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tv   10 News at 530pm  CBS  March 9, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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10 news at 5:30 starts right now. good evening. i am reginald roundtree.>> i am jenny dean. 30 schools in newark new jersey have traces of lead. there are signs up near water fountains saying do not drink the water. the epa is trying to locate the source of the problem. and app is helping to fight the zika virus. smartphone users are turning to
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-- stagnant water. our first look at google's self driving car involved in an accident. it was outfitted by google with sensors and collided with someone in california. google has accepted partial responsibility.>> oh, my god. >> wow. there are not even words for it. it's unbelievable. tornadoes, lightning, and flooding, severe weather hitting texas and louisiana is putting folks in harms way. several families had to be rescued in louisiana this morning. a neighbor pulled grandparents and grandkids from a home in hossa where homes are underwater to their roofs. crews had to pull a truck out
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rain made the bridge slick and the pick up when over the rail and landed upside down in the mud. the driver and the passenger were both taken to the hospital. the mud below saved their lives by breaking their fall. ashley bailey is tracking how we may get a a possible chance of storms. >> a while before we get there. what will happen is unlikely usual cool front, this area of low pressure will stall, bringing the threat of flooding up into the mid-south over the next couple of days. it is not until this weekend it starts to migrate farther east. by the time we had into tomorrow, not much has changed. there is below, still parked out over texas tomorrow. the low will move to the east friday into saturday. really not any hurry to move into our direction. in fact, we have been largely
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then i track thunderstorms. i will have that in your full forecast. you contract the forecast from the palm of your hand, download our free wtsp app. irate and waving a gun, a hillsboro county man is dead after deputies say he pointed the same gun at them. this unfolded at the oak apartments off north florida this unfolded at the oak apartments off n. florida ave. this unfolded at the oak apartments off n. florida ave. emerald morrow explains that deputies did everything they could to avoid shooting the suspect.>> reporter: deputies in hillsboro county say they tried to do everything they could to keep things peaceful at the winwood oaks apartment. they say 27-year-old jeffrey kah's out would not cooperate, forcing deputies to shoot, costing the young man his life. johnson said she was taking her
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she got caught in the middle of what ended up being a deadly situation. she called 911 after hearing screaming. when deputies got to the scene, things escalated quickly. crisis negotiators desperately tried to get the man the put the gun down -- to put the gun down. when he aimed his weapon at them, they had no choice.>> when he refused to comply with our orders and became more aggressive, yelling at them and advancing at them with a gun in his hand, pointing at them, they had no option but to fire. >> my son and i are going to the rental offices in saying we want out. i had a gun pointed at me. >> reporter: the deputies are on administrative leave, standard when something like this happens. neighbors say they were doing their job to protect everyone who lives here in a situation that could have been much
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emerald morrow, 10 news, wtsp. the suspects son had an air pistol that shoots bbs. it appeared to be an automatic handgun. a narcotics detective is recovering after being shot in jacksonville. he was attempting a traffic stop while taking his son to school. he was not in uniform nor unmarked car when the suspect got out of the cadillac and started firing into the detectives car. his son was not hurt, but the detective was flown to us health in jacksonville. the suspect faces attempted murder of an officer and aggravated assault charges. an unusual producing -- police pursuit in tennessee. a married man has a meltdown and leads officer on a chase while his car still has the words just married on the back. it began when officers all the car swerving.
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pulled over and surrendered. according to the huffington post, the driver told the officer he was trying to process everything after just being married. [ laughter ] pier i can understand. he went on to say he was going for a life crisis and he had a lot of stuff on his mind. the students at academy prep have may 22nd circled on the calendar. not only is it the last day of school but it's also the day they get to see all their hard work. bobby lewis is on the road where a special teacher is growing a new habit.>> reporter: if you went looking for nature, this part of tampa might not be your first stop. just feet from the traffic, life lessons are blooming. >> beautiful. >> this is spinach, this is
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this is academy press school gardens, led by anita ives watchful eyes and green thumb.>> we have to make sure the soil is nice and moist.>> all she does is radiate positivity.>> we have cucumbers, everything is starting to come up very nicely. >> reporter: she started the program to teach kids that food does not magically appear in stores. along the way, it became her passion.>> i don't think i had two, i just think it's the right thing to do. it is a good crap, it is a lost art.>> reporter: she never would've known this project would've grown to what it has become. she was given a hometown hero
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back to school to continue to pass on her passion. >> she helps everybody that comes through in and out of the school. she always has a positive effect on everyone around her.>> i didn't think this spinach would have a good harvest this year. >> reporter: bobby lewis, 10 news, wtsp.>> she is now studying leadership management skills. staying on top of the all- important evening commute, bad news. i-275 already backed up at roosevelt and st. pete. more backed up on i-4 at nebraska avenue. avoid all of that, get instant traffic alert on our 10 news at. all you have to do is search
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making a real-life journey, a florida mayors plan to get a
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stories making headlines around the world in today's 62nd scan. a man accused of five murders is in jail. the manhunt ended in missouri. is being held on $2 million bond. no word automotive. the man accused of shooting -- accused of shooting in idaho pastors and custody.
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responsible for ruining his life, according to the suspects facebook site. chipotle stock is falling after another norovirus care. crews have wiped down the restaurant. a central florida mayor is visiting cuba but will make his way back to florida by homemade raft. glenn johnson said he is doing this so he can understand what cuban migrants go through when crossing the florida straight. he plans to visit the island next month. that's your 62nd scan. a mom says her son would not be alive today if not for a baby monitoring device. she is staring -- he is sharing her story in hopes of reassuring parents.>> reporter: a year has almost gone by. eight weeks too mac soon,
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>> i did meet him until 30 hours later.>> reporter: underdeveloped lungs kept andrew in the nicu for five weeks.>> i was freaking out. how do i know he has not stopped breathing?>> reporter: she ordered a device that monitors baby's heart rate. she kept it by her pillow and constantly connected to her phone. she never missed an alert. >> i heard a really loud alarm go off. i flipped on the light and he has chunks of formula in his nose. is not breathing. i'm freaking out. i get the aspirator, i get the chunks out. he let out this relieved screen. i am crying.>> reporter: doctors told her and her had reflux.>> he is not old enough to handle clearing the airways.
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is not an fda approved device, but they are working with the fda to produce a medical version of the monitor.>> it was worth the peace of mind. >> reporter: doctors don't recommend buying any device. the at -- device sells for $250. i am dion lim in the newsroom. people worried about their safety inside their own home. we are looking into the claims of questionable construction and sloppy work in chip. an 11-year-old girl gets on the school bus at this intersection and is approached by strangers. ahead, what officials are saying about the incident, who they are looking for, and what you need to know to protect your family. we told you about bernie sanders win in michigan.
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we will break it down for you in minutes. tracking storms, alerting you, protecting your family. it's time for 10 weather.>> from time to time, i always tell jim it's beautiful chamber of commerce weather. but it's almost like i want to hug you weather. >> that's nice.>> i will get to you later. >> gorgeous weather, absolutely. getting some sunshine and some high cloud cover. i think that is producing rain out there. we're not going to be seeing that for the next few days. we'll get a little break here where we are hoping to stay dry. still plenty of sun reaching the surface, and it warmed us up very nicely. the camera will stabilize, but a little bit of shakiness.
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we're forecasting that to stick around for a couple of days. 82 in tampa, 77 st. pete. these numbers, a really nice to start the evening. if you stepped outside you noticed it's a little bit humid. that will come up over the next few days ahead of our next rainmaker. the timing is bad. we have a lot going on this weekend, and that will be when we see the next round of rain. largo and lakeland dew points are in the 50s. when you noticed moisture, we get into the 60s, that's when it's kind of muggy. that's what we will see tomorrow. not huge relief, but enough to make you feel a little warmer, a little more sticky, and that will make our overnight temperatures warmer as well. overnight, we only drop into the 60s. we'll see 50s into the nature post. that will be it.
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50s, 58 tonight. as we had farther south, we expect those numbers to get warmer. they do exactly that. we will see a few mid-60s along the coast. then we cool off a little bit farther inland. 61 overnight tonight in lakeland. we are going to keep things dry. with southeast winds that will be breezy, tomorrow, we could get gusts up to 25 or 30 miles an hour. definitely on the breezy side. we will keep things with a good amount of sunshine in the forecast. a few showers we're expecting in florida. we are going to be staying dry, but we are priming the pump for our next potential round of rain. hang out for the morning jog. you're going to be fine. it will warm up very quickly. keep in mind if you're getting a later start, make sure your staying cool. it will warm up a lot tomorrow afternoon, low to mid 80s in
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lots of sunshine in the mix. that starts to change as we move along. we are watching the area of low pressure that will hang out right over texas. that brings a flooding threat over into the lone star state. we stay dry until at least saturday. we could see an isolated shower or two. it does look to be a sunday event. saturday, the music festival looking fantastic. if you are making plans for the weekend, we are looking at the possibility of rain during the late afternoon and sunday. download our 10 news app for your iphone or android phone. at 6:15, we will look at our next forecast. a project is giving kids
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a live look from the weather bug. beautiful view from st. pete marina. you can see how pretty it is out there. that beautiful little boat right in front, that's the dion. mine is right next to it. daylight savings time is coming, i reminder to turn your clocks forward sunday. a small school in washington
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the country to use a program using cutting-edge animation developed by the ceo of a popular cartoon.>> you start thinking frame by frame, dialogue.>> reporter: don't be fooled by how it appears in this class. hear the students are the teachers. these sixth-graders are creating their own animated videos to teach younger students good habits and social the target audiences children before third grade. they are more like the learned they know the characters in this animation were created by the big kids.>> the message is pretty powerful. >> you should never hit anybody.>> reporter: the
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terri thorne of rug rack's -- rugrats. >> we could have her walking in or have her run away.>> creating these animations teaches older kids critical thinking and problem solving and how to create their own animated video. the sixth-graders write their own script, draw storyboards, then make it come to life through animation software.>> they are bursting with creativity and thinking way beyond even what we do at the studio back home.>> reporter: a novel approach of getting kids animated about learning.>> pretty incredible, they are learning a skill that young. teachers plan to show the videos at the elementary school later this month, then take
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at six is moments away. (donkey sound) (elephant sound) there's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense. (elephant sound) (donkey sound) when it comes to social security, we need more than lip service.
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needs a real plan to keep social security strong.
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bernie did what many thought he couldn't. he left michigan as a winter. will the momentum follow him to florida? a creepy close encounter, a search for a man who almost match the girl.
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against the help -- their builder. 10 news at six starts right now. good evening. i'm reginald roundtree.>> i am dion lim. >> it's almost time to make your choice of the presidential primary. right now, marco rubio, ted cruz, bernie sanders, and hillary clinton are all in florida. sanders gets abused by a big upset in michigan where he won the state, proving every poll against him wrong.>> i'm talking about a huge voter turnout.>> for days, it looked like hillary would leave michigan the big winner. what happened? >> we have to break this down. yesterday's average was an 18 point lead for clinton. here is what happened. you can see bernie narrowly
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could bernie sanders win the nomination? mark rivera is in miami where the debate is hours away. he is breaking down the numbers for you tonight.>> reporter: we are waiting for bernie sanders to claim that win on the debate stage, but as folks trickle in, i read the numbers and even if sanders wins every state, ohio with -- illinois, missouri, and north carolina would still put sanders behind clinton to win the nomination. i talked to our political expert in he says it looks like for him to win. when i spoke to the clinton campaign earlier, that is what they are banking on. realistic lee -- realistically, even if he does be hillary,


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