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tv   10 News This Morning at 500am  CBS  October 21, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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news this morning. i'm allison kropff. and i'm ian reitz. right now-- tampa
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and getting ready to ship out dozens of linemen to the bahamas. a large portion of the bahamas are still without power since hurricane matthew. 10news reporter sarah hollenbeck is live at tampa electric's operation center in tampa. sarah, several large crews of people have been sent to the bahamas to help. yes, they've sent one crew after another to relieve the linemen down there who have been working around the clock to restore power to the tropical islands. these teams are taking 3 power trucks and 20 workers to the port in miami, where they'll load up on a barge and ship out. hurricane matthew battered the bahamas with winds over 100 miles per hour...ripping roofs off homes, and knocking out power to19- thousand homes and businesses. hurricane matthew
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as a category 4 storm and knocked out electricity to 100 percent of the customers of grand bahama power co. damage is so severe that in some areas, the electrical system is being rebuilt from the ground up. it'll be strenuous work for the tampa crews headed there today. the crews are prepared to stay in the bahamas for two weeks, from there tampa electric will decide if they need to send more crews. i'm digging into this at 5-30...just how long will it take them to get the bahamas back up and running? and how have people been living without power... ian-- hillary clinton and donald trump hillary clinton
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will spend time today in "must-win" states. on thursday -- they traded some jokes and jabs at an annual catholic charity dinner in new york city. donald trump's repeated zingers against hillary clinton... quickly fell flat thursday night. hours after a tenth woman came forward accusing trump of sexual misconduct, clinto on his critical comments about women. the white-tie affair came less
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the final debate in las vegas...during which trump pledged now to accept the outcome of the general election only if he's the winner. trump will have a campaign rally at the amphitheater in tampa monday night. you have to get tickets to attend. right now, the suspect in a string of carjackings is in jail this morning. this man, ralph forte, was captured at home late thursday night. he is accused of carjacking three people and hurting venice. venice police say they identified forte by a fingerprint and surveillance video from "88 spa massage." they say he admitted to committing all the crimes. the victim at the business underwent a successful surgery for head injuries. a fired pinellas deputy is firing back at the sheriff's office... saying he's being unfairly charged. 10 news reporter jenny dean is live in the newsroom with more details... and jenny... this deputy is saying he was targeted because he was a whistleblower? this former deputy says he started speaking out about policies within the
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on drug charges. steven smith was fired last week after sheriff bob gualtieri accused him of having a drug problem and charged him with theft and possession of a controlled substance. smith broke his silence last night.. where along with his attorney... he refuted those charges and says the sheriff wanted him gone because he was complaining about a policy that called for deputies to question 30 citizens a month with field interviews and subsequent reports. his attorney there are some big problems with those charges... because there are no drugs to offer up as evidence. smith says he's doing this to get his name back. 10 news contacted the sheriff's office for a response and we were told they've said all they're going to say about this case. coming up at in about a half hour... i'll tell you more about smith's complaints against the department including how they treated him after a shooting he was involved in a few years ago. bact to you. new this morning.. we've leared that several units of donated blood in miami have tested positive for zika. the f-d-a has
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which facility the tainted blood was discovered. we do know it was found back in august and some health experts say that this might actually be a good thing. here's why: the three tests being used to screen for zika in donated blood are not licensed by the fda, but have been allowed into service on an emergency basis. declined to discuss the screening protocols being used by testing labs. they also did not say how many are or are not using the double testing procedure. the n-f-l is reopening their investigation into a player accused of beating his wife. giants kicker josh brown will not join his team this weekend to play the l-a rams in london. that's after his wife claimed that he beat her more than 20 times. a lot of people are upset this morning that the giants signed him to a deal even after hearing of these allegations.
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because he was molested by a teenager when he was seven. right now, it's not clear if brown has been dropped by the giants. a tragic story out of costa rica this morning. 11 people are dead and 16 others are hurt after a bus crash. the bus was carrying retired university employees who were on an excursion. crews say the bus fell about 50 feet down an embankment and landed upside down. costa rica's president is calling for three days of mourning. new video this right now, crews are looking for four people they believe could have been in this mansion that went up in flames. while four people are still missing, one 74- year-old woman was rescued. she is recovering from smoke inhalation. crews are looking into what caused the fire. a pretty exciting day in channelside. in a few hours, mayor bob buckhorn will be joining development partners to break ground on the downtown publix. the 30 thousand foot grocery store will be going up on east madison street. the ceremony begins at 10 a-m. the publix is just one of many things in the works to
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the chanelside area. this has a lot of people talking on facebook this morning. with the cleveland indians in the world series, one actor is willing to help out the team. coming up, the hollywood star who if offering to throw out the ceremonial first pitch at world series. but first...a deer quite get the hint when one police officer tries bringing it back into the wild. 10 news and the tampa bay lightning want to put you in the stands. and next week make sure you watch 10 news at eleven all next week for your chance to win two lower level tickets to the tampa bay lightning -- boston bruins game on thursday november third. one winner will
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deputy steven smith was fired for drug possession last week. his attorney says he was fired when he spoke out against a sheriff's office policy and he'll release more information in this
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office says deputy smith had a drug problem. restoring electricity after hurricane matthew. right now a tampa electric crew is on their way to grand bahama island where the entire island is without power. they left this morning. hillary clinton and donald trump back in the must win states today after a night of awkward humor at this catholic charity dinner in new york. trump was booed for his jabs at clinton. clinton attacked trump for his alleged ties to russia. old st. pete pier officially gone with this removal of the last piece. construction on the new pier is set to start early next year.> a crazy story this morning. in texas, a deer was rescued by a police officer...only to find the animal
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you can get a closer look at that rescue here. the officer says the deer was tied up and left behind at a home under construction. a builder's supervisor found the deer on the patio, and called police. an officer freed the deer from the rope and urged it to run back into the woods. but the deer kept following the officer around. eventually, the officer was able to get the deer back eventually, the officer was able to get the deer back into the woods, but he's heard the deer has come out to the site several times since. he worries that the animal is becoming to friendly with humans. it may not be out for the holiday shopping season, but this will make a lot of gamers happy this morning. this is a look at nintendo's next
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it's a tablet device that you can attach to a dock and connect it to your television. you can also play on the go, when you remove the device from the doc and attack it to a controller. the nintendo switch will be out march of next year. you can get 10
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the road - with our 10 weather radio partners. in tampa bay, catch us on magic 94- point-9....
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talk radio, listen to wsrq 106.9 fm. and hear 10 weather in spanish on maxima 92-5. what was once an iconic landmark in downtown st pete is officially gone. coming up, crews take away the last parts of the old st. petersburg pier. and the white house changes
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cool. jay-z could possibly make history. he could be first rapper to be inducted into the songwriters hall of fame he along with several others, including madonna, george michael, and gloria estefan were nominated. entertainers can be eligibile if they've been writing music for more than 20 years. this is the first year jay z could be nominated. the winners will be announced on june 15th. i'm sure you've seen a lot of pink this month, for breast cancer awareness. the white house dressed in the color on thursday night. it's part of a tradition started by president george w. bush. president obama proclaimed october as breast cancer awareness month. it's an effort to encourage breast cancer screenings to detect and treat the disease early. tease traffic
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good morning, it's i'm allison kropff. and i'm ian reitz. a pinellas county deputy is hoping to clear his name after he was fired and arrested last week on drug charges. 10 news reporter jenny dean joins us from the newsroom with more from this deputy who is breaking his silence. jenny he says there's a big reason he was fired and it wasn't because of drugs? that's right the deputy says this is all a big set up..
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steven smith and his attorney john trevena claim that sheriff bob gualtieri wanted smith gone because he was complaining about policies in the department. and smith also claims the department was trying to shape his testimony about a shooting he was involved in back in 2013. trevena says that is witness tampering. and as far as the charges of theft and drug possession... trevena goes on to says that the pinellas county sheriff's office has has a number of cases of deputies admittedly committing criminal offenses.. but they were never criminally charged. coming up next hour... we'll hear from that deputy.. he explains the one big reason he is fighting these charges and breaking his silence. back to you. the presidential candidates are back


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