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tv   10 News at 500pm  CBS  March 16, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EDT

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winner in missouri. that's where donald trump and hillary clinton both leads lade by less than a percentage point. >> that means both second place candidates can request a recount, but both parties will share del dwat gats, meaning all 4 candidates will pick up delegate support. >> trump has a little more than half of the delegates needed for the republican nomination. >> but that doesn't mean his nomination is alive. >> mark rivera is breaking it down for you. convention. it might sound confusing, but it's really simple. republicans have been fight tooth and nail to win delegates.
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voting for them at the convention is the republican nominee. donald trump is the delegate o frontrunner. even with his big wins in florida and else whereby it looks like he may not be able to win all the del dwats he needs before the convention in july. that means 1 of 3 things can happen. first, if trump is close to that magic number, all of the delegates would vote again and he could persuade enough of them to join with him and win. the second, ted cruz and john ka circumstances ch could try to combine their delegates, one of them running as president, the other as vice president, and then reaching the magic number and winning. and 3rd, the other candidates and dead dell gats voting for them could vote for someone that hasn't run this year. speaker paul ryan's name has only up.
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convention and you step over somebody like that, you could have a lot of cop applicant. >> reporter: it still looks like trump can pull this out, but i'm working on a story of who would win in a head to head matchup, donald trump or hillary clinton. >> so what's next for the candidates? there are primaries in utah. a week after that is new york's primary, and that's another state with a huge number of delegates up for grabs. 2 crime alerts you feed to hear about. a string of arsons and bank robbers on the loose. first one in st. petersburg, police say someone is intentionally setting fires in the crescent lake neighborhood. you can see all of these fires
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just west of crescent lake park. one fire was started in the fuel compartment of a car. >> at my house, aisle be adding security cameras. >> police say this video shows a person of interest. they're asking for any was if you recognize this guy. in sarasota, deputies need your help finding 2 men who took off. you can see one wearing a black shirt and has facial hair. both of them used dark glasses and bandannas to cover up their faces. deputies say they drove abay in dark-colored e sedan. one last look at your screen.
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system is on track to reopen early tomorrow morning, but getting home from work tonight will still be a nightmare. look at the traffic drivers had to deal with this morning. definitely gridlocked there. you can see it on the country's second-busiest transit system. a lot of folks just chose to stay home instead of having to deal with traffic, parking, and those buss. >> little more than 8 hours of warning would have been nice, but it's also nice to see they're actually doing something about it. >> officials called for the inspections after a series of electrical fires. oner. was kill when power cables generated dangerous smoke. president obama revealed the man who will be at the
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he nominated merit garland to replace the late antonin scalia on the supreme court. >> this is the greatest honor of my life. other than my wife marrying me 28 years ago. for me, there could be no higher service than serving as a member of the united states supreme court. >> the president's constitutional right to nominate a supreme court justice, and it's the senate's constitutional right to act as a check on the president and withhold its consent. >> garland is a respected liberal and could change the balance of power on the supreme court. republican leaders have promised not to do anything about a nomination until after the november election. today, the president said he's fulfilling his constitutional duty. he called on senators to do their job. for the second time in the
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heard video deposition from the woman in the video heather cole. she's the ex-wife of former radio dj bubba the love sponge. she said she didn't know her sexual encounter with terry bollea, better known as hulk hogan was, being recorded. she said that when she heard of the recording, she wanted it to be destroyed. he learned that her sex tape was being shopped around and said it was upsetting and it was also upsetting that hogan talked about the tape in interviews. >> i didn't want this to be anything like this. i just want it to go away.
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claims that she and bubba would ask him repeatedly to have sex with her. a child is in the hospital after swimming into a pool with too much chlorine. a total of 5 kids between the ages of 4 and 11 started coughing after they swim swam in the overchlorinated pool. we're waiting to hear on how a child in a hospital is doing. we looked into the side effects of what happens if you swim in a pool with too much clough mean preen it includes rashes, hundred irritation, and asthma- like symptoms. you experience bumper tbowmper traffic all the time in the bay area. one area that's especially bad is apollo beach. road warrior hillary zalia found some solutions. >> the traffic is at a standsphim a dangerous standstill. >> reporter: anne goodwin commutes through i-75 and big
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you can see bump tore bumper traffic. but anne says it's more than that. >> many time, people are broadsided, cars are flipped. it's a severe accident waiting to happen. >> reporter: big bend road desperately needs to be widened. hillsboro county done have the money though. but residents believe one problem can easily be fixed. >> reporter: drivers say it's this traffic cig ma'am it accommodates traffic near the school here. >> reporter: the signal stops big bend traffic. >> you have to wait through i think it's 4 or 5 different changes of the lights for all those light changes, traffic is still coming off of 75 south to apollo beach and they're waiting. >> reporter: what if that signal was disabled during rush hour and traffic from the schools used the frontage road? hillsboro county said it
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big bend. the school wrote me in an e- mail that it's impractical to sewly use the frontage road due to the location of the communities they serve. it's a frustrating answer for drivers who say they want the county to do something. take a live look right now at the traffic situation for your evening commute. you can see it backing up on both sides of 275 at i-4. over on i-75 at rio 1, not terrible just yet, but you know it does snow sloe down. and a live look over the track at tampa bay downs. deep in mind, storms are on the way. i'll tell you when to be ready. you can get those instant traffic and weather alerts any time of the day by downloading the 10 news app. it's absolutely free pup can get it in your app store by searching wtsp.
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never expect on a toy sold to children. a symbol used by pedophiles. >> we're getting to the bottom of the shocking story spreading on social media to see if it really is putting your kids at risk. >> but first a new tool in the fight against most e quitos in the fight against the zika virus. the tool that could be the key to killing them. >> that makes you want to dance.
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in a matter of month,s, you've seen the zika virus grow from a distant problem to a global crisis. and we know why it's so scary here in florida, because we have so many mosquitoes. omar viafranca shows you the combination in your kitchen that can keep z kirks a and mosquitoes from spreading. >> reporter: signtists say this could be key to stopping mosquitoes from spreading the zika sprierps the main ingredient is oil from lemon grass leaves. scientists mix it with oil, yeast, and heat to create a microscopic donut irresistible to mosquito larva. so far, the results are impressive. >> they've eat. the particles, digested them and died as a result. >> reporter: 100% kill rate? >> 100% kill rate.
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the nervous, digestive, rains program story system, killing the lava. it's safe for the penal the environment and less toxic than the pesticides being cruised to kill mosquitoes in countries like brazil. >> we can package it to get it where we want it to go and not poll lout the whole environment. >> lemon grass oil costs less than a dollar for a gallon. it's so potent, one drop with some yeast is enough to kill thousands of larva. >> reporter: the lab is working on a patent for the donut. >> in 6 to 12 months, we could have this out there for use. >> reporter: they hope to test them later this year. >> fascinating stuff. new research shows the theory
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linked to the birth defect microcephaly. cuba detected its first zika patient. it was one of the last countries near the outbreak without any cases. i guess the good news is we don't have rain going won but we have something else. >> before we check the maps, you can see the skyway is the sec and 4th camera there. but it's started rolling in. we just sent a tweet out. raoul you'll see it.
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beach and just a few hundred feet offshore, the fog was there. visibilities on land are okay. notice also there's a little chop to the waves. this is because of the rain -- because of wind blowing just off the beaches. you can see high moisture hugging sarasota and bradenton. we could see sea fog
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there will be pockets of sea fog fog. we'll try to get you a shot of the skyway on and off over the next 40 minutes or so. patchy fog will be possible. there are pockets where the fog is below a mile. i think that's the way it will where form for your sat st. patrick's day. we'll see light, calm winds in the morning this which will allow for fog to be fairly thick.
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in tampa and north for our events. 88 in plant city. closer to the water, a potential for sea fog. we'll be looking at 84 in mcdill. another day around 90 degrees. on the water, where we have fog will keep us away from any following activity. sunshine looks lovely around water. keep in mind we'll all for ans ilated shower in tampa and to the north. festivities as far as going out
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some friends, you might have a shower. looking for a 40% coverage of storms. the breakdown for friday is tampa and north as well. on saturday, we will have another batch of storms in the evening. there will be pocket on midday on saturday and most of sunday that will be rain-free. of course, timing could change a little bit. we're looking for cooler weather behind all of this next week. we always have the focus on your phone. concerns over a plan to bring free wi-fi to some cities. why security experts are questioning the experts bind
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you will see where animals are being rescued from rising waters. and wait until you hear how a mom with a sick baby learned that all of the cash from a gofundmeglawn account was missing. that's coming up at 5:30. >> but first, you don't want to miss this.
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jim showed you a few minutes ago the shot of the skyway bridge and showed you the fog rolling in. you can see now over there on the shine skyway bridge. download our 10 news oop. it will bring you an instant alert if fhp does decide to close the brimming because of the fog. i promise the next video you're about to see is not from a movie, it's from real life pup might remember a prison escape in canada involving a hijacked helicopter. one of those inmates is on trial, and for the first time, we're getting a look at this right here. you can see the inmates climbing the ropes, dangling off the side of that building, and then happens right here. the helicopter takes off with
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bub it gets stuck on a light. >> it's like a bad action video. >> i know. and one of the guys on trial was serving time for gun possession. and the other guy were caught a few ours after their escape along with 2 accomplices who high jakd that helicopter at gun point and forced the pilot to fly for them. look at this, the damage cause bid a school bus crash in orlando. deputies say the semi truck rear-ended one school bus, pushing it into eat another school bus. the injuries are serious, but everyone is expected to survive. investigators say speed was probably a factor in that crash. free wi-fi is sweent awe
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why a plan to turn old payphone boths into wi-fi hot spots is not set zitting well with some. >> reporter: james turned 18
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(cell phone rings) where are you? well the squirrels are back in the attic. mom? your dad won't call an exterminator... can i call you back, mom? he says it's personal this time... if you're a mom, you call at the worst time. it's what you do.
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on car insurance, good evening. i'm courtney vonn. >> and i'm reginald round treetree. we're staying on top of 3 big stories right now. the man who says uber made him go on a shooting spree is suing the ride sharing company. in jason dalton's hand-written lawsuit, he says he wants a $10 million -- he wants $10 million and say it was a host toil work vierp.


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