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tv   10 News at 1100pm  CBS  March 14, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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. violence at valley. candidates crossing florida. >> and any one of us could be a victim of a wrong way driver. tonight, we find out there are areas you might be more likely to run into a wrong way driver. good evening. tonight, hillsborough deputy is being remember remembered as a hero. >> reporter: a wrong way driver other the weekend. you see the damage right here. tonight, we're learning there is one part of the bay area
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run into a wrong way driver. jonathan is digging deeper into the growing problem of wrong way crashes. >> there's one way to drive in south tampa. one way. it doesn't take much for it to be the wrong way. >> she blew past the stop sign and kept going and it was a one way and she didn't realize it. >> reporter: eight months ago jeremy was hit head on by a wrong way driver. we looked into it and according to f d.o.t. over the last eight years you are more likely to run into a wrong way driver in tampa. >> the majority of the time the night. the factor. >> you have bars and the approximate similarity with wrong way streets when you might not be familiar with the area. >> the -- at night drivers should stay a-- and if you see
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and pull off the of the road. >> all we do is look both ways twice and pray that everything is doing the same. -- that everybody is doing the same. >> reporter: in tampa, 10 news had wtsp. if you would like to pay your respects to the deputy, there will be an open visitation friday starting at 11:00 a.m. the service will follow at 1:00 p.m. the deputy will be laid to rest in his home state of massachusetts. new tonight, a cross country chase end with the deputies. the sheriff's office says 46- year-old christopher conti was intoxicated and swerving. here. deputies followed him into pinellas county where they say he rammed his truck. they found drugs and paraphernalia inside of his trucks. he faces a number of charges.
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and tomorrows, it's a very important day for the presidential candidates. there are five primaries including florida and more than 1000 delegates up for grabs. trump with informs tampa today where he got support from attorney general pam bondy. protesters who made their way into the room managed to disrupt the event five times in the first 15 minutes. trump's rival is targeting the gop frontrunner and have written concerns ab the tone of his rally. >> one difference between this and at the donald trump rally, i'm not asking anyone to punch you in the face. >> we're make comments at a rally. that's a toxic environment. >> some fighting words there. marco rubio needs to win florida to keep his campaign alive. but trump leads the senator by more than a two to one margin.
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and bernie sanders are neck in neck in illinois. now, when those results start rolling in tomorrow night, make sure you have the 10 yous in app. download it on your phone. this makes sure you get. the alerts about florida primary and whatever is beginning on in other states. new information about the deadly ambush outside of of afflation maryland. and under cover officer shot and killed. he was hit by a bullet from a fellow officer. john k. coleson mark -- arrived in a unmarked had car and was in plain clothes and no body armor. the latest in the deadly shooting ram pain.
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says jayson dotl told investigator he was controlled by the uber app through his cell phone. authorities believe he carried out between driving for uber. count them. it's week two in hogan verse gawker sex tape. he said he was being sarcasticking when he said celebrity sex tapes are okay if the child is at least 4 years old. >> would you reference your news reference being a child over the age of four, you were joking? you think that's a fun topic to
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child pornography in. >> no, not at all. >> at the time you made that joke,er in deeing to -- you were in deposition right? >> yeah. >> and the founder of the gawker will continue his testimony tomorrow morning. a sheriff's office investigation into the transportation initiative. reveals public records violations from top officials, but no criminal charges. that was the decision from the state attorney's office today. following a 6 month review prompted by our 10 investigate series. that report corroborates many of the finding that the top regional officials frequently discussed taxpayer deals with controversial consultant beth lathem. but there was nothing improper about how they went about planning the transperration. 10 investigates was the first to break story and you can read much more of their
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time now for headlines around the nation and the world. this is your 60 second scan. sara palin made a surprise appearance at donald trump's rally despite cabs ling the so the lo -- canceling the solo event after her husband informs a serious accident. after a snow mobile incomes alaska. he said that accidents like to put things in to perspective. he is expected to recover. mother terri is a -- teresa will be officially given approval for a saint tomorrow. pope francis signed off on the second miracle required. unveil and new dinosaur species.
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livid nearly 90 million years egg. ash -- ago. scientists say it's discovery will help phil in the gaps how the t. rex evolved. tonight the new owners for the habitat for humanity home are making themselves at the house. it's not any home. it's a girl power house. it's the second in pinellas county. and courtney robinson shows you how women and only women made this one happen. >> and give you your keys to the new home. >> reporter: you can see the nail polish and heels but don't under estimate the power of these women. >> it gives you at will of confidence when you're doing things like this. >> the result of 200 women and eight weeks of work. it's a girl power house.
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women and built by women for this woman. kimberly clark and her 12-year- old dar. >> we're in a 1 bedroom apartment and we have been there for many years. and now she's gotten older, it's really, really cramped. >> in 2012 she lost her job to tropical storm deb dee and a few months later, her heart failed. >> i have learned so many things. i i have learned to build a house. >> reporter: a house to call home and remind her of what girl power really is. >> we're going to be stable. we have a place for sleep overs. >> reporter: court any courtney robinson. wtsp. >> such a good example. never under estimate the power of a woman. >> i get that. by the way, it's the 351th house. habitat for humanity has built
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still to come -- >> health code violations so bad health inspectors called in bang up. we'll take you to popular nightclub shut down by the state on tonight's restaurant red alert. see the stampede that caught everyone by surprise. >> this is a real low. >> takes a deadly turn. now the man charged is opened up about what happened. >> rain will come down this morning but i'm tracking something else for tomorrow morning. you don't want to miss the details. plus, when the wind breaks
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a popular nightclub is back up and running after what state health inspectors call a rodent infestation. just east of the veteran's express way. 10 investigators looking into the bar's history of violation in the red alert. called green gators bar and grill. but managers say this is as much more of a nightclub than a restaurant.
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the building was locked up and looked abandon. but this weekend, it was a much different story with hundreds back in for drinks and dancing. management tells me they do still seven chicken wings but much of their full scale kitchen is no longer in use. state health inspectors orderer an emergency closing. after they reported with the clegs division of the hotels and restaurants his observation of hundreds upon hundreds of rodent dropping throughout the entire kitchen. and overwhelming snow of are -- smell of rodent urine. he recommended the inspector bring extra help. the green gators posted they closed down to a gas leak. since then we spoke to bowe that acknowledged that statement was untrue.
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camera into the kitchen. to show us if the problems were really cleaned up. and for those of you not ordering any food the inspector found a host of issue. a black or green mold like substance inside of the ice machine and repeated violations for no soap or paper towels at an employee hand washing sink. they were cleared to reopen the day after the closure. 10 investigate. and big problems ofs offs in a state education, which inspects florida's restaurants. an inspector reported finding -- oh. ten pounds of bat feces directly over thes off of the ken watson who oversea was the department in tallahassee.
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enter hiss off until -- his office until the feces was cleaned up. oh. got a name for -- what -- dung or the bat -- >> squano. [ inaudible ] >> i don't know. >> fertilizer. >> okay. >> i have so much coming your way over the next few days. is this not going to be like last week. just quiet and on autopilate. we break it down. still warm out there. i saw 88 in southeast polk county earlier today from 4:00. night.
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in the afternoon. of course no rain on our storm 10 -- 10. but i am tracking the fog. rain slowed some of us down. tomorrow it could be some fog here. this does look to be some low clouds that are developing and coastline. seeing some off shore, sarasota, manti county currently visibility, here on -- land, doing okay. where i really expect this to build in. is between now and about 3:00 a.m. so if you've got family or loved one, on the road, maybe working the try, late night truckerth, might want to give them a heads up. and then if you're on the road early in the morning, we're likely going to see this as well. this is the storm tracker 10 future cast where we look ahead.
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with this a little bit. i think it a tad overdone. as far as how much of the 10 news viewing area sees visibilities over a mile. i think we need to show it. likely very different than the last few mornings. widespread, fog. probably not every county or i ever city. patchy, dense fog. pockets where visibility are below a mile. probably likely. now, later because of spring forward, we are probably going to see pockets. if your kids aren't on spring bring, heads up. at least an hour or two after sun rise. where we could have the reduced visibility. after all that, air above us, very, very dries. so once, any low clouds or fog could burn up, should be an amazing looking tuesday. and.
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been looking looking for. starting tomorrow. i have the pocket around 5-16. which is a lot better than the 30-mile an hour gusts we have had. high temperatures once the sun is beaming down, flirting flirting with 90 degrees. 80 in clear water. 84 in river view. 80 around sarasota. but as soon as you start coming inland, i-75, about 85 degrees. and only two tides tomorrow and we'll go with a light to moderate chop. it's been a week since we have been able to do that. the heads up, after any morning fog burns off, for the next two or three day, could be thick in the pockets. that's the trade off. want to make sure we have that heads up. you can check out the weather briefing. until we get some rain in the
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medicine. however, in the 7 day forecast. coverage. for the next 2 or 3 days. not a whole lot going on. and isolated shower possible. on the evening of st. patrick' day in tam. -- pam -- tampa. heads up, a stray shower possible. what we're really watching closely, our front comes in, and stalls. so starting friday evening, some of the scattered showers and storms, likely in the mix, and because it stalls, a warm front comes up i-10 and it all kicks back in on saturday. as a cold front. what this basically means. , two if not three round. are forecast to a different weekend. we'll go with some evening storms friday. and again, late saturday and potentially for the first part of sunday as well. but we got a lot of time to work with. we'll crunch the numbers overnight. when you wake up watching 10
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grab your tampa by a times, we'll have an updated flyers you brink your coffee and lakeland, got you covered. outrage tonight following a deadly turn in the race. >> a 26-year-old man facing charges for ramming to separate racing teams with a snow mobile. >> arkansasal molbaski accused of you killing one dog and injures otherring. he admitted to drinking heavily before getting on the snow mobile. he claims he blacked out. but here's what he does remember. >> reporter: it i such adrenaline. but it may seem like i was drivingeringer ratically but -- i i don't know how i can make it right but i dent mean -- i
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>> both decided to stay in the race. the us if women's basketball team headed had west to the tournament. chris archer headed straight to the mound. >> and it a wild week for mccoy golfer.
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(phone ringing) you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise) is the economy rigged? well, the 15 richest americans acquired more wealth in two years than the bottom 100 million people combined. i'm bernie sanders, and i approve this message. my plan -- make wall street banks and the ultra-rich pay their fair share of taxes, provide living wages
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ensure equal pay for women. the middle class will continue to disappear unless we level the playing field. good evening there basketball fans. yes, it's a long shot. but if the us if women's babble team is to advance to the final uconn. >> south florida, coming in the
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>> tonight the bulls learn during the election show they would head to los angeles for the first two games. first game against colorado state. that's saturday 9:00 p.m. the rams are 31-1 it's the second straight trip to the tournament for the team. two more defense ibacks signed up today for the bucks. after brent grimes this weekend. the bucks today signed josh robinson and resigned safety chris cont. and lost to the braves 5-0. but harper pitched into the fifth inning. he was decent. earlier in the day, arch was named the that tort day. kevin told him, it's an accomplishment, don't take it for granted. >> people pitch their whole life and never accomplish something like that. so it's and honor. it really is. to represent the rays, on the first game of the season. 2016.
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all right. lee mccoy played 36 holes today for the school's golf team at the university of georgia. because he's an amateur, he would not accept the check for $290,000. >> i think i've got like 350 bucks in my bank account right now and that's mostly gas money. so it was, you know, it hurt but, you know, there's so much going great for me. i'm trying to take it all in. i'm just really grateful to be standing here. >> his family used to live just outside of the brook. he dreamed of playing in tournament and on sunday his dad remained me after the tournament i had done a story on lee. lee was 6 years old. so i dug through the tennis board archives and look what i found? >> check out the swing on this kid. is that smooth or what? with the help of his coach,
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little lee mccoy has been polishing his game for five years. he's six. >> just like fun and i just like playing the game. >> reporter: you're pretty good at it the -- at it the. >> i have been teaching a long time. this is really first one i have had that shows a lot of promise. >> did he call it. >> his swing, pretty good back then. >> we didn't have the time to run the entire story. so go to we are arraigning to put the whole thing in from 16 years ago. it's good stuff. there's another part in there where at that age, at 6, he had a big time fan in celebrity from a celebrity in pinellas country. should i give it away? his first name is hulk.
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>> loved him. >> let's see what happens. maybe hulk is watching. >> it's on the website.
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(vo) you can check on them. you can worry about them. you can even choose a car for them. (mom) honey, are you ok? (child) i'm ok. (announcer vo) love. (mom) we're ok.
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finally tonight, what is going on? this is dolphin siting. not in florida. but this is called a dolphin stampede. running for their lives. about 500 dolphins were in the water. this is the fastest mode of travel. they're not running if their lives. i guess they're jumping. nearly 25 miles an hour. >> this is a letter from someone who's here. she has to take a brand name drug. been taking it since the early 1980's. at that time it cost approximately $180 for 10 shots. the latest refill was $14.700
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and the company is called valeant pharmaceuticals. i'm going after them. this is predatory pricing and
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>> jon: welcome stephen colbert! ( band playing intro music ) ( cheers and applause ) captioning sponsored by cbs >> stephen: thank you so much! thanks, everybody!


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