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tv   10 News at 1100pm  CBS  March 10, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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[ cheering and applause ] the race for the nomination tanging a turn tonight -- taking a turn tonight. >> we want high standards. >> presidents can't just say anything they want. >> the candidates focusing on the issues instead of attacks. >> tonight we have the newest numbers in the race for the nomination. >> marco rubio is closing in. rubio has cut donald trump's lead to just 6 percentage points according to a new exclusive poll. >> in tampa bay, trump leads rubio. >> mark rivera joins us live from the debate in miami. >> reporter: we said tonight was all on the line for marco rubio.
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strong with the audience on his side at this debate. but this was a departure from any republican debate we've seen so far this year. there was stability, discussion about the issues, and substantive answers. every candidate trying to look as presidential as possible. that didn't keep rubio from swiping at the frontrunner. >> i cannot believe how civil it's been up here. [ laughter ] [ cheering and applause ] >> reporter: civility didn't stop marco rubio risking it all for florida. >> i know a lot of people find appeal in the things donald says. but presidents can't just say anything they want. >> i don't want to be so politically correct. >> i'm not interested in being politically correct. i'm interested in being correct. >> reporter: cruz doing his best to preserve integrity. >> we've got to get beyond rhetoric of china bad, and get
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>> people will buy products from here rather than buying them through combine. >> reporter: trade, education, and islam. trump saying there is hate among muslims for americans. rubio saying that creates a hostile environment. and governor rick scott in the spin room said he too had a political rival from businessmen outside the establishment. >> can you make some news for us and endorse? >> reporter: he's waiting for you to make your choice on tuesday. rubio also had some strong words against normalizing relations in cuba and obama's trip there. but this marks a departure from the republican party so far this year. they're going after civility to get your vote. but it's gonna come up to you in five days on tuesday. the democrats also hit the i-4 corridor.
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has a lead over bernie sanders across the state and right here in tampa bay. he's are the numbers from the ledger. both candidates rallied right here in tampa bay as they try to shore up support in florida. >> reporter: hillary clinton arriving to a cheering crowd and a warm welcome from tampa's mayor. clinton focusing on topics key to florida. climate change and infrastructure. including a jab at governor rick scott for rejecting $3 billion in high-speed rail funding. >> it makes absolutely no sense. especially when we know that we're going to have to do high-speed rail if we're going to have a competitive economy in the 21st century. [ chanting ] >> reporter: hours later at the florida state fairgrounds, a winding line of supporters
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>> i'd rather be on the right side of history. >> thank you bauchl bay! [ cheering and applause ] >> reporter: a thunderous crowd of thousands erupting as sanders took the stage. >> as a matter of fact, as i look around me, i see a huge crowd! [ cheering and applause ] >> reporter: this week marks the sanders' campaign first visit to florida. i asked the senator if they'd made a mistake not making florida a priority! >> you could always rethink your strategy. but i think the fact that we've won nine states already and are doing much, much better than anyone anticipated, so far what we're doing is pretty good. >> reporter: sanders faces an almost insurmountable trail behind clinton. but he was able to overcome that in michigan.
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read about who's the biggest supporters for each of the candidates. get all of that information in the palm of your hand. just download the 10news app in your phones. the wounded warrior project has fired its ceo and coo. you may recall cbs uncovered the organization spent much of its donations on workers instead of veterans, going to lavish parties and trips. former employees told cbs that spending by the charity was out of control. discussions are underway about retired senior military officers being considered to take over leadership of the organization. huge military trucks are rumbling through neighborhoods in northern louisiana in search of families trapped by days of relentless rain. three people have died in that state and in what's being called a historic
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have been evacuated. another system moving in overnight will likely bring another round of rain to the region. hulk hogan's team is expected to rest their case tomorrow. they have two more witnesses set to take the stand in the sex tape trial. attorneys spent most of the day questioning mike foley. he was hogan's expert witness but seemed to struggle on the stand. >> hogan is suing for $100 million for posting the video he claims he never knew existed. we will continue to stream the trial live for you on our free 10news app. i want to introduce you to two people who will not be the school bus driver and attentive of the year for the foek county
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school system. they left a kid on the bus twice in one week in. the same kid! >> two employees arrested, accused of abandoning a special needs student on a school bus. only 10news is there as they bonded out of jail. these women won't be back on a school bus in charge of protecting kids any time soon. how they managed to forget the child on the empty bus not once but twice in the past week. >> did you mean to leave the boy? do you have anything to say to him? >> reporter: brown and simmons are quiet bonding out of jail. their joking silenced after a video shows them parking this school bus last week. summons walked right by, leaving a sleeping 13-year-old boy with special needs. >> opens the emergency window, climbs out the window, falls to
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the boy had to walk and hitchhike 30 miles home but didn't tell anyone until the next day. >> he tells the attentive, y'all left me on the bus yesterday! the attendant didn't believe him. >> reporter: it happened again to the boy this week. the bus is equipped with a system that when the engineers turn off sound an alarm, forcing the driver to walk to the back to hit a button, checking for kids. but brown and summons had students disable it. >> what wasn't functioning? the brains of the driver and the attendant. >> reporter: the district won't say why the system can even be disarmed or how this could have happened twice. the boy's school didn't know he was missing and hitchhiked home yet again until his mom discovered he didn't make it to a counseling appointment. the women won't be back to work on a bus for now. the district will only say the employees are on paid
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>> gayle brown has worked on and off for the district sense the 19 -- since the 1990s. she's been disciplined three times for not paying a ticket, speeding, and not cleaning her bus. headlines around the nation and the world. nearly three million boxes of frozen digiorno pizzas, stove's lazanias, and lean cuisine meals are being recalled. some are finding glass in their food. it may have come from the spinach used in the products. no injuries have been reported. the justice department is calling apple's position for refusing to unlock an encrypted iphone false rhetoric. apple claims writing software to
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set a dangerous precedent. and incredible video out of south america. a giant glacier just collapsed into lake argentina. tourists were treated to this spectacular phenomenon this morning. its walls tower about 330 feet above sea level. glacier last ruptured in march of 2012. get ready to start your engines. time for the grand prix of st. petersburg. 150,000 fans are expected in downtown st. pete this weekend. there will be increased security. qualifying events start tomorrow. we've got everything that you need to know on our free app, including a list of banned items, information about parking and shuttles. bright lights at your waistline.
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>> a cheaper alternative to viagra. >> and they ran 26 miles. but enough. >> winds 30-33 miles an hour. and the rain chances we're tracking. >> and watch 10news tomorrow. we're announcing the winner of a vip prize pack for the lightning versus the is the economy rigged? well, the 15 richest americans acquired more wealth in two years than the bottom i'm bernie sanders, my plan -- make wall street banks
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pay their fair share of taxes, provide living wages for working people, ensure equal pay for women. the middle class will continue to disappear unless we level
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can bright lights at night lead to obesity? researchers say artificial light at night time can tribute to excessive weight in men and women. about as much as eating junk food. they say it can cause us to eat late when the metabolic process slows down. and it is possible artificial light might contribute to obesity by suppressing the production of melatonin. a big step for the little
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the fda has approved the first ever generic version of viagra. the company will begin selling generic viagra december, 2017. it has already been in the market in europe for several years and less expensive. the fda says generic drugs have the same strength and must have the same quality control standards as brand names. imagine running 26 miles and finding out it wasn't enough. organizers in chattanooga, tennessee, are under fire for creating a qualifying race for the boston marathon that was about .25 miles too short. the mistake happened as part of a race where the runners had to make a turn, and organizers blame human error, saying barricades around out incorrectly. >> this would be a big deal for
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record, trying to qualify for the boston marathon. >> the athletes are probably going to have it run it again if they want to qualify for the boston marathon. organizers are checking to see if qualifying times from their race will be accepted. >> take my time, take off .25 miles from the boston marathon, and let's do it. [ laughter ] >> we talked about the snow last night and expected in central mexico, you might remember on futurecast, we were showing you heavy snow. now we got the pictures to prove it. this came from gene. just talked to him.
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these pictures around the durango area. in is west of mexico city. and this would be like saying big snows cuba and south. that's the ball park we're talking. thea, gave plant holding up -- the agave plant holding up steady in that snow. i wonder if it makes the sweeter. [ laughter ] >> so if you haven't seen a forecast in the last couple days, this has been the problem right here. this huge storm. it's a cutoff low. the jet stream is way up here around kansas and nebraska. so it's separated from the jet stream
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this i think puts it in perspective. a few minutes ago, you saw the video from louisiana you're looking at 48 hour rainfall totals. and i'm used to seeing in one big event a pocket. an area here or there or a neighborhood where you might see 10, 12 inches. but to see a line from memphis through arkansas half of louisiana into eastern texas, showing amounts that you're seeing in white on the order of a foot to 14 inches of rain, there is also pockets around college station, out here in the piney woods, 8 inches of rain. over a foot on the texas and louisiana state line. up through areas on the mississippi river. that's why this is such a big deal. even baton rouge, 7 inches
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there's more still coming. closing in on 15 inches of rain by estimates. we've been hearing reports from louisiana on the order of 20 inches in some isolated areas. with more coming tonight and tomorrow, that's why this is such a big deal. this low will eventually get going and will be a chance of rain for us eventually. but as well with that to the west and high pressure to the east of us, being wedged in between the is why you had all that wind the last couple of days. now i want to look at temperatures right now. 73 in tampa is where we currently sit. 2 degrees warmer than last night at this time. 68 in lakeland. and we'll cool only a few degrees. temperatures around 64 to 65 degrees. one heads up for tomorrow. could see some patchy fog. i don't think the whole area is going to be blanketed with fog. with higher dewpoints, i do want to give you a heads up. that might be in the
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4:30. a few more clouds will be likely tomorrow. but the tradeoff i think the wind calms we will still have a breezy day with temperatures reaching 84 degrees. i've got southeast winds around 5-15 miles an hour. gusts around 20. we could even on the water see pockets of around 25. but not like the last couple days. fishing departments have not been happy with the -- captains have not been happy with the winds. friday and saturday nice and warm. and most of the weekend is really nice. the one thing about sunday, a few showers. not a washout. about a 50% coverage between 3:00 and 7:00. spotty. and with behind it. we're back in the 80s monday through thursday of next week.
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and watch in the morning, you'll have an updated forecast. chick-fil-a is introducing frosted coffee. it's made by combining their signature vanilla iced concoction with iced coffee. available starting march 14th. it won't last long. tonight we'll meet the new highest paid player on the bucs' offensive line.
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there's a tie for the lead after the 1st round of the championship. there were two big issues today. the wind. 15-20 miles an hour. secondly the greens. a lot slower than what the pros are used to. they can't do anything about the wind. it affected a lot of shots today. 47-year-old ken duke handled it well. chipped in for birdie at 18. he shot a 67. charles howell iii, and so did kegan bradley. he hasn't won in four years. he does have a history here. >> yeah, i caddied for my dad here when i was 13.
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pat. and i just thought the whole thing was so cool. then there are the new greens. it's part of the restoration. the pros are used to tournament greens running about a 12. they're running at 10. jordan spieth shot a 76. >> about as slow as i can ever remember puttinga a pga -- on a pga tour. but everyone has to play with it. and you can be more aggressive. it's so tough on some of these putts down the hill. >> we'll see what happens tomorrow. jr sweezy is the new left guard for the bucs. he is the highest paid offensive lineman. he also played right guard in seattle. can he switch to left? >> i don't expect to show up
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that's what these ota's are for. it's a learning process. it slows game down. we're not gonna be grinding on each other too hard. it's more of a learning process. and it's gonna be learning the offense and seeing where i fit in. the lovely charlotte sports park where the rays beat the pirates 5-1 today. wouldn't it be nice if desmond jennings continued this spring hitting streak? he onlierred today. hitting -- homered today. >> everybody is working on different things. you just gotta take it as what it is. of course i'm excited about what's going on. spring training. keep it rolling. basketball tournament,
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bulls won in the aac. cousins looked like an nba player. tied game in the 2nd half. it moved usf's way. angel nzez with a double-double. and chris perry with 13. look at that spin inside. the bulls beat carolina 71-66. they will play temple tomorrow.ifiy sunday night -- by sunday night, selection sunday, we find out what happens with the tournament. and everybody starts working their brackets. again. >> one of my favorite times of the year. everybody is looking
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(vo) making the most out of every mile. that's why i got a subaru impreza. love.
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a subaru. if you have a daughter in
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cookies. >> sometimes it calls for a one troupe in new york is using leonardo di caprio to lure in customers. saying. [ laughter ] >> buy girl scout cookies! [ laughter ] >> i hope they make a million dollars. [ laughter ] >> they thanks for joining us.
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