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tv   10 News at 500pm  CBS  March 18, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EDT

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great moments are born from great opportunity. that's what you have here, earned here tonight. this is your time.
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two are dead. and what happened-- is still a a plane crashes at a tampa flames. 2 are dead and what happened is still a mystery don't. i'm dion lim. >> i'm courtney robinson. i want you to take a look at today. firefighters putting out the last hot spots at that wreck. police and other nothingers
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fire trucks, emergency rescue vehicles, they left the scene. >> if you're not familiar with the area, peter o'knight is a small airport on davis island a few minutes from downtown tampa. izzie, give us an update. what's happening? >> reporter: the airport is closed right now. you can see one tampa police officer securing the site. you can sigh what's left of the plane. there are other orange cones that marked the pieces of the plane. here's what we know so far. the twin engine cessn a 310 crashed around 11:30 today.
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the plane was heading to pensacola when it crashed earlier today. tampa fire said they were investigating the possibility of a second plane today. a couple living across the street heard a loud bang this morning and described what they saw. crashed. the flames and the smoke was unbelievable. >> reporter: we're told a preliminary report will take at least 10 days, but a full report on what caused this crash could take months.
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island, i'm isobel mascarena. we're waiting for the jury to hand down a verdict in the leaked sex tape scandal. jennifer titus has been covering the trial since the beginning. jen, any word on o how close the jury is to handing down a decision? >> reporter: they've been in there for 4 hours. it's been a long 2 weeks from them. they've heard it'll from hulk hogan, nick denton, and multiple expert witnesses. they now have to decide whether or not hogan's privacy was he suffered emotionally or whether or not posting this video was gawk aer's first amendment right. >> they didn't have the common decency to call one person involved in it before they posted this story. it probably tells you as much gawker. >> reporter: hogan's attorney, animated and aggressive during his arguments, letting the jury
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posting of the sex tame is nothing that hulk hogan ever wanted. >> with a click, uploads this thing into an internet and turns this man's life upside down. there's not one thing about that that terry bollea created. >> reporter: he spoke about a.j. dau lerks rio and nick denton as rule breakers who have no problem ruining lives. >> what's disturbing about gawker is not what they do in a vacuum, it's how proud they are of it. >> reporter: gawker's attorney made it a point to mention that the one reason everybody is here is because of a sex tape that hogan's team never made a point to show. >> it contained 9 seconds of sexual activity. >> reporter: sullivan explaining to the jury that this wasn't a sex tape but video to go along with commentary of a guy that publicly would speak about his sex life >> he has consistently chosen to put his private life out there.
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made it newsworthy, and a ruling for from the jury against them could change the precedent for what's posted on the internet. >> public figures will use our courts to punish people for saying things that they frankly do not like. >> reporter: and the begin began -- and the jury again began deliberating at 1:30 this afternoon after a lunch break. it's a sad fact. the people who keep you safe with their lives every day. today web hillsboro -- today a hillsboro county deputy was laid to rest after he was killed in a wrong-way crash. 13 laurchlt officer ace cross the country were fill kilned in traffic accidents.
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the number is up to 9. this is video of hillsboro deputies this morning these prepare to escort the body of deputy john castelicious a jr. it was a day of mourning and celebration as family, friends, and floal officers said good-bye. >> reporter: laid to rest. a son, a brother, a sheriff's deputy, and a friend. >> i probably learned more about john in the last few days than in many all my life. >> reporter: john robinson jr. died avenue a wrong-way driver crash into him head-on. he's remembered as a small, if any,man with bake heart, widely respect bid fellow officers. >> we fauld called him
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and just that wick, he became one of the gang. >> more than that, he was a served with. >> reporter: he comes from a long -- this officer comes from a line line of officers. some of the people -- some of his bell low officers from massachusetts came with him. those who knew him will tell you e he lived as a hero even his last moments are building honored as an act of heroism. >> it's a selfless act on his part. we recognize that. >> reporter: his casket was removed to the sound of amazing grace, a 21 gun salute, and the missing man flyover. he will now be laid to rest but never forgotten. >> we will all miss, you little
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>> reporter: in luke with garrett flowers, wtsp. >> the deputy's body will be buried in massachusetts mex week. his brother is a police sergeant. donald trump and his campaign are keeping quiet about a threat sent to one of trump's sons. a letter was sent to eric trump's apartment with a non- has orderrous white powder and a threat to drop out of the presidential race. eric is the younger of trump's 2 adult sons. a west african country is trying to figure out the source of 2 new cases of ebola. guinea was one of the hardest- lit countries and the place where the outbreak began 3 years ago. the world health organization is sending specialists to help.
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can see that big patch of green. all of that is rain on the way. you can get instant traffic and weather alerpts any time, 24/7. all you have to do is download the 10 news app. just search wtsp. a stunt goes in flames during a high school pep rally. >> you might have seen the shocking video right here.
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>> we made it, be but the rain doesn't look so good. >> still it's still friday. >> i'm fine. >> rain or shine, aisle be fine. tracking storms in the gulf tonight. i don't have any may expwror adjustments from what we talked about yesterday. in case you can't see the fogs, we'll walk you through it. it looks bad and ominous in the gulf. before you get too nervous, a lot of that is in the hottest part of the gulf. what we're seeing with this is as expected hitting the hotter waters, it's kind of blowing up. some of that will likely get here as hot rain. i don't think the strong stuff that's in the middle of the gulf decides the strong stuff tonight.
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are some showers in the evening. belook for the -- for the main bulk of this. here. all of this there l actually track like so. high pressure is coming down from the south. while most of it is moving east, it should start digging southeast tonight and crime cross the northern part of our state, the i-4 corridor, and personally on sunday for parts of sarasota and manatee county. as far as the risk area, what can we expect in the way of this? what will be rain, what could be stronger? storm prediction center has put most of the 10 viewing area into a marginal risk. historically when we see this, most of what we get has been rain and thunderstorms and a couple of storms. some isolated severe weather would be possible. what we're also noticing is the wind on the surface will likely
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through the day tomorrow, more than we've seen the last couple of days. the setup in all things should be strong, streamlined winds, some small hail possible. as far as any tornadic activity, i think that would be more surprising than anything. a lot of the went that you look for, those tornadic storms are not in the cards for this event e. isolated severe weather will be possible. that could be including water spouts for an isolated tornado. for your saturday planner, the morning could start with a few showers. otherwise, variable clouds. what's interesting is i would not be surprised if there's a few pots that done get some sunshine. you'll see in our 7 day
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few morning hour showers around daybreak. i might be a little ahead here at 3 p.m. i've seen e as early as noon on some mods, as late as 6 or 7. i think the 2nd half of the day is when you want to look for thunderstorms, not just showers. that would mean more in tampa to the south. look at the cooler weather for monday. only highs in the 60s. we are rapidly warming right back up wednesday, thursday, and friday to the 80s. we'll break down more of the weekend and the types of weather we'll be dealing with. we're not done explaning all of this yet. if you want to check out the forecast later on on your phone, we have the 10 news app. a huge breakthrough in europe. the main fugitive behind the
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been arrested in belgium. he spent 4 months on the run after attack on cafes, a rock concert, and a stadium that killed 130 people. he's the last survivor of the 10 terror suspects involved. he was arrested in major police operations in a brussels neighborhood. officials believe he was stopped by french police but they did not capture him. his fingerprints were found twice during raids in brussels. an american i.s.i.s. fighter is calling his decision to join the group a bad decision. he's talking about why he joined in the first place and why he left. >> our daily life was basically prayer, eating, and learning about the religion for 8 hours. >> i wabtd to go back to america.
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he met a woman from turkey who made all of the arrangements for him to travel to the middle east and join the islamic state. he left the u.s. in december, which means he joined i.s.i.s. and decided to quit just 3 month minutes later. his trip was cut short and he surrendered to iraqi forces. he faces serious charges in the u.s. and is already being interrogated by the fbi. u.s. officials predict more and more i.s.i.s. fighters leaving the group as they lose territory in the middle east. a woman old enough to be a great-grandmother caught shoplifting, but wait until you living. >> it's march madness. you know it. we want to share the traditions that you follow to get your team to win. snap a picture, share it with facebook page.
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i guarantee this is not the person you would expect to find shoplifting, a 78-year-old woman, and there's video to prove it. but who she is is what really might shock you. this is surveillance video from a a surplus tore in pennsylvania. you see her? she pulls out a lot of red shopping bags from her purse, just like the ones used in the store. officers say she went around, putting $23 worth of snacks,
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bags and then left the store. they found out that -- they found her at a nearby convent because she's a nun. >> terrible. you know she's going hell. to put it bluntly, she's not good anymore. >> police interviewed the nun and say she is sound of mind. she's being charged with a minor criminal offense if she pleads guilty and -- a minor criminal offense. if she pleads guilty, she'll have to pay a fine. the whole internet is watching and waiting for the 2nd of 2 bald eagles to hatch. it hatched at the national arbore turks m in washington. thousands of people watching d via webcam. they've been watching this family since february when an adult bald eagle started keeping eggs warm.
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named mr. president and first lady. they're the first bald egos to nest at the national arboret00m in i 70 years. hear from a fire-breather who was hurt during a show at a florida high school. and the rays are giing up for their game in cuba.
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good evening. i'm regal browntree. >> i'm courtney robson. we're staying on top of 3 big stories happening right now. a tampa woman's lawsuit over the investigation that led to gerald david petraeus' resignation is collapsing. jill kelly's lawyers want to withdraw from the qaibs citinger irreconcilable differences. kelly and her husband sued the government, saying their


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