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tv   10 News at Noon  CBS  March 9, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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you for joining us. top stories, candidates are vying for your vote in florida. all eyes on florida for the
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hillary clinton loses in michigan. that loss will change the tone of tonight's debate. it will be interesting because of the loss for she was starting to talk about the republicans but with the sanders in michigan victory she will have to continue to apply pressure to him but he is applying pressure to her in terms of keeping the economic message alive. >> mark rivera will be live tonight at the debate in miami. look for his report tonight at 6:00. we will break down the debates. after tonight's debate, both will be in tampa tomorrow pretty --. the doors open at four clock for bernie sanders tomorrow. also on thursday, clinton makes a stop at the hotel on 7th ave., tuesday at noon. those doors open at 10 i am. her daughter chelsea will be campaigning for her in st.
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sanders and regain momentum with a partial win in michigan, hillary clinton debt more delegates with a win in mississippi. donald trump debt more wins in michigan and mississippi. commissioners voted. they will waive the fee on august 30 and for the general election november 8. pinellas county sheriff's investigating several suspicious items found outside a pinellas county courthouse. this is in clearwater. the area you see was secure before the bomb squad detonated the devices. it was business as usual inside the justice center. i wait and waiting on a gun outside an apartment complex. a man is dead after deputies say he later pointed the gun at them. it happened upper woodward oak
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of beers avenue. deputies did everything they good. the deputies in hillsborough county say they tried to do everything that they could to keep things peaceful at the windwood oaks apartments but they say that 27- year-old jeffery casale would not rule out -- cooperate. karen johnson said she was taking her dogs out for a walk when she got caught in the middle of what ended up being a deadly situation. she said she called 911 after hearing casale screaming and seeing him throughout his gun around. point deputies got there things escalated quickly. negotiators desperately try to put the man down telling them they did not want to shoot. when he aimed his weapon at them they had no choice. >> when he refused to comply
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more aggressive yelling at them in advancing at them with a gun in his hand and putting it they had no option but to fire. >> my son and i are going to the rental office today because we want out. that was too much for me. i get a gun pointed at me. >> the deputies involved are on administrative leave which is standard went something like this happens. neighbors say they were doing their job to protect everyone who lived here and a situation could've been worse. emerald morrow. a few moments ago deputies released a picture of the suspect. and air pistol that shoots bbs. it appear to be a semiautomatic handgun. a wrong way driver arrested. it hit a deputies patrol car. deputies say that derek hyde was going to the wrong way on 301 when they started to follow him. he kept driving.
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out of the truck. he turned to ram one of the patrol cars. he is facing several cartridges -- charges. they found by potter in his car. a cringe worthy moment this morning during the gawker trial. the person responsible for posting the tape said he wanted to show his readers that hogan new. his editor received the post tape and posted it online. we never saw evidence that hogan knew he was being filmed. he went on to say he knew of hogan would be emotionally distressed. the sex tape was newsworthy but not all tapeworms -- tapes are. we are streaming this trial live. the big question now is why this
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professional wrestler hulk hogan were his head banner in court. go to the app store and search for 10 news and you can download the app. an explosion hurt nine firefighters. a destroyed several buildings in a seattle area. homeowners described hearing an extremely loud boom. they said they could see other houses shed. a coffee shop in a restaurant and a grocery store are a pile of rubble. firefighters will be okay for the explosion that the investigation. in baltimore police officers charged after the cell phone video. the officers are flapping and kicking in the video. officer anthony spencer charged with second-degree assault and secondly child a -- abuse for his actions. he has posted bond and was
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thousands are expected to pay tribute to nancy reagan today. public will be allowed to see reagan at the library in california. it's part of a two-day public viewing. a private funeral is scheduled for friday. she died from congestive heart failure. george martin known for producing the beatles has died. he was known as the fifth beatle and produced hit albums for the band like abbey road. he was 90. the links between physical activity and cancer risk. high school students get a fast track on the right clear before they walk across the stage and get a diploma. is the latest movie series coming up.
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we are warming up and moving in with more cloud cover. we will be well into the 80s today and warmer tomorrow as and. i will have more coming up. beach on this wednesday afternoon. it is still a beautiful shot if you are headed outdoors. will help you plan for the weekend coming up. planning ahead to april. tampa bay lightning will give away a prize pack to the april 2 new jersey game. the winner gets a signed jersey as well. watch 10 news this morning for the word of the day and enter
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(donkey sound) (elephant sound) there's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense. (elephant sound) (donkey sound) when it comes to social security, we need more than lip service. our next president needs a real plan to keep social security strong.
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a new study finds physical activity does not impact breast cancer. researchers found a link between breast density and physical activity. another study is needed to determine how exercise protects. the latest divergent movie is next week. ken hollenback talks to the cast. >> reporter: people think walls separate us. but they also protect us. >> don't trust her. you know as well as i do that pistol optic -- post a couple
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think. >> nothing to worry about. you are safe now. >> we all know that in the movies things are never that easy. at least in the divergent series allegiant isn't. >> out of chicago over the wall and find a home in the world. >> it will take you a while to get the hang of it. >> i think i got the hang of it. >> there is a new theme a foot and things turn into a political breakdown that gives dirty politics a new slant in the
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>> today's our preview day so let's go back the covers just a smidge. for this fancy a up on the diversion series and just want a glimpse of next week's opening. >> what is this thing about. >> i think like all of the movies thus far, it is a fun ride. it picks up two weeks after we and divergent. we find out that there may be life beyond the walls and trust and peter and corey and christina go out to see what is
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>> i am ken hollenback. big brothers big sisters making sure local high school students are getting a jumpstart in the workplace. >> you will see yourself in some of these positions. >> they were about school to work with a match juniors with employees at companies. 10 news was there were students met with nielsen employees. the program will meet monthly. i am really involved in the community and i like helping job. helping them prepare for life after high school including finding employment or enlisting in the military. it's great to see the jobs and
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different class or something. >> i never thought about before. >> we have spring break here for a few people. we are heating up.>> spring in florida. we expect to warm things up. we're getting more sun. today, southeast wind. it means warm temperatures and more cloud cover. eventually with the next system moving it also means we will get some rain and a thunderstorm chance. wherever you look we're seeing more of the thin gray high cloud cover so higher cloud cover first and that is not stopping folks from getting out to the beaches. we have gorgeous temperatures and will continue to see the
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longer. weekend we will keep the shower chances down. 78 tebow. 75 st. pete. 81 clearwater. 79 lutz. a few more 80s inland. 82 temple terrace. we are starting to stream in more of the cloud cover. good amount of that sunshine is coming through. as you are on the beach don't we will warm up into the low to mid 80s this afternoon. inland will be warm, 82 degrees in tampa. deceiving the temperatures will come down and so will the wind but it will be breezy this afternoon. for the southeast wind we will continue to see the humidity coming up. 83 today in port
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around 82 palm harbor. we will see 83 at midland ranch. you'll start to come back down after 4:00 and more cloud cover rolling in. again, holding off on the rain chances for today. warming up nicely into the 80s this afternoon. tomorrow was an -- is when we get the warmer temperatures. we keep the southeast winds and play and we are waiting for the next system to work its way through. we have a while before that will we trust. we see the system developing into texas but really not moving in fact that will have a lift to the north end of the seven and we will develop another area of low pressure and the system will work its way into the bay area and eventually bring showers and thunderstorms
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the week. notice how slow the movement is. we're pulling out moisture ahead of it but the rain chances don't 05 on a large scale until sunday. a few stray showers popping up on saturday and likely activity lingering into early monday. don't forget, get the forecast in time, download our 10 news app. get the latest breaking news, traffic and weather. coming up, take a look. four hours waiting for a single $30 bottle of beer. by people in st. pete said this line is worth it. tonight at 8:00, survivor followed by victoria's secret special. csi at 10:00. 10 news at 11:00. we will be talking about some travel apps.
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firestone grand prix is days away and it's bringing enthusiasts from all over the world. it includes the drivers coming to town. ryan hattaway talked about this race. >> this is a perfect race to start the season. the weather is good. we are looking at good weather this weekend. the location is phenomenal. one of our best events by sponsors. friends and family come out. >> look at that location. you have the water right there and it is beautiful. firestone grand prix runs friday through sunday.
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the perfect hebrew. a week dedicated to beer. checkout cycle brewery on second avenue. check out the line. these people have been lining up before dawn to get special brews for the day. today was a cinnamon hazelnut imperial stout. that's pretty interesting. it cost $30 for a single bottle and the brew is limited to one person. do not be that person who gets the bottle and goes into the back of the line and weights again. >> we want everyone to try. apparently they spot a repeat customers yesterday. beer lovers,, they said it was all worth it. >> i want to try all the best stuff to see what is out there. the next level beer that is
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it is a hobby. not everybody gets this. >> we saw a lot of people in my this morning. it is fun. they look forward to it every year. these up at the brews and you don't get that typically. a lot of folks are interested. somewhere out there at 5:30 am. hopefully you are waiting until later in the day. >> yes, check it out. i get it. you want to sample the local through. >> always new craft breweries popping up. i have to check that out. >> we talked about the grand prix. >> saturday is looking good. isolated shower or two and warm temperatures in the 80s. sunday after about 4:00 is when
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keep an eye on that.
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>> sage: i mean... >> chelsea: i know. [ both laugh ] >> sage: oh, my gosh. are you sure you want to give me all this stuff? what if you and adam decide to have another baby? >> chelsea: trust me. there is plenty more where that came from. i may or may not have a slight shopping addiction. [ laughs ] especially when it comes to connor, so there' s like three of everything for him. >> sage: oh, god. thank you so much. really. >> chelsea: yeah, of course. i know! it' s my pleasure. seriously. i' m sure, you know, it' s been overwhelming with how fast everything' s happened with the adoption. >> sage: not for me. i' ve been ready to take this little boy home ever since i heard he could be ours. >> chelsea: mm. i' m really thrilled for you and nick.


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