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tv   10 News at 1100pm  CBS  March 8, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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10news at 11 starts right now. that they are your life but they are also the youngest victims with the smallest voices when parents split. >> they should have just as much time with the child as the mother. >> good evening. sweeping changes could be coming to alimony and custody laws. one signature, the governor. it could that -- it could impact the lives of hundreds of kids. the biggest change as jonathan explains, involves how many time -- how much time divorced parents spend with their children.>> so far, husband and wife working together to raise
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38 years, she has made a living off of couples who could no longer stand being couples. she has seen custody fights get ugly. >> especially with two parenting. >> reporter: this law requires the judge to give equal time to equal -- to each parent. for both parents to share all responsibilities. >> a lot of times, and dad get a bad rap when they get divorced. >> reporter: also supporting this change that has happened in 20 states already. opponents believe the law could clog up courts >> in my opinion, this will reduce the amount of litigation because of the presumption that fathers are going to have people time -- equal time-
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reporter: this way, good parents won't lose their kids if the relationship goes bad. 10news , wtsp work >> to join the conversation, join our facebook page. tonight, a woman rear-ended a police cruiser as they sat inside on central avenue near 31st street the parked cruiser had its lights on while waiting on a tow truck for the car. police say the driver has been arrested for dwi. the officer was taken to the hospital to be checked out. right now, an nypd officer is being treated after being shot in the shoulder in brooklyn release say a narcotics investigation was underway when two suspects tried to flee in a car dragging
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shots were fired and the officer was hit and so was the suspect. they are both expected to be okay. the two suspects are in police custody and a third suspect is on the run. a question controversial by some who say it's starting to show up in work places like jpmorgan. the question -- our uk? many employers are asking employers about their sexual orientation or gender identity as business pushes to be more -- police using the law to seize private property. noah explains how it could protect you hear >> reporter: our investigation shows how police in florida were able to seize property from private citizens even if never convicted of a crime in many cases, it was harder for them to get the property back than it was for them to get bogus criminal charges dropped against them but today, they joined their colleagues in thing
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take the profit out of police procedure. more restrictions on how and when they can take your property. police will also be able to keep a lot less proceeds from selling those assets. the law would allow them to target drug money but it should provide more protection for those of you who are not. >> the bill passes. >> reporter: there was little opposition on the floor today but there was quite a bit leading up to this compromise. the sheriff met some of the charges against it saying reforms would make it harder for law enforcement to come down on bad guys are a number of other bills are still on the table and this legislation week will bring in the latest here on 10news wtsp . time for headlines around the nation and the world. this is your 62nd scan. millions of people across indonesia and the pacific
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night. over several hours, it will pass directly in front of the sun blocking all sunlight turning day into night. the blackout lasted for some, up to four hours. >> in los angeles, the cdc says a superbug known as scr eve is resistant to many antibiotics. coming from the ocean with discharge from sewer plants. warnings tonight for the aaa chain. an employee has been diagnosed with noro virus. leading to the restaurant being closed. no customers have gotten sick. the chain doubt with an e. coli outbreak last year and shut
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that is your 62nd scan. >> voters are deciding who they want to see in a presidential race tonight. worthen 400 delegates are up michigan, donald trump. democrats, hillary clinton. meanwhile, the spotlight is shining on florida tonight and for the next several days. marco rubio continues to hit the campaign trail really hard. he was back in our area today rallying voters in sarasota. tomorrow night, bernie sanders and clinton will both be in the south florida area taking part in the 9:00 debate at dade college. thursday night, rubio, trump, john kasich and ted cruz will take the stage at the university of iowa. and then it's back on thursday. keep it right here on 10news for live coverage of all of those events from south florida to write here in tampa bay and beyond. concerns they may run out
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eric shows you why people from other cities are snapping up those burial plots. >> reporter: it is quite literally a great concern. >> it's debasing. >> reporter: residents from surrounding cities keep snapping up burial plots at the municipal cemetery. >> that won't be enough room for people who should be buried there.>> reporter: the plot thickens recently when people living in surrounding areas figured out that dying was a lot cheaper in frostburg. the burial plot in the real feel, $500. at lake wales memorial, $1400. >> we have actually had one person by 10 of them. >> -- >> reporter: that is why the mayor unanimously passed a moratorium monday temporarily barring anyone from outside the zip code from purchasing a black here. >> until we can look at the
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include -- closing the cemetery for outsiders. >> making it unfair. >> to me, that is lake wales problem and not hours.>> it's our responsibility as a city council to care for the citizens. >> one thing officials do not for residents. they say they intend to resurrect the issue again during a workshop on march 21. 10news wtsp . the mayor says one of the other issues is the lake. their municipal cemetery started running out of room. he says he is sympathetic. still to come -- >> it's ridiculous. something like this, you would need to think this would be a warning here>> reporter: why a
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down again. how a 3-d printer is able to unlock your iphone. tracking your cell phone to cut back on fried. the details ahead extech the winds picked up today like without the wait. we even have higher winds and i will tell you when they will arrive as well as all of that
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(vo) you can check on them. you can worry about them. you can even choose a car for them. (mom) honey, are you ok? (child) i'm ok. (announcer vo) love. (mom) we're ok.
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it's a usf area restaurant legendary among students but tonight, we have more problems to tell you about at pizza italian restaurant located on fowler avenue just east of campus and boat takes you back to the restaurant for the second time in two nights restaurant red alerts repeat offender. for more than 50 years, cdb's has been serving of people in north tampa including students from usf.>> it seems pretty packed during the week. >> but many customers have no idea about this locations history of health code violations. >> i could shoot you because you are making my customers go
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the owner in 2013 when we needed to ask about the restaurants 50 violations. also serving sushi and was cited for advertising white tuna on the menu. state inspectors considered -- discovered they were actually serving a cheaper fish called escobar which can make some people sick. >> they put a white tuna on the menu because people already know what is a white tuna. that is just a name. >> state health inspectors have now shut them down ordering an emergency closure with a whole new set of violations with roaches near the pizza oven, raw sewage backing up behind the sushi bar and employees walking through the mess. >> reporter: he is not here. >> you can come back maybe tomorrow. i have restaurant full of people right now.
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of the violations. >> approximately 15 live roaches . >> reporter: this customer in shock after reading the report. >> if i had known that, i would not upset down in there and ate that food.>> reporter: crawling across a clean food container and across the dish rack. >> that is ridiculous. something like this comic you would think this would not be a warning but enough to close them down for good.>> reporter: it seems to be a pattern of problems. we visited another restaurant owned by jackie sue in january of last year. colby italian on palmerston road in largo shutdown with live roaches and dangerous temperature violations. more recently, that location also written up for misrepresenting white tuna on the menu. the inspector discovered
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the sushi bar. >> reporter: jackie previously told us white tuna is a nickname for escobar but health inspectors insist it is misleading and not allowed. especially since that type of fish can make people sick. if it's escobar, that is with the restaurant must put on the menu. not tuna. here's a question. would you let your bank track your cell phone? >> some banks want to do just that. preventing credit card fraud. the services would track your location to make sure that charges to your credit card are legit. if your phone and your credit card are not at the same location, it will raise a red flag when your card is used. it could also prevent charges from being declined when you are on vacation. the service will be offered on an opt in basis. other banks are looking into it. >> tracking storms.
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it's time for 10 weather. beautiful but i need some rain to clear out all of the pollen.>> it's the peak time of year for pollen. i want to show you the wind. we talked about that picking up today. wind gusts up to 25-35 miles an hour. would see. turning to the southeast. that allows us to get nice and toasty. looking for more wind in the days ahead. that will keep our tree pollen at the top of the charts. this is right on schedule for this time of year. from today to the rest of the week. of pine and cedar are the biggest offenders. pine is what you are seeing on your car. the yellow film that has been building up work smaller pollen, those trees pollinate at the same time of year when we see the pine. we know the oak is off the charts.
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your head for a lot of you. and again, when rain moves in, usually for about a day, about mid april is when we really see drastic release. so about another month, that is going to be what you can expect. let's talk about the setup and the reason for the wind which has kicked all of the pollen into the air. we have high pressure to the east. a cut off both to the west. more on that in a moment that airflow around a low pressure counterclockwise. high pressure, the opposite clockwise. and the squeeze play or convergence zone has kicked up the wind today. this pattern does not change. for a couple more days. the definition of a cut off low is that it's cut off from the jet stream. the jet stream would move systems along and because it's cut off, it literally wanders for a few days. the problem
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texas, arkansas, louisiana. as one storm system leaves, another one fires up in the exact same spot and moves in right behind it. flooding, tornadoes and severe weather for a couple of days southern plains. severe weather is possible for wednesday and thursday. eventually, that low will get on the move and give us rain chances to help with the pollen season. we will talk about that in a moment because it will not be in the next day or so. as we head into the overnight hours, temperatures in the 70s. weekend. already parked in downtown. look at the wheelhouse. all lit up. you know you've got a big boat when the dinghy is a 24 footer. reggie, come on, now. here. we've got it. right? the 20 footer. low 60s.
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both. southeast winds at 5 to 15 miles an hour and that will 60s. and the wind kicks us right back up. 10 to 20 miles per hour , at the very least. i do expect pockets where we 30. if not 25. sunrise and evening times will be must assent double. with the wind kicking up, that means averages get even warmer here -- even warmer. 80 at lunchtime and high temperatures around 83-84 degrees. so that means suburbs will get even warmer. 84 and western chapel. east of i-75, i would not be surprised to see 86 on a few thermometers tomorrow. 80 and sent heat and we will look at around 83 for sarasota. 85 for lakewood ranch. high temperatures in lakeland, 84 degrees.
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stay up this high around 10 to 20 miles an hour from the southeast. wind gusts even hire and we will see if back off a little bit as the low starts to let loose in northern mexico. the rain chances with that system now through sunday evening. about 50% coverage between 4 and 8 pm. some models bring it even earlier so keep checking back and we will have the latest on that forecast. i am thinking about a 50% coverage of showers. also, spring forward this weekend. daylight savings times -- daylight savings time begins. spring forward and we will have recovered. search the app store for euros stormtracker 10 anytime. making news right now in hillsboro county. a crash at symmes road and us 301 in gibson. >> what we understand right now, investigators say a wrong cruiser.
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one has been hurt so far. we do have a crew on the way and we will get you a full update on 10 news this morning. researchers at michigan state university discovered using a regular old jet printer, they could unlock smartphones with fingerprint sensors. special silver ink and folded paper were used. the hack will repent someone's figure print in less than 15 minutes. it really goes to show how important it is to keep developing anti-[ indiscernible ] technology kickstart the playoff preview at amalie. the bucs won't get that first
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now, live from the suncoast honda dealers sports desk. an outstanding game. turning into a dead. followed by 10 seconds in overtime for the bruins. that was it. 1-0 boston. the goaltenders were outstanding. watch brad on a breakaway. that is good stuff. and on the other end, it's jonas gustavus and with alex. he could not believe it. 10 seconds into a zero 10 seconds into a 0-0 gain. and it's over. 1 -0 bruins. >> nfl free agent begin at 4
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is reporting the bucs may be closing a deal with doug martin. close to $7 million per year. we will hear more about that. in valspar golf, or you see rubbing elbows with sports stars like jemison wilson. and making sure the cars in the parking lot don't run into each other. he has been volunteering at the valspar for eight years now. >> don't block me and. that's what everybody tells us. we do our best. >> we have made so many friends volunteering. and also working at the tournament. >> tony when the volunteer challenge. fans can go and vote online
11:27 pm but tony got the most votes and was able to donate to the charity of his choice which turned out to be copperhead charity. >> how special is that? >> i think there are at least 2000 volunteers. you have to have thousands. >> and they also scooped me in the back side. >> i'm kidding. take it easy on the volunteers. love them. >> stay with us.
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families suffering tragedy and kids suffering from various illnesses. i had the pleasure to meet one of those kids. a beautiful little girl. a great night for all and there is video out there. i think i got up on stage. >> you think! i love that you don't remember! >> i remember it was september. >> thank you for joining us. that is 10 news at 11. >> be sure to join us at 4:30 a.m. at 4:30 a.m. until th at busch gardens, our appetite for fun never ends. and now, the food & wine festival feeds your appetite for adventure, with wild flavors... and concerts for every taste. busch gardens' food & wine festival is the best way to enjoy thrilling attractions... ...mouthwatering dishes ...and your favorite artists live in concert every weekend, now
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so come eat, drink, and rock out now . pand when you buy a busch gardensv pcard you get an adventure islandr fun card for free. busch gardens. florida's thrill
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>> stephen colbert! captioning sponsored by cbs ( band playing "late show" theme ) ( cheers and applause ) >> stephen: hey! welcome to "the late show" everybody. thank you so much. everybody out there. >> stephen! stephen! stephen.


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