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tv   10 News This Morning at 600am  CBS  March 21, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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between desoto road and old bradenton road. it is close. i will give you a detour because this is of us 301 and will cause delays this morning. we will look at the bridges and get you drive times. welcome to 10 news this morning. i am allison kropff. >> sarasota south of the airport. university parkway is closed after three people killed in an early morning crash. >> garin flowers is live at the scene. >> reporter: they are trying to figure out the cause of the accident but they do believe
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police are investigating. four people were inside of the car and three have died. a fourth person taken to the hospital but they are expected to survive. this is where it happened, university parkway at desoto road. if you have to get through this area you have to find a detour because it will be closed for several hours. we are still trying to find out what cause is that they believe speed is a possible factor. find a different way to get to where you need to go. police will update us with information. you can go to our app to find out the latest with the closure and we will continue to update you with any information. garin flowers. 10 news. district in cuba.
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cuban president on cuban soil. sarah hollenbeck is life. >> reporter: 50 people feel so passionate about this that they to jail. they are asking for more human rights in cuba and they say the president shouldn't be there unless there is a change. look at this crowd, you can see the yelling and shoving one another but they are yelling something obama's trip to cuba isn't for fun, and note to violations of human rights. obama, we have a dream of kuba without castro. others lined up to meet the president and the first family as they toured havana. relationship between us and rights has been the most difficult negotiating point leading up to the visit. president obama expressed his
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for. young american children and young cuban children, by the time they are adults is that they think it is natural that a us president should be visiting cuba and they think it is natural that the people are working together. >> the question is what is president obama doing for human rights. he will issue forceful calls to the government to make democracy reforms and improve human rights. the other big story that we are following are the tampa bay rays and they will be playing in cuba. we will talk about what they are doing their to to prepare -- to prepare. >> the tampa bay rays play that has store again tomorrow.>> >> reporter: from havana, we
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it will be a busy day. the rays have a news conference this morning. we will talk to players and coaches about what this trip means to them. there are a number of children here in cuba to watch. i am ian reitz. donald trump is with party leaders in washington today before delivering remarks at an israel conference. a head of a crucial contest for both republicans and democrats in arizona and utah tomorrow. he is poised to beat senator ted cruz and governor john kasich in a winner take all state like arizona. >> the path to get of hundred 37 delegates and secure the republican nomination before the convention. >> if we bring our party together we will win. we will win by numbers you have never seen before. >> bernie sanders is counting on wins out west.
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trump family has a suspicious mailing. the sister was sent a threatening letter. the fbi it is aware of the mailing to maryanne trump. the fbi were investigating a suspicious package to his son eric. the paris terrorist suspect. salah abdul a salaam is working on a new attack in brussels. he has been coordinating with investigators. he had planned to launch an attack in brussels. they are taking this claim seriously. sarasota commissioners will consider adding a park and garage. visitors say parking has always been an issue for the circle and the city is thinking about replacing 187 spots in the north arvada
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it will cost $15 million. hernando county. eight families back in their homes after crews fixed a gas leak from an underground pipe. that was after 5 pm sunday afternoon. no one was hurt as crews worked to fix that leak. people in louisiana have more to worry about than just historic rainfall. some of the runoff is running into neighborhoods from other neighborhoods. this is video from the treasure island area where water from an overflowing black by you lake they want help from the city which many homeowners say hasn't done much since it started raining two weeks ago. anywhere. we had seen two people from the city show up from this entire time. we are on day 11. they have only put up flooding signs. >> some of the damages caused
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they can do is wait. it may be spring but people this is what it look like overnight. on the roadways. boston is getting a lot of snow. >> a disturbing story out of pennsylvania. investigation after a state trooper killed a turnpike toll collector and a guard during a robbery. clearance rigs approach them. he tried to tie them up but they got loosed and followed him outside. rigs shot and killed them. he started shooting at a truck until the driver got out and ran away. bruce caught up with him and shot and killed him. turnpike worker said they're focused on healing. >> we are grieving right now. but we will -- we are resilient that we will bounce back. >> briggs reese fire -- retired
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after winning $115 million and his trial against gawker, former professional wrestler hulk hogan will be back in court. the jury felt the wrestler suffered pinard -- punitive damage. the trial begins in a few hours. we will have a clue in the courtroom. get up-to-date information by downloading our app. if you planning on getting gas before work this morning, play -- you should pay more. it has risen $.29 in florida. the increase is blamed on rising oil prices. the average national price a gallon is $1.98. in florida the average is $2.03. tampa bay, the average is the same. a crash in tampa over the weekend. the driver almost his this officer and plus with the mother of the driver has to say.
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lady are proud parents of two baby eagles. we will explained. you will get a chance to win 100 florida lottery scratch off tickets. continue to watch 10 news this morning. there is a grand prize winner that will win a tv. on top of the deadly crash in sarasota that has part of university closed this morning.
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hears her bridge update at 6:12 am. so far no delays if you are heading into tampa for work. this is a howard frankland bridge i-275 northbound lanes picking up a little bit. the drivetime is still six
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. there is a high wind advisory across the sunshine skyway bridge but no delays so far. it is taking 17 minutes from pinellas point drive down to 75 . >> the bridges open. three-day forecast today. the coolest day as you top out in the mid-60s. it is sunny and breezy. tomorrow morning is the coolest morning in the 40s but tomorrow afternoon we start to warm up. we go back to 76 and 81 on wednesday. there is a cold airlifting. there will be another shot by thursday into friday but i don't think it is as far south. it is reloading a few times. it is seasonable they we don't see this cold air for the next few weeks. more on your forecast coming up. it is monday, march 21. >> this is an eye-opener. for the first time ever air force one has landed in cuba.
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in cuba this morning. he will meet with cuban president raul castro. the present will attend a game between the tampa bay rays and the cuban national team. get him out. >> more violence at a donald trump rally in arizona where trump leads rival senator ted cruz and governor john kasich. bernie sanders is counting on wins out west. the start of spring means snow for some people. new englanders are facing a messy drive to work with a snowstorm. problem. building a parking garage for st. armand's circle. here's another look at headlines around the nation and the world. south korean news agency is working to confirm reports that north korea has fired missiles into the waters off of its eastern coastline.
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still images that show leader inspecting landing and anti- landing exercises by the korean people's army. north korea has for threatened a preemptive strike against new york. there is a new strand of the stage fright fibers that could be used to hack into your phone. it was discovered in 2015 but has made a comeback. it can break into your phone and 20 seconds. bang and alston will join with lg electronics to create its technology tvs. no price yet for the organic light emitting diodes stream tvs. look for them in 2017. millions of people tuned into a webcam to see the birth of two baby eagles last week but you probably missed the second once. the eaglet hatched after 3 am on saturday.
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and the first lady quickly sibling. vice president joe biden sent out congratulations in a tweet. it is a mess or could be a mess in sarasota. >> we're still on top of the accident. a portion of university parkway. it is just of us 301 between old bradenton road. you can the police still here and here is the caution tape blocking off university parkway. what they're doing is investigating this and they think speed was a factor but university will be closed throughout the morning commute. you can see that car which is turning around there. they will take desoto road. you have university parkway here and desoto road runs parallel before meeting up with that
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a good detour is to take this. look at tarpon springs in pinellas county, there is an injury accident on eastlake road in the southbound direction. not blocking lanes and it is in the shoulder. make sure you slow down. let's go to sky 10 and check out to 75 and hillsborough at fowler avenue. picking up a little and the southbound direction but your drivetime is still 15 minutes from the apex down to i-4. in polk county, no issues so far. lakeland is looking good. 10 minutes is your drivetime between bartow road and i-4. if you have problems on the road to be sure to send me an email. i am your road warrior. let me know about any safety problems. word warrior at let me know about any safety problems. word >> it is really chilly. 48 degrees in crystal river and
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49 dade city. 51 carol would. 59 bradenton and sarasota. riverview barely in the 50s. lakeland 52. safety harbor 57. we have 59 on the beaches at treasure island. warmer. the 24 hour temperature change with 20 degrees colder than yesterday. most of us 13 to 14 degrees cooler. the wind with the yellow shading, that is where it is highest on the coast. holiday and tarpon springs. 28 miles per hour winds for sarasota. generally sustained winds in the 20s and gusts in the 30 miles per hour range. this is over sarasota county through southern polk county
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mostly sunny skies should do it for just about everybody. the moon is setting behind low clouds and they come in off the gulf of mexico. we won't see much of those but we will see if you. try bundling the kids up out there. low 50s and the wind makes it chilly. it is a cruel afternoon as well. mid-60s for high temperatures. a little bit of a jacket weather day. the model won't show much going on. i wanted to show you high clouds thinning out and look at that, we don't get to 60 until at least lunchtime for most of us today. the mercury will hit 60 degrees. little bit this afternoon but boating is not good. small craft advisory and northwind 20 to 25 kn. coming down to 6010 by this afternoon. tonight is the coolest night.
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a little bit around 5 miles per hour. 49 tampa but that means lower 40s and patchy fog so a frost advisory for hernando county. that wind will die down because high pressure is coming and by tomorrow morning clear skies a light winds. over the next few days the backside of this starts the warming trend. mid-70s for highs tomorrow and lots of sunshine. back to about 80 degrees by wednesday. in isolated shower on thursday but right now, saturday and sunday, rain chances are high as the cold front slowly moves through. there may be a break in the day but the timing will change. we will track a closely for you. you can catch a forecast on the radio. 94.9. 105.5, wsrq fm and maxima 92.5.
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150 florida lottery scratch off tickets and a $50 home depot car. just call the number on your screen right now, 727-577-4357. the 10th collar wins. >> multimillion dollar hotel is being built on the gulf coast with money from the bakersfield police oil spill. >> where and why it almost didn't happen. keep your eye on the sky. two comments are heading closer -- comets are heading closer to earth. this is a poor start to the morning. 54 at the bottom of your screen on this monday. hope you're having a great start.
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let's look at the drive times. >> we are starting to see the heavier traffic out there but a good time to get out the door because no big delays yet. this is i-4. from polk parkway to 75, drivetime 15 minutes. from downtown interchange in tampa, nine minutes. wendy on the bridges. not as much wind this afternoon but it will be breezy around 15 miles per hour. mostly sunny skies and temperatures in the mid-60s for highs today. traveling today is improving in dc and new york. it stopped snowing but boston is still snowing. alabama is using funds from dt to construct a beachfront hotel. it comes after eight federal judge shut the door on
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oil spill. the development director says it is legally using the money allocated outside of the judge's ruling. a pair of comments will get close to earth. >> the second pair will come closer to our earth than any other in 250 years. a little scary. the first of the two will be visible to the naked eye in the southern hemisphere today. the larger will return 26th and 27th. stargazers will probably need binoculars to see that. march madness continues. sweet 16 and the ncaa tournament gets started this week. >> what teams made the bracket. a lot of people are not happy. join us on the live stream during the six-day show.
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good morning. 6:29 am and it is chilly. a prayer -- fresh air mass in place. it is breezy" and on the dry side out there. the humidity will be low. bundle up this morning. you will need a jacket and especially the kids.
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a fire weather warning for the entire area which means if a fire gets started it could get out of control. i will have your forecast coming up in a few minutes but in 10 minutes we will talk. hotspots for you at 6:30 am . i am road warrior hilary zalla and on top of this fatal accident were three people are dead. university park were in sarasota between desoto road and old bradenton road. university is closed. we are picking up out there for the morning rush out there. hotspot, 275 s. in hillsborough county at sauer avenue. i will get you drive times coming up. good morning. i am allison kropff. breaking news. sarasota.
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university park were is closed between old bradenton road and desoto road. garin flowers is live at the scene. you have been talking to police.>> reporter: we are still trying to figure out the exact cause of the crash but they do believe speed was a factor. they are looking into if drugs or alcohol was a factor. the intersection is closed after this accident on university parkway. right now police say they will have a closed off for several more hours so they can investigate what happened here. we asked them where would people -- these people be going with this happen. this intersection is closed. we expect this word to be closed for several hours due to
6:32 am
we have a lot of things going on . in order for the officers to do a thorough investigation we will need to close the road. >> the crash happened at 3 am and we are still digging for more details on what happened. it was a single car crash. three people inside the car that are dead. a fourth person taken to the hospital. once they do notify family members we will get the names and release that information. this intersection will be closed. a detour will be important. garin flowers, 10 news. today president of bark -- barack obama and tampa bay rays players are waking up in havana. obama is the first president to visit cuba in 90 years. the first baseball team to play
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the story. the rays players are giving back. >> reporter: they will host a kids clinic in havana. they are aware of their role in helping the relationship between dick -- the united states and cuba. the rays will pay for their trip to cuba today. chris archer, the rays top player, said we may look back from this when things are different between the sides and say you know what, we were a huge part in the changes that went on. a maintenance team and cuba said they spent hours working on the stadium get it ready for tomorrow's game. even jackie robinson's family his widow and daughter are going to be there and they will play a big role. air force one with the first family will head to cuba. yen rise is in cuba right now.
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conference in one hour. as travel to cuba becomes more popular, starwood hotels will seal a deal to run hotels there. air bnp will open up to international travelers on april 2 after serving thousands of us travelers for a year now. they will expand on sunday. donald trump will be in the nation's capital today rallying leaders behind him. trump is said to meet with two dozen republicans. he is scheduled to deliver a critical speech to a pro-israel group. denouncing trumps hate speech. rabbis will walk out of his speech. after taking the weekend off hillary clinton will return today with an event in arizona.
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tomorrow. another weekend and another wrong way dui driver. this time no lives were lost. it was a close call. tempo police officer had to swerve out of the left lane on 275 as a wrong way driver approached him. asia consela was charge. her daughter was very sorry. >> she is a tender loving girl. that's all i can say. >> according to data compiled, 275 in tampa is one of the most common spots the roadway crashes. pascoe county, 213-year-old girls may face charges for leading deputies on a car chase that ended with the girls crashing into a pole. it happened early sunday morning on 19 and darlington road in holiday. the growth in the passenger seat was seriously hurt and the driver has minor injuries. as this was all going on there is another crash, an 80-year- old driver hit the ambulance that was responding to help the
6:36 am
greensboro north carolina evacuated after a manhole in the street exploded. police were everywhere downtown blocking roadways. officers say the manhole cover through up in the air on washington avenue. people were kept off some streets as police investigated trying to figure out if it was a. >> it was sudden and there was a sense of urgency that came abruptly. >> we were handling it well. but we were taken back by a. it was pretty serious. >> police believe the explosion was caused by an electrical malfunction. no one was hurt. law enforcement in maryland investigating how to boys fell 30 feet into a hole on sunday. the boys were in a wooded area when they felt the ground bouncy so they started jumping on it and it gave way. both boys were rescued.
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researchers say that mayo clinic warned -- may be low on people who eat a strict plant- based diet excluding all meat, dairy, fish and eggs should have levels of b12, iron and calcium closely monitored. experts say begins the patient's that eat like this could have neurological problems. former professional wrestler hulk hogan -- outsourcing is the center in lynchburg, virginia would say the city $8000 a year. if you are looking for a job in the tampa area there is an event for you today. the coast to coast tampa career fair is from 11 am until 2 pm. 20 employers will be there with
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bring 40 copies of your resume. you can find time to catch her breath this morning. 52 games and march madness. >> the number one seeds in men, oregon, north carolina and virginia. several major upsets over the weekend. probably no more perfect brackets left. still a lot of games to be played. plays get started on thursday with villanova and miami, right here on 10 news. and then another weekend full of action. >> it will be crazy. >> the ladybirds are moving ahead in the women's tournament after beating colorado state. they take on ucla tonight. uk's newest boat contest naming. have to hear the name that is winning the voting online right
6:39 am
look at this. a horse rescued after it fell into a canyon. a live look at the sunshine skyway bridge. open which is always good. traffic is moving along. road warrior hilary zalla will have your updates in a few minutes. march madness and we want to see your photos of the superstitious traditions for your chance to win. >> share this vote is with us on our 10 news facebook page and enter for a chance to win a watch party with 10 people. one winner will be picked march a watch party with 10 people. one winner will be picked march 31. tonight, supergirl followed by scorpion. ncis los angeles, and 10 news at 11:00. than the late show with stephen
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6:42 am. here is the bridge update. things are picking up on the bridges but the sunshine skyway bridge is quiet. there is a high wind advisory so be careful heading across the bay. let's go to the bridges in tampa. this is the gandy bridge. eased a bit getting off into
6:43 am
howard frankland bridges picking up. the northbound lane coming into tampa southbound towards pinellas, you can see a lot more headlights. the drivetime is about seven minutes heading across the howard frankland. the pollen forecast is high. all the way through thursday. drive through the week. the next rain chance on thursday. with the rain we had you may notice not only the juniper and mold out there. we can forecast, unfortunately that is what it looks like the rain returns. a frontal boundary will move through the area and i will talk about that coming up in 10 minutes. anything but a monday for the braves. in havana cuba. they get ready for their showdown on tuesday with the
6:44 am
usf is holding their day today. speaking of usf, the women's basketball team will tippet often 9:00 tonight against ucla in los angeles for the right to play in the sweet 16. on top of breaking news out of sarasota county. three people dead and another in the hospital after a crash. >> university park workload -- closed. it -- speed was a factor in this accident. president obama meets with cuban president raul castro today as he continues his historic visit. >> the president touchdown in havana on sunday. president obama is the first us president to visit cuba and 88 years. the tampa bay rays are in cuba
6:45 am
against the cuban nationals. the first major league team to play there and 77 years. donald trump meets with party leaders today before delivering remarks at a pro- israel conference. >> ahead of a crucial nominating conference in arizona and idaho on tuesday. senator ted cruz and governor john kasich competing in arizona. this is a hilarious thing. people in the uk are having fun naming a new vessel from the national council. the $300 million boat. the 15,010 ship will do research and art -- antarctica. other popular names, the rrs boat, rrs eyesight baby and the rrs to miss prime.
6:46 am
having to be shut down. there was too much traffic. if you search for allison croft that article pulled up. check it out and see that. >> it is 300 if they stick to it and brody make boat will be hilarious. >> a good sense of humor. unique rescue over the weekend. look at this video. the los angeles county crew airlifted a horse out of little agenda county canyon. they cover the horses eyes and ears to keep it come during the rescue. the horse did make it safely. it touched down. we are picking up but the biggest story is the single
6:47 am
it happened at 3:00 this morning. three people are dead at university parkway. the parkway shut down. let's go live to the scene. you off university and an officer is there directing traffic around it. desoto road is getting by. you can turn on or off of that to get around the accident. university might be shut down throughout the morning commute the next few hours. desoto road runs parallel to university. if you take de soto around this it is not too bad of a detour. give yourself extra time and this is of us 301. let's go to hillsborough county and check out drive times. we are picking this up on the major map.
6:48 am
to flatbush boulevard. i-4 westbound drivers, taking 13 minutes between 75 and 275. at the downtown interchange, at 21 miles per hour. it is getting slow there. polk county, lakeland, still quiet, no accidents. polk parkway is for the west -- further. it is taking 60 minutes. if you have any problems on the road, send me an email. i am your road warrior. i am meeting with south tampa neighborhood this morning about a speeding problem. let me know what you are saying. email me, road warrior. let me know what you are saying. email me, we have a lot going on today. pool and windy and dry out there. it has red flag warnings for
6:49 am
buyers could get out of control quickly so keep the cigarette butts in the ashtray. small craft advisory for boaters. high surf advisory for the beachgoers. be careful out there. and a frost advisory for tonight for parts of the area. most of us won't feel it but some of us will. 47 right now in crystal river. 50 carol would. 59 the bradenton in sarasota. the air is dry. dupont's up near 70 and summerlike humidity in the last week. well into the low to mid 30s and that is that dry air. the temperature change is from 10 to 15 degrees. 18 degrees colder in citrus county. can see the whole state is cooling-off. the windsor up right now and generally blowing in the teens with gus in the 20s. just had a 30 miles per hour wind gust in clearwater this
6:50 am
18 ed davis island. the wind it will come down a little bit as the afternoon wears on. these high clouds will thin out a touch and sink south. we will keep some of them over sarasota county. the don cesar cam looking pretty good. you can see visibility is fine. not much to show you, mostly sunny skies. the winds will die down throughout the afternoon. look at the time. we don't get to 60 degrees until 1:00 today and then briefly warm to 60 to 65 after that. not talking about a lot of heat. son sets at 7:42 pm. we will get to the upper 40s for most areas but there will be spots in citrus and hernando county in the lower 40s and upper 30s and because of that
6:51 am
frost advisory and eastern parts of hernando and citrus county for tomorrow morning. proper weather is hot in the desert. it is snowing in boston right now. things will be fairly quiet. for us it is quiet for thursday. that is the next chance for rain. 80 on wednesday. mid-80s thursday. right now the weekend has another front coming through and this will take all weekend to get through. the time he will change but expect a high rate chance for saturday and sunday. don't forget to catch the forecast in the newspaper. we teamed up with the tampa bay times and the ledger and go to the weather section and find the 10 news forecast. apple will make it amounts meant today. what we could hear today. a live look at tab international airport.
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great one. time now is 6:51 am and we will
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all eyes will be on alpine today as they will announce the newest line of products. the company may unveil a new version of the iphone. executives are announcing the new ipad. this comes -- how much bigger canvas get by the way. -- can those get by the way. this is one day before a court hearing will decide whether apple will crack iphone used in the san bernardino terrorist attack. >> just for the weekend, a cameo with the bullets over
6:56 am
looks pretty good. it is about a young playwright in need of money and accepts a new offer he can't refuse. you can catch michael on studio 10 live with stephanie web weekdays at 9 am. great job. you could tell how much fun he was having. it will be a busy out there. people are heading out the door. >> we are seeing this pickup but a fatal accident in sarasota and i will be on top of this so make sure you watch us. bobby and i will be back periodically. to get you updates and the university parkway is still closed. it is on -- went on the western edge of the franklin bridge. cuba in the mid-70s today and tomorrow. upper 70s tomorrow. rain chance 20% but it will be
6:57 am
snow in boston today. it will be called up there. first full day of spring. this morning. we will see you back for
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captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is monday, march 21st, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning." president obama prepares to meet with cuban president raul castro in an effort to end more than 50 years of hostility. we are in havana for the historic trip. plus how airbnb is one of the most successful companies in the country. >> donald trump rallies at a trump rally. we talk with the republican chairman about a possible convention. we begin this morning with a


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