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tv   10 News This Morning at 600am  CBS  March 22, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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university parkway. this crash is actually right there on eastbound university parkway at the ramp and we have a lane blocked eastbound and some delays approaching the interchange. i will work to get more details on discretion we will get drive times. good tuesday morning. welcome to 10 news this morning. breaking news out of brussels. explosions have shut down the subway and the airport. >> this is what it sounded like moments after the explosions. you can see it there, chaos and brussels airport as people go running after the large explosions. jenny dean on top of all of the breaking developments in the story. information continues to pour
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>> reporter: authorities in belgium are now calling this a terror attack. we wanted to show you some of the damage with these explosions occurred. there were powerful enough to blowout windows and bring down ceilings. it was a pretty chaotic scene. take a look at this. this is the metro station and you can see smoke billowing out of that. with two expressions -- explosions at the airport and one at the metro station, around 8 am. killed and dozens more injured. the explosions happened around 8 am this morning. thousands of people had to be evacuated from the airport and they were sent out to the here's another shot of the transportation is shut down. these as terror attacks and they have raised the terrorism
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home until they can get the situation under control. an investigation underway after a fire and -- at a tampa gas station this morning. hazmat was called out but now no one around that area is in any danger. president obama is continuing his visiting cuba. the will be at the rays game this afternoon. president obama met with key ben -- cuban president raul castro. they talked about human rights and the trade embargo. later in the evening the present was honored at the state dinner. the president will enjoy of cuba's national sport when their baseball team takes on tampa bay rays. >> reporter: it is finally came day. the tampa bay rays are excited about this.
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between the rays and the cuban national team. i talk to players who joke they weren't sure they could get this overnight because they were so excited about the big game. it is here and have batting practice before noon today and the first which is scheduled for 1:50 pm. the present will be in the stands watch this history making ballgame. we would bring you some of the biggest moments. ian creates -- ian reitz. >> this is getting worldwide attention. we are proud to call the tampa bay rays our home team. >> if you want to watch the game you can do so because millions in-state you can watch that fans. banners are outside of bert's pete. the bar is the unofficial second home of the rays. they have cuban sandwiches today. a few thousand people are expected to watch this game today. star players, i like to
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they are passionate about the game and they have great players. i'm wondering how they will stack up against our raise.>> download the 10 news apt to get live updates. if this talk about cuba is making you curious about a trip, carnival cruise lines is making it easier. you can sail on a weeklong voyage to cuba on one of their ships. emerald morrow is live at the port of tampa. this is a few months away. in a spots left? some package deals available but you have to move quickly because there is not a lot of time before the ship set sail. here is what you need to know. the most important thing is that this will not just be it of soaking up the sun on the beach all day. it is going to be work you have to put in. the only way carnival got island is through a special cultural exchange provision so
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you have to be immersed in a cultural experience for eight hours a day. all of this will be coordinated through carnivals line called fathom which focuses on the special cultural trips. this will be the first time in 50 years that americans will have the opportunity to crews to cuba and hotels are on short supply. this will cut out the hassle of trying to find accommodations. air b&b is pushing business there as many cubans have been open to sharing their homes with visitors. there is another catch as you might imagine. that every american is going to be allowed to set sail on these greases and i'm looking now and there is a lot of fine print. i will have more on that coming up. reporting live, emerald morrow. voters in idaho, arizona
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nominee. hillary clinton is looking to extend her delegate lead while donald trump's rivals are looking to slow them down. both party front runners look for support in washington. >> when i become president the days of treating israel like a second-class citizen will end. >> we will need steady hands about a president who says he is neutral on monday and pro- israel on tuesday and who knows what on wednesday. >> bernie sanders skip the conference and campaigned in utah. 200 delegates are up for grabs today. new developments with the zika virus. tampa area is one of the nine cities in the us that could see a large number of the mosquitoes that carry the virus. cities on the east coast and along the gulf coast to new orleans could see a high number of these mosquitoes. just because we have abundance of these mosquitoes doesn't mean we will see a bad outbreak
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than in south america is that we are good at mosquito control. workers are monitoring types of mosquitoes so they know where to focus efforts. stomach apple ceo opened a product launch and a promise to data. the event came one day before in court against the fbi. that hearing is postponed after officials may have found a way to unlock the iphone of one of the san bernardino attackers without apple's help. abuse a candle pay attention to this. if you have a pre-2013 device updated by today. if you haven't updated your kindle in a while you'll lose your connection and you will be able to download books. haskell county. investigators are trying to learn the identity of skeletal remains found in a wooded area near hudson. indications are that it could
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manatee county. it will be easier for you to get the st. petersburg. public transit will offer a new route that will take you across the sunshine skyway bridge. buses will run monday through friday and cost five dollars each way. 11-year-old takes police on a high-speed chase. >> he is driving a cement truck. that story at 6:37 am. >> this service dog has an eye for art and it is bringing in the big bucks. watch 10 news this morning for your chance to win 150 scratch off tickets and a 55 inch tv. the next chances coming up. let's go outside to 275 and jefferson street. traffic is moving along pretty good right now. it gets busy in this area. road warrior hilary zalla is keeping an eye on the roadways
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good morning. your time is 6:12 am. here is the bridge update. we are picking up out there but the howard frankland bridge is quiet. 275 northbound into tampa no delays yet. drivetime is six minutes across. the gandy bridge and campbell the same thing. the skyway bridge quiet time with a drivetime of 17 minutes. we are not dealing with high winds at the top. watch the frost at hernando county. it is a cold start and most areas of the 40s but a nice warm-up gets going today. we will make 76 degrees. tomorrow we will make 81. humidity will pay back up a
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cold front approaching and this is an rain from the front but there will be afternoon showers and storms. look at the temperatures in the mid-80s. cooler air trying to get back behind a cold front and i will talk about that coming up. it is tuesday, march 22. >> this is yet eye-opener. the brussels airport is evacuated after two explosions. it happened early this morning and hundreds of people were trying to check in. >> it is some dangerous world. we get the kind of chaos that obama gives. >> who should be the party's presidential nominee. a gas pump catches fire. hazmat called out to clean up the mess. we don't know what caused the fire.
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go out there and spend time with them. >> the tampa bay rays will make history as they take on the cuban national team in havana. president obama will throw out the first pitch. of you are just tuning in here other headlines. 62nd scan. custody of a six-year-old federal law on monday. the young girl had one .5% tribe in the indian child welfare act to gain custody. she is being sent to live with relatives in utah. the town's dismal finances will force government services to shut down for three weeks next month. police, fire and dedication will continue working without pay until tax money comes in. if the city doesn't get state 80 could be in a similar situation in a few more months. new rules from the fda could limit the number of
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it passes no one under 18 would be allowed to use the bed regardless of parental consent. adults would have to sign a waiver every six months acknowledging the risk of indoor tanning. one dog is channeling his inner picasso in new york. collectors are paying hundreds. dagger is a long island service dog dropout who was taken up into. scholars from paint palettes and the only help he needs is someone turning the campus. the right now they sell for $200. the great thing is that the proceeds go to the place that dagger came from. >> that is amazing. it all goes back to the folks getting service dogs. let's go to road warrior hilary zalla as we head into the 6:00 our. >> we're seeing accidents and delays. let's look in pinellas county.
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19 at roosevelt. it doesn't look like it is blocking a lane but you will see police on scene so make sure you are being slow passing that. in manatee county, i 75 at university parkway, an accident. eastbound lanes of university at the i 75 ramp. if you are headed this way there is a lane blocked and we're seeing some slower moving traffic on university approaching the interchange. make sure you are giving yourself extra time if you are heading out the door. let's check out the morning rush hour. it hasn't started yet. it is still quiet. this is to 75 at fowler avenue. the drivetime is 50 minutes from the apex down to i-4. the time to get out the door because we are not seeing any stop and go conditions.
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still very good. no delays at the downtown interchange yet. selmon expressway drivers, 17 minutes from 75 to gandy boulevard. polk county and lakeland, no issues this morning. no accidents. polk parkway and i-4 looking quiet. if you have problems send me an email. i am your road warrior and if you have safety issues i am helping a tampa neighborhood right now was speeding issues on the streets. email me, road warrior at email me, good morning. it is cold out there this morning. 40s and 30s on the map but as we were talking earlier, you see the coldest temperatures a half an hour before sunrise. we have some time before this number will warm up. 38 crystal river. 37 brooksville. 40s pascoe county.
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county. 50 bradenton. 45 sarasota. lake woodbranch 44. 50 tampa. safety harbor 55. zephyrhills 37. we are cooler than yesterday, 10 to 30 degrees cooler for most areas. we have light wind and dry air and he gives you good cooling. there is wind along the bay. if you cross the bridge is you will notice that any moderate chop on the bay. we also have a frost advisory precentral hernando and citrus county. take a picture and send it to me , bobby destin weather. we will go mostly sunny for today. a beautiful day out there.
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we will warm up. busstop forecast that is chilly. right now visibility is pretty good. this is tampa bay downs. it should say -- stay sunny all day. the afternoon will be warm so jackets this morning and you could get away with shorts if they won't be at the busstop for too long. we will warm up. here is the forecast model and not allowed to show you except for the temperatures. 68 by 1:00 today and we were 58 and 1:00 yesterday. big-time changes. we will look at 73 to 76 for daytime highs today and sunrise is 7:31 am. moderate chop on the bay. northeast winds will go to the northwest around 5 to 15 kn. warmer this afternoon and not as cold tonight. tomorrow we keep the high
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we will go to about 81 degrees for tomorrow. a few afternoon showers and storms on thursday. friday a few showers and a better chance on saturday with a cold front approaching and it will take us until monday to get that front to the area. easter sunday, the second half of the day looks to be the rainiest which means the first half should be on the dry side. we will track that for you. catch the forecast on the radio, 94.9, 105.5, 106.9, and 92.5. here's your chance to win 150 florida lottery scratch off tickets and a $50 home depot gift card. call the number on your screen,
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wins. >> we're months away from the republican national convention of the host city of cleveland is spending millions of security. >> why that is not sitting well with the people who live there. will watchers get an unexpected surprise. the video for you at 6:26 am. a live look downtown st. petersburg over the donnelly museum. a beautiful morning. right now it is 6:21 am. bundle up with you are going
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how at the roadways. >> some delays. us 19 down to 26 miles per hour through palm harbor. if you
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drivetime is 11 minutes. things are picking up out there. nice weatherwise out there. grab a jacket for this morning. on the ride home today, the mid- 70s. traveling today, northeast has cleared up at the west in the united states is where the issue is now. north of la. san francisco up to seattle is a challenge. cubans will soon be able to serve free internet at speeds 70 times fasters that's available right now. google will open an online technology center with laptops and cell phones and google hopes the studio will be part of a larger effort to bring internet access to the people. will watchers got a where experience when they got to see a killer whale. >> 40 killer whales came up to the side of the boat. there was a sudden burst and a
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for 10 minutes and the whales took turns pushing the newborns to the surface. >> that is the part i love the most. getting them up against the side of the boat. that is great. >> that is quite the experience and seeing them watch -- tj newborn to swim. >> i just wanted to see some whales. more calming across tampa bay. could cost you more money. breaking news out of brussels. live right now. standstill after an explosion station.
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our gardens have evolved. we can run them from anywhere. make them greener faster. drop them and watch them bloom. they're 5-star worthy, grown regionally... and keep their color... a lot, lot longer. these gardens are the next generation of blooming. bring on spring, with bonnie herbs & vegetables plants four for $10. wrap the jacket. it is cold out there this morning. out the door forecast, 40s and 30s. some of the coldest air we have seen or will see until next fall. a warm up get started later today. 60 degrees by 10:00 and
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over. warmer temperatures and lots of sunshine. the details in the forecast coming up. hotspots at 6:30 am. i am road warrior hilary zalla. there is an accident on us 19 right at golf bay. we are trying to get the exact location. we are on our way to this crash. this is 19 at golf bay. traffic is looking okay here but we are hearing that a then struck a psa bus shelter. i am allison croft. >> breaking news out of brussels. the airport and the subway station are if activated after explosions. the first two explosions
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>> authorities are saying it is the work of terrorists. jenny dean is on top of the developments. this attack is putting other countries on alert. >> they are increasing security at airports in london and france and both countries leaders plan to hold emergency meetings later today. we want you to look at the damage and the chaos at the brussels airport. authorities saying at least one suicide bomber saw explosions there. the happened near the departure area around 8 am which is rush hour. thousands of people had to quickly evacuate the airport and the metro station. to three people killed and 13 at the airport and 10 at the metro. dozens of others injured. public transportation is shutdown today in brussels. they are telling everyone to stay home. that man was caught just four
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attacks in november. authorities are calling these terror attacks and at least one suicide bomber was involved. president obama is getting updated on the situation. voters in idaho, arizona and utah head to the polls today to decide who should be the party presidential nominee. all five contenders did their best to set their selves apart during appearances. the candidates except bernie sanders addressed. israel conference in washington. gearing up for the republican national convention. they will spend $50 million for o'bryant and security gear. police are adding batons to the budget. special groups in the area want full disclosure but the city says it is not violating the law by staying silent because they are protecting the republican national committee there. fans.
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the game starts at 2 pm today and players and staff members have been talking -- taking it all in down there including matt moore who will start today's game. >> it makes us think about it and you have more respect for what we are doing here. how much excitement there is >> it coincides with president nation and he will be at the first pitch. the rays are the first major team to play in cuba since cuba. carnival cruise is setting the sale starting may 1. emerald this is exciting news for people who are trying to go there. >> reporter: this is all about cultural exchange and less about taking a vacation for leisure say. people who were born in cuba
6:34 am
on this carnival cruises in fact if you are thinking about going on this trip, [ silence ]. could be anything from teaching english to the locals to meeting with cuban groups and exchanging cultural information. many say this could be a great learning experience that has been unavailable to americans for so many years. carnival will coordinate cultural exchange as you sail on a 700 passenger ship two different ports, including one in havana. the price for the excursion dropped from $3000 two different ports, including one in havana. the price for the excursion dropped from $3000-$1800 plus meals. if you are wondering if you will have any tips about coming out of the poor. these upcoming cruises to cuba
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to happen here in tampa. reporting live in tampa, emerald morrow. former professional wrestler hulk hogan wins again in a punishing blow to the gossip website gawker. the jury awarded him $25 million in punitive damages. that is on top of $150 million awarded on friday. in all, $140 million. one juror spoke out after being dismissed by the judge. she says the jury wanted to send a message. >> i went into that deliberation thinking one way and watching that video and i did -- and i felt like if you knew he was being videotaped [ indiscernible - low volume ]. >> if the verdict and damages are upheld it would be the end of gawker. one drag isn't taking a spring break in the bay area and overwhelming number of overdoses are hitting the
6:36 am
officials say a bad batch of it may be hitting the homeless and the cost to you is high. >> it affects hopefully we can get to other patients in the city that aren't experiencing spice emergencies. >> first responders say all of the ambulance rides because of overdoses are causing tens of thousands of dollars. people from the turnpike are building a test track near polk parkway. the parties of the ledger are reporting the $56 million track would be used to test technology developed by students at polytechnic. property in that area is negotiated. the end of the spring break trip didn't go as planned for two teenagers when one had a crash landed plane onto a golf course. christian dell is a certified pilot and he was flying home to kansas with his girlfriend when the engine died in the plane started falling to the ground. they weren't going to make it
6:37 am
an emergency landing at the 14th role of a golf course. both teenagers are doing okay. >> thinking. this is the last thing you speed chase. a cement truck and it is driven that is what happened in dodge ctr., minnesota. the boy stole a truck and drove speeds up to 70 miles per hour. and agencies were called in. nobody was hurt. 's >> everybody was out with their cameras. it look like a parade. i had no clue what was going on. he was smiling and pointing and hollering. he was having a good time. >> when the boy tried to run away he was caught. cape canaveral will have an important piece of technology.
6:38 am
they want to start a large- scale fire in space. it is thorstein this -- it is for scientists to study. tonight launch is scheduled for 11:05 pm. tomorrow, watch the skies closely for a partial lunar eclipse. it won't last long. the best time to see it will be at 7:48 am our time tomorrow morning. greeting between two world leaders is all the talk this morning. >> a picture having the internet asking questions. one rule for future tenants and it requires not voting for a certain politician. you will hear why, coming up. march madness and we want to see those photos of yours with the superstition like a lucky jersey was sitting in a lucky chair. from now until march 30 share
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chance to win a watch party for 10. one winner will be picked march 31. tonight on 10 news. 8:00 ncis, ncis new orleans, limitless and 10:00. news at 11:00. and then the late show with
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6:42 am. we are picking up out there across the bay but still no heavy delays into tampa on the howard frankland bridge. if you are heading across the bridge onto 75 north towards the kennedy exit you are a little slower but still only six minutes to cross. the sunshine skyway is pretty quiet. you can see traffic is running smoothly. drivetime is 17 minutes from pinellas point drive down 75. great visibility and no rain out there for the morning commute.
6:43 am
next rain chance is thursday. may be in the afternoon. a few showers on friday. we can forecast, but the rain chance now looks to be saturday at 60%. easter sunday is the second half of the day that brings the best chance for rain so the first half looks a little bit better for sunrise services. i will talk about that coming up. here is the sports lineup for tuesday. begin today. havana. the rays and the cuban national chris fischer is in gainesville propos day there. an interview with vernon hargrave. that is a look at sports today. on top of breaking news at a brussels where the airport and subway station have been evacuated after explosions this morning.
6:44 am
to explosions happened at the airport during rush hour were hundreds were passengers checking in. no word on who could be behind the attacks. 100 delegates are up for grabs today. >> donald trump is predicted to win arizona. senator ted cruz is hoping to win the majority of delegates in utah. bernie sanders is looking to stop clintons momentum with upsets in their three races. a store day for baseball fans. the team tampa bay rays will play in havana today. >> the first time a major league team will play in cuba since the baltimore orioles in 1999. the game starts at 2 pm today and coincides with president obama's visit to the island nation. he will be there for the game throwing out the first pitch. obama has met with cuban president raul castro. we have a lot of fun going on
6:45 am
ian reitz will be there and we are looking forward to his report all day coming up on 10 news at 5:00 and 6:00 tonight. obama and castro make a historic moment so awkward. president obama and cuban president raul castro had an awkward high-five handshake limp wrist grab thing. it was at a news conference. as they went to pose for pictures castro held up obama's arm but instead of grasping hands his arm goes limp as castro holds it up in the air. naturally people are asking questions about this. did the president now want to hold his hand. whatever the reason here it made for an entertaining moment. a lot of people on the internet trying to figure out what was going on. >> it repeats over and over again. it is hilarious.
6:46 am
>> i think you missed the grab. >> and then you get that one snapshot. check it out again. search for allison kropff. a colorado man is getting national attention for his unique rental requirements that a property he owns. to rent one room in his victorian house mark holmes once the usual. rent paid on time, quiet tenant, and the person cannot support donald trump. >> this is where my quiet space his philosophy and the information he is spewing and the way he spews it, i don't want it around me. >> this may sound like trump supporters are just one race or one orientation. he is within his rights.
6:47 am
tenants right now that his phone has been ringing off the hook with angry trump we have an accident in into a bus stop shelter on us 19 near e. bay dr. let's go live it is in the southbound lanes of the frontage road. you can see that suv with caution tape around it and the bus stop shelter next to it to no injuries so far reported. the police officer on scene there. traffic is not affected by this. main lanes of 19 are doing fine. look at this. lots of people out there heading to work. headlights i-
6:48 am
the drivetime getting up there, 20 minutes from the apex down to i-4 onto 75 southbound. give yourself some time. we also have an accident in hillsborough county and this is on dell maybury highway. blocking a southbound lane at hillsborough avenue and you can see that on the map. we are seeing a delay on dell maybury. in sarasota county, accident on university parkway on to 75 has cleared out so not causing any problems this morning. you can see i-75 looking pretty good. polk county and lakeland looking good. polk parkway and i-4 no issues so far. if you are traveling into tampa to 75 we're seeing a delay. if you have any problems other words, send me an email. i am your road warrior and i will look at any traffic problems you have. just email me,
6:49 am
downright cold for many and we are in the mid-30s. we have a frost advisory. it will actually verify in many locations because of that. not at the immediate coast. central and eastern parts of the county. 50 in tampa is a warmer spot. 45 in sarasota. 44 in lakewood ranch. the warmest spot on the map is st. pete and 58. 55 safety harbor. plant city, 43. valrico 41. it is called. we are looking at northeasterly winds in clearwater and c&p. everybody else is basically come and that has allowed temperatures to cool but the northeast wind will warm us up later today. we have the high clouds sinking south and the fast advisories
6:50 am
and expire around 9:00. if you are traveling today things look really good because high pressure. the sun is starting to come up. sunrise at 7:31 am. looking nice up there with great visibility. 76 today. the warmest numbers will be in mind but after a cold start it will be a nice warm up this afternoon. mid-60s yesterday that will make 73 today. that is just below the average of 78. tonight, not as cold. low to mid 50s for everybody. there will be a few upper 40s but that is almost 12 degrees warmer than where we are right now. the warm up continues over the next several days which means 80 tomorrow. low to mid-80s by thursday. trying to get cooler air back. it will stay for the to the
6:51 am
right now in the 40s and 30s, we may not see those numbers in the mornings until fall. we are gradually warming things up and look at the models. 80 tomorrow and dry. 83 to 85 on thursday with afternoon showers and storms. 80 on friday. a cold front approaches and it looks like it will take all we can to get here. saturday is a good chance at 60%. easter sunday has a good chance for rain in the second half of the day. we will slightly cool but keep the upper 70s to low 80s. you can catch the forecast in the newspaper. we teamed up with the tampa bay times and the ledger. find our forecast in the weather section. we take you to break. so far it is a good start to the day in tampa. we will get you caught up on
6:52 am
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this is an interesting collaboration. a country music icon is teaming up with one of pop's biggest names. dolly parton and katy perry will take the stage together. people to a duet for the first time at the academy of country music awards. watch that live here coming up april 8. interesting. unexpectedly good. >> let's get a check of the roadways. >> let's look at their at 275. theory delayed out there. it is taking you now over 20 minutes from the apex down to i- 4 so i will be on top of the
6:56 am
will both be back at 7:26 am. construct this morning with jackets and 30s and 40s but going to the 70s today. the baseball game is today. high clouds will remain there it will be breezy with a north street -- northeasterly wind. a great day for baseball. >> ian reitz will be there. he will have an update throughout the day. we are staying on top of breaking news at a brussels where the airport and subway station have been evacuated after explosions this morning. >> at least 22 people dead and many more hurt. at least two explosions happened at the airport during rush hour were hundreds of passengers were checking and. cbs this morning will have all you need to know starting at 7 am. we will continue to update you on this on the 10 news out.
6:57 am
headlines as well. thank you for joining us. hope you have a great day. look forward to seeing you back
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