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tv   10 News at Noon  CBS  March 10, 2016 12:00pm-12:29pm EST

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wright. thanks for joining us. hillary clinton, democratic candidate and bernie sanders are taking their messages to the bay area. hillary clinton's rally is
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mayor will be introducing her in a couple of minutes. and we're joined live from the ritz ybor, when will hillary clinton be there. >> no word on when hillary clinton will be arriving. it should be very soon. she's scheduled to speak right about now. she has not taken the stage yet. she'll be introduced by bob buck thorn who is a long time supporter. there are several hundred people inside and there are lots of people who have been turned around who wanted to go inside. she's coming off a strong debate performance last night where she stressed comprehensive immigration reform. she needed after a upset in michigan when bernie sanders took that state. she is trying to regain some momentum even though she has a lot of delegates.
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has and not let senator sanders build on his own momentum. she's talking about jobs and will get people jobs. she'll highlight on investments that have been successful in florida including the i-4 connector from the expressway. all people know that it's the i- 4 corridor, if you win that florida. we'll be here covering the rally and we'll bring you the latest tonight at 5 and 6. we're live in ybor. >> we'll be checking in with you in the next couple of hours. >> we'll take you live inside the ybor, if you want to see more of this rally we're streaming it live for you on our free ten news app. search for the news in the app store. bernie sanders is making
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the florida state fairgrounds. this is him in a rally at gainesville at the university of florida. 8,000 people. kissimmee. his rally gets under way at 7:00 tonight. if you're interested for the preevent at 4:00 tonight. park something free. also tonight, the former presidential hopefuls will meet in miami for the debates. we'll have a look at what we debate. >> excuse me, after all -- >> immigration was a big focus for the univision event. >> just think imagine where we would be if we had achieved comprehensive immigration reform nine years ago. >> children came from honduras
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children into this country, them back. >> republicans debate tonight than the democrats. one candidate says he won't go back to the personal attacks. >> i would do it differentlily. my wife and kids were embarrassed by it and my wife didn't like it. he won't drop out after tuesday's election. it's not who i am. >> he had problems drawing a crowd in the hometown of miami. >> i need your support and help. >> john kasich is doing better in his heme in ohio. he's beating donald trump in the buckeye state p cbs news the white house. police polls show rubio trailing trump by double digits. a uncomfortable exchange with governor rick scott in the hot seat. take a look. >> i'm going to tell you what's going on in florida.
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want to know what's going on in your head governor. >> we're friends, i want you to answer the question. do you personally think that islam is a religion that hates america? >> the interview ended with the show cutting the governor's mike before he could say good- bye. >> justin trudeau comes after an interview, they would appreciate it if americans would pay attention more to globe. a 13-year-old boy with special needs is left behind on a polk county school bus. home. they're both charged, the bus driver and attendant are charged with child neglect. he was left on the bus sleeping.
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wales. he had to climb out of the bus window, waking up a mile away. this is the second time he was month. if you've been guilty of leaving your door unlock, there's a warning for you. 15 cases have been reported of breaking into cars that were unlocked. >> the key word in all of this is unlocked. in no other cases did they try to break through a window or anything like that to get into any of the cars. if they saw that, one of the cars is locked they walked away. that's what you're seeing in this video. they check the doors on both cars and leaves when he realizes he can't get inside. there's been case after case in pasco county. it's not just happening there.
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case in hillsborough county. this guy came with two other suspects to the neighborhood near lakewood drive two nights cars. here in pasco county, those 15 cases we told you about, officials say they believe the same group of people are the culprits and over the last few months we've covered people out of sarasota, clear water, where happen. guns have been stolen out of the car. before you head out today, keep this in mind so you don't become the next victim. three people dead, thousands more forced from their homes and now louisiana is expecting more rain today. you see some of the devastation that folks are dealing with. >> reporter: a second blast of heavy rain pounded north louisiana overnight, around 15 inches have fallen in other
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foot could be on the way. that threat has forced officials to call for the >> it's disaster. >> more than 100 roads have been closed, drum video shows entire neighborhoods under water. more than 100 homes have been flooded, most of those are in the nearby community, where the water has risen to rooftop levels. >> this is including the one where we are, the water is receding, there are homes that are still flooded. 8 neighborhoods are under mandatory evacuation, we're told the rain is expected to continue for the next two days. >> the red cross has society up shelters for flooding victims. isis secret exposed, a former isis fighter says he
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>> it's being called a war chest of secret terrorist data, tens of thousands of isis application forms, containing the names and addresses of aspiring jihadis and people who recruited them. >> it's devastatingly disastrous for them. >> a disgruntled former isis fighter in turkey gave the data to a person in britain. ahead says he stole the secrets from an isis security chief. there are 23 questions, including whether they want to be a fighter, commando or martyrdom secret. people from 23 different countries including the u.s. applied. if it's authentic, it would be
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counterintelligence triumph so far in the war against isis. a newspaper in germany received a smaller collection of similar isis fires. continues today. they want to hear from a foley is being examined him. witness. the gawker website division, they're not contacting them when it was posted. he's spewing for $100 million for posting video of his having sex with a woman. . the mayor is kicking things off this morning on the northwest lawn of city hall. he was joined by people from the indy car world.
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>> we have a race, we're hoping that weather cooperates. >> you're looking at nice weather especially until first half of the weekend. that's not the case in the rest of the nation. we can show you all of the flooding troubles stretching from texas to louisiana, to mississippi, will that rain eventually work its way into our area? that's what i'll talk about with the seven-day forecast. >> athletes are attracted from all the world. how you can get involved
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. a new study, children are more likely to be diagnosed with hyperactivity disorder than children who are oldest in their grade. they found it in preschool and not in older children. the triathalon is next month. before athletes can swim and bike along the waterfront organizers need to sign up 1,000 volunteers. we can show you how volunteers get a front row seat to all of the action. >> joining me are susan daniel and tim mcmahon. they're here to talk about the triathalon. 24th. first susan, a little bit about the race, this is a big one, you expect a lot of athletes? >> yes, we do. we expect 3500 athletes all over the you state.
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different countries and 40 destination triathalon in downtown st. pete. >> what makes this special and attractive to people. >> the biggest thing is the destination part, they come >> imagine that, right? >> one of the big things that we get keyed off about, they e- mail us back, and tell us there are great volunteers that put that's organized. >> that brings us for the need this without them. >> i'm day 1 of the event, the happen. >> you volunteered for the race, what kind of jobs have you done? >> this is my fifth year to volunteer. i do body marking, i work at the finish line, greeting the participants to make sure they have metals and water and if they need medical attention that they get to the medical
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volunteers? >> you get to see some of the most fit individuals in the world because i mean we have people from all over the world that come to this event. and it really is a lot of fun to just be out there and see these individuals on the line to get across the finish line. >> there's all kinds of jobs for people, right? >> there is exactly. we start at the health and fitness expo, they start by the athletes. they can be taken to the finish line. they can talk about it earlier. they have volunteers out on the water and kayaks. a lot of groups get together and perform those jobs and >> there's something for everybody and this is a good way for people to see how a
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>> yes, it is. i highly recommend that the first time athletes can come and volunteer and see one go from start to finish. >> it's exciting to be a part of this event. you can find out more about the triathalon and how to volunteer on our website and if you would like a tour of ten news, you can call 727-571010 or e-mail community at it. good thursday afternoon. we have flash flood watches in effect all the way through saturday evening for portions of the deep south. if you have travel plans, friends and family in this area you want to keep a close tab on that situation. back at home, it's gorgeous, camera. you can see folks out there strolling along the waters.
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that, temperatures in the low 80s, picture perfect beach weather. it's 78 degrees, it's already 81 degrees in lakeland. 81 degrees in carolina wood. from time to time we've seen high-level clouds streaming through. that's it. we look to the north and northwest. that's where we find the weather. we have an area of low pressure off the coast of texas, it's pumping in a lot of moisture. look at this moisture plume. it's going from mexico north from ohio valley and rain showers into new england. the area of low pressure to the northwest, winds there in the upper levels out of the west and then we have an area of high pressure, the surface winds out of the southeast, it's giving us a tight pressure
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of the south and southeast. it's mid and even upper 80s, 87 for arcadia. along the immediate coastline when you see the sea breeze with onshore flow, if you're headed out to the strawberry festival, it will be hot, make sure you stay hydrated, use sunscreen. it's getting strong this time of the year. no worries about any rain from time to time, a few clouds, but other than that we'll see windy continuing through the -- windy conditions through the afternoon and it's looking like that on friday. we'll see the winds come down nice lip in the evening. we could see patchy fog after 4:00 a.m., we have a music festival on saturday at 3:00 in the afternoon. it will be 83 degrees in downtown tampa. your forecast, it will be
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and sunday we're tracking some scattered showers and storms so right now saturday looking like the best day and don't forget we spring forward so we lose that hour of sleep. sunday. 50% chance of storm on sunday. you can track those storms when you can't watch ten news. it will give you access to live storm tracker 10. to ybor city. hillary clinton is set to take the stage there. she's running a few minutes behind. this rally has several hundred people inside waiting to hear her speak. if you want to watch this we're live streaming it on the 10 it's free. hillary clinton is going to speak in tampa in just a few minutes. coming up for you tonight, on cbs and ten news, we have the
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. keith stopped by from the deadliest catch stopped by. >> what's the biggest concern for you out on the open water? >> the biggest concern, at that he not the biggest concern remarks it's my only concern. it's not getting five guys off deck safely. it's getting them home safe. >> keep in mind the new season of the deadliest catch starts on the discovery channel. you can find him on the studio live facebook page. a rally is just getting under way for presidential hopeful hillary clinton. she's expected to speak any moment. we'll be live streaming this
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you can search for it on the
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