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tv   10 News This Morning at 530am  CBS  March 16, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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good morning, it's
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kropff. and i'm ian reitz. hillary clinton and donald trump are back on the campaign trail today -- after a big night. trump won 4 out of 5 states...while clinton won at least 4, missouri is still too close to call. 10news reporter sarah hollenbeck is live at pop 'n sons cafe restaurant this morning where florida's primary is sure to be talked about over breakfast. sarah, what's next for the candidates? for both the frontrunners clinton and trump-- it's all about picking up delegates. clinton is more than halfway there: needing just 821 delegates to get the nomination. trump is also more than halfway there: needing 616. ted cruz, john kasich and bernie sanders are still in the race, but they'll really have to start picking
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kasich did have one big win-- claiming victory in his home state of ohio. cruz finished a very close second in missouri and north carolina. sanders didn't beat clinton in a single race and at this point, sanders would need an unprecedented comeback to win the nomination. coming up at 6-- i'm looking into trump's chances of getting the number of delgates he needs in time before the republican convention. can he do it? live in tampa, sarah hollenbeck, 10news wtsp votes are still being counted in missouri where the race between donald trump and ted cruz is still too close to call. trump and hillary clinton both won big in florida and are another step closer to running against each other in november's election. butted to the candidates now turn their attention to states like arizona and utah which hold primaries next week.
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polk county didn't have an easy time casting their vote. at precinct 321 in democratic voter tells 10 news the poll workers handed her a and said it was only a republican primary. after arguing, the poll workers found the democratic ballots so the democratic voters their votes. 10 news learned there has been with 2010. through 8 hours of mandatory training this year...but will likely not be in charge again. polk county supervisor of elections lori edwards tells us even if this mistake hadn't been fixed those three voters could have cast provisional ballots. fog could once again be a problem for your drive into work this morning. 10news reporter emerald morrow is live near the sunshine skyway bridge...which was shut down tuesday for hours because of the fog. emerald, fhp is already giving
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- yeah...on our drive to this location...we passed a couple of those digital signs on the highway that warned us of low visibility on the skyway because of the fog - and if you take a look at our can see the fog even past our lights - right now, it's not enough to close the skyway....but you've still got to be careful out here. - it was much worse yesterday....the fog was so dense on the skyway yesterday that fhp had to shut the bridge down for more than seven hours - and that's a huge deal because fhp says it's rare that fog ever makes them close the bridge...and definitely not for that long - and for many of you, it was a major inconvenience because the shutdown meant you couldn't get to work or wherever it was you needed to be - for hours, some of you just sat in traffic...even getting out of your cars because you couldn't stand to be inside any more
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kills an intruder inside his home! was upstairs in his avenue home when he heard something. he grabbed a gun and found a stranger downstairs in the kitchen. the man since he a neighbor suspect might have tried to get into his house, as well. homeowner will not be charged. today the defense is expected to rest its case in the hulk hogan versus gawker trial. bubba the love sponge will be appearance and answer questions from the judge, but testify in front of the jury. founder of gawker, his testimony today. hulk hogan is after it posted a sex tape of he and
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10 news will be back in the courtroom this morning when the trial gets started at 9:00. to watch it live, download our 10 news app. a major vote today.. could impact the landscape of madeira beach. an 80 to 100 million dollar redevelopment project could be coming to the area. that would include condominiums, hotels, a marina and retail shops. this rendering from our partners at the tampa bay times shows what it could look like. many neighbors have shown concern in what would likely cause more traffic in the area. the city commmission will vote on moving it forward today. another vote is expected in april. it will soon be easier for you to visit cuba. americans can now visit -- simply by filling out a form-- stating their trip is for "educational purposes"-- instead of tourism. you'll be able to take "people to people" education tours on your own-- without paying for an expensive tour group. several us airlines are already applying to fly commercial routes between the us and havana. those flight could start in the fall. this news comes just days before the president makes a historic two-day trip to havana. the tampa bay
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to cuba to play an exhibition game against the cuban national team next week. we will be there...covering it all for you. i'll be traveling to havana...and we'll have coverage starting sunday night. as you make plans to celebrate st. patrick's day tomorrow, you'll want to make sure you make plans to get home safely. that's why triple a and anheuser- busch have teamed up for their tow-to-go program. even if you're not a triple a member, you can call for a ride anytime tomorrow through 6 a.m. on friday,. triple a will then safely drive you and your car home or somewhere safe within 10 miles. and it's all free. the number to call is 8-5-5 2-tow-2-go each state has their traditional events like in tampa, every year we celebrate gasparilla. but in texas, there's an event that may seem kind of chaotic. this is the calf scramble. this is what happens when you turn 30 kids loose in an arena with 15 calves. here's how it works: any kid who
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a calf to take home...just not the calf they catch. rodeo sponsors give the kids 1500 dollars to go out and buy a calf of their choosing from a breeder. the kids spend a the kids spend a year raising their calves then bring them to the rodeo. they compete to see who did the best job raising their animal. get this, the winner can get about 9-thousand dollars. harrison ford will once again play an iconic movie role! the next installment of a popular series that's already in the works! but first, you use them when sending a text message. after the break, the new feature that you can now use
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coming up tonight on 10 news and c-b-s tonight. starting at 8:00, survivor, followed by criminal minds at 9:00. at 10:00, criminal minds: beyond borders. then tune in to 10 news at 11. don't forget to stay up for the late show with stephen colbert and his guest theo james. a live look at downtown st. pete from the
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hillary clinton are closer to their party's presidential nomination...after big wins in tuesday's primaries. trump added to his delegate lead beating out marco rubio to win florida rubio dropped out of the race soon after. he also had wins in north carolina and illinois, but lost to john kasich in the winner-take-all state of ohio. clinton defeated bernie sanders in ohio, florida, north carolina and illinois. before you head out this morning, you may want to give yourself some extra time. for the second morning in a row.. fog could be an issue during your commute. here's a live look from the bottom of the sunshine skyway bridge. we have a crew near the bridge monitoring conditions. road warrior hilary zalla is also tracking the fog and will have a way around it in just a few minutes. police say a homeowner will not face any charges
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inside his house. it happened on central aveune in tampa. police say the homeowner was upstairs when he heard something. that's when he grabbed his gun, went downstairs and saw a man in his kitchen. he shot him because he says he feared for his life. police say the right to protect his home. we are officially on "egg-watch alert." the first of the two eagle eggs in washington, d.c. as early as today. watching since the two eggs were laid in february. it typically takes 35 days for the eggs to hatch. the parents, named 'mr. president' and 'first lady,' are incubating the eggs in a nest at the national arboretum. you can get in on the fun. . the american eagle foundation wants you to guess the day and time that the eggs will hatch using the hashtag
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a new app is pairing your characters with and get this, the genius behind it is just 13-years-old. mercer henderson is the face behind the app audiots. it gives some of these symbols sound effects. mercer says she texting with friends, helped make it happen. audiots is now available in the if you get it now, you'll have a special st. paddy's day. while it's not quite the money maker yet, mercer says in the future she'd like to donate special causes including aids
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good morning i am bobby
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it is foggy this morning, but a little bit fog your and land. you're going to run into patches out there. 80s for today. i am on top of the fog. i will track it for you. coming up, it will talk about the fog chances for you tomorrow. hotspots for you, the skyway is open, but it is very foggy. the howard frankland is our biggest issue right now. there is an accident right before the hump blocking all of the lanes but the left one. we see a 10 minute delay going north towards tampa. coming up in less than 10 minutes, it would easily drive times.


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