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tv   10 News at Noon  CBS  March 21, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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president obama meets cuban president raul castro during this is a live look from cuba. the men met a short time ago under this cuban flag. now to video of the meeting. obama's visit to the capital marketing the relations between the two countries. this is their third face-to- face encounter since they began
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months ago. the first visit of us president to the island in 88 years. tomorrow the tampa bay rays will make history -- history with president obama throwing out the pitch. they are practicing now. in rice is on the road. >> reporter: good afternoon from a windy, havana cuba. it has been a busy day. the tampa bay rays had a news conference. the principal owner and the team's manager and a few players. we heard from lung coria and archer. they talked about the players who have come from cuba and that united states and they talked about the passion shared by the us and cuba shared about baseball. >> one common denominator is
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the most common of all things. the amount of people and fanfare that this event will bring. >> the team is working out at the road at the stadium where they will have a baseball game tomorrow. children and cuba. we will travel with them. in rice -- in reits. google is set to expand internet access in cuba. the president says google has a deal setting up wi-fi and broadband access on the island. us travel to cuba becomes more popular. starwood hotels is the first company since 1959 to seal a island nation. air pnb will open lifting on serving thousands of us travelers for years.
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showing a wrong way driver that nearly hit a tampa police this is how scary the moments were on sunday morning. tampa police said the woman behind the wheel of the wrong way car is asia canceler. she nearly hit police officer tpd dui unit officer s. van treese. he had to take quick action and narrowly missed a cancela. she was speeding south in the northbound lanes until she got off busch boulevard. according to data compiled by fdot to, 275 is one of the most common spots the wrong way crash is. the body of fallen hillsborough county deputy costilla returned to massachusetts. people lined the street as a father and brother are law massachusetts.
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saturday, march 12. the 40-year-old will be laid to rest. two men pulled it -- killed in a plane crash. 54-year-old louis caporicci a and kevin carino were killed. another plane took off that peter o'knight airport at the three young men killed in an early morning crash in the first person, the only survivor, turned 21 today. it happened on desoto road. darren summers described the scene. crash was so severe because of for people traveling on crashed into a tree. three died as a result.
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or bradenton and de soto. closing that stretch of road for five and half hours. the rate of speed caused the car to slip past. the people who died were all 21 >> officers how to tell three families that those lives were cut short and it is heartbreaking for anyone. to have to do that and for the families our thoughts are with them. >> the fourth person taken to the hospital. family members have been notified. police are looking into whether alcohol or drugs played a factor. in sarasota, 10 news. stage as all of the presidential candidates address today. craig boswell is an washington. >> reporter: hillary clinton took the stage for loud applause from the audience at the public affairs committee
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will do an office is invite israeli prime minister to visit the white house. >> clinton who is already looking ahead to november's general election, went out the case that the next president needs to leave the world -- leave the world from day one. >> we need steady hands. not a president who said he is neutral on monday and pro- israel on tuesday and who knows what on wednesday. because everything is negotiable. >> donald trump will be focused on for the -- foreign-policy plans. a stark contrast. >> a group of rabbis will boycott trumps speech with a plan walkout with the protest not expecting to turn the violent like this incident at a trump rally. >> violence begets violence and i think it takes two to tango but obviously it needs to be denounced from all sides. >> senator ted cruz and governor john kasich will
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bernie sanders, the only jewish candidate for president, escaping the conference. craig boswell. comp will meet with after being awarded $150 million for a lawsuit, former professional wrestler hulk today. he walked into the courthouse the jury will decide on punitive damages. they say his privacy was website gawker released his sect tape. apple is expected to products. the company may unveil a smaller version of the iphone. executives will announce a new ipad. this comes one day before a court hearing to decide whether apple should crack a phone used by one of the shooters in san bernardino. happy birthday to twitter. it celebrates its 10th birthday.
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sent the first tweet and this was just setting up my twitter as the first one. the new electronic gearshift putting drivers at risk. the federal government investigating. a man in an easter bunny costume gets a fight at a new jersey mall. they ride on the coattails. >> white tennis executive is changing his tune after comments he made over the weekend. if you or someone you know is beacon, a piece of information about that diet. metereologist bobby deskins is talking about cold weather.>> we are talking record-breaking cold. i will talk about it when we come back. 77 to 78 is where we should be for this time of year. i will have the chilly details coming up. superstitious traditions for
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researchers at the mayo clinic worn vegan's may be low on and nutrient. people who eat a plant based diet should have the levels of
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vegan it -- may increase risks of developing neurological disorders. if you own a jeep we have a warning. the government is investigating electronic gear shifters found in some jeep models. the smaller shifters provide more space in the center console but consumers can't properly. there have been reports of part. the highway traffic safety administration is investigating 850,000 vehicles. most are 2014 at 2015 grand cherokees. some cases have led to accidents and injuries. the head of a tennis tournament under fire after comments he made about women. raymond moore said that women players are riding on the coattails of the men and that poor. daniel nottingham shows us serena williams response.
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finding off pretoria in the california desert at indian she found herself defending this directive. >> in my next life when i come back i want to be someone in the wta. the men. >> indian wells ceo raymond moore didn't stop. >> they are lucky. if i was a lady player i would go down every night on my knees and thank god. they have carried the sport. >> we as women have come along way and we wouldn't drop on her knees. >> she denounced these remarks and it set the tone of the response from the women's court. >> williams is a bigger draw that her male counterparts. her presence in the u.s. open
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women's final tournament for the men. what is believed to be the first time ever. others joined williams and her outrage. patrick mcenroe says more should resign. >> i am livid when i read those remarks and heard that. >> billie jean king pleaded he is wrong on so many levels. we issued an apology. i made comments that were in extremely poor taste and erroneous. daniel nottingham. the women's tennis association calls his remarks disappointing and alarming. this video out of new jersey is getting attention. a man dressed as the easter bunny exchanging punches with shoppers at a new jersey mall. the video was posted on sunday afternoon and you see the man in a bunny costume brawling with a customer before security interbeing. the man takes off his bunny gloves and exchanges punches.
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they are kind of scary, the easter bunny. >> kind of scary. >> if you are headed outside it is different than what we have been used to. >> when we get cold shots here they last two days and maybe three. we are in spring now. this is the first full day of spring. we will set a record high minimum temperature meaning the high temperature today has not ever been this cool. so tonight we won't set records but we will be chilly. that is it, it will kick in and we will start the warm up as early as tomorrow. certainly cool and windy and dry today. so much so that low dew points and low humidity plus the wind and the ground is dry and red flag warnings for today. any fires they get started could get out of hand. no birding outdoors today. no burning indoors for the most
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small craft advisory for we have a lot of beachgoers on spring break. high with current risk. swim near a lifeguard. for tonight. incredible, march 22, patches of frost and citrus county. tampa 57. bradenton 58. st. pete 56. riverview, you're just getting into the mid-50s. lakeland 59. big time change from yesterday. 16 to 20 degrees below what we had at this hour yesterday. we were seeing cooler air as the rain was looking out headwinds have come down a little bit. still 15 to 20 and gas in the upper 20 have come down a little bit. still 15 to 20 and gas in the upper 22 near 30. they should be the peak of them
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that ride home looks at 15 to 20 mile an hour winds but the guest will be near the lower the wind starts to go down to we will be cool. clear skies and lighter winds. tomorrow morning in the 40s. let's get to the record minimum high which means today forecast of high in tampa, 63. sarasota 65. the records are 70 and 72. certainly will be a chilly day. the record low for tonight is i don't think we will be that i don't think we will hit the tomorrow morning in the mid to upper 40s with lower 40s and 30s and the cold front. as a result we will end up with frost advisories along and east of us 19 in citrus county and
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into wednesday. the next stop of cooler air will stay to the north. means we won't get escrow. that would keep us on the warmer side but not too warm. by the time we get to thursday tomorrow. 82 wednesday. still looks like the weekend has a high chance for rain. especially into saturday. more sunday afternoon on easter. track all of us and the changes in the forecast on our app, wtsp . studio 10 live michael clayton decide to give broadway a try over the weekend.
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a competitive cheerleader sharing a bond with a dolphin. supergirl followed by scorpion. than the late show with stephen
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join us for 10 news this morning this week for your chance to win lottery scratch off tickets. the $10 million fortune game. the 10th caller with when a -- will win a gift card. we hope you will join us tomorrow morning. the broadway debut of michael clayton take -- took place over the weekend. he was in bullets over broadway. he talked about his acting debut. >> i think this was a great
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this people, the crowd was packed. >> i have never been on stage myself. with that many people in one room. it was a feeling that i was nervous and i was counting. i had to keep -- it had to be synchronized with the cocking of the gun. i think i am prepared now. >> he did a great job. the agents are calling for him for sure you get to see him weekdays on studio 10 live at 9 am. he had a lot of fun. there was a special meeting today at clearwater marina. take a look. juliana linton got a meeting with dolphins. she got to meet the human stars of the dolphin film. giuliani is a competitive cheerleader in texas and was
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>> we have never treated her any differently and she is really rambunctious and loves to do tumbling and cheer and anything else that the other kids do. it is never holding her back. >> this is only possible by limitless solutions. juliana spent the last weekend at ucf where she was surprised with a 3-d printed arm treated by limitless solutions. a nonprofit dedicated to helping children with limb loss. they have been so wonderful four --.. >> kids around the country with that help are doing great. >> to have that connection is great. >> thanks for joining us today and new. have a great day.
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morning for 10 news this
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