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tv   10 News at 530pm  CBS  March 15, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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i am pretty robinson. >> we are staying on top of big stories. police in belgium are looking for a suspect following an anti- terror raid linked to the november terror attacks in paris. witnesses saw a heavy exchange of gunfire and at least one moved in on a suburban home. >> washington dc metro will at midnight. workers need to inspect equipment. it comes after a cable fire
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the nation's capital's. officials linked to the water crisis in flint will put themselves on capitol hill. federal law prevented the agency of epa from acting more aggressively. they pointed fingers at the epa saying the city was misled by the experts. >> shootings seem to be in an all-time high in st. petersburg fisher. police are doing all they can to solve them that prevent them as well. jenny dean shows us that they have a new tool. >> reporter: it is not hard to find a neighborhood watch sign in any community. now it is gone high-tech for neighbors are using next door to tell each other about news and events and crime. st. pete officers began using the app and they can see what the neighbors are writing that messages from people living there.
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the willingness for the if they see anything. >> the challenge for is that the people who live here don't know a lot about the app. the ones that we talked to >> anything that will help anything for safety. something i think every citizen should strive for. >> we are pending at different information to try to get them on board. >> police have been using the app for a year. officer williams said it is been a great resource. >> better communication with what's happening. what are the concerns and where people worried about. what do people want to see from law enforcement. >> nothing replaces getting out in the neighborhood and talking to people that next door is
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jenny dean, 10 news. the app is free. type in your address to find out if your neighbors are connected. 95 neighborhoods in st. petersburg had next-door websites. getting information about neighborhood crime isn't the only reason you may want to use this app. you can share about garage sales and neighborhood events. lost and found. even recommendations for contractors. prices at the pump are marching towards two dollars again. the national average is $1.94. that is averaging about $1.85 in st. pete. that is $.18 more than a month ago. the climb is attributed to the switchover to the more expensive summer fuel blend. springtime maintenance and crew costs are higher. the oil costs is bottoming out that analysts are not sure when it will stay that low. it is unclear if the demand
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stromectol a string -- your lostine under fire. the church says it is not true that he is endorsing trump. for unruly spring breakers but the problem isn't just on beaches. it is miami beach that is seeing an increase in crime. hundreds of spring breakers were arrested after spilling into a busy area of ocean drive. the next day someone was killed during a shooting on that street. this comes with a lack of cops. panama city beach, a 20- year-old from indiana fell to his death from a parking garage
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just this year drinking was on the beach and was banned.
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who's here. she has to take a brand name drug. been taking it since the early at that time it cost approximately $180 for 10 shots. the latest refill was $14.700 for the same 10 vials and the company is called valeant pharmaceuticals. i'm going after them.
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ashley batey here. you can see the midwest is dealing with a lot of storms. >> a threat for missouri in two parts of illinois that there could be super cells and those of the storms that produce tornadoes. locally our big talker has been that fog we have seen. nothing in the way of storm tracker 10 but you can see
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resolution we are picking up a lot of the fog. we're not that far. the water should be right about here again. the visibility is down to less than 1000 feet committee locations. the folks on the coast it will get worse for the next several hours. looking ahead to tomorrow morning that will spread into inland communities as well. you can tell the spot where the fog settled and that is where we see 70s. 77 st. pete. with the two areas east of i 75 and we are in the upper 80s to near 90s today. 87 bartel. 88 sebring. here is a set up for why we saw so much of the fog. we have the dew points. these will indicate overnight low temperatures but they are also very close to the gulf temperature so that is the first hint we have to look at the possibility of seeing the sea fog developing.
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. we will clear things at once again and that is sitting up along the coast and then as we head for the evening that is inland. this model is not a high resolution model. it looks like we moved everything inland that what we are going to see how many locations being reduced visibility with less than half we will see dense fog advisories issued for tomorrow morning. already plan on getting yourself if you minute -- a few extra minutes tomorrow morning. notice by tomorrow afternoon we
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areas that along the coast that is going to linger into tomorrow afternoon as well. the temperatures come down overnight but not a lot. only to the upper 60s. the dew points are up there. that plays a big role in terms of how much we can put things off. the gulf temperatures, we will continue to see that be a player. notice that the winds were light so you don't see a lot of mixing at the low levels which makes it hard to clear the fog out. waking up tomorrow, tempers it is -- temperatures of around 60 degrees. sarasota and manatee county,, for you. inland we will down more. low to mid 60s into the mix. future cast does things -- keep things rain free. the winds are light overnight so there is that fog. it will start moving onshore about midnight tonight. expect that to start. on the beaches tomorrow, morning fog,
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enough to mix things up. air temperatures in the 80s. tomorrow we will top out in the low 80s on the coast east of i 75. the next round of rain will make its way through on friday and then we expect a frontal boundary stall over the area. for st. patrick's day we will be in good shape and should stay dry. we will get a few stray showers north of tampa bay. saturday is the day where we will pick up on scattered showers. sunday, likely predawn early- morning showers and then we clear out for the afternoon. time. it will be a busy next seven days so grab that 10 news app.
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hours a day. capitalizing on primary voting instead of protesting politics at the polls. a family is fighting for justice in a pregnant woman's death. casey cumley shows you why their battle is far from over. >> reporter: friends and family of catherine hoover are taking to the polls to get voters attention. >> maybe being at the polls will bring more public attention to the injustice and maybe encourage them to help change. >> in july 2014 a pregnant catherine hoover who shot in the head killing her. the baby would later.. >> i pulled the hammer back.>> safety matters that come in when you are a gun owner. this gentleman did not follow safety matter at all. >> somehow it went to that way.
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an accident so he was never charged. >> it is a cover-up but i don't know what it is. there are similar cases to my daughters that have been prosecuted. >> it's a novel idea to bring more awareness that will this protest outside the voting polls to anything to reopen the case. >> awareness is something that is always important absent new information which will change the evidence and facts of the case. there is nothing new that was brought to our attention. >> i think scott needs to step in and puts a prosecutor on this case. >> i heard to tremendously. >> casey cumley, 10 news. said she plans to head to tallahassee and continue
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reopens the case. we propose about to close in an hour and a half market stay up to date as a result comes in with a 10 news app. open up the app and click election 2016. you can see the local results in florida results . this will update as the ballots are counted. we have a delicate tracker so you can see where your candidates stand. remember to download the 10 news app. get it free in the 10 news app store. 400,000 people in the united states are living with down syndrome. one-family considers the condition a blessing. bobby lewis is on the road in lakeland resisters putting their relationship onto the big screen. >> reporter: and jacob. >> in the summit is easy to lose a sister. or a brother.
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all very special that the baby is extra special. >> we call her the journal of the family. she is definitely the favorite. most people don't grasp what these kids have to offer and what they're capable of doing. >> emma mutz may have paparazzi but that wasn't always the case. >> i would see people laugh in rockaway. i was see her say why do people not like me. >> the nurse put her in my arms and i looked at her and said i think this baby has down syndrome. >> she was tired of her sister being looked down on and usurp don't agree to change that. >> a mother finds out a child
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>> it took three years for kirsti to complete her documentary called people like us. >> the documentary premieres march 22, just in time for emma to have her 17th birthday. >> they raise the expectations of what they can do. people feel more equipped to go through this challenging asset. i can't wait to watch it. the documentary will premiere on tuesday night at 7:00 of the pope theater in lakeland and it is free.>> all of one of the siblings will be making the trip back to see the big screen. i am dion men. a critical night for candidates
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nomination. 10 news's live as three of the candidates anticipate the primary results. read, developers need to know where to draw a line. >> why one of the bay area treasures may soon be boarded up. long lines could be history at one troubled irs office. for you may see some relief soon tonight at 6:00. troll lostine is under fire for comments he made about donald trump. his churches says he is not endorsing trump. >> you can say look at this and he is a big supporter of this candidate but now it goes viral. >> technology expert michael garfield says that stems from an interview last fall for a lostine called trump a good man. >> now when everybody is starting to hop on the
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somebody pulled it up and said jewell likes donald trump for >> he is not endorsed any candidate and he could still sway voters.
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see fog won't go away. that is clearwater beach. a live look right now. that is st. peter. it is up and down the coast
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you can see more see fog like this on the coast tomorrow and the day after. sky dogs a special. they can give blind people eyes. they can help injured veterans get around. >> reporter isabela-esque arena tells you about the fundraiser that these tributes to these dogs who are. >> take a stroll through downtown sarasota and your dog may notice it for you. >> the culture of a canine wearing a cape. there is flapjack. >> and roscoe at madison city grow, to a 50 dogs that will appear across sarasota representing a life-changing superhero guide dog for the visually impaired and veterans from southeastern drydocks. >> it gives people an independent life so any dog you
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>> you can sponsor a doctor $5000 and an artist brings a blank canvas to life. >> it is flying above the city as a superhero board keeping his eye on the city below. >> the artist for pathfinder sponsored by her employer sweet spot communication. >> he is not just a pet. it is an extension of who they are. >> the dog's coat is the night sky constellations of the company values. inspire, respect and curiosity. >> that integrity in that respect and that teamwork is company and 40 se. guide dogs. >> you can vote for your favorite superhero dog like flapjack, one dollar buys you a
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recipe arena. how cute is that. >> they hope the superheroes on parade campaign embraces $250,000. some of the statues will go on sale later this year. they want to raise awareness of the nonprofits group work and want to make southeastern drydocks a household name. 10 news at six is moments
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florida among five states holding primaries. we're live as voters make tough decisions and candidates prepare. a dramatic take down. how body cameras are helping to build cases against criminals. nobody likes long lines, not even the irs. but they are doing to save you time. i am reginald roundtree. the nation is focused on
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results could make or break some campaigns. tonight all eyes are on florida and ohio were the winners take all. >> we have team coverage of the coverage 2016. mark rivera is taking a closer look at voter turnout here. eric glasser is live in miami where the doors opened at marco rubio's primary party. >> reporter: we have just learned that another suspicious powdery white substance has been found at the washington dc office belonging to senator. marco rubio . the sister station is over there and will let you know if that pans out. meanwhile their biggest concern is right here in the state of florida. we were told that this situation where we are at today
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they will be watching the we are here but we are not inside the auditorium itself. we are in a smaller venue, a hallway in an atrium. not it makes you wonder whether the rubio campaign know something that we are not privy to. given the size of what they need , obviously not the largest of venues. all of that said, here is the there really is no clear path for marco rubio. to get the gop. winning florida would things -- make things more difficult for donald trump. >> rubio needs to focus on the


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