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tv   10 News at Noon  CBS  March 22, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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good afternoon. think you for joining us today. isis claims responsibility for blasts in brussels that killed 31 people and injured 200. emergency workers are going through the site of three explosions and two at the brussels airport and one at a metro station. people and injured 81.
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and injured 100. blasts. the attack comes days after the arrest of isis palmer salah abdeslam. >> reporter: survivors ran for the airport terminal in dozens are injured after two powerful explosions. one blast caved in a ceiling on some travelers and throughout the terminal windows. an unexploded device possibly a this woman was with her daughter who is now missing. >> my husband called and he is there looking for her. >> three missionaries from utah less than a half-hour later an explosion ripped through a subway station during the morning rush hour during the us -- near the us embassy. a dozen people killed and 100
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some passengers had to find their way out through dark tunnels. says what we feared as happen. president obama called him from >> thoughts and prayers of the american people are with you we stand in solidarity with >> just days after the arrest of some ladd. -- salah abdeslam. >> they were concerned he was going to talk to authorities and they did this. >> police shut down the entire people should stay home. tina krause, cbs news. a us law enforcement official tells cbs a state missing. across the us. craig boswell continues.
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passengers as they waited to board trains at the union station. >> it gives me comfort knowing security has tightened because of what is going on. it is also scary. >> the same at new york penn station. a major hub where commuter rails meet the subway. >> we in new york city stand ready to fight against terror in every way. >> the heightened security at us airports and train stations is meant to prevent a brussels style terror attack which targeted travelers in maximum impact. >> airports and subways, the perfect place for them to conduct an attack. >> law enforcement say they have trained for situations just like this. >> the kind of attacks in brussels are one of many risks that the washington metro region studies and prepares for and drills for. >> dave snyder helped coordinate emergency preparedness for the nation's capital.
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>> they see a suitcase for example or someone walking and usually it is critical to contact authorities. we need to repeat that day in >> the increased security does not lead to a specific threat caution. craig boswell. emphasized the terrorist want us to live in fear civic -- lives as we normally would. president obama addressed from havana. people. in cuba which includes throwing out the first pitch at the hours. chris martinez is in cuba. >> reporter: president obama began his address in cuba reassuring americans and the
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those who threaten the safety around the world. >> he told the cuban people the reason for his visit. >> i have come here to bury the last remnants of the cold war >> the president said the two differences but encouraged history. >> even if we live to be part of tomorrow, cubans would not realize their potential without continue changing cuba. >> president obama is meeting opponents and dissidents at the u.s. army -- embassy. the first family is attending an exhibition baseball game this afternoon with a widow and daughter of the late hall of famer jackie robinson. chris martinez. cbs news. ian reitz is in havana with the team. at 5:00. the travel bug and you want to
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emerald morrow explains. >> reporter: carnival cruise lines is the first cruise line in more than 50 years to to the island but there is a if you are planning to take one of these trips you will have to day taking part in cultural our partners at the tampa bay everything from teaching locals to meeting with cuban groups and exchanging cultural information. we're getting for the carnival will use 700 passenger ship to take you down there. it will visit reports including havana. all of this will be coordinated through a special line call fathom which focuses on these trips. because hotels are in short supply, this could cut out the hassle of trying to find accommodations once you get there. the question is what about the price.
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seven-day excursion could be yours but make sure you act soon because there is a lot of i want to let you know about says the only way carnival got it a cultural exchange, people who were born in cuba but later became us citizens are not eligible. emerald morrow. 10 news. former toronto mayor former toronto mayor rob ford has died. he was battling a rare aggressive form of cancer for the last two years. he made headlines for his drinking problems and drug use. he was elected to city council. he was 46 years old. station. see what caused a gas pump to go up in flames. re-signs. new use.
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warehouse lofts. a health alert for tampa bay. but researchers are saying about the zika virus that has our area on notice. bobby destin is watching the temperatures. >> the coldest air we will see for the month. we're headed the numbers back up to the 70s for today but there is even warmer air back out to the west and i will let you know how hot it will go coming out. it is march madness and we want to see the photos of your superstitious traditions. the things you do get the win. share those photos with us on our facebook page and while you are there enter for your chance to win a catered watch party
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one drug isn't taking a spring break in the bay area. overdoses hitting the area. clearwater to tampa to st. pete , a bad batch of it synthetic drug spice responsible. it may be hitting the homeless. >> it affects how quickly we the city that aren't experiencing a spice emergency. ambulance rides are costing tens of thousands of dollars. temper area is one of nine cities in the us that could see a large number of mosquitoes that carry the zika virus. cities on the east coast could see a high number of these
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virus. the difference here rather than control. the workers here are monitoring numbers of mosquitoes and they rules from the fda could limit the number of people who no one under 18 years old would regardless of parental consent. adults would have to sign a acknowledges the risk of indoor tanning. wawa gas pump fire at bears avenue in north hillsborough county. deputies have charge an arizona man with dui after they say he pushed his rental car into the pump. the pump caught fire and was put out. chad weber did about $10,000 in damage to the gas pump and 3000 in damages to the car. ceo and director of a tennis tournament is now out of a job. raymond moore step down last night after outrage sparked by
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women's pro tennis players at a press conference.>> they are very very lucky. if i were a lady player i would every night get down on my knees and thank god that roger federer were born because they carry the sport. >> he did apologize for the comments before resigning. >> new places for people to call home and seminole heights. tampa mayor bob buckhorn and developer of the warehouse lofts cut the ribbon on a 54 unit building. the restored building has 44 lofts and 62 bedroom apartments. there is a garden, clubroom and 4000 ft.2 of space. >> people are flocking back in here. it is a mix of historic bungalows and buildings like this, florida avenue has some of the best restaurants. it
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neighborhood in close proximity to downtown. that will continue tenfold. >> this is the first major new development in seminole heights in recent memory. if you are out this morning you know it was cold outside. you could tell. it will warm up. >> we set records yesterday because it was a chilly. look at the numbers. the record minimum high which means the lowest of the high temperature in tampa for yesterday was 70 but we only made it to 66 so we made a record there. in sarasota, 65 in tampa and 66 in sarasota. both places set record minimum highs. this morning the coldest morning, 36 degrees in crystal river. 48 in tampa. st. pete down to about 57.
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you can see lakeland now with 43 degrees. lakewood ranch 43 as well. it was cold out there. big-time warm up underway. 60s now and 70 in kentwood. sarasota at 68 right now. davis islands 58. riverview at 62. this is one of the reasons why we're warming up. it is out of the east and the northeast and that is the warmer wind that will go 5 to 10 for the remainder of the afternoon. plenty of sunshine out there and we will keep that for the rest of the afternoon. hermas is really drive. you can see blue skies and same thing a clearwater beach. it will be a nice day and the beaches better today than yesterday. visibility is looking good. florida southern college is the
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highs today, 73 to 76 today. the averages 77. sunset tonight set 7:43 pm. watch for a full moon and a little bit of an eclipse tomorrow morning after 8:10 am. jupiter should be right there next to the moon. red wings are in town. clear and cool and the sun will be setting. 70 degrees right before the game starts. a great nine -- night to hang out before the game starts at amway arena. lower 50s and a few upper 40s for hernando but no frost advisories like we had last night. everybody will be warm. we will continue that trend. high pressure moves off the coast and winds go not only east but everything go southeast tomorrow afternoon. that is a warmer wind. it brings back emitted a. thursday southeast winds and
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a few showers and the best chance of rain on the east coast. 30 to 40% chance in eastern polk county and high linn county and less to get back towards the coast. the frontal boundary with isolated showers on friday. this boundary will push through but it will take until sunday night before that happens. lots of warm air ahead of it. generally in the 80s. there is school air trying to get through. we won't pull off too much. by the time the front gets through here into monday and tuesday i think we will couple a little bit. i think we have seen the coldest air now that we will see for some time. looking at the extended forecast, i don't see anything like what we just saw. first week and a half of april. easter sunday. i think saturday will be quite a bit of a rainy day.
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sunday morning easter, 7:25 am sunrise. the first half of the day is quite and a 40% chance in the second half of the day. you can catch the forecast online and on our out. -- app. get weather for anywhere across the country. absolutely free. search wtsp in the app store. the mormon missionaries from utah were among those killed in brussels attacks. the church of jesus christ of latter-day saints said the three were seriously injured while dropping off another missionary at the airport. emergency workers are going through the site of explosions. download our 10 news up to get
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throughout the day at our 10 news app. we will follow this throughout the day and the new updates. still to come, they are celebrating 43 years with the show, the young and the restless. what they're saying about the show's popularity. >> it is not a bird or a plane but a teacher. that story coming up next. here is what is coming up tonight. 8:00 ncis and then ncis new
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watch 10 news this morning for your chance to 1 150 florida scratch off tickets. the 10th caller will win.
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a grand prize winner will win atv. fans have come to you love the young and the restless. today stephanie web interview eight peter bergman about the shows staying power. >> reporter: i think the show tries to be as real as it can. on a daily basis. we have to try to make it as real as we can. is the closest i've ever said to him. >> we have never been this physically close. >> they are paying is a lot. >> catch them weekdays at 12:30 pm after 10 news at noon. a surprise for hillsborough county middle school teachers. today is diane mckeith final day at teacher of the year. they help to go out like a superhero. the real heroes are the teachers.
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middle magnet school. >> it was a most exciting thing i have done all year. i want to do it again. i think it was pretty amazing because she look like a real superhero and she is. she has taught so many children at our school and has changed the lives of so many. >> she has. we know that guy. there is griffin. she received a lifetime award. >> teachers are huge, the things they do every day. i wanted to touch base for the baseball game in havana. partly cloudy skies and breezy but it will be rain free. temperatures will be 76 when the game starts. >> it is bright and sunny out there. thank you for joining us today
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>> phyllis: here' s to broken chairs and this wonderful blanket -- the only things keeping us warm. >> billy: now, don' t forget the red wine, of course. >> phyllis: oh, yes, the red wine. and to day one of your new life, billy abbott. >> billy: day one. does it matter if it' s night? >> phyllis: here' s a hint -- take a fresh start when you can get it. >> billy: i will take that hint, and thank you for your amazing pep talk about moving into the place. >> phyllis: well, you' d be a moron if you said no to moving into katherine' s house. >> billy: well, i' m a moron often, so thank for saving me from myself. >> phyllis: she was such a gutsy lady. she really lived a good life. it'


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