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tv   10 News at 1100pm  CBS  March 22, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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sirens heard on the street. the hunt for explosives and terrorists as police work to stop what might be next. mourners use flowers and died. uniting for peace. good evening. >> fbi extended agents following coordinated attacks in in brussel's.
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of national mourning. 33 people were killed and more americans. police are confirmed these men were behind the bombings. the two on the left were dead and isis claimed responsibility terrorism. two survive records, one clutching a baby picked themselves up they loved to cave in. investigators believed the men the black may have been wearing a glove on one end. another deadly explosion rocked a busy subway station about an
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the hunt for terror lead to an apartment. they found an explosive device containing nails, chemicals and islamic state flag. >> we must be together regardless of nationality or faith. >> an american serviceman and his family. one of the utah men was also at the boston marathon bombing. >> one of the last to leave before the attack landed safely at orlando international airport. it left minutes before the bomb went off. >> people on the plane didn't learn about the bombings
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wifi and went through an additional security screening and canine checked all of their bags. so many close calls. tonight we talk with an american terrorist expert just minutes away from arriving at the airport when the attack happened. >> my friend was shouting at me, where are you? where are you? >> frantic calls flooded his phone. he has been there interviewing terrorists digging into their mind sets. these two suspected terrorists, suicide bombers struck. >> i think i missed it by about a half hour. >> i feel terribly sorry for the people that were hurt there and killed.
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terrorist attack targeting the area of the airport before security possibly exposing vulnerability. >> you can walk in and look quite strange and be wearing bulky clothes and you might just look like somebody. it's a terrible thing that a lot of us are defenseless. >> reporter: they told her terrorists don't care how many innocent lives are lost. >> and he said, well, you didn't get your american revolution. >> reporter: they believe there's a greater chance of an attack in europe where it's easier to cross over borders, 10 news,wtsp.
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have to take a plane to paris or london and fly home from there. she is told flights are booked solid. you can get the newest information coming out right at your fingertips. we'll send breaking news alerts straight to your phone. it's your choice in 2016. more than 200 delegates are up for grabs. the democrats are facing off in utah, arizona and idaho. online voting doesn't close until 1:00 a.m. our time. we'll bring you those results on 10 news this morning. the trinity area was one of the worst to live in during the floods over the summer. this evening 10 news reporter got a look at how the county is trying to fix the problem.
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me the last time it was this bad was tropical storm debbie. is it enough to stop the streets from becoming streams? when it happened just last year something needed to change now. >> they will still have water. we definitely want to keep water out of houses. >> reporter: he walked through the areas where the county sent millions to try to accomplish that. most of the work involved clearing trees and widening and deepening canals. >> it will flush the water out faster. >> homeowner associations pointed out areas that need more work. >> in order for them to get any relief we'll have to do this here. >> reporter: what hasn't flooded in is this. >> no body wants to talk about raising taxes but no body wants their homes flooded either. >> it is to look at the storm water needs. the county is finished.
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as we can be for now. >> as we head into the rainy season only another major rain event will show if it is still shrunk. time for headlines around the nation and the world a massive fire broke out. you can see there clearly the flames, black smoke billowing in the air. they are trying to figure out what started it all. airport officials say the fire is not effecting any flight. rob ford passed away after a battle with cancer. it was over shadowed about problems with drug and alcohol abuse. it began after admitting to smoking crack cocaine. after that he went onto win a city council election.
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workers -- the supreme court ordering in company to pay $5.8 million. the justices prevented employees from banning together conditions. they must pay employees for time they spent putting on . 90-miles apart and communism. we are there for the cuban in additional game. >> they won the historic baseball game. final score was 4-1. a number happens next? is it a start of a new era? if that's the case the number of people i talk with say they
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significant role in the future. even before the first pitch the crowd was energized. the players taking every chance to share their love with cuban fans. in a sign of changing times president obama seated next to castro. nunez traveled here from st. pete. his dad left cuba in 1947. today he is 87 back in havana watching a game they both love. >> it's the one thing our two cultures share intimately. i think some how baseball will broker the politics. >> reporter: do you think the country is moving in a positive direction? >> definite i. you can see it in their faces and in their smiles. >> reporter: they played when the orioles traveled to cuba. if they continue to change it could mean big things for the bay area.
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was just another one of those pieces that hopefully will take us down that path. >> reporter: he says the rates have been great ambassadors. business and community leaders including the president and ceo. >> elevate our ability to put it on the map for caring about this. make no mistake about it. >> reporter: 10 news,wtsp. still to come -- >> have it your way. it's a restaurant's red alert.
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you have to protect anybody.
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so a light chop on the bay. we have southeast winds around 5 to 10 knots. low tide coming up and high tide right at 3:00 a.m.. by thursday high pressure really becomes more of a driving factor. we get more southeast winds in here. what it means the more humidity and stray showers start working their way in. the bulk of the rain, we will start seeing scattered showers and thunderstorms and possibly even stronger storms looking ahead with a 70% coverage on
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with lots of plans out and about keep that in mind. strong storms may likely be in our weekend forecast. download our 10 news app. you'll stay ahead of the storms. access to storm tracker 10 and of course any weather alerts that will impact your area. online tonight a teenager gets a job clinching performance. >> he was interviewing and a thief grabbed cash from a register and tried to get away. >> i wasn't scared. i just got up and did it. i was like i could be hurt, shot, anything. i'm happy that nothing bad happened to me. >> i wouldn't be afraid if i was about 6'4" about 280. he said the cashier started screaming and he knew he needed to step up and help.
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in case you were wondering, devin got to job. everyone was a winner in
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(vo) you can check on them. you can worry about them. you can even choose a car for them. (mom) honey, are you ok? (child) i'm ok. (announcer vo) love. (mom) we're ok.
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the lightning and red wings are walting for play off spots.
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what's colliding in a first place tie again. this is what speed can do. within seconds they got the first goal of the game. past jimmy howard. could i see that again please? please? there we go. it is through the 5 hole. always works. made it 3-0 early in the second. it goes in off red wing skates. that's beautiful, number 34. they scored three more after the wings made it 3-2. it is 6- 2. lightning wins. how about that? the final score today in havana 4-1. who won? who cares? the hope was that the good vibes between the two nations would help continue.
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how about the defense today? santos. james was a hitting star for the race today. he had an rbi single and a two run homer to make it a 2-0 range in the first inning. he put a home run on the board to make it a 4-1 final. the rays are back home tonight. today is gators pro day. it is tampa's vernon vernon hargraves iii. we spoke to chris fisher about how he impressed the scouts. >> you know, it's a whole workout. it was back peddling showing you have good feet. you know, i think people already knew what to expect out
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>> what team showed the most or even today. >> probably dolphins and 49ers. you know, a lot of guys -- a lot of teams i send them straight to my agent. so it kind of keeps the stress off of my shoulders. with the pick. how ideal would it be? >> it would be fun. street. it would be fun graduating in tampa and going to play for the bucs. it would be great. >> i have seen a number of mock drafts and it seems to be different. the guy who keeps showing up the vernon hargraves. he may be a little under sized but he has all of the other skills. >> he is already a pro. >> you know, some people say he
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