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tv   10 News at Noon  CBS  March 16, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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right now. >> good afternoon, thank you for joining us. our top story this afternoon, the president thinks his supreme court nominees. >> over my seven years as president, in all of my conversations with senators
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asked their views on nominees including the previous 2 seeds that i have filled. the one name that has come up repeatedly from republicans and democrats alike. >> the president said judge carmen is one of the sharpest legal minds. we have a look at how judge garland could change the ideal budget for years to come. >> reporter: he introduced his supreme court nominee in the white house garden. >> after completing this exhausting process, i have made my decision. today, i nominate judge garland . >> he became judge on the us court of appeals in washington dc in 2013. he is a respected liberal born in chicago and graduated from harvard.
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merrick garland is the safest possible.. he has a long record of highly regarded by conservatives and liberals across the spectrum. >> reporter: if confirmed, he will replace antonin scalia who died last month. that will change the balance of the court for years to come and that is exactly what republicans want to avoid. the president knows that with assault -- with this nomination, he will be facing bitter. >> we will reiterate that the american people will have a voice in the vacancy on the supreme court as they choose the next president here >> reporter: in pushing forward, the president says he is fulfilling his constitutional duty and calls on senators to do their job. cbs news, the white house. >> in the audience, you can see judge garland's wife and daughter.
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by a number of people out there today. the judge's oldest daughter in a lighthearted moment when he said his daughter was hiking in an area without cell service and has not heard the news just jackville's are being counted in missouri but no matter the outcome, it was certainly a big win on tuesday for hillary clinton and donald trump. on champion is in miami. taking trapped one step closer to the white house. >> reporter: donald trump has more than half of the delegates needed to win the republican presidential nomination.>> my numbers went up. i don't understand it. nobody understands it.>> reporter: north carolina, illinois and florida, all big wins for trump at his loss in the front runner. >> i want you to know the campaign goes on. >> reporter: trumps rivals are trying to prevent the front runner from clinching the nomination before the convention. >> and get to cleveland where
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but even that strategy for john kasich, he has someone in front of him who is ted cruz. >> reporter: ted cruz is in second. even with marco rubio out of the race, trump will need to win 50% of the remaining delegates which might be challenging.>> reporter: on the democratic side, hillary clinton scored surprising wins giving her a commanding delegate lead. >> thank you florida! thank you north carolina! thank you, ohio! >> reporter: she is two thirds of the way to the democratic nomination but bernie sanders remains determined and defiant. >> you do not have to accept the status quo. we can do better! >> reporter: cbs exit polls show more voters think clinton would make a better commander in chief dan sanders and that her plans were more realistic. don champion, cbs news, miami. >> hillary clinton says she will not ask sanders to drop
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these results have people talking all over the bay area. we spoke with several people telling us they were disappointed that rubio dropped out of the race. others squared off over the remaining candidates. take a look.>> who else can do it? hillary can't do it! >> i don't like it. period i will put anybody -- i will put my daughter -- my dog in their before that. >> i am disappointed in what happened during the course of the election but i believe he has a great future in front of him. i hope he is considering becoming governor over the next few years. >> you can search for wtsp news in your app store. talk about a traffic nightmare, one of the busiest transit systems has closed down today. centimeters scrambling to get to work. this decision came after halting service on monday.>> reporter: crews will dig through tunnels to get a closer
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cables. the concern is potential erosion along cables which power the third rail and the train throughout the dc metro system. dc metro chief says it was the only choice. >> for the safety of the public. >> reporter: district employees and students are urged to rely on the city's bus system. >> like every line shut down for one day is a bit concerning. >> i am just trying to deal with what i know and what i.>> reporter: what leaders feel -- peer is a repeat of last week. one person was killed after hazardous smoke additions. the electrical fire early monday in the tunnels start -- stalled service and closed three lines for repairs. >> it has closed over the years and i can't wait for a third time. >> reporter: they have closer for 24 hours but that of
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rides are -- there is a concern for millions of commuters today, gridlock on the streets. cbs news, washington. keep in mind that dc metro has 91 stations along 120 miles of track. it's 50 years of labor for students detained in north korea. we have more on that from tokyo. >> reporter: the university of prison jeff -- virginia was in the highest court today. shuffling past photographers. detained in january as he prepared to leave north korea after visiting the reclusive country with a tour group. today was the first we have seen of the 21-year-old in tear filled apologies broadcast on media in february. >> i entirely beg you, the governor of -- the government
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please! i have made the most -- the worst mistake of my life! >> reporter: he claimed to have tried to steal it -- a political banner as a souvenir for a family friend. when we were in north korea, we were closely monitored. our bags were closely checked going in and out of the country. >> he said he took that poster from an employees only four at the hotel. i stayed at the same hotel in north korea and there are visitors. cbs news reached out to his family but we have not heard back. cbs news, tokyo >> previous american detainees have recanted their confession. taking the stand this morning in the hogan six tape -- sex tape this morning. you can see them out there. the digital media professor told
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$20,000 in revenue from the sex tapes. saying there are no -- there is no significant traffic. he's being sued for over $100 million over the sex tape. >> you can watch the trial testimony on our free wtsp apt . harrison ford is reportedly in the works to bring one of his iconic characters back to life on the big screen. we're getting a close look at some of the testifying -- death- defying stunts. we're running about the first reported case of zika in cuba. ahead, what authorities are saying about this case. we're getting closer to that weekend and it looks like less fog this afternoon. >> absolutely. even along the beaches. we can actually see the water. about the we can, we will be tracking some rain chances and we will talk about when that starts and when it comes to a close coming up in your
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colossal curl at adventure island. it's not just a water slide, it's a thrill slide. pand if you get the busch gardens p fun card now you'll also get pan adventure island fun card for rfree. restrictions apply visit adventure island dot com tickets. cuban officials say they have detected the first case of the zika virus in a 21-year-old havana woman who did not travel on monday. one of the last nations without
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disease. some in florida, two in polk county. the latest research appears to support the link between microcephaly and zika virus. a new study says about one in every 100 women infected will have their pregnancy affected. the condition causes abnormally small head and oftentimes, bring damage. allegiant is now in theaters. if you check it out, there are some pretty impressive stunts in the movie. kim hallenbeck went on with more about what it took to make this movie. >> the only way our society is -- will survive is for each of you to claim your rightful place. >> wait a minute. haven't we already seen this question back actually, we have
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"convergence zones" to date. >> i'm not going to let that happen. >> and so he didn't in this dystopian world, chris's mom is toast and so is that. >> it's time we fight back.>> you are the key>> this has the kids busting out by hotfoot and the giant wall -- hot footing the giant wall that surrounds the city. and shooting the scene on the films atlanta set left the cast feeling nothing short of dangling participles. >> you can't go out there. >> we have to. there is no turning back.>> i want to talk about the wall climb. this looks like a very interesting sequence to shoot
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chicago. you have to go over this wall. you are hanging from straps from a rock quarry in atlanta somewhere question back >> yes, we were in atlanta.>> reporter: tell me about this. >> it was amazing. it makes you look like you know what you are doing in all reality, you are just mocking yourself running up a wall but it's great. it's always fun to do films where you get to have opportunities to explore things that you would never get to explore in your life. >> the series is playing in theaters now. for 10news, i am send -- sam hollenbeck. >> it's a pleasure to finally meet you. you saved us today.
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>> in more newbie news -- in more movie news, harrison ford is returning to the screen. steven spielberg will perform the fifth series. it is untitled that's it -- at this point but we do know the scheduled open date, july 19, july 19, 2019. >> we are talking about he is 73 now. and it will be a couple of years now so it should be interesting. yesterday at this time, we were dealing with some very heavy fog. >> along the coast. you could not see in front of you. this time around, a very different scenario as we head into the afternoon. we have a lot more sunshine and that is thanks to just a little bit more in the way of winds along the coast and they have come back down a little bit but
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seven, eight, nine, 10 miles per hour winds and just kind of mix some things out. plus, we had a lot of sunshine early on which up to chip away morning. we were still there early on. about 5:30 this morning, it did start to work its way out and as a result, we are still a little bit cooler out along the coast. our him in spots are already out there. 81 in mulberry your 86 in bartow. some communities will be heading to 90 degrees. we're getting very close to it later today but coastal spots, you will stay in the low 80s and that is what we will see around the tampa bay area. we are seeing just a couple of showers on sort -- offshore. tomorrow, it's possible we may get one or two if you live north of i-4. for most of us, st. patrick's day will be dry and for today, we will get more sunshine into the mix warning me us -- warming us up. we will keep the humidity in
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see some patchy fog tomorrow. and look at some of our high temperatures. low 80s along the nature coast. we get east of i-75 and that is where we see more of mid-80s. 85 near tampa. 86 toward the city. only 78 in palm harbor come 4:00 so the big difference is whether your coastal or your east of i-75, this is your dividing line. 79 in sarasota and inland, 88 in sebring. there will be some communities that 88, 89, certainly in the heartland today. futurecast keeps things drive. there may be a little bit more cloud cover. especially, north of i-4 but the rain chances are really going to hold off for that day and even as we head into tomorrow. it's really not looking like issue. so, your sake that he stay, heads up. start. we will start out in the upper
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temperatures are still skyhigh but at the time he had into the evening, more sunshine in the mix at times although we do start to thicken things up at showers north of tampa bay. those will be possible, as well . as we look ahead to the we can, we do have some showers starting to develop in the mix late in the day on friday and saturday looks to be the day we some scattered showers and storms on and off. that will linger once again into early saturday -- sunday, rather. and i think we will get that out of here for the afternoon but it's not going to rain for the next three days but notice the on again off again, we will be looking at shower chances friday, saturday and into sunday morning followed by a vehicle down. anytime. download the app by searching your app store. the air force base, we have a preview for you coming up next. spring break for a number of kids in the bay area.
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the tampa air festival roared into town this weekend. in addition to playing, the world pilot stories. the sky tigers will be writing in the sky. today, one of the pilots explained exactly how they do that here>> we based out of new york, long island. and we put giant messages in the skies. we started mostly over manhattan but 35 years plus, we have actually been doing it. the letters are as much as 1000 feet high and we work at 10,000 feet your >> if you're interested, gates open at 8 o'clock in the
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tomorrow in studio 10 life, there will be plenty of celebrating for st. patrick's day. with a bit of a twist. dancers and of course, the irish [ indiscernible ]. check that out tomorrow morning and 9:00. spring break this week. next week, school is out for a number of other areas as well. >> she is starting to get her grown-up feathers in. today, a spring day punday for the children. the boys and girls club is enjoying a day at the farm in odessa. it's had a unique experience including horseback riding, goats and a hayride. >> most of us don't have turkeys and goats and pigs and cows in our neighborhood. so it's fun for them. it's fun for us. and like i said, it's just a good environment for us to interact with the kids and help them develop skills to become better citizens in their adult
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>> marisa: when the lawyer draws up the papers, all you have to move on. >> luca: i wouldn' t think of that' and if it' s really your idea. >> noah: stalling, luca. >> luca: am i? you' thinking about what' s in this divorce for you. >> summer: look, can we just try guys? >> luca: no, it' i' m not offended in the least. your question' s on point. what is in it for me? what? you and marisa get to be married for better or, let' s be honest, for worse, while i' m left with what? >> marisa: well, you could aim for some self-respect. >> luca: oh, i have plenty of that. >> marisa: then how about your new job, the one at jabot? you remember, the one you


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