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tv   10 News at 500pm  CBS  March 10, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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in order to win the nomination clinton needs a total of 2382 delegates. as it stands now she has half of that. sanders only has 571 delegates. while clinton is well ahead of sanders already she still needs florida and the all-important votes from the i-4 corridor from tampa to daytona. today clinton urged supporters to take advantage of early voting or make sure they show up on primary day. because a win here would put a nice cushion between her and sanders and could solidify her chances at becoming the nominee. >> i want to be a really strong canidate. to take by vision and our views into a general election against whoever the republicans nominate. >> reporter: based on the hundreds of supporters who came out here today for her rally
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a winner. what is interesting is some of the clinton fans we talked to are bernie sanders fans but don't think he has what it takes to be president. >> jeannie dean live. speaking of bernie sanders. what if he won the primary tuesday night? let's get to 10 news reporter eric glasser live at the fairgrounds where bernie sanders is holding a rally at 7:00 p.m. tell us what would it look like if sanders did indeed win? >> reporter: it would this race. because it is so highly unexpect had the bernie sanders would win this state of florida. hillary clinton, as you heard the most recent polls. it would be an even larger place in michigan. that said, take a look at the line of people. bernie sanders supporters, many whom got here at 1:00 p.m. a line that wound its way not just around the building here
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here though is the reality of it. in florida the democratic primary, unlike the gop primary is not a winner take all race. majority of the 246 delegates up for grabs will be split proportionately to the vote. even if sanders were to pull off a slim victory, hillary clinton will walk away with a lot of florida delegates and a majority of super delegates. who at this point have overwhelmingly said they support her. sanders supporters say they are not worried about the math. >> think of it, super delegates are not cast in concrete yet. if you get the popular vote for bernie, i'm confident the super delegates will come around, as well. >> reporter: in short, a sanders victory would mean a shift in his campaign because he would take that momentum from a surprise win in michigan and then florida into the rest of the campaign.
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that has hillary clinton far, far ahead going into tuesday. reporting live eric glasser 10 news wtsp. back to you. >> much appreciate yatesed. thank you very much. we'll get you caught up on the republican side. they are debating tonight. here's how you can watch. it starts at 8:00 p.m. live on cnn. you can stream it at and we'll have a wrap up of the debate tonight on 10 news at 11:00. police are trying to find the person behind a drive by shooting who started firing at a home in st. petersburg. this happened on 10 avenue south a fewhours ago. tropicanna field. one victim is a 3-year-old girl. the other is a 20-year-old than. they are both expected survive. the car involved in the shooting is a white dodge challenger. for the first time in 20
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canada is on an official trip to the white house. >> americans and canadians will always be there for each other. welcome to the united states. >> president obama and newly elected canadian prime minister justin trudeau talked about ways to work together. they agreed on fighting isis and focusing on renewable energy, providing healthcare and immigration along the u.s. canada border. president obama took a couple friendly jabs about the prime minister at hockey. now to a crime alert. protecting yourself is as simple as pressing a button. look at this video from the pasco county sheriff's office. it shows a man with his face covered going from car to car checking to see if the doors unlocked. if you look close you can see a rag in his hands so he doesn't leave fingerprints behind.
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he just steals from the ones left opened. the same group is responsible the same kind of thing is county. sheriff's office says this guy a neighborhood near lake wood drive near martin luther king two nights in a row check for unlocked cars. helping stop burglary sprees like these are easy. make sure your cars are locked every time you lock away and don't leave anything valuable in plain sight. you never know what you'll hear in the hulk hogan gawker trial. he is suing gawker for $100 million for posting a video he claims he never knew existed. 10 news reporter jennifer titus has been following this trial >> reporter: attorneys spent most of the day questioning a professor.
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he seemed to struggle on the stand when facing questions about the freedom of the press. during cross-examination they worked to payment a picture that he was an old school reporter from the news room for 20 years and journalism has changed during that time. they asked if the hogan sex tape was news worthy. he said probably and wanted to know if all publications including "tmz" and the national inquirer are protected by the first amendment. he said yes unless it is child pornography. the director of operations for gawker said in 2012 the sex tape was the second most viewed article on the website. two more witnesses are set to take the stand tomorrow. then the hogan team is expected to rest. for now we are live in the news room jennifer titus 10 news wtsp. lightning are striking down hunger in tampa bay.
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700,000 people including children in our area are not sure where their next meal will come from. the bolts announced a continuing partnership called goals for food. >> when you think about each and everybody year how many people are without meals it is only a small piece. we need to do even more. we need to push and prod to drive in more dollars to make sure people are getting fed. >> every time the lightning score a goal at home $500 will be donated to feeding tampa bay. since the program began the lightning combined to score over 2.5 million meals for tampa bay. >> well done. looking live outside. it is gorgeous in clearwater. the wind definitely strong. you can see the palms blowing in the breeze. we'll tell you if the wind will die down this weekend.
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neighborhoods under water as more rain slams the southeast. >> they are getting calls coming in from every direction. everybody is doing the best they can. rescues continue after severe weather hits the south. we'll show you what is
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earlier we did time travel looking ahead to the day after the florida primary and what it would like like if clinton won and if sanders won. republicans. the trump wins this will set
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look at these number. a florida win would give donald trump 99 winner take all delegates. that's the single largest delegate hall from any one state so far. the trump win none of the other canidates running would be better offer than starting the debates tonight. second place set them up to run the table with huge momentum going forward past the 15th. >> i think he is important. he is a knew canidate we have not seen in four years. and shows the opinions of many people in this country. i think it says a lot about the american people. he is a different canidate than i have seen in the past. >> a trump win would all but put the nail in marco rubio's campaign coffin. rubio is talking about winning his state.
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he is down huge numbers to trump. that is only saving grace. he is down to donald trump 48 to 25. if a win in florida justifies him staying in he would desperately need it. supporters say they know he can win his home state. >> why did you chose marco rubio? >> i think we need a serious canidate that has serious experience and serious proposals. and somebody who could win the white house in november and pull the republican party together. he is the only canidate to do that right now. >> even if he does win it puts him far behind donald trump with only 250 delegates to trump's 458. would it be enough to resuscitate the campaign? it is still no guarantee. think back to the last time you applied for a job. on the application they asked
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then there are blood type, religious level, previous jihad experience? how about fighter or suicide attacker. those questions are from an application used by isis. it is one of 22,000 pages of isis documents sent to the british media. we'll show you who leaked the information and why he did it. >> reporter: it is being called a war test of top secret terrorists data. tens of thousands of alleged isis application forms containing the names, addresses and even telephone numbers of aspiring jihadis and the people who recruited them. >> this is the leak of the islamic sight. >> reporter: a former isising fighter in turkey gave the data to a british broadcaster. the man says the information should be with people who fight against islamic states. he claims he stole the memory stick full of secrets from an
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registration forms ask recruits 23 questions including whether they want to be a fighter or martyr? people from 51 different countries including the u.s. reportedly applied. including this 26-year-old former rapper from london is believed to be an isis fighter. if the mountain of data is found to be authentic it would be one of the biggest counter terrorism triumphs so far in the war against isis. a newspaper in germany confirms it received a smaller collection of similar isis files. look at that beach scene over there. i don't care about the wind. >> it is twofold. i was talking to fishing captains today. they said the last two days killed them because the wind has been too rough.
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on the beach it feels nice. we are not at the peek of our camera. right? >> i'm just saying. >> remember the 10 news app. you could be watching "10 news at 5:00" from the beach. don't forget that. sky 10 network showing the surf is rough. we'll see, with these high winds this evening rip currents for a couple more days. threat will remain fairly high. with the wind has come the warmth. 84 one of our warmer readings. carrollwood and river view. land o'lakes 86. 78 sarasota. 84 new port richey. storm tracker 10 is quiet. big story continues to be this monster storm that is staying put over northern mexico.
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look at the amounts of rain from the rio grande valley to memphis. i want to show you, this will look odd for a moment with all these bright colors but this is rainfall total estimates. i want to show you the high the -- highest amounts. we are talking the texas louisiana state line. ten inches of rain from the texas louisiana state line all the way up to the mississippi river on the arkansas mississippi state line south of memphis. this is mild and mild and just shy of a foot of rain in the last 24-hours. this is just since we saw you yesterday at this time. the reason again is it is a cut off low. meaning the jet stream is up here. it is cut off from the jet stream. it has nothing to push it along. that's why it is staying put the last couple days. it is also the reason for the wind.
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around a low. high to our east is clockwise. between you get a convergence zone. like winds in downtown buildings it gets squeezed and accelerates. this low should get on the move starting tomorrow. it is expected to go over the panhandle over the weekend. we'll see some rain chances over the weekend. not tonight. beautiful, warm, dry night. we'll stay breezy. but the winds should start backing down after sunset. temperatures in the low 60s. as we go through your day tomorrow the winds not as strong and they could bring in pockets with higher dew points of isolated patchy fog east of i-75. in store. we are looking at winds 5 to 15 miles per hour with a high of 84 degrees. i'm not concerned about a blanket of fog but a heads up.
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rain chances about 3:00 to 7:00 p.m. looking like showers. a couple of storms. a 50% coverage late afternoon on sunday. no cold behind the fronts. we are staying warm. we'll talk more about the weekend and break down the events this weekend going on. i'm roadside bomb. new security problems turn up in a program that was supposed to stop identity theft. what you can do to protect yourself. is bread as bad for your health as cigarettes? carbs can pack on the pounds but there is another scary side
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it is the news no parent wants to hear from their child's school. listen, we don't know where
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>> it happened twice to a special needs student in lake wales. >> all the equipment was functioning. what wasn't functioning the brains of the driver and the attendant. >> tonight 10 news reporter darren flowers explains how it happened and why two people are facing serious criminal charges. >> left alone and locked inside a school bus, this video shows on march 2nd a 13-year-old special needs child fell asleep and woke up to an empty vehicle. >> the more unbelievable the story is the more likely it is accurate and true. >> reporter: investigators say the teen from our children's academy had to find a way from the emergency window. he walked and hitchhiked 30- miles back home to davenport. polk county sheriff judd says what happened next is as alarming. >> he tells the attendant y'all left me on the bus yesterday. the attendant didn't believe
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march 8th the video shows the same incident happening again. fortunately the boy made it home. now the driver dale brown and bus attendant have been charged with negligent child abuse. >> i have a question for them. what were you thinking? >> reporter: his mom and school officials only found out because the boy missed a therapy appointment on the 8th. once the bus driver opens the door an alarm sounds. in order to turn it off the driver or attendant has to walk to the back of the bus. in both instances they had students turn the alarm off for them never checking the bus. our children's academy serves all special needs children. bus drivers and attendants are trained to work with them.
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>> we can not do what we do without them. it is infortunate this happened. >> reporter: brown and simmons were trained to check the buses and admitted to failing to do it. darren flowers 10 news wtsp. >> the driver and attendant on are administrative leave while the polk schools investigates. heavy rains drenching the south. what is being done to keep folks from harm's way. >> reporter: stepped up security at this year's grandprix in st. petersburg. estimated 150,000 people will
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good evening. i'm reginald roundtree.
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big stories happening now. department of justice says apple is obligated to help the fbi help a san bernardino shooter's i-phone. attorneys argued it would take two weeks for six employees to unlock it and called a court order modest. there will be another hearing on this issue some time later this month. after all those protests at a donald trump rally in north carolina a man is facing charge. deputies arrested him on assault and battery as well as disorderly conduct after he hit a protesters as he was getting escorted out. president is hosting the canadian prime minister for the first time in two decades. they are talking climate change as parts of an official state dinner.


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