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tv   10 News at 530pm  CBS  October 19, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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"10news at 5:30" starts right now. >> good evening. i am reginald roundtree. >> i am courtney robinson. overworked and underpaid. i think a lot of you can probably relate to that. you are not alone. here is the good news though. more floridians are working. unemployment is at the lowest level since the recession. now, for that but. the big but. the more of you are paid less than before the economy tanked. with most of you finding job, the big question now, are you making what you're worth? >> in tonight's big story there is a new tool that claims to give you the answer, but how does it work? tonight 10news sarasota newsroom reporter isabel mascarenas is putting it to the test. >> reporter: regardless of the job, whether it's a waitress waiting tables, workers at a construction site, or running the front desk at a hotel, most
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ever been curious if you are getting paid what you're worth? >> definitely. >> reporter: glass door lets you know if you're underpaid. >> it's calculating. $58,377. >> oh, wow. >> reporter: $56,077. [ laughter ] your market value. >> ouch. >> reporter: here's how it works. simply answer a few questions. your job title was? >> district manager. >> reporter: add the number of years in >> six and a half years. >> 15. >> reporter: plus where you live, your current salary and education. the information remains private. >> i feel a little undervalued all of a sudden. >> reporter: according to glass door, the three professionals we spoke with make between 35% and 48% less than their market value. >> could have a nice retirement fund set aside by now. >> i am going to have to have a talk with david. [ laughter ] >> reporter: with your boss?
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might be two different things. >> reporter: after getting what is for most bad news, the same app glass door will help you find a new higher paying job close to home. >> i think it will give me a guideline as far as what i should be asking for and what i should expect. >> reporter: but money isn't everything to everyone. >> you know what? i'm good with it. i'm good. but that is an eye opener. [ laughter ] thanks for sharing. >> reporter: in isabel mascarenas, 10news wtsp. >> glass door estimates your market value based on information submitted by others in your field and working where you . >> the top paying jobs in the bay area, the top three in the medical field. dentist, nurse anesthetist, pediatrician all making above $130,000 a year on average followed by computer and information systems as well as
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see, six-figure salaries as well. a year after a young girl acetate -- girl's death, 10news is still getting justice for gentlemannaya. we reached out to ask about changes to investigating child abuse cases after janiya thomas' death. secretary mike carol says, quote, among the most important lessons we have learned is the need for all agencies within the system to work together to work towards our comm in response to her death, we have renewed our focus on communications. her mother will go to trial next august in connection with the child's death. tashonna thomas is charged with first-degree murder and aggravated child abuse. a school bus driver and one of the students on her bus are calling each other heroes after going to great lengths to save a monday and her young son. take a look at this right there.
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running directly in front of the bus towards a nearby pond. his mom does run after him. they both fell into the water. the bus cameras captured part of what happened next. a student gave her his crutch so juanita wells, the bus driver, could help get the parent to the driver. she is walking off the bus with a crutch. the driver couldn't reach them alone, so an eighth grader stepped up to help. >> we pulled them out crutch. >> paramedics took them to the hospital to be safe. mariah and juanita went on their way to school. >> she is a hero. i told her also that i couldn't have done it without her. >> she is a hero, too. like, i mean, she is like one of the best bus drivers ever. >> god intended for me to be there. i think god had that plan for me when i got up that morning.
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most memorable morning of juanita's 18-year bus-driving career. in a presidential race where candidates only seem to attack in a race to the bottom, there is a place where positivity lives. ahead of the final presidential debate we bring you the no-back zone. welcome. i am mark rivera. we have barry edwards and ma representatives will have 30 seconds to say something positive about their candidate and what we should see in the debate and 15 seconds to say something positive about the opposing candidate. barry, what should we expect to see from hillary clinton tonight? >> you're gonna see from hillary clinton what we always see from hillary clinton. ideas. she knows that ideas matter. her campaign is based on we're stronger together. she is gonna talking about bringing america together.
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republican america but all americans. you are gonna see her bringing in substantive policy issues she talked about since at wesleyan or yale law school when she met and married bill clinton. she is bringing together substance, detailed policy estimations that will make her the first women president. >> and what can we expect from donald trump tonight? >> donald trump needs to hit it out of the park. i think he is going to. he has been preparing for this debate the last several days. this is his last chance to tell believes policy-wise and put forward his agenda, which is to make america great again. i believe he is going to do a great job this evening. >> mr. edwards, 15 seconds to say something positive about donald trump, when you think we should expect from him? >> i think he will talk about the best thing in his life, and that's his family. he has a great wife and kids. i think he is gonna show his pride in his children and talk about their successes and try do that so that he can
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spending a lot of time trying to connect with his family. >> thank you very much. and 15 seconds to say something about hillary clinton, what you think we should expect. >> she is on the verge of accomplishing a 40-year plus goal and that is becoming president of the united states. she is very well prepared. she is gonna do a great job tonight. she is not letting anything get in her way. that's the best thing about her. >> thank you support joining us for the second no bash zone. we will bring you a fu tonight at 11. back to you. tonight the new york bombing suspect is moving from the hospital to prison. ahmad khan rahimi has been in the hospital with gunshot wounds from a police shootout. investigators say he set off explosives in manhattan and new jersey. he has pleaded not guilty to charges that he tried to kill police officers before he was captured. staying on top of that evening commute, or non-
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sides of i-275 at the tampa end of the world famous howard frankland bridge. and take a look at the other famous location known as malfunction junction. i-4 and 275 westbound lanes down to a virtual crawl right now. bay area researchers are going to see what caused a baby sperm whale to beach itself. this 20-foot calf was found at gasparilla marina. it was in vets had to euthanize the baby whale. >> it didn't seem real. i have never seen a whale out here. i have never seen a whale beach itself. it's tragic and hurts the heart. this is nature. >> researchers will perform a necropsy at the facility here in st. pete to try to figure out why this happened. this is just some incredible video right there. did you see that? a mexican volcano went off not once, but twice yesterday.
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spewed more than a mile into the air. this is known as the volcano of fire. it's been erupting for the last two weeks. hundreds of people have already been evacuated. the entire area is under a volcanic ash advisory. this is one of the mexico's 14 active volcanos. ladies, you got more than the good looks from your mom. ahead the genetics behind hot flashes. that is 585 pounds and just a warm-up for in weekend when some of the strongest americans from around the country will be
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in kosovo and iraq, and i've been a republican all my life. but i'm the father of three girls. i can't stand hearing donald trump call women pigs, dogs, and bimbos...and i sure don't want my daughters hearing it. i want my girls to grow up proud and strong, in a nation where they're valued and respected. donald trump's america is not the country i fought for. so, i'm voting for hillary clinton. hillary clinton:
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so glad you are staying with us and you are taking a live look outside at downtown st. pete. gorgeous out there. the weather has been fairly quiet, but the tropics are heating up and a cold front is coming this way. so bobby deskins will show you what to expect in two minutes. for the fifth year in a yee some of the strongest men and women -- year in a row, some of the strongest men and women come to the bay area competition. bobby lewis out on the road in clearwater where hope just isn't too heavy. >> reporter: what's harder to do? raise the weight, or raise some hope? >> i am built for it. >> reporter: more than 70 athletes from around the country will try to do both this weekend. >> i get nervous every time. >> reporter: at the tampa bay strong man classic.
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it. >> reporter: he started this competition five years ago. this year it has a new mission. raising supplies for the foster child focused organization raising hope. >> our goal is to make sure that every child that enters foster care in pinellas, pasco county have the emergency supplies they need. >> reporter: they will be pushing up incredible amounts of weight. they agree it's not necessarily about this. whether you are pushing out 500 pounds or just the for the over 6600 foster care kids in the bay area. a girl who inspired this whole event. >> it took everything i had to keep myself together . it was so emotional to see these kids that had just came into the foster program that barely had a shirt on their back and to see the joy in their face when they were getting new clothes,
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it was amazing. >> when you come across people that are not only committed to their sport but their community and kids they will never know or meet and feel that passion, we have a shared spirit. >> reporter: when you are used to raising 600 pounds, a little hope doesn't seem too heavy. on the road in clearwater, bobby lewis, 10news wtsp. >> how could you not want to support this? you can. you can check out the event at quaker stake and lube in clearwater 11:00. it is totally free to watch. organizers ask that you bring a new package of socks, underwear, t-shirts, whatever you can for foster kids of all ages. tracking storms. alerting you. protecting your family. it's time for 10 weather. >> i always point this out. you kind of know that fall, spring, winter is here in florida by the different plants that you see blooming. >> right.
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leaves change color here in florida. >> we see the license plates change colors on the cars. [ laughter ] >> our friends from the north. >> that's right. look at this though. >> oh. >> some are late getting here because of that. why can you blame them? i mean, just gorgeous. >> stay there for that and come down when it gets snowy. >> right. this weekend that's old forge, new york. this weekend it's going to be cold up there. man, that is beautiful. and you know, if you want to well, head on out to the airport. make a flight. there is the airport live right now if we can come out to it. head out north or northwest. it's beautiful. it's green here. of course, we have the trees that change colors a lot. not as much here. we like it warm. it is florida, right? well, we are going to get a little bit of a cool down with drier air as well. remember not this monday we just passed, but the other monday before that, we had dew points in the 50s.
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degrees. it's fairly comfortable. the air temperature though is 87 right now. it's warm out there. you can see most areas are in the mid 80s right now. lakeland 84. sarasota and bradenton 88 degrees. 84 crystal river. clearwater 86 along with palm harbor. odessa 84 degrees and riverview doing the exact same thing. about 84. now, satellite and radar. there is a couple clouds out there. mostly sunny skies will take us into clear skies for the evening. just a couple of showers over basically staying dry this evening. winds still a little bit of a breeze. not quite as breezy as it has been. this will pick up friday night and saturday. we will get more wind by the middle of next week. about a week from now i think that will pick up. 10-mile-per-hour winds right now out of the east-northeast. tonight the international space station comes over the top of florida. so by 8:10 look to the north and west and it will come over
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it only lasts four minutes. you should be able to see it with the clear skies. tomorrow morning putting the kids at the bus stop and heading back out into traffic upper 60s to lower 70s. tomorrow we'll start sunny and then we will see a partly sunny sky. an isolated shower. best chance it polk county just because it's coming in off the east coast. but i think it's a lot like today with rain chances at 10% and warm. above average by the way, because we should be 84. we will be 87 to down at 6:35 thursday. both be forecast. northeast winds at 10 knots, 2- footers. with the front overnight friday night into saturday expect north-northeast winds to come north-northwest and back on saturday. 15 knots or so. water temperatures holding on to 80 degrees. that's going to come down. now, there is the cooler air to the north and west. that's where it's coming from. but you can see most of the southeast is still warm.
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57 in chicago. here comes more of that cooler air. so that's what comes through with the front friday night into saturday. for the weekend, i mean, just in time for the weekend. but it's not only cooler air. it's dry air, too. so dew points in the 60s now. by saturday morning they are in the 50s. they will dip into the 40s during the air. when that number is in the mid 60s, it's humid. 70s summertime. in the 40s and 50s you something fried at the fair dipped in chocolate. that's when we get the nice dry air. there is your weekend forecast. 78 degrees for saturday. 79 to 80 on sunday. and really more than anything else it's the cool start. 60s on saturday morning. then we go to about 58, 59 degrees. in tampa, by the way, by the water sunday morning, we get a little bit cooler inland. if you are in lakeland, what we call the nature coast,
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counties, lower 50s by sunday and monday morning. beautiful out there. it happens to us all eventually, and you can't blame the weather for this. women suffer from hot flashes. >> uh-oh. >> now you can blame genetics. blame mom and dad for that. a first of its kind study is looking into what brings on hot flashes. researchers at ucla looked at data from nearly 18,000 post- menopausal women. they found that those gene variant that affects a part of the brain that regulates estrogen were more likely to have hot flashes. >> the immediate thing is just feeling flush with heat, and for me it's normally from the neck up. i immediately start to sweat. >> and she is not alone. about 70% of women have those symptoms. the good news now that researchers are learning more about geonomes, they can work
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flashes and night sweats. undecided voters could play a huge role in this election. i am dion lim and all new at 6:00 tonight we are taking a closer look at who wins and who loses if a fed up voter simply decides to skip the polls this time around. plus, a pricey stormwater fee hike is now on the table to prevent flooding like this.
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amendment 1 guarantees your right to generate your own solar energy. it also guarantees that those who don't choose solar don't have to subsidize those who do. amendment 1 means commonsense consumer protections safeguarding seniors-and all floridians from scams, rip-offs, and long-term contract traps. that's the right way to do solar. from getting nickel and dimed by the airlines to waiting in long security lines, flying can be a really frustrating experience. >> now the transformings
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starting with luggage. here's why. the government already requires carriers to refund checked bag fees when luggage is lost. now the new rules would include refunds for bags that are substantially delayed. also, when it comes to flight delays airlines would not only have to report their own delays, but their regional partners as well and there could be more transparency when you buy a ticket online. airline tickets prohibited from not showing all ticket prices. >> not everyone is happy. airlines for america, a pro airline trade organization, cautioned that the rules could harm customers by regulating how airlines sell their products driving up the cost of air travel. some of the new rules will take effect in the coming months. others have yet to be
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an inmate stunt goes sour. police say this man took off from work duty and held on officer hostage. it didn't last long. we hear you. some voters don't like our choices for president, but is not voting the right thing to do. how much are you willing to pay every year to help flooding? we are asking neighborhoods in desperate need of help.
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now. >> good evening. i am reginald roundtree. >> i am dion lim. >> a developing story. an inmate overpowered and kidnapped a state corrections officer in bartow. police say that the inmate was later captured in a city truck all the way in st. petersburg at 49th street north and 54th avenue north. 10news reporter eric glasser is live where it ended. eric, it looks like this ended the way it did thanks deputies? >> reporter: absolutely, reggie. you know, thank goodness the alert deputies here in pinellas county, they knew that the suspected kidnapper had friends and family in the st. petersburg area. they knew the description of that work truck that was taken from bartow, and so they were on the lookout for it. now, fortunately, again there were no major injuries in this case. but talk about terrifying. the corrections officer identified as j.w.
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inmates on a work detail at mosaic park in bartow. one of those inmates, 42-year- old david ross, overpowered rexrode using an improvised sharp object, locked the other inmates in a building, and forced the corrections officer into a work truck and took off. he has friends and family here in the st. pete area. they were looking for that truck. a pinellas deputy spotted it before 2:00 this afternoon. officer rexrode was able to get away store and at that point the chase was on. ross ditched the pickup truck in the front yard of a house, took off running, but he didn't get far. deputies took him down a couple of blocks away. >> and then they -- it took them a while. there was about five of them and they finally -- he held still and they cuffed him and away they went. there was cops all over. >> reporter: deputies checked rexrode for injuries at the scene, but thankfully i can


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