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tv   10 News This Morning at 530am  CBS  October 21, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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steven smith and his attorney john trevena claim that sheriff bob gualtieri wanted smith gone because he was complaining about policies in the department. and smith also claims the department was trying to shape his testimony about a shooting he was involved in back in 2013. trevena says that is witness tampering. and as far as the charges of theft and drug possession... trevena goes on to says that the pinellas county sheriff's office has has a number of cases of deputies admittedly committing criminal offenses.. but they were never criminally charged. coming up next hour... we'll hear from that deputy.. he explains the one big reason he is fighting these charges and breaking his silence. back to you. the presidential candidates are back
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candidates are back on the campaign trail this morning after the rivals spent the night roasting each other at a catholic charity dinner. the long- standing event is usually marked by civility between presidential nominees...but with the election less than three weeks away the candidates couldn't keep their gloves from coming off. clinton hits the campaign trail in ohio today.. while trump campaigns in north carolina and pennsylvania today. trump will be in tampa monday night. can you imagine living in the dark, without any power, for weeks? that's what's happening in the bahamas ever since hurricane matthew tore through the and now, just moments ago, more than 20 linemen from tampa electric left to help people in the bahamas. 10news reporter sarah hollenbeck is live at tampa electric's operations center. sarah, this is a huge undertaking. yes, that's why our local crews are bringing 3 of these electrical trucks with them-- they're saying it could take 6 full weeks before power is restored to all the islands in the bahamas. the wind from hurricane matthew
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tropical islands-- battering homes, hotels, power lines and roads with more than 100 mile per hour winds. officials at the bahamas ministry of tourism estimate a loss of $1.8 million in revenue from cruise ships that were diverted to other destinations during matthew. the category 4 hurricane flattened houses and tore off roofs. many homes and businesses in the west end of grand bahama were destroyed, and the storm impacted thousands of people. here's what i'm finding out for you at 6--- a lot of us here in florida go to the bahamas to get away for a few days-- but right now, most of the resorts are still closed. when are they expected to reopen? i'll have answers for you in 30 minutes. ian....
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local promoter for abruptly canceled concerts... and demanding their money back. st. pete's phoenix productions organized the "make america rock again" tour and "enough's enough" and "tracii guns" concerts this month... ticketholders showed up to discover - the show would not go on. now, ticketmaster is refusing refunds because they weren't notified about the cancelation. 10news tracked down promoter jack bodziak who blames an st for pulling the plug after he wouldn't sign over company stock shares. as the former jannus landing as the former jannus landing operator...
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more than a year prison time for defrauding taxpayers out of a quarter million dollars in bar and concert venue sales tax. he vows to work with ticketmaster to get fans' money back. this is scary thing to think about. manatee county is being called the drug death capital of the state after a report from the florida department of law enforcement. in 2015 alone there were 45 heroin related deaths and 77 related to the equally addictive drug fentanyl. manatee deputies say they're making arrests and trying to educate the puic working to stop the deadly epidemic and keep the drugs off the streets. they say already this year there have been 891 suspected heroin overdoses. 60 have been deadly. deputies say they need your help to stop the addiction and save lives. listen to this, statewide in 2015, 779 people died from heroin, another 911 from fentanyl. parents, this is something you'll want to pay attention to this morning. while most of us associate traumatic brain injuries with professional
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very young. symptoms of t-b-i can be mild, moderate or severe depending on badly the brain has been damaged. doctors warn children can suffer t-b-i from horseplay at home. if one child pushes another child, they could hit their head on the floor, or a wall causing injury. get this, doctors say car seat injuries can happen even when a child is buckled in. doctors say if a child begins vomiting, shows weakness in one side of the body or complains of a headache after hitting their head, you should bring them to the e-r right way. demolition of the old st. pete pier is now complete. that chunk of concrete is the very last piece of the old pier. the city shared this video on twitter, saying "on to new beginnings". work on the new pier is scheduled to begin early in 2017,
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opening expected late in 20-18. this is fit for the season. there will be a food truck rally tonight in st pete and its going to be halloween themed. you can enjoy music, entertainment and games. your kids can dress in costume and "trunk or treat" at the food trucks. it starts at 6:00 at the port of st pete. a story that will give you the creeps this morning. a south carolina woman says a snake popped its head out of the dashboard of her truck. she says for 10 te its head in and out. she says she started praying the snake didn't get any closer. but it started slithering down her leg while she was driving!
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out how the snake got into her truck in the first place. but, she came up with a solution. she went home that night, cleaned out her truck and sold it! remember something like this happened to a bay area man this week. he was driving in rush hour on u-s 19 when a snake popped up from under his hood. thankfully, the snake didn't touch him. he says he hasn't seen it since. at first it may seem like a penny... after the break, where one man found a penny that was actually worth one thousand dollars. coming up
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and c-b-s. starting at 8:00, macgyver, followed by hawaii five-o at 9:00. at 10:00, blue bloods. then tune in to 10 news at 11. don't forget to stay up for the late show with stephen colbert and his guests matt leblanc and joy bryant.
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if you are just joining us, here are some stories we are staying on top of for you. right now.. several power crews are on their way to the bahamas to help restore power there after hurricane matthew left them in the dark. it's been two weeks since the deadly storm morning.. several crews left from tampa on a barge. they will get to the bahamas later today and begin helping to turn the power back on. a former pinellas county deputy is only talking to 10 news. he is hoping to clear his name after being fired last week. the sheriff's office says he was abusing prescription drugs. steven smith says he was targeted because he was a whistle blower and spoke out against policies within the department. we should learn more from smith's
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hillary clinton and donald trump campaign in "must- win" states today after roasting each other at a catholic charity dinner in new york. trump was roundly booed at the event last night for blasting clinton as corrupt...while clinton attacked trump for his alleged ties to russia. following the final debate this week.. the republican nominee pledged to accept the outcome of the general election.. if he wins. as you know, the cleveland indians are headed to the world series. remember how charlie sheen played ricky "wild thing" vaughn in the movie, major league? well, fans want to see him in a uniform again. after several fans tweeted that they wanted him to throw out the first pitch during the upcoming world series, sheen responded. in tweet he said "major league continues be the gift that keeps on giving! if called upon, i'd be honored." the indians said the team is not entertaining the idea of bringing him to throw out the first pitch. but fans are still working hard to rally up support to get him on the
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remember we were talking about this campaign on thursday. next time you are walking on the street and find a penny, make sure to pick it up. ally bank which is based in detroit placed 100 fake pennies across the country worth one thousand dollars apiece. instead of president lincoln's head, the copper colored coin has ally's logo and the other side has the number 100,000 meaning it's worth 100,000 pennies. terry williams was one of the lucky winners. ally bank says it started the ally bank says it
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campaign to started the campaign to encourage americans to save more. the coins can be redeemed online until the end of the year. newspaper tease:
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newspaper tease: tampa bay times and the ledger we have a lot to get to here on 10 news this morning. before you break out the smart phone for a selfie election day, you could be breaking the law. the state reminding you posting a certain photo november 8th is illegal. it's friday morning and that means it's time for our 10 news school of the week powered by duke energy florida. next, see what makes muller elementary magnet
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we are working on all those stories, plus ashley has your weekend forecast and we'll check out how the morning commute looks, all coming up on 10 news this
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you love all-day breakfast. but you don't love that you can't get all your favorites. but now you can get more of what you love. so you can find something else to not love. recommendations from pediatricians suggests parents limit screen time based on your child's age. they include: for those younger than 18 months, avoid it all together except for video chti for kids 18 to 24 months, parents should choose age-appropriate content and watch it with them. parents should limit screen time of 2 to 5 year olds to 1 hour a day... and simply monitor usage for older children to ensure it doesn't get out of control. encouraging news this morning when it comes to financial stability. a new survey from federal regulators found more people have bank accounts. the number of people without checking or savings accounts is down point 7 percent from 2013 to 2015. something strange is coming to theaters.
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tilda swinton join the marvel superhero universe in the upcoming "doctor strange" movie. they both attended the premiere thursday night in l-a. cumberbatch stars as a neurosurgeon who becomes a powerful sorcerer. dr. strange is based on the 1960s marvel comic books. it comes to theaters on november 4th. live look from lakeland
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i moved on her like a [bleep]. you can do anything. grab them by the [bleep] we have to make sure that donald wins this election. no we don't. marco rubio stands by trump and failed to show up for florida. here's what i believe in. bringing people together and reaching across
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and building an economy that works for all of us. i'm patrick murphy and i approved this message
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good morning. we are coming up on the 6:00 hour. out the door this morning the only issue is some patchy fog out there. so near zephyrhills towards brooksville. hilary found a little t though it's not being picked up in term of any lower visibilities right there. probably not at the reporting site. be aware of that along i-75 or the i-4 corridor this morning. towards the afternoon the temperatures warm up again. 69 in tampa. we are heading for temperatures in the mid 80s and many of us won't hit 80 degrees tomorrow thanks to tonight's cold front. we will talk about that front
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sticks around coming up. good morning. here are your hot spots. i am road warrior hilary zalla. in hillsborough county there is an accident along brandon boulevard in the eastbound direction at james l. redmond parkway. this is in the plant city area. there is a lane blocked there. then in pasco county all lanes are blocked in the northbound direction of old lakeland highway at clinton avenue. in less than ten minutes i will have a detour for you here and i will show you the bridges with drive your news. your community. we are putting the news back in the morning. this is "10news this morning" at 6. good friday morning to you. welcome to "10news this morning." the debates are over, but donald trump and hillary clinton take the same stage for laughs and boos. >> startling news about the zika virus found in blood donations in the miami area. plus, thousands are still


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