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tv   10 News at 630pm  CBS  March 6, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm EST

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terrific basketball team, a buzz saw today in terms of attitude and preparation for indiana. >> ian: offensive rebound and a layman. >> bill: down on the bottom. >> ian: juwan morgan is fouled from behind. >> bill: the hustle plays. most of them have gone to indiana. himself that he missed the free throws. indiana retains it and morgan, a 76% shooter is at the stripe. >> bill: the pieces fit for indiana. it's not like there is a buzz saw of overall talent but as a team they're magnificent contributors. >> ian: they won the big ten title in 2013. they lost their top four scorers from that team that included oladipo and zeller.
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this team back to that high level. >> bill: it's the speed of the game that's devastating. you've got to match it. the push. the willingness to spread and attack stretches your d. tough pass. >> ian: ferrell. the turnover. >> bill: he knows. a little giveaway. trimble a little frustrated. how smart is he? didn't go all the way -- actually picked it up, i think he was going to make a play for a cutting hoosier. >> i thought you were going to say "smarter than your average point guard." >> bill: that he is. that's not going out on a limb. >> ian: i'm like your "boo-boo." >> bill: hurt his shoulder again. >> ian: a left-shoulder injury he was dealing with heading into this game. >> bill: looks like that thing again -- even though he's
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>> ian: he aggravated it against iowa. tom crean comes over. the medical staff will come over. dr. steve opfelt who played here for bob knight. >> ian: doing his job trying to tip a ball, and did, by the way, did his job. >> bill: did and paid for it, and tom was saying to both of us that at the end of the year, it's happened so often they're going to have to address it. god bless him, huh? >> ian: indiana playing without robert johnson. high left-ankle sprain. morgan was a question mark for this game. hartman was a question mark for this game.
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locker room with 1:20 left to play. >> bill: yesterday he was saying "i feel pretty good. ready to go." remember the rebounding he got earlier in the game, soaring -- tom and the staff, tim buckley worked hard, chuck martin, rob judson, on the other end i spoke to hall of famer at st. mary's who watches the games, he studied, by the way -- la salle guy. >> ian: brantley in for maryland, trimble will sit and melo trimble wraps up his day with 17 points. four rebounds. three assists. >> bill: indiana puts so much pressure on you. constant. every trip. you've got to match it. >> ian: 17 for yogi ferrell. >> bill: nice hands. >> ian: layman gives it away.
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all window dressing for indiana. >> ian: layman has fouled out. the big ten tournament coming up in indianapolis. indiana will be in the be one seed. michigan state the two. maryland entering action could have been the three, or the four. either way, they've got the double bye which was a big key for mark turgeon. >> bill: that's what his concern was. they've got a few days to get back together and get organized. this was a terrific performance. who was ready. watching practice, tom didn't want any letdown. layman's playing the game with them, not sitting down -- you get that reaction at home, don't you?
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billy, maryland will be a part of it, indiana will be a part of it. we'll have it for you -- the big ten tournament, semifinals and finals on cbs from indianapolis next weekend. >> bill: from beginning to end. >> ian: it's going to be a battle too. >> bill: it's going to be a great tournament. seven guaranteed, maybe eight teams. >> ian: depending on michigan. >> bill: yeah. >> ian: final 45 seconds. williams makes his move. hangs and hits. 80-62. williams has 23 to lead the hoosiers. >> bill: when he finishes at the rim, ooh, does that complement their sets. tom wanted to probably call that time out, continue play to get
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>> ian: nickens had it blocked. anunoby. 20 seconds left. >> bill: they're going to call a time out and keep playing. just to keep playing. yeah. just to get the seniors in. >> ian: senior day. yogi ferrell. >> ian: indelible impact that he's had on this program. >> bill: a keeper. early in the year, struggled a little bit. notre dame game seems, tom, to have turned the season around for them -- buckley with the hug -- why not? he is hugable. i've seen him play a lot of good games.
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>> ian: jackson tharp is in. >> bill: don't rub it in. >> ian: he wants to get one more player in. tim priller. >> bill: something to talk about the rest of your life. >> ian: indiana riding the waves. big ten champions. they will enter the conference tournament as the number one seed. a convincing 80-62 win over maryland. the number 12 hoosier defeat the number 14 terrapins. for bill raftery, tracy wolfson and the rest of our crew, this is ian eagle saying so long from bloomington. tonight on cbs begins with 60 minutes followed by new episodes
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protecting pastors in florida who refuse to marry same-sex couples. why it comes down to one person the signature. plus, remembering nancy reagan, she
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good evening. the top story, added protection for pastors who don't want to marry same-sex couples. a lynn front of the gov. assures them they don't have to worry about being sued for refusing to married couples for religious reasons. we are breaking down both sides of the issue. unnecessary piece of legislation. >> reporter: this pastor does not believe it was a bright idea. >> i think it was a waste of time and energy. >> reporter: he is talking about the pastor protection act. it frees churches from lawsuits if they refuse to marry same- sex couples. but, was it needed? >> we are protected by the constitution. everyone is protected by the constitution. >> reporter: many echo his
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pastors in favor of the law have split party lines. >> i need to be protected. >> i stand in support in the bill. i have to give jesus christ a true encounter with him changed my life. >> reporter: the bill now sits on the governors desk but there was compromise between lawmakers and gay rights groups before it passed. they replace the reference to religious organizations with a specific group protected under the law. >> that was the real danger of the bill. it does not give permission to discriminate. in that sense i am very happy that it passed as it did. >> reporter: back to you. >> if you would like to see a list of the organizations listed in the bill go to our scene on tv section.
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to clean up after a car slammed into their building. the driver had to be taken to the hospital. tonight police are still investigating trying to figure out what caused the driver to go off the road. new information on the closing of a business plaza. the pelican plaza is now back open, the fire marshal gave at the all clear this afternoon after crews installed four new support beams. the entire building had to be evacuated yesterday when people felt a shift while a shift while they were on the second floor. it was a beautiful weekend for the strawberry festival but even if you didn't go there was still a chance to had to deal with heavy traffic in that area. you can expect backups for the next week while construction
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a busy day packed with thousands of strawberry lovers from all around the world. live music, a petting zoo and a costume contest. >> we love the artwork, it is a great place to come. it is also a great place. and of course we don't go home without the strawberries. >> there is still time to go to the festival, it runs until 10:00 tonight. we have a huge week of political coverage ahead. tomorrow marco rubio is holding a rally in tampa and democrats and republicans will debate in miami. we sit down with a political expert to explore weather marco rubio can pull ahead in florida. >> reporter: what does it mean for marco rubio when we talk about delegates? >> he did not have a good
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he had a a disappointing super tuesday and a dismal super saturday. it is very difficult path for him. he now mathematically can't get to the number that is necessary nomination. the best he could hope for is to contest at the convention. but i think was very disappointing to marco rubio last night is in the state of maine he did not even hit the ten% threshold. you have to at least hit ten% to get any kind of delegate. so his third-place finishes did not really increase his delegate count enough to compared to ted cruz and donald trump. ted cruz was able to get in under 100 delegates but marco rubio falls further behind and
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the line this week. >> tonight, at 11:00 we will talk one on one with marco rubio about his prospects and what it will take to be donald trump. tonight hillary clinton and bernie sanders square off in another debate. this time they are in flint, michigan. condolences coming in for the family of former first lady nancy reagan. she passed away at her loss for angeles home this morning at the age of 94. tonight we look back at her legacy and her influence on the presidency. >> reporter: she arrived in hollywood as nancy davis and was already a working address when her future husband entered the scene. she acted in 11 11 films before becoming a full-time mother.
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california and a few years later first lady of the white house. two months after his inauguration pres. president reagan survived in a tessellation attempt. as personal protector for the president she reviewed his schedule and consulted an astrologer for advice on security. >> i was so obsessed with his safety. any time he went out my heart stopped. >> reporter: that devotion went both ways. friends called their merits the greatest love affair in the history of the american presidency. as they said it in nancy reagan wants to an ambitious renovation of the white house then moved on to the anti-drug project that became a side of her legacy. she was there when her husband could not find the words. a few years after leaving the white house ronald reagan
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reagan devoted herself to nursing her husband. >> that is the worst part about this. there is no one to exchange memories with. >> reporter: after heard -- after his death she pushed for federal funding for stem sell research. >> we have lost so much time already. >> reporter: she traveled to washington for the unveiling of her husband statue and she kept her hand in politics. nancy reagan suffered falls and visibly slowed with age. she was escorted by george bush at the july 2011 funeral a betty ford. but her last years were lonely. she visited her husbands grave on the tenth anniversary of his death, even as she grew more frail. she once said the pain of his loss only got worse. chris martinez, cbs news.
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will have the full forecast plus, a beautiful day for a picnic, the touching reason behind this one and the report went -- and the important
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every insurance policy has a number. but not every insurance company understands the life behind it. for those who've served and the families that have supported them,
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service in return. usaa. we know what it means to serve. get an insurance quote and see why 92% of our members plan to stay for life. it is hard to imagine going through life as a child with the mother or father. but things to countless foster parents in the tampa bay area hundreds of young people don't have to face life alone. foster parents were celebrated today given a huge thank you
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their families. >> they need us so much. they have been to first things we can't imagine. it is not their fault. so, for me, the reason i have stayed in it for so long is because i know there are kids out there that need me. >> she says there is a huge need for morse foster parents. you don't have to be richer married you just have to have an open heart. good sunday evening to you. still a little daylight left, sunset in about 20 minutes. what a fantastic weekend and if you like sunny weather you will like the forecast too. currently it is 71 in st. pete.
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the citrus county. high pressure building in across the south east u.s. we will have nice weather across the eastern third of the country but out west we continue to see one storm system after another coming in. california has heavy rains. with high pressure in control we are going to see very dry conditions and the wind on monday generally out of the east, that will be a nice land breeze so we will see temperatures warming up to above average. for the remainder of sunday evening temperatures dropping to the upper 50s. 53 on monday morning. chilly for portions of citrus county, down to 48 in brooksville, 46 in crystal river. st. pete with a warning low of 57.
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sparkling sunshine but high temperatures in the upper 70s. we will notice that warm breeze. check out these high temperatures. 80 in springhill. 81 in brooksville. along the coast it it is a little cooler. check out manatee county, 80 degrees. better boating conditions coming up. very dry, calm quiet weather on the radar. wind out of the east and maybe a few clouds for inland areas
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we will see plenty of sunshine and that is a trend that will continue through the seven-day forecast. staying with -- staying breezy until wednesday into thursday. we see warm temperatures with
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>> i was a snowboarding instructor, a bouncer in a nightclub. >> laura logan: and now 44-year- old justin trudeau is a world leader. the new prime minister of canada and his wife will be guests of honor at a white house state dinner later this week. crisis will likely be on the menu. while we were with trudeau we found out he loves to box and is not afraid of a fight. >> people think that boxing is all about how hard you can hit your opponent. it's not. it's about how hard of a hit you


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