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tv   10 News at 430am  CBS  March 9, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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on thousands of kids with divorced parents. trump and clinton stay on top after a day of primaries and caucuses. and concerns in frostproof as the town may run out of room in its municipal cemetery. good morning and welcome to "10 news early morning." i'm allison kropff. lets get a look at #10weather with meteorologist bobby deskins.
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the governor's -- could impact the lives of hundreds of thousands of kids. lifetime alimony could be gone. but the biggest change -- as 10 news reporter jonathan petramala explains-- involves how much time divorced parents-- spend with their child. but for 38 years catherine real has made a living off couples who could no longer stand being couples. she has seen the fights over children's custody get ugly real is hopeful governor rick scott will sign a bill that will change family law forever. public opinions on custody have changed as it becomes more common for both parents to share all responsibilities while still together national parenting organizations are also supporting this change that has happened in 20 states already opponents believe the law could clog up courts with parents contesting the custody agreements because of differing work schedules or even
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judges still will have discretion and consider over a this way good their kids when the bad. in tampa, jonathan petramala, 10 news wtsp. this story has a facebook. conversation-- head to our "10 news w t s p facebook page." new overnight -- a woman rear-ended a st pete police cruiser as the
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it happened on central avenue, near 31-st street. the parked cruiser had its lights on while waiting on a tow truck for a disabled car. police say the driver -- cathy moloney -- has been arrested for dui. the officer was taken to the hospital to be checked out. an nypd officer is being treated after police say he was shot in the shoulder in brooklyn. police say a narcotics investigation was underway when two suspects tried to take off in a car, dragging one of the officers. shots were fired, an officer was hit, and so was one of the suspects. they're both expected to be okay. the two suspects are in police a third suspect is still on the run. a question viewed as controversial by some is starting to show up in are you gay? now asking workers about sexual gender identity as businesses push to be more inclusive. getting change for you. it looks like a new books-- after a series reports"-- about police using the law-- property from citizens. investigator noah pransky explains--
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our investigation showed how police in florida were able to seize property from private citizens.. even if they were never convicted of a crime! in many cases, it was then harder for citizens to get their property back than it was to get bogus charges dropped against them. but today, the florida house joined their colleagues in the senate in unanimously approving a reform that will take a lot of the profit out of police seizures. if the governor signs the bill, police will have more restrictions on how and when they can take your property. they'll also be able to keep a lot less of the proceeds from selling those assets. the law would still allow police to target drug money and vehicles from serious criminals.. but it should provide more protections for those of you who aren't. there was little opposition on the floor of the capital today, but there was quite a bit leading up to this compromise. polk county sheriff grady judd lead the charge against it, saying any reformsl would make it harder for law
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guys. a number of other bills are still on the table in this, the legislative session's final week... we'll bring you the latest as they're heard here on 10news wtsp. noah pransky, 10 investigates. time now is . here's a look at headlines around the nation and the world in 60 seconds. millions of people across indonesia and the pacific-- gathered to witness a total solar eclipse tuesday night. the moon passed directly in front of the sun-- eventually blocking all direct sunlight-- turning day into night. for some, the blackout lasted up to four hours. in los angeles-- the c-d-c says a superbug known as "c-r-e" is now an urgent health threat. it's resistant to many antibiotics. researchers worry it'll spread into the ocean after being discharged from sewage plants. experts say the treatment process-- may not kill it all off. c-r-e may kill up to 50 percent of those who become infected. more troubles for chipotle. an employee at a restaurant outside boston has been diagnosed with norovirus, temporarily closing the restaurant. two other workers are
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it as well. no customers have gotten sick. you may recall the chain dealt with a e- coli outbreak last year at dozens of restaurants. new information this morning as voters in four states chose who they want to see in the presidential race. on the republican side, trump scored victory with wins in michigan, mississippi and hawaii. this keeps him on top of the republican presidential pack. candidate ted cruz took a smaller prize with the win in idaho. in the democratic race, bernie sanders prevailed after a battle in michigan. hillary clinton won in mississippi. that sends her past the halfway mark in delegates needed for the nomination. the spotlight is still shining on florida right now and for the next several days. senator marco rubio continues to hit the campaign trail hard.. he was back in our area tuesday, rallying voters in sarasota. tonight bernie sanders and clinton will both be in south florida taking part in a 9:00 debate at miami dade college. then thursday night -- rubio, trump, john kasich and ted cruz will take to the stage at the university of miami. then it's back to
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and sanders. both have rallies in tampa. stay with 10 news for live coverage of the debates in south florida and the rallies on thursday. the world health organization says spreading the zika virus through sexual contact is more common than scientists thought. researchers also say there's more evidence of a spike in birth defects from the virus. the most common way to catch the virus is still through a mosquito bite. the killer whale responsible for killing a trainer is very sick. sea world officials say tili-kum appears to have a bacterial infection in his lungs. vets are trying to keep him comfortable. the orca killed dawn brancheau in 20-10 and the documentary blackfish chronicled his life. they've got a dilemma on their hands in the small town of frostproof. concerns they may run out of room in the city's "municipal cemetery." 10news reporter eric glasser shows you-- why people from other cities are snapping up burial plots. pkg----- trt- outcue: standard outcue supers: elaine foland / resident ralph waters / frostproof mayor daniel frye / resident sharon dube / resident eric glasser / frostproof script:
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resident in: 2:10:07 residents from surrounding cities like lake wales keep snapping up burial plots at hill municipal cemetery. elaine foland / the proverbial plot - thickened - recently, when people living - in neighboring areas - figured out dying - was a lot cheaper in frostproof. a burial plot and marker at silver hill? 500 dollars. at lake wales memorial gardens - it's $1,400. ralph waters / frostproof mayor in: 1:54:13 that's right ten. which is why mayor ralph waters and the city commission a moratorium monday. temporarily banning anyone outside frostproof's zip code from purchasing a plot here. ralph waters / mayor in: 1:55:52 options may include closing the cemetery off to non-residents. or making it more expensive for outsiders - which is the way t it used to be years ago. daniel frye /
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sharon dube / resident in: 2:12:52 mayor ralph waters in: 1:58:20 eric glasser / frostproof in: 20610 mayor waters says-- one of the other issues people face in lake wales: their municipal cemetery started running out of room. he says he's sympathetic, but doesn't want to see face the same dilemma. coming up at 5 on morning, the facility in kansas where a gunman opened fire killing three people will reopen its doors today. a man gets quite the interruption when he tried robbing a cab driver. and police pennsylvania were walks in holding what he found in the middle of a street. tha's all coming up in about 20 minutes. still ahead on 10news early morning. why a popular
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down again. it's a restaurant red alert. plus how a 3-d printer is able to unlock your iphone! and tracking your cell phone -- to cut back on fraud? those details are
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toss to 10 weather xxx bobby weather it's a usf area
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legendary among students. but today we have more problems to tell you about at c- d-b's pizza italian restaurant. it's on fowler avenue, just east of campus. 10 investigates beau zimmer takes you back to this this restaurant for the second time in this morning's restaurant red alert. for more than 50 years. cdb's has been serving up people in north tampa. including students from usf.
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people go there. it seems pretty packed but many customers have no idea about this location's history of health code violations. 1:37 i could shoot you because you make my customers go away. we first met owner jackie xiu. in 2013. when we needed to ask about his restaurant's 50 violations... cdb's had expanded to also serve sushi.and was cited for advertising "white tuna" on the menu. state inspectors discovered the kitchen was actually serving a cheaper fish. called escolar. which the fda warns can make some people sick. 1:49 every sushi restaurant put white tuna on the menu. already know what white tuna. that's just a name. state health inspectors have now shut cdb's down... ordering an emergency closure... february 24th with a new set violations... live roaches near the pizza oven. with raw sewage backing up behind the sushi bar. and employees walking through the mess. 9:33 the owner is not
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you can come back when he's here. maybe tomorrow or the next day. i've got a restaurant full of people right now we can't do it. since the restaurant didn't want to discuss the problems... we asked customers about the violations... instead. this customer. in shock. after reading through the report. 29:11 if i didn't know no better. i would have walked in there. and sat down and ate the food. and its not the first time. in inspector found more roaches. right above the food prep table. next to the clean dish rack and crawling across a clean food container. 28:41 what's your reaction to all that. that's ridiculous. something like this you wouldn't even think it would be a this would have been enough for us good. the fact that this is they're still open. i could still wlak in food right now. that's ridiculous. it seems to be a pattern of problems. we visited another restaurant owned by jackie xiu in january of last year. kobe italian. on ulmerton road in largo. shut down with live roaches.
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temperature ago. more recently in december. that location also written up for misrepresenting white tuna on the menu. the discovering. freezer and at the sushi bar. it's the only one of its kind in the world and it's right here in polk county. it's a 7-27 boeing jet classroom. on tuesday, the engines were revved up for its unveiling. central florida aerospace academy students will now train on a "live" airplane with three working engines. the plane is 153 feet long with a wingspan of 108 feet. the only thing that isn't
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landing gear. the classroom plane is equipped with wifi, 11 cameras, 30 tablets and a conference room. the school district will start using the plane for formal classes this fall. right now it's used for special training for polk state college. would you let your bank -- track some banks want to do just that -- in hopes of preventing credit card fraud! the service would track your phone's location -- to make sure charges to your credit card are legit. if your phone and credit card are not at the same location, it will raise red flags when your card is used. it could also prevent charges from being declined when you're on vacation! both visa and mastercard offer the service on an opt-in basis. other banks are also looking into it. hacking into your smartphone, with just a printer! researchers at michigan state university discovered using a regular inkjet printer, they could
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with "fingerprint sensors"! special certain kind of photo paper were used. the hack to re- print someone's fingerprint took less than 15 minutes and shows just how important it is to keep developing anti spoofing technology. still ahead this morning, a highway patrol officer is being called a hero after he saved two kids from a burning car. the video of that rescue is up next. here's what's coming up tonight on 10 news and c-b-s/ starting at 8:00, by the the victoria's secret swim special at 9:00. at 10:00, csi: cyber. then tune in to 10 news at 11. don't forget to stay up for the late show with stephen colbert and his guests tonight, sally field and jerrod carmichael. don't forget, you can always take 10 news with you just download the 10 news app. it's a fast look at breaking news, weather and traffic - and get alerts so you won't miss a thing. search wtsp 10 news in the app store now.
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highway patrol officer is hailed a hero after rescuing two kids from a burning car! a california highway patrol officer says he saw 10 feet of flames shooting out from underneath the car and pieces of the car falling off. he first noticed the car smoking when he was driving behind it on the highway. the driver says she didn't realize the car was on fire. fortunately, thanks to the fast- acting police officer, no one was seriously hurt. ### coming up on 10 news this morning a man is in the hospital after a hillsborough deputy shot him overnight. officers are on the scene investigating and we have a crew there to bring you the details. plus who came out on top after tuesday's primaries and caucuses. and all eyes are on florida with two debates in the state and the primary less than a week away. and families take
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storms bring flooding and prompt evacuations across the south. whether you have 10 minutes or 30, we have everything you need to start your day. we'll see you back here in 3 minutes. construction on i-
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good morning and welcome to 10 news this morning. good morning and welcome to 10 news this morning. i'm allison kropff. and i'm ian reitz. we're on top of breaking news out of tampa this morning where a deputy shot a man late last night. it happened around 10:45 at the windwood oaks apartment complex. that's on north


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