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tv   10 News at 600pm  CBS  October 18, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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arrest since 2005. >> the first time an officer makes a mistake, he needs help. the second time, there's something we need to do. >> he was suspended for six weeks without pay after the first conviction. >> once you're charged with a dui, you can not drink for five years. >> with this being his second arrest, he's placed on administrative leave without pay. a new policy the chief implemented today. where he can suspend an the case has not yet come to a conclusion. >> officers not being paced on administrative leave with pay. so he's collecting money from the taxpayers. he's going to want his due process. >> 10 news learning that green is not the only saint pete police officer that's been arrested for dui in the past five years. >> we give everybody a khan to
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we give officers a chance to recover from a mistake. >> he can accept one mistake but has no tolerance for someone who doesn't learn from their mistakes. >> according to our facebook page, a lot of you think a second chance is too much. patricia summed up your thoughts she wrote the victims of drunk drivers don't get a second chance, shaking my head. last year 10 investigates actually discovered there were more tha dui offend fenders still driving. attorneys are able to get 40% of arrest charges dropped to wreckless driving or dismissed entirely. if you're frustrated by the current laws in florida, let your representative know and hold them accountable. new developments in a deadly hit and run. deputies arrested a man they believe hit a 72-year-old woman, took off, and then tried to cover it up.
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land. the victim's home wasn't too far away. located on jessamine drive. the victim had alzheimer's and was walking in the road. after the hit and run, kendrick intention untilly ran into a sign, to damage his truck and get it fixed. but the list of repairs didn't match up with what deputies expected from hitting a pole. he's a well known liter in polk county and a vp at mid florida credit union. >> we expect more of everyone in the community. but certainly we expect more of those in the community that we see as a leader in the community. now he's a leader in the county jail. >> sheriff grady says if kendrick just called 911 and stayed at the crash scene he
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how do you know that your general election vote will count. anyone who votes by mail must sign the outside of their ballot like this. but the signature has to match the one you use to register to vote. if you think your signature verification process is high- tech, think again, darryn flowers shows you what could be standing between you and your vote. hacking, rigged elections. all this talk might make you worry whether or not your vote will count. only one issue caused thousands >> in hillsborough county in 2012, we have 172,000 ballots returned to my office. and we had 99 signatures that didn't match. >> today, the head of hillsborough's elections hosted a public viewing of their voting machine. >> i really don't understand what rigged mean. i rig the fishing line on my fishing pole. but we have transparent open elections in florida.
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mail ballots were rejected in the state. because voters departments sign the ballot or their signature didn't matchup. who determines that? not a handwriting expert. officer workers like the ones you see here. the ones that we see that are different are extremely different. >> on sunday, a federal judge ruled county election officials must notify your before the election if your mail ballot is rejected. enough about the past. let's talk about how to make sure your mail ballot counts this time. make sure your signature is consistent. if it changes for some reason, you can update it with your supervisor of elections office. and also you can track your ballots online. all the supervisor officers in the bay area have them. it will tell you if it was received or if there was a problem. and if you just want to take it in yourself, you can bring it into the office and drop it off. >> the more things we do to make it a valid election the
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19 mail-in ballots with different signatures and 110 without signatures, a spokesperson says letters and affidavits will head out to voters so they can fix the problem. sparks flew during the first u.s. senate debate in florida, it's a race that a new pole says is too close to call. marco rubio pledging to serve out his sixth year term if reelected. and level some serious accusations against democratic candidate >> there's only one person on the stage tonight whose family made millions of dollars in partnership with donald trump, and that's you. this is like the third time tonight that you imply that i don't somehow respect women. congressmannings you posted a picture four years on facebook of you groping a woman. that's inappropriate behavior. >> in a sit-down interview with 10 news political reporter mark rivera, murphy is firing back against those attacks. two lines of attack that marco rubio brought up against
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your family profited millions of dollars from working in tandem with donald trump, is there any truth to that? >> no, no truth at all. senator rubio again trying to distract from the truth. we have nevada done business with donald trump. so marco rubio is continuing to lie. and trying to distract from his terrible record. and i think he's nervous about his support of donald trump which is why he's trying to do this. >> there's a photo he brought up with your hand in an position on a woman you're sitting next to. he called it groping. is that a fair assessment. >> when donald trump goes low, marco rubio goes even lower. this was a picture taken with my girlfriend of four years. right. at dinner. and you know, no doubt that senator marco rubio is going to try to distract from his endorsement of donald trump. and he doubled down on his endorse. of donald trump even after it came out that he is a sexual abuser.
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>> we did try to speak to senator rubio this past weekend while he was in tampa. his campaign declined our request for a one on one interview. the next senate debate is one week from wednesday at broward college. and 10 news will bring you a complete break down. new developments uncovered tonight by 10 investigates over the ongoing battle over uber and lyft in tampa. there are fresh signs that the controversial agencies pushing may not be around much longer. 10 investigates reporter noah is staying on top of the story and joins us now with an update, noah? >> we uncovered plans today for hillsborough county's attorney to withdraw as council for the public transportation commission or ptc. why is that important? it's a sign the county is preparing for the end of the ptc. if you don't know, it's a uniquely hillsborough agency
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taxicabs, limos and wreckers. they've been pushing for uber to follow background checks and fingerprints for drivers too. but the different sides have butted heads for so long and now lawmakers appear to be taking sides and they're on the verge of possibly dissolving the agency all together that would put staff back in charge of taxicabs uber and lyft. >> it would our roles and simpler and more efficient and best of all, it would further separate the staff from the companies and the industries we regulate. now, dissolving the ptc may not completely de regulate taxis and ride shares but it could mean looser enforcements in tampa. and ends the debate over fingerprinting and background checks. looking ahead to a big issue that's up for a vote in
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amendment 2 would legalize medical marijuana for patients with conditions like hiv, cancer, and epilepsy. well, tonight, two vocal advocates on both sides of the issue will square off in a televised debate in orlando. attorney john morgan will speak in favor of passing amendment two. arguing against what will be substance abuse counselor dr. jessica spencer. 10 news has a crew at the debate. and we'll bring you the highlights from 10 news at 11:00. there's much more to come on 10 news. some of the most famous citizens are getting ready for their physicals. check out the most active and most hectic round up you've ever seen. can the driver of an armored truck park wherever they want? even in a handicapped spot? a viewer reached out to us with pictures of that and we're
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and most areas are dry. but lots of rain to the east with a tropical system. may develop later this week.
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amendment 1 guarantees your right - to generate your own solar energy. and placing that right in florida's constitution - g with it. amendment 1 also allows for common sense consumer protections - because that's the right way to do solar. amendment 1: good for the economy. good for the environment,
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when you see armored trucks, they're often temporarily stopped in front of a business, loading or unloading cash. a viewer tipped us off to this one parked in a handicapped spot of all places. check this out. she snapped pictures of it. not at one but two different
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we're getting answers on whether or not this is a exon practice with these trucks and if it's even legal. a viewer messaged me wanting to know if this was okay. she says she took this picture of a truck parked in a handicapped spot two weeks ago around 9:00 a.m. it was here at the tampa bay federal credit union. a week later she snapped another photo of what appears to be the same truck parked in a handicd around 1:30. she asked the driver if she could park there and he told her he could do what they want. >> you don't take away from veterans and other people. you don't do that. it's wrong. >> that's not cool. i mean, if they're not handicapped, they don't need it. >> i don't think it's proper for anybody to park in a handicapped parking that's not handicapped. >> they tell me the driver
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coca-cola truck is doing is okay. they are blocking spots but it's only temporary to load and unload. and they aren't parked in or near the handicapped spot. i contacted the corporate office to find out if this is exon practice for their drivers. they asked me to email the pictures so they could look into it. 10 nus, wtsp. they did receive the pictures but they've yet to respon get answers. as for the viewer who sent in those pictures, she didn't want to go on camera but did say she never thought much of who parked in those spots until she needed them herself. tracking storms, alerting you, protecting your family. it's time for 10 weather. we heard these two words come from bobby, cold front. >> which means a real serious cold front. >> well --
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me? >> no, no, no. sometimes when we get serious cold fronts that means big storms. we'll be lucky to get 10 to 20%. last week it was dry. this time we'll get really dry and we'll get cold. we're going to see 70s for highs. we'll knock 10 degrees off the numbers we've been seeing. we should. today's high officially was there's bradenton beach. the view of the bridge this morning. this afternoon, it looks gorgeous. mainly clear skies. there are a couple clouds but not much. did you see the marina there? it's pretty nice. storm tracker 10 is not showing much in the way of rain. i don't expect much for the rest of the evening hours. we had a couple sprinkles. you can see them falling apart
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zephyr hills. temperature wise, somewhat dryer air, especially above us. that heats up a little bit more. that keeps the temperatures warm. 87 in tampa. 89 in sarasota. after the low 90s today. 84 in saint pete. odessa about 84 degrees. lake land, 82. it's comfortable out there. if you're headed to the lightning game, panthers are in town, 82 degrees. under partly a breeze, east to northeast around 5 to 10. over night hours, quiet. tomorrow morning, 69 to 71. this morning we were 71. we're right in that range. sunset at 6:57 before 7:00. and it doesn't come up until after 7:30. the forecast model, i have to say -- i'll tell you we've been showing you this over and over. east to northeast winds.
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best timing for any of those, we're not going to see much at all any ways, 2:00, 3:00, 4:00, 5:00 in the afternoon. tee times, you're looking really good. especially the first half of the day. don't worry about rain. 88 degrees tomorrow. 10% chance, east to northeast winds will keep that going. allergy forecast will stay in the moderate range. it includes ragweed, elm, and grass. if you're out and about the next couple days, you're going a big rowdies game tomorrow night. first of all, beautiful weather, low 80s into the upper 70s. get out there and fill up that stadium. they have two home games left. this one and one on saturday night. they're on the cusp of making the playoffs. they can still make the playoffs. and tomorrow night, if they can sell out, the team is going to donate $10,000 to let's kick kid's cancer, the pediatric
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another $5,000. let's help out. let's root out the rowdy's. get a win. get in the playoffs. and do some good for the community as well. the weekend forecast, 70s for highs. 50s and 60s for lows. >> you approve? >> i feel like i need a light sweater. >> oh dear. salons are a lake land staple. but once in a while they need a check up. to try to keep them
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this is mike's office. if he doesn't show up, he doesn't get paid. too often marco rubio didn't show up and failed us when he did.
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you've got to work together. whether it's protecting social security and women's health care or growing the economy, we've got to start solving problems instead of pointing fingers. i am patrick murphy and i approve this message
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now, it's time for 10 sports. he came in with so much hype, and boy did he ever live up to it. 18 years after that night, he's honored by the tom pa bay lightning. this moment will forever be burned into our cerebral cortex. that's vinny hoisting the cup in 04. the franchises all time leader in games and goals will be honored tonight. but his best work actually came off the ice. vinny the philanthropist invested time and more than 3
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helping chronically ill children and their families establishing the pediatric cancer and blood disorder center at all children's hospitals. he was a class act in every way imaginable. >> obviously a tremendous player. a great leader. but i think everyone sees that. it's the stuff he did away from the rink and in the community, and how much he's entrenched himself and his family into this city. which is very that's something i've always looked up to vinny for. he's a great roll model. >> you know who else is big in the community, vincent jackson. the veteran wide receiver was placed on injured reserve with an acl tear, his season is likely over. he's focused on his rehab and supporting his teammates. he's in the final year of his contract with the bucks. that means his career is likely
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lake land city leaders spent hours this morning rounding up the city's most beloved birds, the beautiful swans. >> this time it turns out catching the birds, not as easy as always, one worker took a plunge in lake morton. >> it's funny. the gentleman that fell in the water earlier was bragging he hasn't gone in the water 19 years of doing this. and he went in the >> he thought his balance was so good. the swans get an annual check up. the birds have been part of polk county for generationings. even since queen elizabeth donates a pair of birds in the 50s. you may wonder why the swans need a vet, their diet needs some help. a word of advice, don't feed the swans too much white bread. all right guys. weather wise, i want to talk
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into a sub tropical system. but that cold front is going to keep it out at sea. breaking news, live radar, always here, always on, don't forget to download the 10 news app. take us with you, until then have a good night. take care.
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y251cy yi0y it's not uncommon for autistic kids to flap their hands. and so when i saw that, that was completely disqualifying. i'm a republican, but this election is so much bigger than party. my son max can't live in trump world. so i'm crossing party lines and voting for hillary. i don't always agree with her, but she's reasonable. and she's smart.
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when it really mattered. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. when powerful people need someone to do their dirty work, they hire bob buesing. how far will he go? buesing fought to foreclose assisted-living retirement homes, threatening local seniors with homelessness. then, buesing defended wells fargo
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buesing's firm was even accused of overbilling local schools ,
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captioning sponsored by cbs >> pelley: three weeks to go. trump talks of winning-- >> i don't believe the polls anymore. >> pelley: and president obama? >> i'd advise mr. trump to stop whining. >> pelley: also tonight, is your face on file with the government? new questions about privacy. the opiod epidemic. we catch up with jason on his long journey back. >> reporter: and you've been clean for how long? >> pelley: and a barber who shapes young heads and minds. >> do you know what "circumstance" means? >> no.


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