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tv   10 News at 1100pm  CBS  March 9, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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next. announcer: 10 news at 11:00 starts right now. florida, ground zero for the candidates. >> i'm looking forward to the opportunity to discuss how we knock down the barriers. >> we've got to end this rigged economy with people who are working longer hours below wages. >> candidates vying for your vote. the contenders backing it outright now in florida. good evening, i'm reginald roundtree. >> and i'm dion lim. the democrats faced off in the final debate before the primary. mark rivera joins us live from miami where that debate is just wrapping up. mark? >> reporter: huge debate night
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polarizing candidates sparring a lot of energy. senator and secretary clinton hard on her voting record and taking money from wall street. he still has a long way to go if he wants to win florida on tuesday. it started with a bang. clinton questioned hard on the e-mail scandal that dogged her campaign from the start. her answer? >> if you get indicted, what happened happen? >> i'm not even answering that question. >> that is what exactly folks want to see tonight. >> i want to hear energy from hillary. >> reporter: energy and both candidates brought their a game. immigration a huge subject and that brought fire works. >> when you were running for the senate you made it clear by the vote senator you were going to stand with the republicans when you got to the senate in 2007, 1 of the first things you did was
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immigration reform. >> reporter: sanders fired back. >> i will match my record any day of the week with yours. >> let's do that. >> reporter: and both candidates turned their eye on donald trump. >> we do not give donald trumps what others have done, resort to racism, and zenephobia and bigotry. >> and a representative from hawaii, spoke exclusively to 10 news. >> i would love to hear questions and answers from both candidates on the issue of war and peace. >> reporter: and hillary clinton did that on benghazi. >> i testified for 11 hours. anybody who watched that and listened to it, knows that i
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>> reporter: as i heard, a very substantive debate from the democrats, but bernie sanders is behind hillary clinton. marco rubio fighting for his life, squaring off in miami. donald trump trying to extend his already strong lead in the sunshine state. we'll have live reports at 5, 6, and 11 for you. until then, in miami, 10 news wtsp. >> ahead of tomorrow night's debate, the republican candidates are hot on the campaign trail. donald trump in north carolina, john kasich in illinois, marco rubio and ted cruz both in south florida. and tomorrow, tampa becomes center stage with both hillary clinton and bernie sanders making stops. clinton will be in ebor, and sanders in the afternoon. you can get anything election
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just download the 10 news app. central texas has been hit hard by flooding, strong wins and heavy rain. severe norms have been ranging across the state for the past couple days. those storms even spawned some on tornadoes. up to a foot of rain is expected by the end of the week. question, are you shacking up with your partner? did you know that you're break the law, according to the band from 1868 december lawmakers voted to repeal it, though in force, it says, unmarried couples living together could be fined $500 and locked up in jail for 60 days. the new bill is on its way to the governor's desk. we've been telling you about the ongoing seven for the man who tried to -- search for the man who tried to lure a girl in his car. ten news report erer tamera has the story.
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victim tells me she wants other little kids to react if ever faced with a serious situation like she did walking home from the bus stop. other parents say it's a good reminder it's never too early to talk to kids about the dangers of strangers. >> we just the don't want this to happen to anybody else again. it was very frightening. >> the victim's mom asked not to be identified. she's trying to protect her daughter who is still shaken. a driver who looked like this walked up and told the girl her mom was in the hospital and she needed to get in the car. >> her first thought was just to run. he just knew that it wasn't right. we've always talked about strangers and are relationship happy with how the message has been so prevalent, it was first thing she thought to do. >> reporter: her mom called deputies and helped with the
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car, a 2007 white four-door with tinted windows and black bumper. >> who knows that person may have left her and went on to somebody else, and she hated that thought. >> investigators talked with a neighbor with a similar car, but still haven't found their man. >> they're going around door to door and just trying to look for the vehicle and look for the suspects. >> reporter: the girl has a warning for other kids. >> i would like everyone to know that if approached by a stranger, to run away and find help in any way. be safe, everyone. >> in davenport, wtsp, 10 news. >> he's in his 40s or 50s with salt and pepper partial hair. you can call crime stoppers or the sheriff's office. state health officials say they've identified the first case of zika virus being sexually transmitted in florida. two new cases were confirmed in polk county. officials say one person contract today after they
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it after they traveled outside the country and sexually transmitted it to their partner. officials are washing of unprotected case, and 52 cases are in florida, all travel related. and time for headlines around the world,s nation's firstuterous transplant failed -- first uterus transplant failed. the woman seemed to recovering well, but doctors say she experienced a complication and yesterday. the hospital is exploring what went wrong, but plans to continue the transplant. if planes weren't packed enough, united airlines is adding another seat to each economy row. on several of its planes, seats will be ten across, instead of nine. now, the seats will be added beginning this may and completed by 2017. but, there is some good news. united is adding bower outlets to the seats and -- power outlets to the scenes and the planes will have wifi.
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banned from the seminole county public school system. holly joel is accused of being intoxicated while in a classroom of second graders at bitly elementary. she was charged with child neglect, disorderly conduct, and disturbing the peace. and in hardy county, back in the 10 investigates spotlight tonight. now, investigator mike deason during the center of the multimillion dollar grant is under investigation. >> reporter: there's proximate cause of a man who was the chairman of the public body, they represent the organization that grants the money. we're head of the hardy county industrial authority who signed the grant, who was also the president of the first national bank of the wachula. just sis now in trouble with theeth -- justice is now in
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because he transferred money to it. he didn't return or calls. justice faces a full hearing from front of the ethics commission if he's found guilty and most likely be fined. mike dieso, in, 10 investigates. the spaghetti warehouse in ebor city is closing. customers. if you have suggestions for a new location, the company is setting up a polling site. still to come, want to save time and money on your trip? the top must-get travel apps. >> finally, an answer to why you can't just eat one potato chip. >> and next year, you could be heading for spring break-in space. >> winds gusting to 30 miles an hour, again today as we forecasted from sarasota to clearly water.
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back down, plus the storm system i'm tracking that could impact we'll talk about it 11:15. .
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spring break is here for many of you and summer is around the corner.
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town. >> we've been digging for some of the most useful travel apps. as our 10 news morning anchor explains, these could save you time or money and protect your family. >> reporter: if you walk into any airport you'll notice phones. lots, and lots of smart phones. >> check might flight schedule, see if i can change -- my flight schedule. >> what about using that wifi to save some cash? check out an app called hotel tonight, looking to find hotels looking to get rid of empty rooms which means saving some money. if you're catching a flight and sitting through a long lay over, how about gate guru, and tells you what airports offer to pass the time did you know about a childrens play area at o'hare? this happens you for options with your family. and if you're overseas and you
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o, and gives you emergency phrases and -- trip lingo, and helps you with emergency phrases abroad. and then there's the rental car. how do you make sure you weren't held responsible. if you were like me, you take your picture of the rental car before you leave the lot, but there's an app called record 360 and lets you take pictures of the car with the timestamp. that way, you have a detailed look at the car's condition before you drive away. >> travel apps are growing in popularity and changing the way cities fight for tourists and their dollars. >> you have to use every tool in your arsenal. there's no other way to do it. >> reporter: visit tampa bay's president tells me these apps are becoming key for the travel city. >> it's the ease, you know. we've got an app. you know, we have the visit tampa bay app.
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find instant information, connections to different things, and you know, i think, again, a certainly percentage of the population is dependent. you know, people can't live without their smart phones anymore. >> so connecting with people already on their phones is important. >> it's more convenient. absolutely more convenient. >> reporter: ian wright, wtsp. >> and there are other apps that help you find cheap gas and places to eat. with a link to this story, go to the web site and search wtsp in the app store. >> i have been asking myself this question my entire life. >> what? >> why is it you get that feeling you cannot just eat one potato chip? >> can't. >> scientists say they have the answer why. according to researchers, it's all about the salt.
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people 11% more food and calories. researchers has found the less sodium, the more control you're -- consumption. >> i had a nice soup tonight. >> with a little bit of seasoning. >> so i did eat more soup tonight, which is good for me, not the chips. >> i love your nutritional advice that you give. >> the chips are so small. you can't have just one. >> i don't feel self control. tonight. we are tracking some storms and want to talk about how this can play into your weekend plans but absolutely beautiful tonight, this is sand key, march, look at the people lining the beaches you, too, just enjoying it.
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busier into spring break. 71 degrees still at 11:17 at night in tampa. 70 st. pete on the other side of the bay. sarah is on the a, checking in at 67, and polk city and auburn dale. everybody nice and warm as expected but let me take you the big picture in case it's been a couple days since you've seen the forecast and have noticed the strong winds. this is a monster storm over mexico and the rio grand valley. it's not just a low. it's different than a typical storm system. the reason being, it's what's called a cut off low. this storm system over the specific northwest will ride the jet stream, which i've highlighted right here. the jet stream, think of it as the road you follow where the road goes, that's how you know where to go in your car or truck, the jet stream drives these storm systems so they'll just follow along and that's where they're going to go as the jet stream does. but when something is cut off
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a cut off low, it is -- you're pressing the gas pedal, but you're in park. that's what's happening with this low and it is going to days. we talked about a few moments ago the flooding that we're seeing in texas. and that's how this sets up because it has nothing to push it along. storms fire up and right behind wave. this is going on for about another 36 hours before we can finally get some relief. let me show you the area i'm concerned about is houston, san antonio, down to the rio grand valley, up through arkansas, louisiana, even into memphis. look at the storms overnight tonight, and they've already had a ton of rain as you saw from the video, as well, pretty mexico. now, this of course is south we are. we're talking southwest of brownsville, the rio grand valley, heavy snowfall coming in the early morning hours. now eventually, it will reload
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it will be night and day difference when we see it but it does play a part into some rain chances for the weekend and i'll show you in just a moment. this is also the reason for the wind. air flow is county clockwise around the low, we've got high pressure to the east, we're wedged in between, and that's why you've had such strong wind for the last 3 or 4 days, goes again tomorrow, take a look at your futurecast, the winds southeast 10 to 20 miles an hour for the first half of the day. we see a little bit of reprieve in the middle of the afternoon, sunset time, but it kicks back up again late tomorrow night. with the wind, comes those warm temperatures. i've got tampa temperatures between about 84 and 85, plant city, you're going to want some strawberries tomorrow. 88 to 89 degrees in some of the suburbs because of that high wind and sunshine out there. it will be a beautiful day, but the flags will be blowing again the water. it will be choppy for another day.
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we head into friday with a little less wind. low tide around 9 a.m., high tide around 3:00 in the afternoon, and as we go into the next seven days in your forecast, that system looks to give us a chance of showers. now, again this will be night and day difference from what i just showed you over texas, to memphis, but some scattered rain and a few storms possible, about 4 to 8 p.m. on sunday. up until that point your weekend looks very nice. 83 on saturday and the first half of the day sunday is good. we also spring forward. don't forget. you're going to set those clocks ahead, an hour 7:41 sunday morning, seven rise; sunset, 7:38. don't forget to download the ten news app. you can get a look at about point and see what they look like in your neighborhood, wtsp in the app store. want to vacation in space? soon you'll get your chance. there she goes. blue origin says it's ready to
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tourism. the company hopes to begin test flights for people as soon as next year. yet. cost. i'd wager a guess probably a little bit more than a trip to the beach. golf's number one player's valspar title. chris archer has a few missteps
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(donkey sound) (elephant sound) there's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense. (elephant sound) (donkey sound) when it comes to social security, we need more than lip service. our next president needs a real plan to keep social security strong.
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. announcer: live from the sun coast honda dealers sports desk, it's time for ten supports. >> it's money time, free agency. the best part of the deal between doug martin were in place. the bucs wanted martin to stay.
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the easy part was figuring out the money, right? martin signed a five-year contract worth $35 million, about $7 million per season. the guaranteed money is $15 million. he's 27 years old. he should have about four good years left. the bucs have the money and the cap space, so it's a good move. also, the reports say tonight the bucks have already signed a guard, j.r. squeezy from seattle. he started there the last three years but at right guard, not left guard. somebody's going to have to move. that deal's for $32 million. and the firestone grand prix taking over the streets of st. pete. and over the lecture hall, alongside the mayor, a discussion about driver safety and the sport of racing. >> there's huge future in it and
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automotive industry, so aim high, you can slide into some of these spots. >> two very good pieces from the valspar championship, first of all, the defending champ, jordan spieth is here and ready to defend his championship. plus,ville spar announced a three -- valspar announced a three-year contract extension for their title sponsor deal. spieth hasn't played that well in florida, but no worries. >> i feel pretty good. really need to get my putter going. phil's fine, they just haven't quite gone in yet, but they will, and wedge play needs to just improve. but my driving of the golf ball is better. i feel better than it was last year. the rays lost to the blue jays 5 to 1, and you never want to see this from your top starter. chris archer threw two wild pitches in the 1st inning today. each one of them scored a run.
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he was just trying something. he pitched a scoreless second, but the rays lost 5-1. my favorite sound byte, was you just heard jordan spieth, having some trouble here, but it will be all right. >> calm. >> i like it. >> the other players should take note. >> i'm sure they are. [ laughter ] jordan's coming. >> okay w. that stay with us, we'll be right -- with that, stay with us we'll be right back.
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(vo) making the most out of every mile. that's why i got a subaru impreza. love. it's what makes a subaru,
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>> look at my partner there. >> a very special ten community i love and i know you support it, too. what man honor to present academy prep with a $5,000 grant from the tegna foundation, towards graduate support so students can continue thriving even after leaving academy. these students go to school for
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11 months out of the year, they tell me they love it. they thrive this way. they get so much personal mentor ship. they can thrive and succeed in the real world with so many success stories. it's really magic. >> what a great facility. they do so much and help so many kids in this community over the years, and it's just phenomenal. >> all they needed was some mentor ship and magic happens. >> thanks for joining us, that is 10 news at 11.
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