it was showtime at the arena tonight! >> you had the harlem globetrotters ton court playing to a good crowd. lots of smiles. people love these teams, even though they haven't changed much in 90 years that the globies have been around a lot of kids and fames. smiles all around. really after all of these years it is still a great show. i do not know the final score, but my sources tell me the globetrotters won. >> they always win. >> and they danced. >> and i think everybody's dad took them at one point or another. my dad took me when i was a kid. willow brook high school, suburban, chicago and i still remember everything about this it to this day.
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playing and they had the routine with the bucket and was it water or con fete question. >> it was water that night. >> the only difference is the kids, all of them had a phone with them. >> they -- stay with us. we'll be right back. >> tonight's lottery numbers
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jo today the rays helped surprise kids. check this out. and his two kids took part in the ceremony yell first pitch without knowing their dad was the catcher! watch this. these citeds were stunned to see him. welcome at them. they're like, oh, my goodness! >> they don't know how to react. they're so speechless. >> look at that. >> and it never gets old.
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( band playing intro music ) ( cheers and applause ) >> jon: stephen colbert! >> stephen: hey, everybody! hey, jon! hey! ( cheers and applause ) welcome to the show, everybody! thank you so much. thank you down here. thank you up there.


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