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tv   10 News at Noon  CBS  March 14, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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good afternoon. i'm allison kropff. thank you for joining us today. in less than 24-hours the future of the presidential race will be decided. everything is on the line for senator marco rubio in florida. donald trump leads in the florida polls.
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he is on his way to tampa. this is a live look at the rally. the big question, what's going to happen when he gets here after that rally in north carolina? over the weekend we saw violence at several rallies in chicago, ohio and st. louis. what about tampa? 10 news reporter tammy fields is live downtown in tampa. what are we expecting today? >> reporter: can you hear me outside of the tampa convention wonderful. as you can see there is a huge line of people here. they are standing outside of the convention center in order to get in to hear trump speak. a few minutes ago things got really heated out here. i'm going to show you a little video of what we captured of the protesters walking up to the tampa convention center. there were about two dozen of
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them. they are certainly outnumbered by the people who support trump and appreciate his message. many protesters say trump is spreading hate speech and they are on a mission to get their points across. >> to continue the big squeeze. he doesn't show any direction at any point in his life in any of his speeches ever recorded where he has a different attitude than you're fired. >> reporter: they marched from the river walk area and came straight to the convention center to meet face to face with trump supporter. protesters say they have a mandate. they don't want anyone in their camp to start anything violent. they'll be the first ones to
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turn them into tampa police. look over my shoulder. there is a lot of excitement surrounding trump. they are not being deterred one bit by the site of protesters. they say they'll stand out in this heat until the last moment in order get inside the convention center at 2:00 to see their favorite canidates. we are live in tampa. tammy fields 10 news wtsp. after tomorrow marco rubio's fate will be sealed. he has been going all over florida hoping to sway voters in his favor. what happens tomorrow rubio says he is still in the race. >> i plan to win florida tomorrow. campaigning there. we are not focused on anything else but that for tomorrow. we have 36 hours to continue to push hard here. i'm asking everyone watching if you have not voted already, tomorrow is election day. come out and vote. i need your help. we can turn this election, this
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country and this party around. it starts like it always does here in florida. it always comes down to florida. >> we addressed trump's lead over him. he continues to say he is the only one running that can defeat hillary clinton. presidential canidates are all hitting the campaign trail key battles. along with florida, ohio, north carolina and illinois go to the polls. we'll look at how all the other canidates are reacting to this weekend's donald trump rally violence. >> reporter: latest polls show rubio falling to third place in his home state of florida behind donald trump and ted cruz. >> the way to beat donald trump is at the ballot box. >> this country is not about us tearing one another down or having fistfights at campaign rally.
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ohio. on cbs this morning a polster says the unrest at trump rallies is scary. >> it will get even worse if we >> reporter: democratic canidates hillary clinton and bernie sanders took aim at donald trump at a town hall sunday evening. violence. >> he is trafficking in hate. >> reporter: polls show clinton leading in florida and ohio and sanders ahead in illinois. don champion cbs news miami. 350 gop delegates are up for grabs and 691 democratic delegates are on the line tomorrow. 10 news meteorologist ashley batey is here with a check of the forecast. >> we have a thunderstorm that keeps pulsing up. it has produced cloud-to-ground lightning strikes. it is working from polk county
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let's zoom in there. right now knocking on the door of bartow moving over into highlands city. we'll get you up to gordonville at 12:25. not severe weather but some gusty winds and cloud-to-ground lightning strikes associated with the it. we'll continue to track this for you and talk about our next round of storms that could impact your weekend coming up in your full forecast. in an hour we'll hear from deputy john kaste's coworkers and the driver that called 9-1- 1 that killed him saturday [ no audio ] both were killed. the deputy was a six year veteran with the sheriff's office. his father and brother are both law enforcement officers in massachusetts. he is in the middle of the three. he was a traffic accident investigator. he was leaving tampa general hospital after a crash investigation when he was hit
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and killed. he was a founding member of the agency's safety net team which helps find special needs away from home. in st. pete two police officers working under cover an an auto theft task force are recovering after a stolen car crashed into their unmarked pickup truck. an officer from st. pete and officer from tampa were looking for a stolen creep when a stolen toyota tboned them on central avenue. five people were in the car. a 25-year-old man is in critical condition. one of the officers has been released from the hospital. the other was seriously hurt but expected to live. thieves had access to the stolen car because someone left a key inside. investigators are trying to figure out what caused an
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amtrak train to go off the tracks overnight in kansas. 29 people were hurt. two critically. it was carrying 100 people to chicago from los angeles when it flew off the tracks. fireworks were going off in a st. pete courtroom this morning as week two of the hogan sex trial got underway. the editor who posted the sex tape online took the stand today. during cross-examination they brought up a statement he made last week when he said child celeb news tapes are sex worthy if they are four or over. he said he thought the lawyers were joking. attorneys asked him if he thought the first amendment was a joke. he replied he does not. you can watch the trial live any time during testimony today. download our free 10 news app. two sources with the
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kurdish military says troops in northern iraq detained an isis defector as he made his way back to turkey. the man is a 27-year-old virginia resident. reports suggest he initially believed the suspect was a suicide bomber. him. that's when he identified himself as a former militant with isis. it is almost time for the rays to head the cuba. coming up, see how the country arrival. do you have spring fever? coming up, there is a fun event guaranteed to cure that. how a bad night's sleep is being linked to cancer. i'm tracking a thunderstorm moving through polk county. then we'll wind down.
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is the economy rigged? well, the 15 richest americans acquired more wealth than the bottom i'm bernie sanders, my plan -- make wall street banks and the ultra-rich provide living wages for working people, ensure equal pay for women. the middle class will continue to disappear unless we level
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(donkey sound) (elephant sound) there's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense. (elephant sound) (donkey sound) when it comes to we need more than
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lip service. our next president needs a real plan to keep social security strong. (elephant noise)
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this is saturday at vinoy park. >> yes. >> what is this event about. >> it is a celebration of everything beer basically. we are going to be showcasing over 30 different kinds of craft beer. >> this area has really become known for craft beer. so you have local breweries, national beers, as well. >> we have three daughters, copper tail, big storm to name a few of the local ones. some of the national ones magic hats, sweet water and goose island beer. >> you can go out and taste beer. there is food, as well. >> we have ten different food trucks on site serving a food idea with beer in it. whether it is sauces or a food that's cooked in beer itself. >> all things beer.
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>> all things beer, yes. >> of course music will be going on, as well. >> yes, we have live bands all day long starting at noon. a lot of local bands. leading up we have our featured headliner. >> this was a celebration of spring. it sounds like it is a fun time. i see there are games, as well. >> we have some games. we have large inflatables for the adults. obstacle courses, jousting, giant beer pong. >> it will kind of bring out the kid in everyone. >> yeah. just hang out and have a good, fun day out in the sun. >> what i love about this is local charity. my hope chest which provides breast reconstruction for breast cancer survivors. this is such a great cause. >> it is for uninsured breast cancer survivors who need the final step in treatment. they can use these funds to take that final step. >> i don't think a lot of
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people realize that you may survive cancer, get through this but then there may not be any money for reconstruction. this charity takes that final >> exactly. >> wonderful event going on. it sounds like it is a big, fun party out there. >> exactly. it is like spring oktoberfest. >> thank you for your time today. we are hoping for great weather on saturday. once again spring beer fling at saturday. you can find more information on our website. if you would like a tour of 10 mail 10 community out and about music festival. ian reitz, hilary zalla and i
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we got to go up on stage and take our annual selfie. there were a lot of great bands out there. thank you for coming out. a lot of people go out to this festival. it is a lot of fun. the weather was perfect for it. >> we were a little worried because there were showers but they managed to avoid you guys. they just arrived a little later. we pushed it back for you. we are still dealing with rain today. we are tracking one thunderstorm moving through polk county. not really producing any cloud- to-ground lightning any longer. it has weakened. per hour. once it starts raining it is not going to take long for that to stop as it continues to move to the northeast. putting a tracker on that. back towards winter haven and we'll move that up into haines
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there is a real chance it won't do that. you may get light rain quickly. they'll be moving back out. sand key the sun is out. afternoon. we'll start working our temperatures up as a result. 81 clearwater. 80 bradenton. checking in at 80 in lutz and 81 in temple terrace. those temperatures are starting to warm up. we are heading for highs around 80 for tampa this afternoon. a few 80s in the forecast. the temperatures back off into the overnight hours into the 60s. highs in your neighborhood. 80 thonotosassa springs. 80 new port richey. 80 tampa. 81 macdill air force base. upper 70s for sarasota and bradenton. you stay a little more cloudy today. inland areas you have more opportunity to warm up during the morning. you are getting your rain just now.
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these numbers will be higher than for folks closer to the coast. future cast, once we get these few batches out of here we'll be good. we'll get a few sprinkles time to time. this last thunderstorm we are tracking in polk county is it in terms of the heavy rain we'll be dealing with for today. notice we keep the patchy, overnight. i know the skies look creepy but to catch up own your st. patrick's day forecast. temperatures around 82. it will be warm and humid and cloudy. we are not going to be tracking rain just yet. that arrives on friday. looking for a 30% coverage. looking ahead to the weekend it looks like we have a high to the forecast. about a 60% coverage. sunday later model runs managed to back off on our afternoon shower chances for sunday. hopefully we can get out there and get that out in the morning
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then we'll enjoy sunday afternoon and the cooler temperatures as highs fall back in the 70s. you can get your forecast know time. download our 10 news app. winner of this year's grandprix showed you have his trophy today in our studios. coming up, volunteers work
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this is a letter from someone who's here. she has to take a brand name been taking it since the early at that time it cost approximately $180 for 10 shots. the latest refill was $14.700 for the same 10 vials and the company is called valeant pharmaceuticals. this is predatory pricing and
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firestone grandprix champ stopped by studio 10 live after
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he stopped by before breakfast. his reaction was priceless as michael clayton chowed down on an unusual donut. >> which championship donut would you chose? >> if you are going to eat it i would go for the bacon one. that. >> don't tempt know with a good time. >> no way. >> they had a lot of fun on studio 10 live this morning. he'll be looking forward to his finally today, a victim no more. that is lauren cook. she was a victim of abuse as a child. florida helping other
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victimized children with her hope and healing tour and walk in my shoe's journey. she is helping remodel the alpha house in tampa. they help homeless and pregnant mothers many of whom are victim of sexual abuse. >> at 4:00 we'll walk 4.2-miles to represent the 42 million survivors of childhood sexual abuse and honor their journey. >> renovations are set to be done on friday. if you are heading out this afternoon it may be a good idea to take an umbrella. >> we are winding down but in polk county we have a couple showers moving in. we are getting more sunshine in the mix. that keeps us nice and warm this afternoon. once we get today's rain out we are good for a while. unfortunately the trade off is that nice stretch comes during the week. the weekend we'll track our next round of rain. >> thank you for joining us today at noon. we'll see you back here for "10 news at 5:00". i'll see you tomorrow for 10
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this is a letter from someone who's here. she has to take a brand name drug. been taking it since the early 1980's. at that time it cost approximately $180 for 10 shots. the latest refill was $14.700 for the same 10 vials and the company is called valeant pharmaceuticals. this is predatory pricing and
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>> natalie: where' s billy? too. >> natalie: [ sighs ] have you seen him? because i know where he' s not. i tried to catch him at home, but victoria just reamed me. >> jack: yeah, secrets and lies have a way of destroying an engagement. >> natalie: i feel sorry for i' m just the genius here. >> jack: oh, are you? >> natalie: after that little anti-reverse engineering to tighten pass key? hell yes. i know you' re not a high-vibe type of dude, but can you give me something? too bad i'


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