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tv   10 News at Noon  CBS  March 15, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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good afternoon and thank you for joining us. the sunshine skyway bridge is closed and this is causing massive delays. look at the backup. a close down it 5:30 am and we will help you get around this. that's good to word warrior hillary. >> the highway has been closed since 5:30 am because of the fog. let's go back to that shop for
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able to get onto the skyway and it is a parking lot because folks aren't following this exit to get off right there at the pinellas bay. this is causing a huge mess and some people have been sitting here for five hours. avoid to 75 s. if you usually take the sunshine skyway bridge if you are in pinellas county take one of the bridges into tampa, the gandy bridge, follow that on the selmon expressway and take i-75 south. 75 s. from selmon expressway, northbound is lower at 30 minutes. this interchange at 75 and the selmon bridge is messy and that is because of this. let's go live to sky 10. this dump truck was dangling off of this ramp. the driver lost control and this is the eastbound the selmon expressway ramp to
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the skyway, you are fine. if you are trying to go north the exit ramp is shut down. you can see how busy it is. . if you try to go north you will want to use i-4 instead. you can get onto i-75 from there. is quite the mess this morning. make sure to download our app, wtsp 10 news. we will let you know as soon as the skyway opens. when is the fog going to leave us? >> we're thinking this is really slowly thinning out so this is not a situation where i can say it's going to be another hour. it could be late afternoon before we see this then out enough where we are no longer seeing this bridge closed.
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to the water temperature and without gusty winds and sunshine to see the setup and as you look at the fog forecast you can see along the sunshine skyway huge improvements on sure that back in the bay into the gulf the fog will remain bad. clearwater but sarasota and south st. petersburg, very thick fog and we will talk about when we expect this tomorrow and what we can see that the weekend coming up. voters in florida are headed to the polls today should decide who will be their party's presidential nominee. it caput hillary clinton and the polls of impact all day. sarah hollenbeck shows you the most important thing you need to keep in mind today. >> reporter: today is so important for these candidates not only in florida but all of the primaries held today.
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keeping them in the race or forcing them to drop out. this is a sample ballot today in florida. the candidates that are in are still in the race. these names will steal -- still be on the ballot even though they drop that. if you vote for them it will get counted but not for any particular candidate. today is crucial. marco rubio who must win florida today if he wants a shot at being the president. governor john kasich who needs to win ohio to stay in the race. bernie sanders who is batting hard on wins in illinois, ohio and missouri. we spoke to one democrat and one republican and they would said they found common ground. >> they were here to stop donald trump today. it shows that even if you are on the left or right if you can agree to stand against him you
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ground then opposing viewpoints. >> it brought us closer together. >> there are open from 7 am until 7 pm but the best time to go with the in the midafternoon. you will need to bring your id. the polls are open until 7:00 tonight and as long as you are in line but then you will have a chance to cast a ballot. sarah hollenbeck, 10 news. a computer glitch caused voting delays in duval county. duval county votes on paper ballots and computer issues have nothing to do with the voting. if the computer polls licenses. they were forced to use paper to look up voters. the counties of people going to present to present fixing the computer pledge. -- glitch. orange county is having similar problems. they are using paper ballots.
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with don champion who joins us live in miami with a look with where the candidates are today. >> reporter: good afternoon. marco rubio has been trying to get out the vote in the miami area today and donald trump will be holding an event later today in west palm beach. it is really judgment day for all of the republican hopefuls. donald trump will either walk away stronger than ever will face higher chances of a contested convention in july. on the democratic side the vote could draw out hillary >> the race could change today primary day in florida, ohio, illinois, north carolina and missouri. overweighted. polls in every state except ohio for he is in a tie with
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governor john kasich. he voted this morning and said he feels proud of his campaign. >> by continuing to run the race the positive campaign has started to shine through. >> here in florida marco rubio future is on the line at polling places. the senator predicted a win in his home state that is behind. >> the state will elect 99 delegates for one person. and i wanted to be me and i need help. >> senator ted cruz may have is the shot at winning in illinois with a battleground that he has the texas senator within striking distance of tromp. on the democratic side, bernie sanders is trying to pull off another midwest upset against hillary clinton. the sender is making a run for missouri, ohio and illinois. >> we are safe but coming down the pike. we are feeling really good.
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florida. a win or take allstate. -- all state. >> with an upset in ohio or illinois, clinton will maintain her front runner status because of her lead with the delegates. she and donald trump will be watching the results come in later tonight with their campaigns in florida. will be a busy day. a few other racist we are keeping an eye on. there are commission seats and mayor positions up for grabs. gawker back on the stand testifying. hogan is suing the entertainment website for $100 million over that leaked tape. the court resumes this morning. gawker is continuing to answer questions from both sides. he says when it comes to the public's right to know in a public figures privacy that there is a balance in the public's right normally terms privacy. he took questions from hogan's attorney regarding his
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daulerio the person who posted the video. he called him talented. you can see testimony in this sex tape trial with our free 10 news app. we're streaming the trial throughout the week. we have seen a number of scenes like this. many parts of texas and mainly louisiana flooded homes underwater. volunteers are heading that way to help residents. >> the safety net is up and we're ready to go. >> members of the american red cross went for the drive to louisiana. they will use a truck to pass up food, cleaning supplies and water. >> you don't know what you're going to find. you just have to follow it blindly.
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well worth it because you get to see the people who have been affected. they are grateful. >> they will be there for two weeks. pope francis said mother teresa will become a saint. mother teresa was known for her under conditional love for the poor. she learned -- earned honors including the noble peace prize. she was recognized for her miraculous healing of a brazilian man with multiple brain issues. mother teresa's home in calcutta attracts hundreds of visitors every day. st. pete leaders want you to weigh in one which to go near the new peer. plus a flamingo chased to south florida. a new approach by doctors for weight loss. the coastal areas still
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what that could mean for you to start tomorrow coming up. we are keeping a close eye on the sunshine the skyway bridge. you can see the fog. this is over the bridge and it is close now. it is causing a huge back up here. folks that were trying to get on the bridge from 275 -- some cars have been sitting there for five hours. we are making phone calls in working to get more information. it's a good idea to download the 10 news app because we will make sure that information gets passed to you on your mobile
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architects want your advice on what the waterfront should look like. >> reporter: throughout the city's history there have been lots of different peers in each of them. the city says $20 million sequence of attractions that connects downtown st. pete to the pier and they want to drill down on the details of the we are expecting to see art spaces and restaurants but if you have more suggestions this is your chance to have your voice heard.'s >> it will be a place for activities for everyone. children and adults. the entire community will participate in the activities want them to participate. >> tonight's meeting runs from
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ballroom at 200 at 206th avenue, south. as far as what is next, city council is having a workshop thursday morning for they will be briefed on the development over the last 6 to 8 months and then look forward to next steps from there. emerald morrow. some doctors are replacing drug prescriptions with exercise. doctors say they are treating their patients with chronic a gym membership. low-cost access to a gym can in south florida a flamingo has been captured after police say was spotting running in traffic on sunday. police say the bird escape
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corral the flamingo. the flamingo was not heard. he was returned to the colony. it is not something you see every day. >> how many officers does it take to fill -- corral a flamingo. this is the sunshine the skyway bridge and it is been closed since 5:30 am. doesn't seem like it wants to go away, this fog. >> it is not going to be gone in an hour. we're seeing a huge mess. we know how long it takes for 275 to clear out once an accident avoid that spot. >> this is to 75. some of these cards have been if you can afford it, don't go that direction. >> this is not a situation that looks like in the next hour it will clear. it may be late afternoon before
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even then i can make that we are not seeing the wind. big problems out there. avoid that area and look at pinellas. this is looking out from the hotel. beach saying the same thing. it is better in parts of northern pinellas and the clear blue skies. this is limited to the coastal areas. a huge mess out there and it is close to a big difference in temperatures so coastal spots like st. pete at 76. we hop across i-75 and we have 81 in riverton. 82 mulberry.
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some areas but the coastal areas are a nuisance out there to say the least. storm tracker 10 not tracking rain that we are seeing this low clouds along the coastal areas and that is probably not going to clear out this afternoon. even right along this area. offshore is going to remain a mess overnight. not a great day to be on the water. in tampa temperatures in the low 80s this afternoon. pinellas county, likely not to hit 80 degrees today. for the overnight because of the southeast winds, still warm and muggy. you can see the difference, 85 dade city, 86 zephyrhills. 78 st. pete for the high. 82 across the bridge in tampa. 79 sarasota.
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lakeland likely to hit 87 today. we want to show you the future problem areas will be. the coastal areas, look out the clouds remain even at 4:00. to thicken up so that see fog is going to be an issue tomorrow and we can see that spreading inland to the overnight hours tonight. already plan on giving yourself plenty of time eating out the door tomorrow. tomorrow afternoon we will have more luck that check again if you have to take the sunshine skyway. we may have to close this again tomorrow. temperatures in the low 80s with sunshine returning for st. patrick's day. the fog will be an issue for a lot going on. make sure before you head out to download our 10 news app. that will give you to access to storm tracker 10. we will update you with any
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tomorrow. joins us to talk about her latest movie where she plays a woman going after an older one for you can expect over the next year with several big projects in the area. then followed by an ncis new
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sally field is starring in a new independent film called hello my name is taurus. she is in the studio to talk about the role in her favorite on-screen kiss. >> you said that james garner for murphy's romance in the day had been your best on-screen kiss. does that still stand?
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anything from him. how can you compare paul newman and dave garner. you can't. there is no comparison. there are individuals. friday. legoland announced five new projects. 2017. it is a they -- vacation resort. it is inspired by the lego building set in the tv show. -- opened in waterpark, you can build lego votes. lego sport opens in may. legoland nightlife debuts this summer. 10 news app. the sunshine skyway still
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(phone ringing) you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard,
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so our next president needs a real plan (elephant noise)
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you don' i' i know i' >> sage: you' re not in the way. >> shawn: really. i' ll get my stuff. >> sage: shawn, we want you to you want me to stay. but you never signed off on me >> sage: that doesn' shawn. >> shawn: our deal was that you would cover my medical expenses and adopt my kid. nobody said you had to take care m gone. >> sage: okay, shawn, i' m not comfortable with that. even if we didn' t know who you were, we would never feel comfortable letting a pregnant feel safe. right, nick? >> phyllis: jack announces that he' s washed his hands of pass key and he just storms that'


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