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tv   10 News at 530pm  CBS  October 20, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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10news 5:30 starts right now. >> good evening. i am courtney robinson. >> i am reginald roundtree. donald trump says he will change his mind about the outcome of the election on just one condition. >> i will totally accept the results of this great and historic presidential election if i win. >> well, he made those comments at a rally in ohio today. a bit different from last night where he told the debate
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accepting the results. >> and tonight's big story, we are asking if you share trump's sentiment that the election process is rigged. for many trump supporters the fact that he is calling the question into -- >> criticism. >> is fair? >> yes, indeed. 10news reporter phil buck shows you why it may not be as simple as he suggests. >> reporter: we heard donald trump talk about it in the debate. he may or may not choose to accept the results of a november election. what would a contested election look like? what could it mean for the country? is it a realistic possibility? >> he will accept the results of this election. >> i will look at it at the time. >> that makes common sense he is going to wait and look over every detail and make a consideration. >> reporter: would you want him to -- >> yes, i would want him to take issue with a close call. >> reporter: only if it's close? >> no.
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if she wins by a landslide, it's going to be harder to dispute it. >> reporter: there are precedents for this. so let's ask him what can trump do if he doesn't like the election results? >> if he were not to accept that, i am not really sure what the next step would be other than one of two things happening. most people basically ignore him. he can challenge -- he certainly might challenge it in the courts. but i don't know where the courts are going to go is no evidence of voter fraud. then there is no case. >> reporter: what about the comparison to the bush versus gore election in 2000? >> that was a razor thin election and that came after the election. at no point did vice president gore or governor bush say they wouldn't respect the results of the election. >> reporter: respecting the results of the election no matter the outcome. a tradition that's upheld the
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>> there have been many heated presidential races that got down right nasty going back 200 years to adams and jefferson. but a candidate can lose gracefully. we are reminded by this handwritten note scribbled on a piece of paper. this letter from 1993 shows outgoing president george h.w. bush welcoming president bill he wished him happiness and encouraged him to stay the course through tough times. the note ends with bush writing, quote, your success now is our country's success. i am rooting hard for you. good luck. new tonight we are hearing from a woman who called 911 and tried to help a correction officer who had been kidnapped by an inmate while on work release. >> and there was about four inmates that came running up to
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inmates kidnapped the officer and they left in a truck. they were pointing which way they went and i am driving around the block and i don't see him anywhere. these four inmates here are like freaking out. >> that woman was calling from the mosaic park in polk county. this is a story 10news first brought you yesterday as breaking news. little did that woman know at the time they were long gone. the officer and the inmate were later found in a st. pete neighborhood. the officer that inmate has been arrested. a crime alert now in st. pete that will have you checking your credit report tonight. three women are facing charges after officers say they stole the identities of at least 18 people. officers arrested jessica dallas and chantel jones. they are still looking for jessica's mother isabel dallas. look at your screen. isabel is in the middle. investigators say the trio opened credit cards and bank accounts in the victims' names
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to pay bills, rent furniture and buy groceries. one of the women is accused of sending money to her child's father in jail. officers believe there could be more victims. the dust has cleared at the scene of a powerful explosion in portland, oregon, and now we're hearing the heroic stories of first responders who raced into danger. >> i am watching a -- someone on a stretcher covered in blood being moved to an ambulance, and i asked another passing firefighter, is that one ours? he said yes. >> the national gas explosion destroyed a building in the busy part of a city packed with homes and businesses. the explosion sent three firefighters, two police officers and three civilians to the hospital. thankfully, everyone survived. the community is saying thank you. one man is describing the lengths the firefighters went to save his dog.
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windows in our building, and one of them got my dog. >> today a construction company came forward and said a subcontractor hit a gas line while digging. check this out. hundreds of clowns are coming together to stand up for their profession. the clowns gathered in mexico city on wednesday to condemn the creepy clown craze which they say is hurting their image and their income. they could be heard chanting the message, quote, we are clowns, not killers. a recall alert that you need to hear about if you drive a honda. hyundai is recalling more than 60,000 sedans over fears that the sunroof could fly off in the middle of traffic. the recall is for the 2015 and 2016 son 2016 sonotas and hybrids. no one has crashed because of this. if your car is under the recall take it to the dealership and
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free. slow going on both sides of i-275 in tampa near the mlk boulevard exit. and over on i-4 no problem in either direction. now to a wild story out of hot sul fur springs, colorado. a man got the surprise of his life when he found a black bear in his car. but what happened next is even more hilarious. reporter matt renoux shows you how the bear ended block. >> reporter: it's that time of year when the snowfalls and then melts. he is dealing with a lot of bears. >> fall sets on us. there is a lot of bears in the area. >> reporter: but even in a busy bear season. >> our deputies see bears on a nightly basis. >> reporter: the bear call he got. >> early saturday morning. >> reporter: is one this sheriff barely believes. >> this is the first. >> reporter: when a 200 black
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archer's car. >> opened the door. >> reporter: used his bear hands to put the car in neutral and roll down the street. >> rolled into a spruce tree. >> reporter: with a lot of door handles it's easy for a bear to get into a car. but if that door shuts, that bear is not getting out, and he's gonna do a lot of damage. >> really? once the bear is stuck in the car, there is a pani that's where they will destroy the inside of a car. >> reporter: which is what happened to danny. >> by grabbing it here, i am sure my door shut. >> reporter: he says there wasn't any food in the car, but that bear still got in, and his bear minimum insurance won't cover his chewed up seats. >> chewed it up pretty good. >> reporter: or the chewed up gearshift that sent his car rolling. >> into the produce tree there. >> reporter: that bear was eventually let out by parks and
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should lock their doors, even in small mountain towns. something the sheriff agrees with. >> the inside of the car is destroyed. >> reporter: saying even when winter arrives and bear calls drop. >> the bears are hibernating for the winter. >> reporter: it's a way to keep the grizzly criminals from getting to your stuff. matt renoux. still ahead, it is the video that is going viral. you have got to the story behind these women dancing to a popular song putting the juju on that chemo. what's the best thing u.s.a. has going for it? >> the freedom and the openness. >> canadians on top of it.
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elise: we couldn't believe it. that poor girl was raped by two football players and their friends. we were sure they would go to jail. so, when i heard state attorney mark ober decided to go easy on them, i was scared -- scared for my daughter. none of those young men served a day behind bars. ober said losing a baseball scholarship
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amendment 1 guarantees your right to generate your own solar energy. it also guarantees that those who don't choose solar don't have to subsidize those who do. amendment 1 means commonsense consumer protections safeguarding seniors-and all floridians from scams, rip-offs, and long-term contract traps. that's the right way to do solar.
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let's take a look outside. beautiful downtown tampa. one more warm day across the bay area before the big change. that's supposed to be coming this weekend. meteorologist kate wentzel has your forecast in two minutes. many of you are telling us you feel like this. america is going through a little bit this election keeps getting nastier. people are arguing. friends and relatives are splitting up over political opinion. sometimes when you're in a bad place, you just need a good friend to remind you everything's gonna be okay. and that is what our friend and neighbor to the north, canada, is doing. canadians are getting together to tell america it's great. watch for yourself. >> hey, guys, we are just up here in canada talking about how great you are down there
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>> we know you have got some really big decisions to make. >> as you are thinking about your future, we want you to know that. >> you guys are great. >> you really are great. >> you guys are going to be get humanity to mars. >> your national park systems protect some of the most beautiful places on earth. >> don't you love watching this? this was put together by the garden north america. canadians here in the tampa bay area feel the same way. a few canadians at clearwater beach. >> reporter: you guys snowbirds? if you are looking for some snowbirds, they are catching rays this time of year. >> this is a fantastic country. >> reporter: from all over. >> south carolina. >> vermont. >> we like the weather. >> kentucky. >> we like the palm trees. >> new hampshire. >> we like the people. >> ontario. >> reporter: if you are looking for specific snowbirds, they might be tougher to find.
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you. enjoy the beach. >> a land of opportunity where anyone can be anything they want to be. >> reporter: you may have caught wind of what canada thinks of the god old u.s. >> you are great, america. >> reporter: ideas these canucks agree with. >> united states is a beautiful country. >> reporter: do you agree? >> i agree. for me, yes, i do. i love coming here. every year i have been coming here for 20 years. >> i love it. yeah. i have been here. i was studying here for a semester ten i really much appreciate the dynamics and openness and possibilities. >> i agree. you americans are great neighbors to us. >> reporter: what does the rest of the world think about the red, white, and blue? hard to tell. >> you have always been great. >> america, i think you are great. >> reporter: our neighbors to the north like us a little. >> stay great, america. >> reporter: on the road in clearwater beach, bobby lewis, 10news wtsp. >> a group of canadian co- workers came up with the idea for the video you just saw.
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they wanted to make a positive contribution in a downright depressing election season. and good thursday afternoon to you. a little time lapse from clearwater beach at sand key. just beautiful there. wall-to-wall sunshine, and we are going to see more sun tomorrow, but things might be getting a little chilly for the beach come this weekend. we'll talk more abouat one moment. but nothing chilly about it. right now it is warm outside. 85 in carrollwood. 86 in tampa. 85 for st. petersburg. crystal river just a little bit cooler there at 83 degrees. stormtracker 10 it is quiet out there tonight. nothing doing. we are not gonna see much activity over the next 24 hours with just about a 10% chance of perhaps a few sprinkles on friday. so it's still october. we're still tracking the tropics and we do have an
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a couple hundred miles to the north and northeast of the bahamas. you can see that trailing end is bringing lots of moisture to hispaniola right now. the good news is that this will be moving off it at north and northeast in time. about a 50% chance that it would be upgrade today a depression for a storm. the next name on the list is otto. we will let you know if that happens. but it will not affect our weather here in the bay area whatsoever. want to show you cooler te perhaps you're traveling, headed to tia on an early morning flight? pack your jackets. it's gonna be cold. 38 degrees in bismarck, north dakota. 38 degrees for the twin cities. and it's this cold air that's gonna be filtering down into the bay area. that will be a little bit modified by the time it gets here. now, for tonight the bolts taking on the colorado avalanche. [ applause ] go bolts. it's gonna be really nice as you are headed out there this evening.
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time. mild temperatures and staying dry. so all in all a pleasant evening across the bay region. by midnight 73 degrees with clearing skies and mostly sunny skies as we head into your friday morning. temperatures still in the mid- to-upper 80s. so one more warm day until we start to cool things down. high temps at the nature coast mid 80s there, and for the bay area 83. st. petersburg up to 87. macdill 86 degrees tomorrow afternoon in tampa. again if we see any gonna be limited. lots of dry air in place, but a few little sprinkles possible late morning, early afternoon. the moisture stays over the gulf as the frontal boundary will be moving through and it will push south of our area by about 11:00 and then comes the colder air moving in. dew points dropping down into the 40s. that is very, very dry air. keep in mind we have dew points in the 70s for most of the summertime. here comes the cold front
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south across the united states. that colder and drier air that a lot of folks have been waiting for. it's time to break out the sweaters, the jackets. ladies, bring the boots out. check it out. 50 degrees sunday morning for the folks in crystal river. here is your seven-day forecast. it's a good looking one. lots of sunshine for you. temperatures a little moderate by the time we head back into next work week with highs back in the mid 80s and lows warming back up into the reg. apple is suing to make sure online retailers aren't selling knock -offs of their products. they found 90% of apple products sold on amazon are counterfeit, but most of those products with chargers and cables, not phones or computers. apple is suing a company that sold products on amazon by
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logo. the lawsuit says those fake chargers and cords can overheat and start fires or possibly shock you. these women are proving cancer and chemo don't have to get you down. a dallas woman's video of her and her friend dancing to the song ju ju on that beat has gone viral. check it out. 32-year-old ana-alecia ayala says that she was diagnosed with a rare tumor in her uterus last year that spread. she has been undergoing aggressive chemotherapy, wh away from her husband and her three-year-old daughter. she met her dance partner daniel through a fitness group last year. she calls her her chemo buddy because daniel keeps her distracted during treatments. [ music playing ] a lot of you have been sharing this video on our facebook page and so far it has more than three million
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taped one of their dance parties. oh, they have so much fun everyday. they did a dance to meghan trainor's song. she says she feels like the best medicine is laughter. >> so true. >> and it's difficult. >> you see her face, what she is going through, and able to smile and dance and have somebody there. >> someone to keep her spirits high. >> she encourages anyone with loved ones bang step out of your comfort zone, have fun, be a little silly as her friend did for her. well, laugh and dance like nobody's watching, right? if you're a parent, you know having your kid in a good school district is important. i am dion lim. in a few minutes tonight at 6:00. >> reporter: parents desperate to keep their kids from being rezoned in new schools are willing to do almost anything,
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i'll explain. it's been almost 20 years since the riots in this midtown community of st. petersburg, and a lot has changed both right here in the community and with the police.
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i moved on her like a [bleep]. you can do anything. grab them by the [bleep] we have to make sure that donald wins this election. no we don't. marco rubio stands by trump
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bringing people together and reaching across the aisle to get things done. protecting social security. and building an economy that works for all of us. i'm patrick murphy and i approved this message because i'll be a senator who always works for you. i've seen what can happen as the result of hate. my son matt was murdered he was befriended by two men in a bar who pretended to be gay. they offered him a ride home, and when he was in their car, they robbed him and beat him. they drove matt out to the prairie and tied him to a split-rail fence, then beat him some more and left him for dead. in the aftermath of matt's death, my family saw the best of america in the love and support we were shown. so when i see the hate that donald trump has brought to his campaign for president,
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in the face, i'll tell ya. ahh, i don't know what i said, uhh, i don't remember. he's a mexican. i could stand in the middle of fifth avenue and shoot somebody, and i wouldn't... words have an influence. violence causes pain. hate can rip us apart. i know what can happen as the result of hate, they might be the most famous shoes in america. dorothy's ruby red slippers from the classic "wizard of oz." i know. >> just click them together and say there is no place like home. now the classic kicks are in desperate need of getting that signature sparkle back. they have been on display at the smithsonian institute for
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and humidity have taken a toll. >> these were not made to last. they were meant to last through the filming of the movie and put back in the prop warehouse. it's great they lasted this long, but they are showing their age now. >> the smithsonian wanted to get the shoes repaired so they launched a kickstarter campaign. the goal $300,000. >> those are some expensive shoes. >> the donations are pouring >> i can't buy you any ruby red slippers.. slippers.. >> the shoes will be on display when powerful people need someone to do their dirty work, they hire bob buesing. how far will he go? buesing fought to foreclose assisted-living retirement homes, threatening local seniors with homelessness. then, buesing defended wells fargo
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llions. buesing's firm was even accused of overbilling local schools ,
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then and now. a look back at the riots that rocked st. petersburg and what has changed 20 years later. what they are proposing to keep their kids from ha change schools. the recall for the takata airbags, you have heard about that. now the state is saying it's time for you to get it fixed. "10news at 6" starts right now. >> right now our carjacker is on the run leaving two victims in his violent path. good evening. i am reginald roundtree. >> i am dion lim. this is a complicated situation. three different crime scenes along the trail in venice.
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exactly what happened. stay with me everybody because it started right here at the 88 spa. now, police say a man beat up a woman who worked there, left her critically injured. police then found her here at the shell in the parking lot. listen to this witness who spoke only to 10news about how scary that situation was. >> the girl came running out of here screaming. she ran across the street. the guy was chasing her. he fell street. she went over there by the round things on the ground and she just collapsed and she started throwing up all over the place. i don't know what was around her neck. i guess it was tape. >> sounds awful. but it doesn't end there because police say the man who beat her tried to carjack a pickup truck, but the driver sped off. that driver soon realized that the suspect was actually in the bed of his pickup, so he


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