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tv   10 News This Morning at 530am  CBS  March 9, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EST

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good morning, it's i'm allison good morning, it's i'm allison kropff. and i'm ian reitz. right update to that apartment complex shooting in tampa we first told you about at 5. it happened around 10:45 last night at the windwood oaks apartments in tampa. that's on north florida just north of fletcher. 10news reporter
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live at the scene. emerald, the sheriff's office just released new information on the victim's condition. - yeah, unfortunately, very sad news to report. - we just learned that 27-year-old jeffery casale has died at the hospital after being shot here at windwood oaks last night. deputies say they shot the man after getting into a confrontation with him. someone living here called 911 because he was apparently outside waving around a gun... and when deputies got here...they tried to get him to put the gun down so that no one would get hurt. but casale apparently did not deputies say they had to open fire to protect themselves and everyone else living here. there were several the shooting...
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leave...which is standard whenever something like this happens. the votes are tallied and the results are in this morning from primaries in michigan, hawaii, idaho and mississippi. donald trump again took the lead, followed closely by ted cruz. on the democratic side, bernie sanders took home a suprising win in michigan, while hillary clinton won mississippi. 10news reporter sarah hollenbeck is in our satellite center. sarah, this morning sanders is celebrating but he's still fighting an uphill battle. absolutely, even with last night's big win for sanders, clinton already has double the number of delegates he has and is half way to the point she needs to be to snag the nomination. expect sanders to show a lot of muscle in tonight's debate in miami, as he tries to
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enough to beat hillary. sanders upset in michigan suggests the democratic race might continue for months and some speculate it could mean sucess for him in ohio, illinois, wisconsin and other midwest states. sanders had previously pledged to stay in the race through the june 7 primaries and he has plenty of money to do so. now he has even more reason to stay in. here's what i'm digging into right now--some rubio advisers are urging him to get out of this race before florida...basically to save his reputation in the possibility he loses in his own home state. could it really happen? i'm looking into it. allison.... an investigation is underway right now after deputies say a wrong-way driver hit one of their patrol cars. thankfully, no one was hurt. deputies say derek hyde was going the wrong way on u-s 301 when they started to follow him. he kept driving, ran red lights, and made it to county road 672 when he
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he was eventually surrounded by deputies, but tried to ram one of their cars. hyde was arrested and is facing several charges. in a few hours hulk hogan will be back in a pinellas county courtroom for his trial against the website, gawker. he's suing the entertainment website for 100 million dollars over a leaked sex tape. hogan was taken off the stand around 2:00 tuesday afternoon after the defense spent most of the day questioning him about his sex life. he testified about a total of 10 hours. 10 news will be in the courtroom today. you can stay on top of the trial and watch live on our 10 news app. search for w-t-s-p in your app store now. right now, a new york city detective is recovering in the hospital after getting shot. the detective, who was not in uniform, was shot in the shoulder from what could have been friendly fire. he and another officer were trying to arrest a drug suspect. they believe he was shot accidentally by the other officer as they were shooting at the several suspects police are still searching for the third and remaining
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capitol.. lawmakers will would place regulations on abortion clinics. stopping some funding to planned parenthood is also on the schedule for a final debate in the state senate. people opposing the plan say it restricts healthcare needs it. that it's the republicans who are just trying to shut down planned parenthood clinics across the state. supporters say the clinics help keep women safe. debate today.. red light cameras. a proposal heading to the state house would get rid of the cameras at intersections and prevent local governments from passing individual red light camera laws. supporters of the proposal say less than 20 percent of the money from fines is used for the intended purpose of safety. local goverments say red light cameras should be up to cities and counties to decide. this may come as no surprise to you. florida is one of the most expensive states when it comes to car insurance. insure-dot-com ranks florida as number eight in the country with people paying an average of 1,654 dollars.
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the most expensive state is michigan where the average skyrockets to more than 27-hundred. the least expensive? maine at 808 dollars. one signature, the governor's, could impact the lives of hundreds of thousands of kids. during a divorce, the law would require judges to begin with the premise that children should split time equally between both parents. while judges still have discretion, it would be a major change to divorce laws. supporters believe it's better for kids. the governor vetoed a similar measure two years ago. also included, the law would change the alimony system including ending lifetime alimony payments. the killer whale from seaworld orlando that once made national headlines is battling a serious lung infection right now. you may remember "tilikum" as the whale that drowned a trainer at the aquarium in 2010. he was also the focus of the 2013 documentary "blackfish" which suggested that his
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aggressive. "tilikum" is 35 years old. a would-be robber gets a surprise as he pulls out a gun on his taxi driver in pennsylvania. take a closer look of this surveillance video from inside the cab. you see the man in the back seat pointing a gun at a taxi driver and demadning money. little does he know...a deputy pulled up and parked right behind them! the deputy originally drove up to the cab for a traffic violation. when he walked over to the cab he figured out what was going on. so he yells at the man with the gun to get out of the car. the taxi driver was not hurt. today is your last chance to eat at the spaghetti warehouse in ybor city. the restaurant closes tomorrow. after 25 years, the owners have decided to close the doors. they haven't said why, but have hinted at another possible location in the tampa bay area. before you head out the door this morning, a story you'll want to share with your coworkers today. the mayor of a central florida city is visiting cuba...but then won't travel back by plane. he's making his
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clint johnson says he is doing this so he can understand what cuban migrants go through when crossing the florida straights. he plans to visit the island next month. johnson spent several months getting permission from federal agencies. even though the coast guard is urging him not to do it, he's still moving forward with his plan. coming up, a sweet story that may bring a tear to your eye. a teacher is giving her student a life saving gift...outside the classroom. and how a man ended up thousands of dollars richer when he found something in the street. but his wealth didn't last long, we'll explain coming up. here's what's coming up tonight on 10 news and c-b-s/ starting at 8:00, survivor, followed by the the victoria's secret swim special at 9:00.
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news at 11. live look from the mahaffey theater this morning overlooking downtown st.
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a story we are a story we are staying on top of this morning. an investigation is underway after deputies shot and killed a man. it happened inside the windwood oaks apartments on swallow tail court north tampa. deputies say they got several calls about a man yelling and waving his gun around. when they got to the apartments, they say the man pointed the gun at them and made threats. that's when they shoot him. scene right now and update you on this story all morning and on our 10 news
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this is something we have to report way too often. another wrong way driver arrested in the bay area! deputies say this time the driver hit a deputy's patrol car. no one got hurt. deputies say derek hyde was driving the wrong way on u-s 301 when they started to follow him. he kept driving, ran red lights, and made it to county road 672. he was eventually surrounded by deputies, but tried to ram one of their cars. that didn't work and hyde was arrested. deputies also found a large bag of a white substance in his truck. they're testing it since they believe it may be drugs. hyde faces several charges. bernie sanders and hillary clinton will face off tonight in miami. it comes just a few days before florida's winner- take-all primary. and 10 news will be there with full coverage. while the vermont senator regained momentum with a crucial primary win in michigan tuesday night, hillary clinton picked up even more delegates with a win in mississippi. republican donald trump dealt another blow to his gop rivals with victories in hawaii, michigan and mississippi.
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natasha fuller. --she has been sick since she was born with what's called "prune belly syndrome" --she drivers three times a week to milwaukee to get dialysis, but she is in renal failure and soon will run out of options. --she's been waiting for a kidney donor for years. --her first grade teacher wanted to see if she was a match. --sure enough she she told the principal she'd be out eight weeks for the surgery and recovery --if natasha recovers from an infection by march 21, a date for the transplant could be set soon after. --they called the 8- year old's grandmother into the principals office to share the news. --she thought there was an issue with
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a pennsylvania man hit the jackpot this week, but not with a winning lottery ticket. it was with this pouch that bob tracey found while driving home from work. inside was over 15 thousand dollars in cash. and what he decided to do with that money is what really has people talking. tracey handed it over to the police, right away. tracey says he turned it in because he'd want someone to do the same for him. police don't know where they money came from or where
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newspaper tease:
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legiant airlines is adding more destinations and routes including some in florida. the airline just announced it was adding destin and will now offer non stop service to ft. lauderdale and ft. walton beach. flights out of state have also been added from the orlando-sanford airport. the victoria secret angels are taking over. they return back to the runway tonight for their swim suit special. popstars demi lovato and nick jonas will perform. you can see all of the "angels" in their swimwear beginning at 9 -pm right here on 10 news and w-t-
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coming up on 10 news this morning.. a warning for parents. the man deputies are looking for after they say he tried to lure a girl into his car. and right now a horrible scene in seattle as a huge explosion hits a
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middle of the workweek for many folks in a warm start out there. look at these numbers on the outdoor forecast. most of us at 63 to 65 degrees right now. we will hover in this temporary temperature range by 10 i am. low to mid-80s for the high
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it will be humid. i will talk about the forecast coming up. hotspots at 6:00. i am where your mac -- road warrior hilary zalla. this is causing problems as a heading out this more. you have a lane blocked, the right lane and the left lanes, there are two spots and injuries reported. drivetime is getting up there and 16 minutes from 75 to 275. i will watch the drive times for you. good wednesday morning and welcome to 10 news this morning. i am allison kropff. >> a man is dead after deputy shot him in an apartment complex last night. this was at the winwood oaks apartment off of old florida


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