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tv   10 News at 1100pm  CBS  March 13, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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politicians are calling shots. it's not going to get any better. >> sarah palin in the area trying to drum up support for donald trump. the final push before you head to the polls. first, developing out of maryland tonight, a police officer shot and killed right outside of a police station. right now, two people are behind bars. they're calling it an unprovoked attack. they opened fire on the first
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officer they saw. the officer has been identified tonight as a four-year veteran of the course. the senseless death of a bay area deputy. flags remain lowered. there are flowers to honor the fallen which now includes 30- year-old deputy. he drove the wrong way and crashed into the deputy head on killing them both. the florida primary is just a little over a day away. they are pulling out all of the stops to try and get a vote. a record number of you have taken advantage of voting. as soon as reporter jenny dean shows you it's going to be a
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race. >> reporter: sarah palin showed up, and it wasn't just for a piece of cake. this is her first trip to florida to campaign for donald trump. >> if she came earlier, the backlash of anti-palin people would build up. >> reporter: his goal: to take out marco rubio. >> marco doesn't vote. you've got to go vote. interesting. you get elected to the senate. you've got to go vote on occasion. >> reporter: in a strange moment, a man stood up and accused rubio of stealing his girlfriend.
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>> they met in new hampshire, and she doesn't look at me the same way anymore. >> reporter: both of those states are also holding primaries on tuesday. bernie sanders and hillary clinton took part in a town hall event. wtsp. donald trump is going to be back here in tampa. this time will be at the convention center. you need a ticket to get in. those were available on trump's website. you're probably hoping it won't turn out like this. >> reporter: several of donald trump's rallies have been overshadowed by violence
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between trump supporters and protestors. tonight, we reached out to law enforcement to ask them exactly what they're going to be doing. tampa police tells us they'll have plenty of security inside and outside. trying to figure out what happened to a woman dead in largo this morning. just outside of john r. bonner park. they have identified the woman's fingerprints. scary moments at a gun range in ocala. a man was loading a shotgun when he accidentally fired it off. it ricochetted and hit a family of five including children 8,
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tonight. it's a good reminder that you can never be too careful with dealing with a deadly weapon. >> point it towards the ground. we had concrete that causes ricochet, but weapons are something we need to be responsible with. >> no charges have been filed in this case. it's time for stories making headlines across the would recall. this is your 60-second scan. a suicide car bomb ripped through turkey today killing 34 people, wounding dozens of others. so far, no one has claimed responsibility for this attack. at a popular ivory coast beach resort. several hotels were targeted by six men who went on a shooting spree killing 16 people.
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they were killed in a shootout with law enforcement. they are putting the finishing touches on a latin american stadium. this comes before a baseball game between cuba and the united states. disgust, outrage in memphis, tennessee, after a man uploads a video of himself urinating on kellogg products. rice crispy treats and rice crispy treats cereal could have been affected. you might want to leave a little earlier tomorrow morning. u.s. 41 is going to be closed at lake crenshaw road.
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tracks. to find out what is happening before you head out the door, download our news and weather app. off to the races, the 12th annual fire stone grand prix. 10 news reporter flowers is calling the event a big success. >> reporter: kids and adults could barely keep their eyes off the road. they zoomed by at the fire stone grand prix. >> was that awesome or what? >> reporter: evan brought his son connor. >> i'm just trying to pass it
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>> reporter: a speed zone of rides and games was also a huge hit. >> i've got a young family. >> reporter: something you'll notice is different, adding something like metal detectors. >> they used to come to sporting events. >> reporter: more barriers were added. >> he does a good job of putting the barricades up and trying to give us faith behind walls. they're not taking away from the organizers being there. >> reporter: in st. peters burg, jared flowers. a huge day in sports. the valspar championship game,
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down to an exciting sudden death playoff, and a closer look at the fire stone grand prix with an accident. we're going to break it all down just ahead in sports. first, take a look at this photo. what this teen is about to do to this homeless person might surprise you. we're still tracking scattered showers across the bay area.
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this is a letter from someone who's here. she has to take a brand name drug. been taking it since the early 1980's. at that time it cost approximately $180 for 10 shots. the latest refill was $14.700 for the same 10 vials and the company is called valeant pharmaceuticals. i'm going after them. this is predatory pricing and we're going to make sure welcome back, everyone. an act of kindness in baltimore is hugging on people's heart
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the encounter between a teen and homeless man. the teen seen here lying motionless on the street. he was listening to music on the way home from school when a song inspired him to leave the bus and be a blessing to a complete stranger. >> i said, god, thank you for showing me this song. >> the police officer who snapped this picture was on duty. the weather for the strawberry festival, pretty nice. a lot of people still have a few showers out there. still a little color on the radar.
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>> still tracking some light showers. we're pleased with how the forecast verified. the rain held off long enough that none of these people were able to get their activities in. most folks could enjoy the day, but you could see we had rain starting early this afternoon and continuing through the evening. now, the heaviest rain was still offshore over the gulf of mexico. let's go ahead and zoom in right now. some light to moderate rain just west of racetrack road. this is all pushing off to the east. tracking some rain right now. off of i-75. just to the east of lake magdalen. that doesn't mean we're quite
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check it out. 73 in lakeland. as far as our winds are concerned, not too breezy. most areas between about five and six miles per hour. let's take a look at theatre cameras. we had mostly overcast skies. again, thankfully, the rain held off for the big grand prix. always a very fun event down there. we had some sunshine today too. not a bad weekend when you go saturday into sunday. all of this gulf moisture. it wasn't a clear frontal passage. that's why we're not clearing out just yet. we will do so in time. i continue to bring severe
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planes across portions of arkansas. here at home, we are looking at rainfall accumulations. again, heaviest over the gulf. about a half inch for places near hudson, st. petersburg. not too much inland areas. here's the tracker 10 for your morning commute. scattered showers. take the umbrellas with you. at times, that rain could be light to moderate. that won't be the rule for the entire day. we'll have many periods for dry air as well. you're getting the kids ready for school. it's going to be dark until about 7:40 in the morning. watch for scattered showers
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overall, the temperatures staying well above average. then monday, the best chance of scattered showers in the morning. a high of 81 degrees. warmer inland with mid to upper 80s and the upper 70s. dew point in the upper 60s. it's not going to be a great hair day, ladies. a chance of rain too. it's going to be humid out there. want to show you the rest of some scattered showers in the afternoon. mostly east of i-75. if you're taking the boat out, 2 to 3' waves. bringing back the chances of showers and storms for the weekend. island. it's not just a water slide, it's a thrill slide.
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(phone ringing) you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing
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with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise) colossal curl at adventure island. it's not just a water slide, it's a thrill slide. p fun card now you'll also get pan adventure island fun card for rfree. restrictions apply for details or to purchase tickets. now, live from the sports desk, it's time for 10 sports. sfwl on the biggest sunday around the bay. the grand prix at st. pete.
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the madness has begun. the brackets will reveal. we tee off for the valspar championship. the story early on. lee mccoy, the 22-year-old playing alongside jordan. three shots in the lead. charles on the leader board. got to go. knocking it down on 13. shooting at 57. the low round of the day. that man got a chance to win it right there at 18. he parted ways to the valspar championship. after that, david schwartz.
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game. i felt like i was more comfortable. i was enjoying the game a lot more. i thought this year might be a good year. this makes a good year for many people. >> i think i've got 350 bucks in the bank account. it hurts, but there's so much going great for me right now. i'm just trying to take it all in. >> what an outstanding debut for mccoy. schwartz will take on mccool. mccoy playing a tournament tomorrow in the peach state. the fire stone grand prix, on friday, will smacked the
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the crash wasn't that severe, they thought at first, but incredibly, come race time today, he wasn't in the car because he suffered a concussion. gerald mccoy the most famous motor sports. marco on the inside. a major pileup. 11 of 22 cars in the field. that's right. half the field. it looked like a parking lot. montoya went back to back in st. pete.
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>> i felt really strong, really consistent. to have the car is amazing. >> a look at the final grid, florida native ryan hunter ray finishes 3rd. all right. production at work is about to go down because march madness is about to pick up. the ncaa brackets throughout. the tournament's number 1 overall seed, the jayhawks in the south region. oregon takes the one seat in the west. they broke down the brackets. you can see it all on
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there. i've got kentucky on the other side. potential miami coming out of the south. oregon coming out of the west. >> what an interesting flight it must have been for the losers. >> they're not playing good enough for the playoffs. ben bishop, a stellar game. big ben stopping 37 shots of all of them. tied. then short-handed, up 2-nothing at the third. hello stammer. why don't we flip it around? another short-handed. 4-zip.
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let's go to the diamonds. rays to take on the blue jays. jose bautista, get up and way out. off in left. a four spot for the blue jays as they go onto win it. the other half of that split squad down to ft. myers. >> thank you, chris.
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