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tv   10 News This Morning at 500am  CBS  March 7, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EST

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good morning and welcome to 10 news i'm allison kropff. will be in tampa, hoping to get your vote. 10news reporter sarah hollenbeck is live outside the tampa convention center. florida primary and the stakes are high here. 99 delegates is a juicy prize and for candidates like them are crucial. right here today
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you to cast a ballot in his favor. rubio took home his second primary win over the weekend in puerto rico. but the 3rd place candidate faces a do-or-die situation here in florida. if he can't win here, there are major questions about his ability to win in other places. ted cruz and donald trump are working just as hard to edge out rubio in his own state. rubio faces the steepest climb, needing 68 percent of remaining delegates to clinch the nomination, while cruz needs 59 percent and trump needs 54 percent. looking into right best bet in winning hispanic voters both here in florida and from this point both cruz and rubio have cuban roots. i'll explain why that race at 5:30. wtsp
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seeing the republican candidates take some jabs at each other. but things are getting heated in the democratic race too. hillary clinton and bernie sanders did not hold back during the debate sunday night in michigan. the major issue of the night was the flint water crisis. both candidates called for the governor to resign. they were also at odds over the 2009 bailout of the auto industry.. a major issue in the city of detroit. voters in michigan head to the polls for their primary tomorrow. in a few hours, opening statements will begin in hulk hogan's sex tape trial against gawker. the former wrestler is accusing
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releasing a sex tape with hogan and the ex-wife of shock jock, bubba the love sponge clem. a jury of two men, four women, and three alternates were selected in a pinellas county courtroom on friday. 10 news will be in the courtroom and streaming the trial live on our free app. just download it from your device's app store. new this morning...usf gets big help from the state to expand its medical school. lawmakers voted more than 22 million dollars to help the school relocate in downtown tampa. 10news reporter live at channelside where the new school will be. emerald, what's behind this move downtown? ian, one of the biggest reasons for relocating the medical school to downtown tampa is what you see right there...tampa general hospital. usf uses the school as a teaching hospital, so having the morsani college of medicine right here is going to make things more convenient for faculty and students. - the state already gave usf 17 million last year for the project - so the hope is now that legislators have approved 22 million more...that the governor will,
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budget to give the school the finances it really needs to increase its reputation as a world-class institution - so why should this matter to you?? - well the very students usf is training could one day be the doctors to give you medical attention right here in our area....and giving them the facilities they need to be trained properly is only going to help improve your health. and there are a ton of other reasons why lawmakers are standing behind using your tax dollars for this expansion. right now, i'm looking into what type of impact moving the school down here will have on our area... more on that, coming up at 5:30. live in tampa, emerald morrow, 10news, wtsp. developing out of australia. one person is dead and two others are hurt after a gunman opened fire at a business early this morning. this is about 25
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surrounded and told employees at nearby businesses to stay inside. as of right now, we are not getting reports on whether the gunman has been taken into custody or if anyone else was involved. the country is mourning the loss of former first lady, nancy reagan. she died of congestive heart failure sunday at her los angeles home. mrs. reagan was known for being her husband's fiercest protector and most trusted adviser. she was an advocate for stem cell research after former president reagan's diagnosis of alzheimer's disease in 1994. nancy reagan's best-known project as first lady was the "just say no " campaign, aimed at keeping kids and teenagers away from drugs. she and president ronald reagan were married for more than 52 years. she was 94-years- old. tampa fire crews are investigating what could have sparked a fire at this duplex. flames broke out just a few hours ago at the home on north lantana avenue. thankfully no one
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put out the fire. crews say one of two units is damaged. families are out of fire destroyed their apartment building. oxford court, near north 20th street. the fire broke out sunday afternoon, up again around 10 thankfully, no one was hurt. fire is under investigation. we're keeping you updated on the in the fight against joining forces with health officials in puerto rico to fight the outbreak. the c-d-c director is heading there this week to get a firsthand look at how the government is responding to the situation. more than 100 cases have been reported there. we've also learned that the evidence of a link between the virus and birth defects is growing. california is finally getting the rain it needs, but flooding there is turning deadly. the northern part of the state is getting hit especially hard. sacramento got several inches of rain within 24 hours and two people died after being trapped in their cars. ski resorts have
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could reach five feet by the end of today. and take a look at this: rough waters off the oregon coast led to the coast guard rescue of three surfers. speculation...we'll hear from peyton manning today as he makes it official. two super bowl titles and nearly 41 miles of passing yards...manning will announce he'll retire. his latest super bowl victory was one month ago today broncos. a lot of reaction all over social media over manning's retirement. the tampa bay bucs photo with the caption "hashtag thank you peyton, career!" former president jimmy carter is sharing good news former president jimmy carter is this morning.
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recovery. but first, 85 teams are competing right now in one of the hardest races in the world. 10news at the tampa bay lightning give away a v i p prize pack to the april 2nd lightning versus the game. one winner will team gear as well. is watch 10 news this morning this week for the word of the day, then enter to facebook page. a live look of tampa international
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news back in the morning. we're putting the news back in the
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here's a look at other headlines around the nation and the world in your 60 second scan. nearly a year after this baltimore c-v-s pharmacy was torched and burned to the ground.. it's back open for business. you may remember these images from the scene during the city's riots
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the building has renovations. say they are happy to back and say it now stands as a symbol for hope in their community. there is reportedly a weapons shortage for navy seals in training. a california congressman says he has been contacted by a number of seals who say when they their rifles are given who are shipping out. goes against the you fight." a top officer at u-s special operations command in tampa is investigating those complaints. and air b-n-b has hired its first director of diversity. david king the third held a similar job with the peace corps. the tech company's c-e-o says the move is an effort to bring aboard more women and underrepresented minorities. 85 teams took off on a one thousand mile journey at the iditarod start on sunday. this year the race started in willow, alaska, and it will end in nome. mushers and dog handlers put in hundreds of hours of work to get their dogs ready every season. but once they see the start line, the nerves really set in.
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this race season is off to a warmer start than they'd like for the dogs. but soon they'll be farther north where it's much
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you can get 10 weather updates on the road - with our
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10 weather radio partners. in tampa bay, catch us on magic 94- point-9.... and the dove 105.5 f-m on sarasota talk radio, listen to wsrq 106.9 fm. and hear 10 weather in spanish on maxima 92-5. before you head to the gas station to fill up for the work week, we have a look at what you'll pay at the pump. after weeks of falling...gas prices are creeping back up again. but first, this dog's a trouble- maker. how it ended up in the driver seat of this semi-truck. a live look at the mahaffey theater in downtown st. pete where preparations are underway for the firestone grand prix of st. petersburg which
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(announcer): this is no ordinary salad, this is a florida berry and citrus salad. the mixing bowl, proudly welcomes the arugula leaves. lemon juice and olive oil drizzle down. fresh strawberries, blueberries and oranges tumble into place. dashed with cheese and topped with candied pecans. done. it's easy to turn local produce into something extraordinary.
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amazon will no longer support data encryption on its fire tablets, saying customers weren't using the service. encyption scrambles private information and
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the change comes as apple squares off against the f-b-i over access to an encrypted i-phone. workers at costco will soon be making more. for the first time in almost a decade, costco is raising its entry level wages. the company says workers will now earn at least 13 dollars or 13.50 per hour. that's up from 11.50 or 12 dollars per hour. if you're a dog know sometimes your pet just misbehaves. but maybe not this bad. this dog from minnesota took a bit of a joy ride in a semi-truck! the driver had left the truck running, when the dog hopped behind the wheel and some how threw it into gear. it went through a parking lot, crossed curb and hit a tree. thankfully, no one was hurt. it's great that gas
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dollars across the bay area, but that's not the case for other parts of the country. at 5:37...the surprising amount of drivers are paying for a gallon at a station in california. but first, a 4- year-old is in the hospital this morning after falling out of a ferris wheel. don't forget, you can always take 10 news with you just download the 10 news app. it's a fast look at breaking news, weather and traffic - and get alerts so you won't miss a thing. search wtsp 10 news in the app store now. florida senator marco rubio making a top in tampa today at the tampa
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i get out of workpand i go to the store, and somebody' s,psmellin' around, "mmm! i smell cookies." i say, "oh no, you just smell me. i just got out of work. that' s honey bunches of oats, that' s all."
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good morning, it's i'm allison kropff. and i'm ian reitz. the dash towards florida's prized 99 delegates heats up tonight when marco rubio will be in tampa seeking for your vote. 10news reporter sarah hollenbeck is live at the tampa convention center where rubio will meet with supporters later today. sarah, we know hispanic voters could be key in this election but will they make a difference for rubio in the florida primary? ian, this could be the first time americans have a latino in the white house, but both rubio and cruz may not have the


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