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tv   10 News This Morning at 500am  CBS  March 3, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EST

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good morning and good morning and welcome to 10 news this morning. i'm allison kropff. and i'm ian reitz. breaking news this morning out of tampa. tampa police are investigating a home invasion. it happened around 2 this morning on west yukon street, that's just south of busch boulevard. here's what we know right now. two people were home at the time when two men forced their way
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demanded money. police say they stole some small electronics and jewelry, before taking off. thankfully no one was hurt, but police are still searching for those two men. we have a crew on the way to the scene and we will bring you a live update as soon as they get there. tonight the top republican contenders for the white house will face off in a debate in detroit. they'll be missing a familiar face: ben carson. carson hasn't officially dropped out of the race, but he made it pretty clear that'll be his next step, telling supporters he does not see a political path forward after super tuesday. right now, after 15 republican contests, carson has just 8 delegates. trump has 319. here's where analysts say carson faltered. in wake of the san bernadino and paris terror attacks, the race turned its focus sharply to national security and carson struggled to answer even basic questions about american allies. and in debates, we never saw a feisty side. trump continues to fend off attacks from other republican rivals,
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momentum. we'll have a breakdown of tonight's debate on 10 news at 11:00. developing this morning.. an i-t employee with the state department who helped hillary clinton set up her private email has been granted immunity. the f-b-i has been investigating clinton over classified emails on her personal server. bryan pagliano was hired privately to help set up her email before he was hired by the state department. the f-b-i said he had cooperated with the investigation. after spending nearly a year in space.. astronaut scott kelly is back on u-s soil this morning. he landed at about 2:30 this morning in houston where he was greeted by nasa officials and family members. kelly said it was a team effort that successful. kelly's 340 days in space is the most of any u-s astronaut. one obvious change for kelly
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back 2 inches taller than his brother because a lack of gravity causes spinal disks to expand. investigators are still trying to figure out if debris that washed up in mozambique last weekend...belongs to the missing malaysia airlines flight 370. photos of the debris show - what appears to be - part of the tail section of a boeing 777. m-h 370 disappeared two years ago with 239 people on board...and is the only known missing triple-7. a new traffic light is finally in place along a treacherous portion of hillsborough ave in tampa. that's after years of people getting hurt crossing that street - some were even killed. 10news reporter emerald morrow is live along hillsborough avenue. emerald, hopefully this will make crossing the street safer. - yeah, especially for students who often have to make the mad dash across this street...usually during rush hour
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- many of the here go to middleton just a few minutes away - and we've had several unfortunate incidents involving some of these students - two years ago this month, 15- year-old norma velasquez-cabrera was hit and killed while crossing here with her sister - and three years before that, another teenager who went to middleton was there have been other accidents here at part of the road...but it seems like we see a lot involving students - some of it has to do with this apartment complex... - a lot of students live they try to make it across this busy street - even though this stop light is in won't be working right away - i'm working on finding out when it'll be turned on - i'll have an answer for you at 5:30. - live in tampa, emerald morrow, 10news, wtsp. right
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which us carriers could take you to cuba. a pact between the u-s and cuba allows 110 flights nation. but only 20 of those will be able to go into havana.. country's most between american airlines, jetblue and delta.. more than 30 flights been proposed. an agreement is expected to be reached by this fall. happening today.. hope solo, alex morgan and all of members of the u-s women's soccer team in tampa. the inaaugural "shebelieves cup" will take over raymond james stadium as teams from the usa team, england, france and germany face off. the goal of the games is to inspire young girls to accomplish their goals and dreams. and next year, the us soccer association is starting up a new national girls development academy. it will focus on reaching out to girls soccer clubs across the us and here in tampa to develop world-class female soccer players. check out this surveillance video. houston police
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least 10 suspects that are seen here breaking into a gun store. you can see the thieves use a pickup with chains to pull the security bars right off. then they used hammers to smash the glass counters and grab hundguns and rifles by the armful. it took just over a minute, then they took off. it was quite the site for people at new smyrna beach. dozens of baby lemon sharks have been spotted in on the east coast, just south of daytona beach. there were at least 20 sharks. some of them up to three feet in length and they were swimming close to the shore. two surfers got out of the wa after they felt them in the water. major changes are coming to a store you might shop at pretty often. many of you shop at target. now it's becoming more online friendly to make your trips easier. the retail giant says by this time next year, you'll be able to start shopping on
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they are turning many of their stores into fullfillment centers. that means you'll be notified when something is in stock, then finish your shopping where you pick up your purchase. it's all part of making the experience personal and user friendly. some very scary moments for a store clerk in georgia. quick thinking stopped an armed robber from hurting her while he tried to steal some cash. 10news at the have teamed up to pack to the april 2nd lightning versus the new jersey devils game. one winner will also receive signed team gear as well. all you have to do is watch 10 news this morning next week for the word of the day, then enter to win through our facebook page.
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breaking news right now in tampa where police are searching for two men after they broke into a home. it happened around 2 this morning on yukon street, that's just south of busch boulevard near rome avenue. 10 news reporter sarah hollenbeck is live at the scene.
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breaking news
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breaking news right now in tampa where police are searching for two men after they broke into a home. it happened around 2 this morning on yukon street, that's just south of busch boulevard near rome avenue. 10 news reporter sarah hollenbeck is live at the scene. sarah this is really scary, we're learning the victims were tied up during
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check this out! before they move to check this out! before they move to their permanent home right here in florida, the ringling brothers and barnum and bailey hosted a brunch with their asian
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closing in may for the remaining 11 elephants. that's when they'll retire to the ringling brothers for elephant conservations in polk city. a familiar face is joining studio 10 live. 10 news w-t-s-p is happy to announce former bucs receiver michael clayton is now part of our team. he recently co- hosted with stephanie webb. during the week of the super bowl they were joined by rays pitcher chris archer and celebrity chef paula dean. we're excited that michael will now be joining stephanie you can see the two weekdays at 9:00 a-m, right here on 10 news.
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you can get 10 weather updates on the road - with our 10 weather radio partners. in tampa bay, catch us on magic 94- point-9.... and the dove 105.5 f-m on sarasota talk radio, listen to wsrq 106.9 fm. and hear 10 weather in spanish on maxima 92-5. as the race to the white house heats up, picking the right candidate to vote for can be tough.
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put your worries at ease. we'll show you how you can find out which candidate is right for you. but first, it's probably the last thing one lakeland family expected to find taking a swim in their pool. live look from tampa international
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from lakeland is something you want to see. one family found a surprising visitor taking a dip in their pool! a 9-foot gator made a 70-yard trek from a pond and broke through a screened enclosure to get inside the pool the only way they knew it was there was from the bubbles coming from the pool. thankfully, the gator was removed.. and no one was hurt. a georgia woman comes face to face with an armed robber and takes matters into her own hands. and their whole attack is caught on surveillance. the move she made to protect herself as a man pointed a gun right at her. but first, practice does not go as planned for the u-s oracle team.
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home invasion, yukon
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most weekends only last a couple of days. some last a lifetime.
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