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tv   10 News at 1100pm  CBS  October 18, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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reginald roundtree. 10 news at 11 starts now. trouble on the trail. the accusations against the clinton campaign. >> treatment ordainingous drugs. firework over marijuana as medicine. >> plus tracking cop crimes. what lands them in trouble with the law. good evening i'm reginald roundt side of the law. >> many say they feel violated when an officer breaks the rules he is sworn to uphold. >> it is when the badge gives someone a slap on the wrist. anthony green was charged with
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other side of the law for dutch. >> we give everybody a chance to recover from their mistakes and we will give officers a chance. >> but unlike officer green's previous dui arrest in '09 this time he is suspended without pay but he won lose his job yet. >> he won't sit at home and collect a salary when we are doing the investigation. >> bused but keep going the badge is common. according to a study by bowling green university enforcement officers are only convicted of dui 35% of the time. and only 38% lost their job. >> those numbers are unofficial since no government agency collects that information. in fact the bowling green study is based on a study. they are handled on a case by
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green was not allowed to drink for five years and his second chance appears to be squandered. >> when we do something to tarnish the bag it affects everybody in law enforcement. >> in st. pete jonathan petrocelli, wtsp. the bowling green study found that law enforcement officers are most commonly arrested for simple assault and then dui. now the doj just announced last week it will track shoot officers but not government tracking of crimes involving officers. last year honored as an emerging leader in polk county and tonight charged with killing an elderly woman jarvis henry kill a woman and took off in his car. the victim had alzheimer's and was walking in the road. after crash kendrick ran into a
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he is the vice president at mid florida credit union. the battle over legalizing marijuana is in a debate. the man who has been bankrolling a big part of amendment 2 takes on a doctor that deals with drug addiction. 10 news reporter kendra conlin is in orlando as the sparks fly. >> there is a lie. >> google it. >> attorney john morgan and substance abuse doctor jessica spencer did not waste time taking off the gloves and whether it will help people with debilitating conditions or hurt people by having access to the drugs. >> there is no conclusive evidence that marijuana works as a medicine. >> this is a cure, a help for really, really really sick people. >> the amendment asks voters if you approve the use of marijuana for certain medical conditions determined by a licensed doctor. the department of health would regulate the dispensary and
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caregivers. >> sold next to schools. >> they are not going to have gummy bears on a rack next to a school with marijuana. >> it is preposterous. >> morgan believe there are scare tactics. >> the zoning will be determined by the city. the packaging and the edibles will be determined by the state. >> and that is not how the constitution say. >> this is the legalization of marijuana by the way he wrote. >> it this is it for him before the election but both campaigns will have three week push with more ads before leaving medical marijuana in the hands of voters. now morgan tells 10 news between this election and the last he estimates he spent 10 million-dollars of his own money. doctor spencer insists that they are not receiving big
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donald trump spent the day in colorado fending off accusations of sexual assault. hillary clinton is in las vegas preparing for tomorrow's debate and listen to this. hazmet crews were call into clean up waste after police in georgia says a dnc bus illegally dumped sewage in a storm drain. officers found lots of drying toilet paper and a foul the dnc is apologizing making sure it won't happen again. >> the campaign tomorrow is at 9:00 and election day is 21 days away. a man grabbed a 10-year-old girl and sexual assaulted her. it happened when she was walking to school. he grabbed her and pulled her into a secluded area.
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a teenager hospitalized after a stolen suv wound up crashing onto the roof of a house. no surprise. the teenager was speeding when he lost control and flipped the vehicle and thrown from the car and wound up on a neighbor's front yard. >> new warnings about kids and codeine. the american academy of pediatrics say to avoid it because of the dangerous side effects and death. jey alternatives for treating your children. >> dana pancost has seen her share of bumps and bruises. you would expect as much with two energetic young boys 7 and 8 years old. >> she has avoided cody mainly because she is allergic to it. >> i tell every doctor and hospital and everywhere they have gone that there is a possibility of a codeine
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given it. >> when her son broke his collar bone she chose not to use the painkiller. >> he didn't need it. i gave him children's ibuprofen and he was fine. >> we haven't been using them in the pediatric offices because we know they are dangerous. >> dr. dawkins is the medical director of the clinic at johns hopkins children's hospital. she says codeine is prescribed for pain and as an ingredient in cough medicines. >>he they can make you sleepy so sometimes that helps families when the children are coughing so they can sleep. >> there are several ways to relieve a cough without turning to medicine. in the bathroom, turn on the shower as hot as it will go and shut all of the doors and let it steam up. if that doesn't work then head to the kitchen and reach for the honey, a spoonful can coat your throat. and if you still need relief, cold air can help and since we
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head to the freezer. just stick your head in and breathe in the cold air. >> dr. daykins says codeine is not widely prescribed but it can happen so they need to ask questions. >> most of the time kids don't need these heavy pain medication. >> dana agrees and tries to avoid medicines with homeopathic medicine. >> in st. pete, jenny dean, 10 news. pharmacy at john hopkins hospital does not have codeine in stock since it is rarely prescribed. a circus company wants your
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and bailey wants people to stop calling the campaign a circus. they have started a # take back the circus so peek can head out and experience the real thing. a former police cadet says dangerous training nearly cost her, her life. she is not out at you. now the driver is wondering where is it now.
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a program for people encouraging them to become law enforcement officers. >> one student's problem with the law enforcement academy at st. petersburg college and others are saying it is a big
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but i survived. >> but you almost didn't. >> i almost didn't. >> laura was talking about her injury during training at the law enforcement academy training. this 2002 report says she was hurt when she bumped into a wouldn't in a physical exercise with her instructor. >> that would have never happened if i just bumped into a wouldn't. >> the college investigated that she was forced ug wouldn't. laura says her leg was sliced open and she nearly bled to death. >> everybody panicked and the instructor grabbed my leg and grabbed some shirts from the guys and put it on my leg and kept me from bleeding out. >> she filed this lawsuit saying it was known the training location was dangerous. the worst part of the whole ordeal is that her instructor got an award for saving her life. that's the same instructor that
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>> they described the situation that i fell out of a pane glass wouldn't and he saved me from bleeding out and i felt that was wrong. >> settling for $45,000. that is taxpayer money, your money. instructor rick stando is the same officer causing injuries to another woman. she was forced to box against >> she was boxing with guys. >> she was doing light sparring. boxing is over the top. she was doing light sparring. >> but she looks bad there. >> appearances look worse than what they are. >> she could not say much more because of her pending lawsuit. now on to amy andrews, she filed her own suit against the college after she was hurt in physical training forcing her to abandon a law enforcement career.
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settlement again taxpayer money. your money. >> i have asked the governor to suspend the program until it has been proven safe for the students in accordance with st. pete college protocol. >> kathleen's attorney said the program is not safe. the program is being reviewed but not just the women making claims. robert brashard was hospitalized tw training and didn't graduate. >> the program in my opinion is out of control and i will tell you this right now. i would tell you the same thing even if i graduated. the program is out of control and needs to be shut down or revamped and needs to change. >> both the college and trainer say they can't comment because they have been put on notice of the lawsuit because of kathleen's injuries. to be fair after the first
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from folks that said they believe that the trainer was a good trainer. st. petersburg college released this statement about the overall program. during the physical training there are inherent risks. as recorded there were two dozen reported injuries in the last five years in the law enforcement academy. the majority of these injuries were minor and the recruits were treated and returned to class. have chosen to misrepresent the program that has an outstanding reputation and highly respected by the law enforcement community. tracking storms, alerting you, protecting your family, it is time for 10 weather. good tuesday evening everyone. it is quiet out there as we head off to bed. 78 degrees. the winds out of the northeast at 7 miles per hour and it is clear. partly cloudy and more stars than anything else. 3:00 a.m.
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a.m., we are bottoming out at 69 degrees and a lot of sunshine by 7:33 when the sun is coming up. storm tracker 10, nice and dry. not much rain. a couple sprinkles with the satellite i had to make sure it was turned on and it is. very clear. temperatures, 78 degrees right now in tampa. it is 73 in mulberry. 76 in clear water and 73 right now and downtown st. pete nice and clear. a gorgeous night. just quiet. tomorrow, we will start quiet and kids at the bus stop will be very comfortable. we are talking about 70s and lots of sunshine for the first half of the day and partly cloudy the second half. this is noon. so lunchtime we are talking partly cloudy skies and isolated showers for polk county and here we go at 5:00.
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south of i-4 especially arcadia we could see a stray shower, most areas won't see rain but just a couple showers the further south you go. it will stay warm! the average high temperature this time of year is 84 degrees. we made 89 and the record was 90 set back in 1989. tomorrow we will go 87 or 88. ballpark right about where we were. lake land about 91. we will be just as hot tomorrow. alga forecast if you are it is ragweed and elm and the grasses are in the mix as well and with it being nice and dry and a breeze, it will stay in that moderate range. here is what is kind of affecting the weather. this is way out there, a whole bunch of here in here and it is from the south and the west. this thing will turn and right into it. right now winds at 30 miles per hour. and it is poorly organized. although the hurricane center
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develops. there is the spaghetti plot and it does a turn towards the northwest and the front comes along and takes it to the northeast. this is our local model. our rpm model and it has a broad area of low pressure and the winds are not organized and situated in the right position. here is what happens. it does and we could get otto out of this by friday and saturday. here comes the front friday night and that comes through and sweeps it up to the northeast. and that's off to the t that brings in that cooler and dryer air. so fantastic weather headed our way tomorrow. a little bit warm and dry. keep in mind the sun sets at 7:30 or so. excuse me, 6:58. at 8:10 the international space station will move overhead. look to the northwest. you should see it and guys there is that fantastic weather. it will feel like fall. 70s in the afternoon and 50s
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you see a snake slither up your windshield. >> i will have the snake take over the wheel because i am getting out of the car. >> and screaming with little girls. >> i don't know about that but, yeah, the man says it turned out to be a six-foot long snake under his hood. bo zimmer has the amazing video and what happened next. reporter: tim got a big surprise driving home from work. >> he popped his reporter: that little head emerging to reveal a near 6- foot long snake. >> if you look at his size he was longer than the width of my car. reporter: happening in the middle of rush hour traffic on u.s. 19. >> my windows were down and he did almost get inside the wouldn't. i rolled it up in time. >> amazingly tim handled the situation calmly pulling into a parking lot to shoot the video. >> flipping out is the last thing you want to do.
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somebody. >> as quickly as it appeared. >> he just kind of slithered his way back down there in. >> the last time he saw this snake meaning it still could be inside his car. >> you guys are more than welcome to look. >> tim closed his air- conditioning vents and his girlfriend has not been in the car since. >> she had anxiety attack because she does not like snakes. >> tim wishes the snake no harm thinking it slithered away at night in his apartment complex parking >> hopefully he is in the bush living a new life. reporter: bo zimmer, 10 news, wtsp. i would close the air- conditioning vents. >> i would take that car and sell it. i wouldn't go back in that thing. >> it looked kind of healthy. >> i don't know what kind it is. i don't know if it is a garden snake. 6 feet long. >> i am not messing with that.
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>> we were cheering. >> an absolutely insane game. a fight to the finish. >> yeah, baby. >> and i mean that literally. >> right hook. >> bam. >> i will it's not uncommon for autistic kids to flap their hands. and so when i saw that, that was completely disqualifying. i'm a republican, but this election is so much bigger than party. my son max can't live in trump world. so i'm crossing party lines and voting for hillary. and she's smart. she can work with people to solve problems. i want to be able to tell my kids that i did the right thing when it really mattered.
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now, live from the sun coast hyundai sports desk time for 10 sports. vinny's homecoming was happy as the bolts win. the franchise all time leader in games and goals being honored ironic vinny's debut in 1998 came against the panthers. that night they lost 4-1 and started off 0-4 and 1. not this year, 3-0 for the second straight year. five seconds to go, bolts on the loss, not happening. a goal.
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you will need a protracter to figure that out. speaking of corn, here is the good. what a start. the goal in the second off of an assist got it going. three games, three goals for killer. he flagged it open for the year. in three games, the bolts have yet to score and being outscored 5-0 in the first few games and wi all that matters 3-0. vincent jackson possibly gone for the year. the bucks veteran wide receiver placed on injured reserve with an acl tear. jackson is focused on his rehab and being there for his teammates. it is being called a set-back. bj is 33 years old and in the final year and his time with the bucks may be over. my mom told me if you fail
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eventually you will get it. tebow's first hit. first hit in the fall league. a single and he was 0-12 before that. >> look. tebow, we know he will have growing pains. and it is good to see. maybe this is the start of something, maybe he will be on a roll of >> the gator fans will fly to arizona. >> you heard those cheers. >> that may be why the producer is on vacation. >> maybe watching him. tonight's lottery numbers brought to you by dimmitt
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for an 800-pound pregnant manatee. she is sweet. flown orlando on a coast guard plane. manatees usually don't fly that far north because the water is too cold but after the birth they will be returned right here in the habitat in florida. there's cold air this week. good thing they got her. thanks for joining us everybody. that's 10 ws
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