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tv   10 News at 530pm  CBS  March 18, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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good evening. i'm regal browntree. >> i'm courtney robson. we're staying on top of 3 big stories happening right now. a tampa woman's lawsuit over the investigation that led to gerald david petraeus' resignation is collapsing. jill kelly's lawyers want to withdraw from the qaibs citinger irreconcilable differences. kelly and her husband sued the government, saying their
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no word on whether the kellies will continue with the case. a judge just revoked the bail for a new england principal convicted of sexually assaulting a student. he missed his court-ordered curfew a few times, meaning he'll begin his sentence immediately. cereal maker general mills will start labeling gmos nationwide bpt labeling will start in the next week. 2 people are dead after a plane crashed in tampa. smoke could be seen billowing from peter o'knight, the small airport in downtown tampa. isob lerks is there live. iz zirks e, when will the airport reopen? >> it will take time to clear
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it will be up to the faa to decide when to reopen this air important in the meantime, you can see a tampa police officer is securing the site. the faa and ntsb career k can cleared the site late this afternoon. you can see the wreckage there. there are 2 orange markers marking where the remains of the plane e are and other other orange cones that show the pieces of the plane. they are showing the plane engulfed in flames. the twin engine cesna 340 crashed around 11:30 this morning. both the pilot and passenger died. plane was heading to pensacola when it crashed. tampa fire said they were investigating the possibility of a second plane involved in this crash. the faa says they are investigating the crash of this one plane. a tampa fire rescue boat
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was on scene first to help put out the fire until other firefighters arrived. >> i hate to see anybody that enjoys doing this, that has an accident, and somebody dies. you hate to see that. just sad. >> reporter: the ntsb will release a preliminary report in about 10 days, figuring out exactly what caused this plane to crash today could take months. the identities of both the bite and the -- of both the pilot released. a fight turned deadly at a clearweert water bar overnight. police are informing what prompted the brawl a 24-year- old man was standed and taken to bay front health. dead. police are warning about
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during spring break. largo police officers say expect to see more of them walking around and look out for drivers. they also say to have a recreational driver pup could see more synthetic and recreational drugs with all of the out of towners. club drugs can be inconsistent and dangerous. fire-breathing performer say he's thankful to bay live after a stunt wet horribly wrong at a high school pep rally in del ray beach. >> i'm lucky. it's like being burned alive and an audience is watching. >> whitney charles has 2nd degree burns on his nation face, leg, and arms. he says he recently switched from charcoal lighter fluid to lamp oil and didn't practice for it.
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lights so fast, the flame came back and caught my face. i was like, oh, this is new. i wasn't panicking or nothing. and then when i sprayed, the spray came back on me. by the time this hit, you see that big spoaption i'm like, okay that explains it. >> several students had to be treated for spoke inhalation. charles has been doing this show for more than a decade. before you log onto your facebook account, user beware, the social media site and its advertisers can be watching you more than you realize. they see your request to -- they send a request to play play games like candy crush, if youling it your facebook
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your account. a year ago, a wesley chapel woman started a business and it took off right away. things were going with well and then that owner added a change the next week. bobby bobby lewis response road where that twist has everyone wagging. >> good girl. >> stay. >> reporter: when brianna murphy started her grooming business, she knew she's love every soapy minute. she didn't know she'd love it this much. >> it's rewarding, it's fun. they don't complaip. >> reporter: what's to complain about when you're getting a new wash and maybe a new start? >> they're a lot more appealing when everyone is getting a dog to adopt. i think it warms them town people again. >> reporter: this wesley chapel groomer is not hurting for his for business, but has agreed to
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>> i've had rescue dog miswhole life. >> reporter: s it's enloud and busy here and that's what she wants. she's hoping they can find a new home so she can give back to a friend in the dog community. >> i've had people come in who have a dog that's completely matted up. we get them to get shaved count and down and looking gorgeous. they've been sitting in a shelter for almost a year. >> reporter: i'm bobby lewis, 10 news wtsp. >> i wish i could get pine long enough. >> but it does make all the difference too. you see these great dog, great temperament, but it's hard to get past the cover and this changes it. >> she does one free groom per week and gives 10% off for all rescued dogs.
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evening commute on both sides of the howard franklin bridge. >> and taking a live look at storm tracker 10, we'll tell you when you need to be ready so you can plan where are week. the news 10 app will bring you weather and traffic alerts any time of day. the tampa bay rays are on the way to cuba. what it takes to pull off the historic game in havana.
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time for stories making headlines across state with nation, and around the world. the president of france says
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high in both belgium and france tonight after europe's most wanted pan was captured in brussels in connection to the paris attacks. salah abdel salam is wounded by but alive. migrants are meeting in brussels to broke aerosolution. louisiana is helping those impact bid the flooding to get aid and groceries. and police near gulf sores, alabama, have arrested merely 600 spring breakers this month mostly for underage drinking, neighboring dosal communities are also curbing the come problem.
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our tampa bay rays are days away from leaving for havana for a whirledwind 48 hour trip. ian rais caught one them and got their perspective on this once in a lifetime opportunity. >> reporter: as final preps are underway in cuba for a historic baseball game in havana, it's business as usual as the tampa bay spring training checks. but there's a lot of buzz about next week. >> i think it will be a big headline. >> reporter: they were selected to play the high-profile game against the cuba national team. they won their position through a lottery. >> we're not only representing tampa bay area antibiotic bawlball club, but we're also representing tampa bay baseball. >> reporter: this is a different kind of trip that
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debail -- all the details. >> i know from talking to our guys that they put a lot of work into it. >> reporter: the roster will include 34 players. the last time a team from the u.s. visited cuba was in 1999. >> my dad is in the military, so i traveled all over the place. i love seeing new spots. it's why i love baseball. >> they're a big pan fan of baseball. we're excited to spend time with them. >> reporter: the president is also expected to be in the stands and that bring more attention our bay area frab ize. >> any time you get risk in addition for stuff on a weighable baseball field is a good thing. >> we are traveling to havana
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ian will be in cuba to cover the rays' trip and the historic visit by president obama. look for our report starting on sunday night. i'm dion lim live in the newsroom. just ahead at 6, a crazy end of the school day for some students as a gator crashes the campus. you won't believe how this reptile gets wrangled. a deputy is arrested and abuse. i'll have more information on what the investigation calls the violent and severe beating of a 7-year-old child. >> and a local university still without its acred dangerous. we'll explain the holdup tonight on 10 news at 6. i like to look at this as the week. but this is not cut and dry. this is complicated.
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i'll explain why there's such a wide mixture of weather that's coming our way. what one city may see another county may not. still warm though. sarasota looking pretty nice tonight. you can see this explosion of thunderstorms in the middle of the gulf. but that's also the hottest water in the gulf. it's the middle of the loop current. expect that to be pretty strong and some that to come in the form of liger showers. the reason this forecast was so complicated, 3 lows off to the west.
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expecting to track off for tonight. there's some scattered showers early for saturday morning. that piece should track like this. and what then becomes difficult in too fig youring out the timing and intensity is this low and front over the southeast, overtaking what is this warm front and stationary boundary. the 2 of these come together. that's what we're expecting late saturday. at that, there's some energy in northern mexico that will try to fall in behind it. that cowl still lead to some strong storms in the first part of sunday. as you can see with all of this, it's not a cut and dry front coming across. here's the window where it rains, here's where it doesn't, and it's one and done. we can see the atmosphere break at any given point if the weekend. we're doing our best here in the 10 weather center for the
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some timing that you could try to at least plan around. for this evening, a few showers are possible, mainly in tampa or north. that's on the lower end of the scale. if we have any severe weather, it will be isolated. what we're getting towards is the wind will pick in the southeast. watch the wintd pick up especially in tampa and the south. it could help lend to or two. strong winds, brain and expectations.
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trouble with time and placement. it's that late day round that's having a hard time getting a hold you of the timing of. request that been it will carry on into sunday morning as well. somewhere late saturday and early sunday, we're looking at the strongest part of these storms to come through. the one area aisle i'll watch for is it looks light the jet stream will start pick up in its strength which would could lead to stronger storms. this comes in waves. it's not cut and dry. time willing be dependent on your location and how this come ace cross gulf. but through the night on
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sunday, after that we should be done with storms for us. the 2nd half of sunday should be dry. we'll see temperatures in the -- 60s on sunday for 80 residual back on wednesday. it's getting easier to get your cash out of the atm. why some banks are changing the way you access your money and tell ugh to keep that dewit card in your wallet. make sure you watch 10 news this morning all next week for your chance to win 150 florida lottery scratch-off tick
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women who are pregnant p it can cause harm or death to an unborn baby. don't take entresto with an ace inhibitor or aliskiren. if you've had angioedema while taking an ace or arb medicine, don't take entresto. the most serious side effects are angioedema, low blood pressure... ...kidney problems, or high potassium in your blood. p tomorrow, tomorrow i love ya, tomorrow ask your heart doctor about entresto.
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ononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononon no surprise smart phones are becoming more integrated into our everyday lives. >> several banks want to allow this to relace our atm cards. >> kenneth craig craig shows you how it works. >> reporter: this may look like every other atm, but with this one, customers can lose use their phone and leave their debit card at home. think of -- bank of america's michelle moore says they work smartphone. >> you'll hold the phone over the reader.
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just like i would with my debit card. we'll withdraw cash, $20 from my checking account, and it's done. here comes the money. >> reporter: other banks including chase and wells fargo plan to introduce a cardless atms this year. it's believed the plastic card will go boy the way spiepped. >> you'll see phones play a bigger role. >> reporter: expert says the phone is safer tan placks card because a thief would need to unlock a stolen phone and know victim's p.i.n. number. it could also solve the problem of skim wring they rig an atm slot with tiny reader that could steal card information. >> once you're fuse used to it, you race how easy it is. >> reporter: a handful of atms have the the technology right now, but bank of american plans to have it in 3,000 machines by the end of the year. kenneth drag craig, cbs news, new york. >> those of us that are
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till be able to use your plastic card at the new atm. >> i was in the store the other day and a group of teenagers said do you take the apple pay?
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a fiery plane crash kills 2 people and raises some serious questions. was another plane involved? 10 news is live. >> creaks officer arrested on child abuse charges.
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complaint made against him. >> $100 million on the line in the hulk hogan sex tape trial. now it's all in the hands of a jury. i'm research nailed roundtree. >> i'm dion lim. 2 government agencies are investigating a deadly -- i'm reginald roundtree. >> i'm dion lim. 2 government ageries a investigating a deadly plane crash that killed a pilot and paneller. the plane went down on its way to peens pensacola from peter o'knight airport. >> 10 news was the first to bring you live reports at noon.
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izzie, what's the latest? >> reporter: you can see tampa the site. you can see what's left of the plane there and there are several orange cones stat scattered throughout that mark pieces of planet. we were able to capture these continuer. tpd says the twin engine cessna 340 with 2 people onboard crashed around 11:30 this morning. both the pilot and passenger died. tampa fire were informing the possibility of a second plane involved in this crash. the faa says they're investigating a crash of this one plane.


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