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tv   10 News This Morning at 600am  CBS  March 11, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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hot spots for you at 6:00 on your friday. good morning. i'm road warrior hilary zalla. a semi has jackknifed and is blocking lanes on st. joe road in darby in pasco county at matt road east of i-75. also in tampa, watch out for railroad repairs happening on 34th street. it is closed down at the intersection of fifth avenue until monday.
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get you a detour and talk about the events this weekend and how they affect traffic. good friday morning. welcome to 10 news this morning. i'm allison kropff. >> i'm ian reitz. all eyes are on florida as the primary is a few days away. >> 10 news reporter emerald morrow is in the satellite center. we are expecting a big announcement today from one of the former presidential canidates. >> we are getting word from cnn in a few hours ben carson will announce his support for donald trump. he'll do it here in florida. carson bowed out of the race earlier this month. he is reportedly going to throw all of his support behind donald trump. cnn says this could really help trump with social conservatives who otherwise would have supported ted cruz. in florida trump might not necessarily need the help. our brand new exclusive lakeland ledger 10 news poll
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with 36% of republicans. that is a 6% lead over home state canidate marco rubio who needs a win in florida to stay alive in the race to be commander in chief. >> if you vote for me in florida and everywhere across this country on tuesday, when i'm elected president this generation will do whatever it takes to ensure our children inherit from us what we inherited from our parents the single greatest nation in the history of all of man kind. >> hillary clinton has support state. that's' three times the amount of support bernie sanders has. what else is on the canidate's election? cuba was a big point of night. i'm putting together how the about the issue. that's coming up at 6:30.
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if you grab the lakeland ledger you can see the poll results. senator marco rubio will be campaigning in florida through the weekend before tuesday's primary. today he'll be in west palm beach. tomorrow he'll hold a rally in largo at 9:00 a.m. sunday after he'll be in the villages event starts at 3:00. doors open at 2:00. ted cruz will be at the faith assembly of god on curry ford road event starts at 10:00. doors open at 9:00. you can get information on the election on your mobile phone. download the 10 news wtsp app in your phone's app store. the app is free. in germany police are questioning a man after he made threats to the u.s. embassy in berlin. the man claimed to have a bomb inside the suitcase as he was
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as police got closer to him he became violent and started to fight with them. police are using a robot to look into the man's bag. funeral services will be help today for nancy reagan. first lady michelle obama as well as hillary clinton and laura bush will be in attendance. 5,000 people paid respects to mrs.reagan as she laid in repose tuesday and wednesday. we learned a state of emergency has been declared in several areas in louisiana where the national guard has been called in to help with water rescue. thousands of people forced from their homes ahead of what could be disaster if nearby levees overflow. >> there is a continued one 10 of a foot rise per hour. i got off the levee. lowest portion looks like slightly more than a foot possibly.
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would put it at the top of the levee after daylight. >> these storms killed five people. more storms are on the way to areas that have already been hit hard. get ready for the constant hum of cars in downtown st. pete. firestone grandprix kicks off in a couple hours. while the city rakes in from the race some businesses actually lose money this weekend. 10 news reporter sarah hollenbeck is at the racetrack. the race is two weeks earlier than it usually is. that's been bad for business. >> reporter: the theater had to change the date of events because the race was pushed forward two weeks. that changed everything with their plans. they had to add this entire track. a lot of businesses had to feel the brunt of this huge area coming to downtown.
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changes for the other retail shops, as well. it should be their busiest time of year. shoppers are too hesitant to battle the crowds downtown. instead they stay home. at the museum a wedding party canceled their reception. there is a big push to get businesses and customers to embrace this race and come downtown even if they don't have a ticket to a race. coming up, i'll explain what the businesses are doing to bring you through their doors and what you need to know to head downtown. sarah hollenbeck 10 news wtsp. today marks five years since an earthquake and tsunami killed 16,000 people in japan. 2500 people are still missing. nationwide moment of silence was held this morning to honor the victims.
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more devastated towns high pressure villages. disaster caused a partial melt down at the fukushima power plant. family of victims killed in the 9/11 attacks are appealing to file a lawsuit against saudi arabia. families say 15 of the 19 hijackers on that day in 2001 were from saudi arabia and want the country to be help liable. manhattan judge said saudi arabia is protected by immunity. a vaccine for the zica virus could be ready for testing by this fall. mosquito-borne virus is hitting puerto rico hard where thousands of pregnant women could be affected this year. zica virus leaves newborns with abnormally small heads and developmental delays. you could help stop the
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your old tires in pasco county. you can drop them off at east pasco transfer station sunday morning 7:00 to 4:00. a minnesota deputy barely misses getting hit by a car. >> a dash cam was blowing during this traffic stop. watch the deputy just get out of the way in time as the car comes by the car he pulled over. there was' on the road. you can see him flipping to get out of the way. runs in front of the car. yells to the driver to shut the car door. him. >> he was standing right there. if he would not have been paying attention and just talking to the person in the vehicle he definitely would have been hit. that's scary.
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where a man on a plane tried to open up the window. instead he opened up the emergency exit door. mother nature showing her ugly side in california forcing some families out of their homes. live look at tampa international airport. were keeping an eye on things for you with the construction. hilary zalla is keeping track
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let's get you updated on the bridges as you head out the door. it is a good time to head out. crossing the bay is easy so far. this is the howard frankland bridge live from sky 10. these are the northbound lanes of i-275 coming into tampa. you can see it is not slow yet. traffic is picking up. your drive time six minutes to cross. sunshine skyway bridge looking great this morning if you are headed out the door. no incidents or construction.
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>> three day forecast is looking nice. today a lot like yesterday. warm, breezy mid 80s. tomorrow slightly cooler because the winds will be on shore. isolated shower east of i-75. a better chance for rain on sunday with upper 70s to near 80 for a high. most of that rain appears like it is inland. that will change a little bit. we'll track it closely. this the rain that's coming. that will be pushing through the area. there is cooler air behind it. looks like it will get in the northeast later next week and not here. that's coming up in my extended forecast. it is 6:13. it is friday march 11th. this is your eye opener at 6:00. >> i can not believe how civil it has been up here. >> reporter: four remaining gop canidates face off in a crucial florida debate. debating policy rather than trading insults.
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canidates are pushing to get your vote before tuesday's primary. >> our classiness and love for her husband is astounding. today first lady nancy reagan will be buried. first lady no and former first lady's laura bush and hillary clinton will be at her funeral. in louisiana a governor declares a state of emergency for heavy rains and flooding. start your engines. qualifying events for the grandprix of st. petersburg starts today. here's a look at headlines around the nation and the world in your 60 second scan. search continues this morning for two suspects who police say shot and killed six people in a backyard gathering near pittsburgh. police think one or two victims were targeted. one man and four women were killed.
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the man known as the dog whisperer is under investigation for possible animal cruelty. "tmz" reports the l.a. animal control office received several complaints from him stemming from caesar 9-1-1. the episode shows the dog hurting a pig during a show. taylor brand formally known as men's warehouse announced plans to close 50 stores. that includes several joseph a banks stores. it is part of a cost cutting effort after years of declining sales. alone. a blast of el nino forced california. rising rivers are expected to crest above flood stage tomorrow morning. people living in low-lying
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warned they could get flooded. >> get everything out of here and leave before it floods. you have to do the best you can and get it done. >> strong tomorrows have already damaged several buildings. it is quite a mess for sure. it is friday. if you are getting ready to head out the door we'll get you ready and get you good news for most places on the roadways. >> so far we don't have any major accidents. i want to start in pasco county. in the darby area a semi jackknifed and left the road. no injuries here. it is on st. joe road. that's just east of i-75. watch out for police on scene there. slow down as you are passing that scene on the shoulder. this is i-4 at i-75 in tampa. live from sky 10 here you can see east and west picking up along i-4. drive times not affected between i-75 and i-275 in tampa.
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minutes. lots of events going on this weekend. let's start in hillsborough county. we have gasparilla music fest downtown at curtis hickson waterfront park. parking will be tricky. that information is posted on our website. firestone grandprix in downtown st. petersburg. lots of roads closed. half of downtown st. pete is shutdown.
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headlines today really looking good today and tomorrow a stray shower is possible for your saturday afternoon. 10% chance. sunday could be the problem. we'll have scattered showers across the area. one model says not a lot. another says a good 70% for rain. right now we are dry to get your friday morning started. mid 60s for just about everyone. you can see the wind is generally out of the southeast 5 to 10 miles per hour. the thermometers are looking good. 65 lakeland. new port richey 64. carrollwood 63 degrees. 63 temple terrace. i talked earlier about the beautiful sunrise. there it is. high clouds are coming by and grabbing color this morning. i would love to share your pictures on air. send it to my facebook page at
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bus stop forecast. kids don't need the jackets or rain gear. 60s now. lower to mid 80s this afternoon. another great day of weather. no big changes from the last couple days. forecast model will show the winds turn to the south and southwest after lunchtime today. these high temperatures between 80 and 85 will be reached at 12:00 to 2:00 for folks along the coast. that wind comes in off the water. it is still in the mid to upper 60s and cools us off in the upper 70s. that happens this afternoon after 2:30 to 3:00. bradenton and sarasota and the beaches, as well. dry skies. dry conditions. partly cloudy skies. nice afternoon. about 85. we made 85 yesterday. i think we'll do it again today. boating moderate chop on the bay. southeast winds are up. they'll come down this afternoon. still a little bumpy. two to four foot seas. water temperature is 67.
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that is very high. don't forget the sunscreen for your outdoor activities. 70s for your friday evening plans. nice and dry all the way through. saturday starts in the mid 60s. here's a small chance for a stray shower saturday afternoon. we'll make 84. it is a beautiful day. lakeland and wachula watch for a few showers. sunday starts dry. sunday afternoon 1:00 pop-up showers. the race is here. gulf is there. if that were to happen we'll dodge the showers. other models suggesting we'll have more rain than that. we'll track it closely. tune in tonight at 5:00 and 6:00. jim will have the latest forecast model run. behind it we are in the upper 70s to low 80s in the beginning
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time to announce our winner to the vip prize pack. >> the winner is colleen vargas of river view. you'll get vip passes and tickets and merchandise signed by the lightning, as well. tampa bay is high on a list of cities to go for a good time. >> it is about the bar and beer scene. details coming up. if you are running a few minutes behind this morning a
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(vo) making the most out of that's why i got a subaru impreza. love. it's what makes a subaru,
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lets check the drive times as you head out. >> we are seeing brake lights
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this is i-75 at u.s. 301 in hillsborough county county. brake lights are going south into tampa. drive time 17 minutes from state road 56 to the selmon expressway. high clouds tend to reflect a longer wave length colors of red and oranges. look at what is happening in tampa bay today. that's the view looking off towards the east. beautiful day at valspar. 83 degrees. not as breezy as yesterday. 70s is the air temperature as the wind turns this afternoon. 85 at the strawberry festival today under partly cloudy skies. the ride home falling through the low 80s. no weather issues. are you too busy to make breakfast this morning. taco bell will make it easy. it launched the dollar breakfast menu. you can get ten breakfast items.
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tampa is one of the best cities for the best bar scene. >> u.s.a. today has the top ten list. tampa bay is third in the country. they looked at new breweries and best labels. grand rapids, michigan and fort collins, colorado finished first and second. >> this is an area where we are seeing more breweries pop up. >> we have great weather year round. you can sit on the patio. >> perfect. spring and summer are on their way. adventure island is about to open.
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good morning. that's your out-the-door forecast. we have 60s for everybody. 70 close to 8:00 a.m. you'll still be in the car on the way to work when we hit the 70-degree mark. we'll go in the low to mid 80s today. warm and breezy for us today.
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i'll talk about how that rain will affect us. we'll talk pollen coming up in ten minutes. hot spots at 6:30 on your friday morning. i'm road warrior hilary zalla. in sarasota an accident was reported on i-75 in the northbound lanes at toledo blade boulevard. let's go live to sky 10. we are picking up for morning rush hour. we are at i-275 at fletcher avenue. all the brake lights are going south into tampa. coming up in ten minutes i'll get you drive times to make sure you get to work on time. good morning. it is 6:30. i'm allison kropff. >> i'm ian reitz. thank you for joining us. a lot to talk about as florida takes center stage in the political world.
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wtsp poll hillary clinton has a big lead over bernie sanders in florida. she tops the vermont senator with three times the amount of support. donald trump has the edge over hometown canidate marco rubio with 36% of republican voter support to rubio's 30%. 10 news reporter emerald morrow is joining us live in the studio. lots to talk at after last night's debate. cuba was a big issue. >> miami was definitely the right place to talking about. rubio made it a point to show how much he and trump differ on policy when it comes to the country. donald trump said his focus would have been on making a better deal with cuba. rubio, whose parents are cuban immigrants said a good deal is where cuba has free election, freedom of press and stops putting people in jail for speaking out. in florida. if marco rubio can not score a win in his home state it could
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>> in the lakeland ledger you can check out the poll results and read about who the biggest supporters for each canidate are. bernie sanders will be back on the campaign trail after stopping by the bay area. on thursday he showed up to thousands of supporters at the florida state fairgrounds. given the crowd's size and enthusiasm 10 news reporter eric glasser asked the senator if they made a mistake by not making florida a priority earlier. >> you can always rethink your strategy. i think the fact that we won nine states already and i'm doing much, much better than anyone ever anticipated, i think so far what we have been doing is good. >> hours before sanders event hillary clinton was in ybor city. she focused comments on topics key to florida like climate change and infrastructure. she took a jab at governor scott for rejecting high speed rail. >> it makes absolutely no sense
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have to do high speed rail if we are going to have a competitive economy in the 21st century. >> clinton talked about the importance of tampa sports. hillary clinton will be one of hundreds of people gathering at the reagan presidential library today to say good-bye to former first lady nancy reagan. she is remembered for her style, grace and devotion for her husband, the 40th president. earlier in the week michelle obama said she remembers her important issues and her antidrug campaign. >> nancy reagan's two children will share memories of their mother today. today the last two witnesses for hulk hogan's team will take the stand in his lawsuit against gawker. on thursday university of
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was cross examined by the defense but struggled about questions of freedom of press. hogan is suing gawker for $100 million for posting a sex tape video he claims he never knew existed. testimony starts at 9:00. >> they both admitted, oh, yeah we didn't check the bus like we were supposed, like we were trained. turned off. >> that alarm he is talking
6:35 am
shut off forcing the driver to walk to the back of the bus and hit the button to check for kids. investigators say brown and simmons had students disable that. here's a new video from overnight. firefighters in los angeles battling a massive fire at a commercial building. you can see from these aerial shots smoke and flames could be seen for miles. an investigation is underway into the cause. fire started 8:30 thursday night. crews are on the scene checking on hot spots. this is in boil heights near downtown los angeles. fortunately no one was hurt. it is finally here. this afternoon the firestone grandprix kicks off in downtown st. pete. drivers will race along the downtown course at speeds up to 200 miles per hour. 10 news reporter sarah racetrack. even if you are not going to the race the city is working hard to get you downtown this weekend. >> reporter: they have all kinds of free events downtown on the waterfront but also here
6:36 am
for years people have not come downtown because parking is such an issue. they see all these signs. right now they are trying to change the message. they are adding a bunch of shuttles so you can find a place to park and no problem having anything interfere with your getting downtown. you can see those race cars right there just zooming by. when you hear the sound of the race cars you know that it is race weekend in st. pete. 150,000 people will bring in $48 million to the city this weekend. new this year big electronic boards and maps will direct drivers to the best places to park, shop and eat and get around the detours this weekend. city added shuttles and trolley runs to help the businesses because retail shop owners complained they saw a huge drop in best on the weekend. >> some of our small brick and mortar retailers seen a drop off in business over the
6:37 am
a number of them kept track of their figures and articulated to the city and race promoters what an impact it is. >> reporter: for the first time race fans will have to walk through metal detectors. sunday's main race will be watched worldwide by more than one million people in 200 different countries. in less than an hour they'll kick off practice at the racetrack. there are races through the weekend. the biggest one is on sunday. in downtown st. pete i'm sarah hollenbeck 10 news wtsp. if you ever worried about getting alzheimer's there is a way to reduce the risk. any kind of physical activities. walking, gardening and dancing can reduce the chances of developing alzheimer's by up to 50%. another sign that spring is soon approaching.
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if you are interested, the park has been closed for the past couple months for the winter season. it is across from busch gardens. park opens at 10:00 a.m. you never expect something like this to happen while you are on the plane waiting for a flight to take off. a man decides he wants fresh air. he tries to open up the window. >> it happened in a chinese airport. the entire gate opened up. he told flight attendants he thought the window would open separately. luckily it happened while the plane was on the ground. it did delay the flight for an hour. it looked like a hollywood event in nation's capitol on thursday night. >> coming up at 6:45, stars who showed up for a state dinner at the white house. with daylight saving time this weekend the health risks that come with springing forward.
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tampa international airport. if you are headed out of town, hopefully you'll have a safe flight.
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welcome back. 6:41 is the time. here is your bridge update. you can see a slight pink tint on your camera at the howard frankland bridge. that's because of the sunrise. these are the northbound lanes of i-275 coming into tampa. no big delays at the kennedy airport exit. it is taking eight minutes to cross. gandy bridge is quiet on the tampa side. five minutes is your drive time here. bobby? >> you may have felt it muggier out there. there is a beautiful shot live from the marina in st. pete. mid 60s. high range. days. one thing i would watch is on sunday we'll see showers. that could trigger the mold spores.
6:43 am
83 on saturday for your weekend 20% chance. sunday. don't forget daylight savings time begins. we lose an hour of sleep. that means saturday night push the clocks forward one hour. let's look at sports now with dave wirth. here's the sports line up for friday. we'll tell you why number 28 on his ride is so significant for indy car driver ryan hunter ray. valspar championship will the winds die down and the greens get faster? lightning host the flyers. that's a look ahead at sports today. i'm dave wirth. presidential canidates continue campaigning next tuesday including winner take
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today funeral services will be help for nancy reagan. she'll be buried next to her husband at the ronald reagan presidential library in california. more than 5,000 people paid respects to mrs.reagan as she lay in repose tuesday and wednesday. she died of congestive heart failure at the age of 94. firestone grandprix is taking over downtown st. pete event is always a big money maker for the city. estimated $48 million is expected. >> city leaders are encouraging people to come downtown instead of asking them to stay away like in years' past. they have added signs to help you find your way downtown. the main race is scheduled for sunday. if you can not make it sunday there is other stuff leading up to it. we have all that information on our 10 news app. you can search for that in your app store.
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>> if you live downtown nobody has to remind you this is happening. you can hear the races. it was a star studded night at the white house for the state dinner on thursday night. president obama and michelle obama hosted prime minister justin trudeau and his wife and a number of celebrities from canada. among them ryan reynolds and his wife. michael j. fox and lauren michael. a lot of celebrities were there for a big event. if you want to check out all of the pictures go to facebook. search for allison kropff on facebook. i post had the article you can look at. one of the highlights of the night, the president and the prime minister both made a joke about justin bieber. because he is of course canadian. >> he was not at the state dinner. he was mentioned.
6:46 am
it is that time of year again. daylight saving time. health experts say it can have a bigger impact on your body than just losing sleep. it can increase the risk for a heart attack or stroke. abrupt change in the body changes the body's chemistry. it increases your blood pressure and produces more blood clots. >> there is a spike in the number of heart attacks and strokes. it is a real phenomenon. >> doctors say getting to bed earlier each night, exercising and cutting back on caffeine and alcohol can help ease you into your new schedule. 6:46 is the time. let's get over to road warrior hilary zalla. >> i'm on top a jackknifed semi in hillsborough county county. eastbound lanes are closed east of i-75. watch out for that.
6:47 am
check out morning rush hour. this is i-75 at state road 56. where i-75 and i-275 split at the apex you can see the southbound lanes getting busy. drive time is definitely getting up there from the apex to i-4 along i-275 it is taking 20 minutes. looking back at our maps. i want to take you to tampa. of course, we have the gasparilla music festival this weekend. watch out for a lot of people in downtown. you'll have some parking troubles. lots of congestion. make sure you prepare for that if you are heading out the door. the biggest thing of course is the firestone grandprix in downtown st. petersburg. a lot of roads are closed for that. like half of downtown st. pete near the airport. you'll have a lot of congestion here. it will be hard to park. we have all that information on our app. search for 10 news wtsp in the
6:48 am
looking in sarasota county there is an accident on i-75 in the northbound lanes of toledo blade boulevard. you have a lane blocked on the ramp to northbound i-75. polk county good morning. lakeland no issues for you. polk parkway i-4 still quiet. if you are heading into tampa from polk parkway to i-75 it is taking 17 minutes. bobby? >> thank you very much. 6:48. i want to stay hello and thank you to kids at wilson city. i was out there talking to the second graders yesterday. we had a great time. we talked about the water cycle. that's the type of thing they get into in the second grade. if you would like to have me at your school bobby deskins on facebook. great group of kids and teachers in plant city at wilson elementary. 68 degrees in tampa. lakeland is at 64. 65 sarasota.
6:49 am
headed to the low to mid 80s today. 67 in safety harbor. temple terrace and egypt lake 68. tarpon springs is about 67 degrees this morning. winds not quite as breezy as yesterday. that will be the case all day today. still a little bit of a breeze. five to ten now. 15 to 20 at times today. high clouds are the reason why we had a beautiful sunrise this morning. they'll filter the sunshine a little bit. still looks nice at tampa bay downs. we'll call it partly cloudy. forecast models not a lot to talk about today. it is a lot like yesterday. winds start out of the southeast. they'll come south and southwest. we'll have the high clouds for the first half of the day. more sunshine the southbound half. between 12:00 and 2:00 we'll top out with our highs along the coach and beaches. after that 80s. we'll go to upper 70s as the sea breeze comes on shore with a southwesterly wind. we made 85 degrees yesterday. i think we are very, very close to it again today.
6:50 am
west of i-75 will be in the upper 70s. valspar championship just like yesterday, just a little less wind. we'll dry out the greens and not have as much of a breeze. that will change to the southwest. tonight friday night plans look great falling in the 70s to the mid 60s. if you are headed to amalie arena for the hockey game flyers are in town. 76 degrees. sunsets 6:37. go bolts! we are doing good coming in the playoffs. here's the forecast for the weekend. high pressure gives way. we'll have an isolated shower for tomorrow. that will be just about it. that will happen mainly in the 20%. here comes the better chance for rain sunday. first half of the day looks dry. that's the best chance. a lot was inland. if that happens we'll be great for golf and for the race. we are still tracking that.
6:51 am
seven-day forecast upper 70s to low 80s behind the front. clocks forward one hour. be sure to put 10 news sunday morning on your must- watch list this weekend. mark rivera will have your top have your seven-day forecast. >> if you lived in a bay area for a long time. you may remember this case and we'll have that for you. you'll get a look at what is happening in the community. 10 news sunday morning we take time to tell great, local story. we are on at 8:30 on sunday. hope to see you then. 6:51 is the time. that's a beautiful start to the
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ben and jerry's introduces three new ice cream flavors. the core ice cream pints split the two separate flavors in each pint. >> i know. tech junkies apple monday march 21st. reports show the company is expected to unvail a smaller i- phone and updated products event will take place the day before apple returns to federal
6:56 am
300 dogs are not safe this morning. they were rescued from a suspected puppy mill in arkansas. >> they were found living in deplorable conditions. dogs are not available for adoption yet. they need to get checked out and get vaccinations and microchipped. rush hour is just about here. >> we are looking at the highways. they are not too bad on our friday morning. this is i-75 at fowler avenue. as i speak, look at what happens. five minutes ago captain al said it doesn't look bad. this is stop-and-go. drive time is 21 minutes. from state road 56 to the selmon expressway it is taking 21 minutes. only a three minute delay. this looks worse than it is. no one believes me? >> we believe you. >> we believe you. >> that storm system rotating
6:57 am
flooding weather in louisiana and mississippi today and high clouds in here over the next couple days. i don't think we'll get a lot of rain. if you are traveling there is rain d.c. northward through new england. there is the flooding for that. thank you for joining us this morning.
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i try hard to get a great shape. th is... i can do easily. r benefiber healthy shape helps curb cravings. x it's a clear, taste-free daily supplement.... t ...that's clinically proven to help keep me fuller longer. x benefiber healthy shape. this, i can do.
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captioning funded by cbs it is friday, march 11th, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning." stability finally takes center stage at the latest republican debate, but donald trump faces questions about violence at his rallies. deadly flooding forces thousands from their homes. in louisiana, a levee could break at any moment. the wounded warriors project fires its top two executives after cbs news reveals lavish spending by the veterans charity. we begin this morning with a


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