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tv   10 News at 600pm  CBS  March 22, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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explosions at a brussels airport and subway station. 31 people were killed and 200 others were. belgians interior ministry says authorities knew about a possible threat in europe but they weren't expecting an attack this large. a manhunt is underway for one suspect and police raids around belgium are intensifying. prosecutors say a house search in the brussels neighborhoods uncovered an explosive device containing nails. investigators found chemical products and islamic state flag. does attack started at 8 am local time where explosions happened at the airport. an hour later another explosion rocked a subway station. >> a closer look at what happened inside the airport. and new york times has pinpointed the activity. people ran for cover as blasts and
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everything and evacuate. two bombers blew themselves up and a third bomber was taken down. the perimeter of the airport is sealed off and won't reopen until thursday. when i was outside i saw two people that were covered in blood. and lots of people whose hands were covered with blood. >> everyone was panicking. everything and everyone is crying. this is the first time i saw such a thing in my life. >> and intense scene in central florida. law enforcement presence as a plane arrives from brussels. the plane took off moments before the bombs rocked at the airport in belgium. the passengers didn't learn about the attack until they landed
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we only knew, my family told me. >> i am blessed to be back. >> a security check the bags of all passengers. orlando and miami airports beefing up security. so far no changes. >> most airports don't screen passengers until they get past the check-in area but what if they did. mark rivera shows us if that is a reality for some. >> reporter: this is what eclamptic down airport looks like. this is in tel aviv. before you park your car you have to first go through a there are tons of speed them so greeted and questioned by an armed police officer. this is what it looks like pulling up. that officer may ask you about what you are doing and where
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look from another angle. they can search your car at that time if they think it is necessary. then you can go through and park. when you finally get to the airport doors with your luggage and family you find the outside and the inside are covered with armed police officers and some in plainclothes. then another point of security contact. before we to the counter passengers can be questioned by train to security. think of those changes like that being implemented at temp international airport. the question is, what would you put up with to feel safe. mark rivera, 10 news. you can answer that question on our facebook page and get live updates on the terror attacks with our news app . 10 news crime alert. north port. police are looking for these men who they say stole jewelry
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an open house and use the homeowners credit card at stores. open houses do just that, they open your house to the public. how to protect your valuables. >> reporter: open houses are a quick way for buyers to view many homes in a day and easy prey for thieves. >> normally they are looking for opportunities and that if they have is distracted they will do this and walk-in and start looking for the drawers and they may pick up something and slide it into the pocket. >> that easy says a realtor. before showing he gives homeowners this advice. >> something that is value to them, put it away. >> client should remove prescription drugs. >> people want to steal drugs and especially prescription drugs. they will sell them on the open market and that is an easy thing for them to grab off the
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>> this is an ipad and a notebook. the ipads can fit into a purse. >> keep car keys and personal mail out of sight. depersonalize the home with foaming -- of family photos. >> the house will be vacant and they may come back and take items. >> collectibles are nice to display but they can lure thieves. realtors say plan on moving anyway and pack them up before showing your home. >> realtors tried to follow buyers but it is not always possible. >> we can have it as low as three or four or 30 people. isabel mascareas. you can take another look at the suspect on our free 10 news wtf.
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to air divers crashed into each other. one skydiver landed at sky dive city. the second landed on county road 54. both men recovering at temp a general. president obama wrapping up his visit in cuba today. his first address to the cuban people encouraged more open society. he pushed for the safety and security of all people following the terror attacks in belgium. obama went on to comment about us cuba relations and if they but encouraged cubans to determine their own destiny. the history but. >> they wrapped up their game ian reitz was there for most of the game. a crowd of 55,000. excitement in the stands.
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tampa bay and all around the world. the rays won that game, four-1. it became more about this call -- baseball. we saw the first family arrive at the president and the secretary of state. the present greeted members of the tampa bay rays and check their hands. we talked about an atmosphere and you have to see what it looked like in the hours leading up. then started lining up this morning and were allowed into the stadium at 11:00. they were excited to interact with the tampa bay rays players. st. pete mayor rick kriseman is on the trip. he is traveling with the team. we talked about how this game sets the region apart as the relationship continues to change with the us and cuba. >> we are so proud of our team
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ambassador not only of our city but of our country. the players and the administration and ownership. and that is the message we are trying to send to the rest of the world is that we are a welcoming community and our team represents that. i can't think of anybody better to represent major league baseball than the rays and the city than the rays.>> you can hear some of the cheers. the president and family left a during the third inning. these are the cheers for the first family. i caught up with rays fans from the area. we will hear from some of them coming up tonight at 11:00. for a father and son this was a unique experience. as for the team they would get on a plane in the next two
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resume spring training as normal tomorrow. it has been an exciting few days. i talked to the manager of the team before the game started. has the historical context sunk in and he said he will probably hit it when he gets home. live, ian reitz. taking a look county by county now, polk county, a big playground in the form of a test track. florida turnpike is thinking about building a track that could be a cipher technology being developed by the students. this project would break ground next year. if approved. a new parking garage in sarasota county st. our bond circle moving forward. the plans include an additional
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the $15 million project will be assessment these. cars starting through a decorated neighborhood. >> can anything be done. a problem in a tampa neighborhood. the city isn't doing enough, residents claim. i am working to get answers. the sun is getting lower. a gorgeous sunset tonight
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a south tampa neighborhood is looking for relief from speeding on the streets.>> they turned to road warrior hilary zalla for help. traffic was busy in the south tampa neighborhood yesterday. erratic drivers doing 5 miles per hour. if only this traffic was all that residents had to worry about. >> we have no relief from the streets. i suspect that someone will get hit by a car at some point. >> we are talking about cars, the ones neighbor claims speed passer homes and use russell as a cup or. >> every resident on the street has their own four-story.>> like ramona mueller is son is hearing impaired. >> we want to make sure he here -- he hears the oncoming cars. >> there are 30 homes.
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day. residents are trying to get help from the city with no luck. it is not for a lack of trying. neighbors have sent pages and pages of email with the city. they don't feel like enough is being done. >> it is disheartening. >> neighbors want stop signs and speed bumps installed. >> it would be great to see the street -- street be safer. >> the city has agreed to install two additional 25 miles per hour speed limit signs . they also tell me they were reevaluate the intersection of russell and bay street for stop signs. it is not everything but a star. i am road warrior hilary zalla. if you have an issue you would like hillary to investigate, said an email,
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also send a tweet. her mother is hiding. [ laughter ]. we have mom in town. she told me she is concerned about this weekend rain which i joined in with the. -- with her. >> we are talking weekend rain. if you have a wednesday off tomorrow is looking spectacular and this evening you will be in great shape. you will see a lot of blue sky and temperatures that want to be as chilly as they were yesterday. we will have southeast winds that will compensate for that
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storm tracker 10 is quiet. temperatures are still comfortable. we have 60 soquel in some spots but low 70s. 71 tampa. 70 bradenton. 72 the current reading and sarasota. 69 odessa. a little bit of the breeze into them nature coast but not as strong as yesterday. not hammering in the cold air the way we were doing 24 hours ago. that will be the key over the next few days, we will start seeing the winds coming back around out of the east and later out of the southeast pulling up warmer air but more humid air. that for us will stop showers and thunderstorms chances but for now we keep his chances. tampa will get down to 47 tonight.
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inland cooler. you don't have the warmer gulf waters to warm you up so low 50s for you. we were warm things up big time. 80s it back in the forecast. even with all the rain we are expecting this weekend 80s will stay in the forecast. light chop on the bay tomorrow. low tide just before 9 am and high tide at 3:00 tomorrow. with the high pressure in place southeast wind starts to warm up the area. thursday and friday stay warm. by thursday we start adding in the rain chances and you can see straight showers working in thursday evening. the frontal boundary will come in on friday and unfortunately it will stall. shower chances in the forecast not just to the weekend but we don't clear out until tuesday.
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heads up that there is a possibility we could get strong isolated severe thunderstorms saturday and sunday as well. lots of folks will be outside on easter sunday. be prepared for that. strange site in the sky coming up. is that a bird or a plane. it is a teacher surprising one
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the atmosphere was electric and the players seem to be soaking it up enjoying it. major league baseball in havana today. the race including the two presidents. the race took the hand -- field hand-in-hand with the cubans. brad miller tries to center and santos does a sliding catch. the big hitter was james body with an rbi single and a homer in the fourth. the rays won the game. everyone has seen a winner today.
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they play eight spring training game on saturday. they will be back in tampa tonight and have a game in fort myers with the minnesota twins tomorrow. hand in tonight's lineup. he is not ready. callahan wasn't even on the ice. jon cooper said after the morning that his guys will have to be tougher. they have to when the loose pucks and paper checks. the players agreed they have to be playing their best hockey of these last 10 games they really are the plane the best right now? >> no. that was of the best hockey. we can always do better. i have a lot of faith in the guys. and the leadership we have. putting everything together. >> growing up in tampa and
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>> could he go to the buccaneers of the draft? fisher had a one-on-one interview at the gators per day. you can see that tonight at 11:00. today is the final day as teacher of the year. this is a way to remind us all that the real heroes are teachers. she teaches inkless and williams magnet school. >> it was the most exciting thing i have done all year. i want to do it again. >> i think it was pretty amazing because he look like a real superhero and is one because
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and has helped so many as well. >> she received a lifetime membership to mosby. >> i don't like soup lines. >> the adrenaline rush. >> it can be fun. >> that is it for 10 news at 6:00. we will see you back at 11:00., always here and always on.
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% >> pelley: terror in brussels. [screaming] bomb, attack the airport. >> everyone panicking. we had to run. >> pelley: and the subway station. dozens are killed, hundreds wounded, including americans. >> this is yet another reminder that the world must unite. >> pelley: isis claims responsibility. >> we cannot let them succeed. >> pelley: and america goes on alert. >> i would close up our borders. >> this is a war. this is not an ice lated end debt. -- captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: we begin tonight with the breaking news from


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