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tv   10 News This Morning at 600am  CBS  October 21, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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sticks around coming up. good morning. here are your hot spots. i am road warrior hilary zalla. in hillsborough county there is an accident along brandon boulevard in the eastbound direction at james l. redmond parkway. this is in the plant city area. there is a lane blocked there. then in pasco county all lanes are blocked in the northbound direction of old lakeland highway at clinton avenue. in less than ten minutes i will have a detour for you here and i will show you the bridges with drive your news. your community. we are putting the news back in the morning. this is "10news this morning" at 6. good friday morning to you. welcome to "10news this morning." the debates are over, but donald trump and hillary clinton take the same stage for laughs and boos. >> startling news about the zika virus found in blood donations in the miami area. plus, thousands are still
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>> sarah hollenbeck is live. these 20 linemen are needed there? >> reporter: people have been living like that more than two weeks. now they are getting help from tampa, including the bucket trucks. they sent five of them over to the bahamas today and those guys just left less than an hour ago to get over there. hurricane matthew battered homes, it tore off roofs, it picked up an power poles across the tropical island. the damage is so severe in the bahamas that in some areas the electrical system has to be rebuilt from the ground up. it's going to be strenuous work. right now 20 tampa electric employees are on a bus headed to ft. lauderdale. then they will get on a ferry and take that to the island. they will be working 16-hour days doing extremely difficult work. >> it's extremely difficult.
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materials you are trying to get on. especially on an island. it's isolated from the mainland itself. getting materials over there to work with materials without running out of materials, that's an obstacle in itself. they know their lives have been upset and destroyed and we are trying to help them out. >> reporter: tampa electric crews plan to stay on the island at least two weeks. it could take up to six weeks to fully restore the power there in the bahamas. i know a lot of you may take vacations to the bams because it's an easy cruise ship over. you might be wondering how long might will it take to restore power? six weeks. i am hearing that they may not reopen until next month or even early december. back to you guys. >> thank you. hillary clinton and donald trump rallied support in must- win states today a day after
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trumps zingers fell flat. a tense moment came forward accusing clinton of sexual misconduct. >> donald looks at the statue of liberty and sees a four, maybe a five if she loses the torch and tablet and changes her hair. >> everyone knows of course hilary's belief that it takes a ag after all in places like haiti where she has taken a number of them. >> the white tie affair came less than 24 hours after the final debate in las vegas. wednesday night trump wouldn't say if he would accept the outcome of the general election. he now says he would accept it if he wins. new this morning we have learned that several units of donated blood in miami have
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virus. the fda confirmed the news but will not say which facility it was discovered. it was found in august and somehow experts say that might be a good thing. here's why. >> finding it before it's used it very, very good because that means that we are doing the right thing. we are trying to identify whether or not there are any contaminated bloods before they are given. >> the three tests are not licensed by an fda spokesperson did not say how many are or are not using the double testing procedure. the nfl is reopening their investigation into a player accused of abusing his wife after his wife claims that he beat her more than 20 times a lot of people are upset this morning the giants signed him to a deal even after hearing
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behavior. he said it was because he was molested by a teenager when he was seven. it's not clear if he has been eliseed from the -- released from the giants. this man right here, ralph forte, was captured at a home on thursday night. he is accused of carjacking three people and hurting one women in venice. police have identified him by a fingerprint and surveillance video from 88 massage. they say he crimes. a tragic story this morning out of costa rica where 11 people were killed and 16 others hurt after a bus crash. here's what we know. the bus was carrying retired university employees on an excursion. the bus fell 50 feet down an embankment and came to rest upside down. the president of costa rica is calling for three days of mourning. an exciting day in channel side. in a few hours the mayor will
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partners to break downed on a downtown publix. the 30,000-foot grocery store will be going up on east madison street. the ceremony starts at 10:00. the publix is one of many things in the work to help development in the channel side area. in texas a deer was rescued by a police officer and now the animal -- [ inaudible -- too far from mic ] >> this is the rescue right here. the officer says that the deer was tied up and left behind at a home under construction. crews set out and their building supervis deer on the patio and called police for help. >> i tried to spook him to get him to run back out into the woods and wasn'ted to hang -- wanted to hang out with us. >> is that him? >> yes, he came back to see me. >> the officer was able to get the deer to go back into the woods. he has heard from folks in the
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well. he is concerned the animal is becoming too friendly with humans. >> which is probably definitely is if he keeps coming back. we have got a lot more to get to on this friday morning. takata airbags blamed for another death this time in california. a pinellas deputy talks only to 10news. why he says he was targeted. we are live school of the week powered by duke energy florida. they have all sorts of programs, including the arts. we are learning how to do a little ballet plie. we will be right back. that's awesome. looking live at the brings if you are about to head across the sunshine skyway. 17 minutes from pinellas point drive to 75 in manatee county. picking up just a little bit across the howard frankland
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though. this is a live look as you are coming into tampa in the northbound direction of 275. you can see a little heavier traffic. your drive time to cross is still just six minutes. and only in a few spots are we dealing in the way of fog. so take it easy. be careful along i-4. we will be tracking cooler air slated to move in tonight. i will break down tomorrow's
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today, technology is changing... homes are changing.... lives are changing. and all those changes take energy. at duke energy, we're changing too, giving you new ways to control your power use and stay in the know... ...for smarter energy choices every day. all right. 6:11 is the time on this friday morning. this is one of the best things about fridays on "10news this morning." we get to feature a great school in the morning as part of our 10news school of the week powered by duke energy florida. >> we are live at muller elementary in tampa. you got a chance to hang out with the kids yesterday?
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magnet school in america. they are such an awesome school. they are known for their science and art programs. they have a room filled with artwork. take a look. >> we are one of two performing arts elementary schools in the whole county and kids get to come and specialize just in the arts. >> reporter: an arts program that includes strings, percussion, and dance to name a few, plus the students work is put on display in a special place. >> here at school we have once a month we have an art show with every grade. and it's spectacular. >> reporter: every student at the school takes music and dance once a week as part of their curriculum. but they also have a chance to extend their time by choosing a specialty as an elective. if a student really enjoys music, for example, they can join the strings group. [ music playing ] and these teachers are finding ways to
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arithmetic. >> they have to use reading, decoding, reading ahead, even comprehension because we are determining -- and in math we have to use rhythm. >> last year i took a piece of children's literature and we turned it into an opera, a children's opera, and set the words to music. >> how cool is that? >> so cool. i know. all of their artwork is you saw it. they can take dance classes and their gym class, they have a mat outside and there is a tv. it's gone virtual. so much has changed since we went to school. >> we saw tammie doing plies this morning. >> so important. tammie fields is out there this morning. we know it's early for the
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you. you got a couple folks early this friday? >> reporter: their parents got them here for us so we can see the things that make the school so special like corinna here. you heard how talented these students are and what they actually go on to with their skills. play a little bit for us if you don't mind. the school is known for the arts. for dance. for strings. go right ahead. you got it. we have morning long. they have been giving us demonstrations of what they do. [ music playing ] i realize that the instrument is actually bigger than she is, but she is very talented. there are lots of young folks who have gotten up early at muller elementary school. these kids down here actually creating all types of different things. show our folks at home -- i like that one. how cool is that?
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here, but they are also having to design. so these students are learning math and science at the school. throughout the entire morning we are really showcasing the different things that these students are learning. it's just incredible. these students are learning how to design these items all by themselves with a little bit of love and help from teachers and staff though. one thing i like to do is showcase the parents and the students and staff that are , when we come back a little bit later because we are out of time now, we will show you more of that. but this, of course, is our 10news school of the week powered by duke energy energy florida. back to you. >> how cool is that, tammie, that they are using a 3d printer at their age? that is amazing. >> reporter: impressive. >> it is impressive. so we're gonna have a lot more from muller elementary coming up in a couple of minutes.
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be 10news school of the week powered by duke energy florida tell us what's great about your deer creek middle school, or high school. send it to us in an email. 16 minutes after 6:00. friday morning. headed towards rush hour. how we doing, hilary? >> those fourth graders are already making their resumes to be proofed. >> no way? >> they are going to do mock interviews. >> they are gonna 6:16 is the time. in polk county along memorial highway there is an -- memorial boulevard there is a crash here. it was just reported and it's just south of i-4. there is a lane blocked here and injuries reported. just a heads up. you will see police on scene. west of there in hillsborough county just south of plant city there is also a crash along brandon boulevard and it is in the eastbound direction at james l. redmond parkway. you may have a lane blocked here as well, but i am not
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in pasco county, this is our biggest accident of the morning causing the most issues. a crash blocking all lanes along northbound old lakeland highway at clinton avenue. your detour is not that bad. take u.s. 301 around that. and u.s. 301 is actually in the green. looking great. pinellas county so far no issues for you guys. if you are traveling out along 275 through st. pete maybe you're taking u.s. 19 or through palm harbor or east lake road all of those majors havet yet so now is a good time to get out of the door. and in sarasota and manatee counties, good morning to you, i-75 is in the green there passing university and fruitville road. bridges between palmetto and bradenton are in the green. we are in that weird area where if you get out the door now you won't get in too much traffic. i imagine in the next 30 minutes or so that goes out the window. our weather this morning though
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and i-75 corridors there. they are sandwiched in there. you can see the low clouds settling in. overall in tampa bay we haven't seen any issues. this is wesley chapel right now. you can see a little bit lower visibility. a little thicker a few moments ago. overall, not too, too bad. visibility are down, but not so snow that you -- slow that you are seeing significant slowdowns. a great start to your day today. i got pretty nice all throughout the day and tonight that's when we really start working some magic and get this cold front in here. that's gonna slowly work its way through the florida panhandle through the morning and then it's tonight that it's gonna settle through the tampa bay area. so 5:30, 6:00 still to our north and then we take you into this evening and by 11:30, midnight it's through tampa bay moving through sarasota and from there we will continue to move towards the south with
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behind it. now, notice it gets pretty windy tomorrow making for a rough day out on the water. in fact, small craft advisories go into effect tonight. that's one kind of downside to the forecast. everything else is really looking up. you can kind of watch it come through with the dew points. notice this line right here and then we scoot that through, moving through the tampa bay area right about 9:00 tonight, and then back behind it notice how our dew points, our humidity levels drop signific you are heading out the door tomorrow we are looking for the readings down in the 40s and that's when we get that invigorating cool, crisp feel, and it's gonna be great. today out ahead of that front still on the warm side but not nearly as warm as the last couple of days. out of the northwest already today 10, 15 miles per hour. that's why the seas start getting a little bit more unsettled for the second half of the day today. if you are playing football or watching football, anything football tonight, only an isolated rain chance and that
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of two or three sprinkles. it's not gonna be an issue. it will be breezy for the second half. do keep that in mind. keep those throwing arms in good shape there. but the weekend looks fantastic. 70s for highs tomorrow. we will see a return to near 80 by sunday, but the humid weather really doesn't return until late tuesday but really even early wednesday of next week. you can get 10 weather updates on magic94 105.5 fm, 106.9 fm and in spanish on maxima 92.5. it's going to be a heck of a battle between the patriots and steelers sunday on 10news. you couldn't ask for a better late game sunday. it's pats-steelers. let's see if tom brady's revenge tour continues especially against the steelers who he has owned winning 80% of
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over the course of his career. no big ben. landry jones gets the starts. that's not a good thing for antonio brown. he didn't catch a touchdown in the four games big ben missed last season. and le'veon bell, blount, which has a better game in they are close friends. that's your toyota sunday spotlight. paths-steelers at four on cbs and 10news. snoopy is getting the pink slip. what company is parting ways with one state taking selfies seriously during the election, even threatening some jail time. we are going to explain what this is about.
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you love all-day breakfast. but you don't love that you can't get all your favorites. but now you can get more of what you love. so you can find something else to not love. metlife is ending its 31- year relationship with snoopy. they say they are parting ways with snoopy and the rest of the peanuts game.
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the characters were brought in to make the company more friendly. now metlife is launching a big effort. selfies big right now, but you do not want to take one with your ballot after you vote. >> interesting. >> yeah, it's actually illegal in one state. in colorado you are able to post a picture with you in a mail-in ballot. the secretary of state says posting a picture of who you vote for is a misdemeanor and you could face a $1,000 fine and a >> wow. >> the american civil liberties union is calling this a crazy law and they are looking into it. >> i wonder why? >> i don't know. it's interesting though. we will keep you posted. >> you can take a picture with your blank ballot, but can't have it filled in? >> they didn't want to see who you voted for. >> don't do it. live from sky 10, our hot
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polk county and hillsborough county along brandon boulevard. take that picture with the i voted sticker and you're good to go. weather-wise, off to a great start. a little bit of patchy fog along i-75 north of tampa or i- 4 east of tampa. you may encounter that. no big issues on the roadways. it is all about the lincoln. coming up in some parts of the country where you can find pennies worth $1,000. and 10news school of the week powered by duke energy florida this week it is elementary magnet. these kids are up early with us. >> they are using a 3d printer this morning. >> yeah. really impressive stuff out there. tammie is live at the school all morning. they are making a 10news logo. that's cool. that's cool. robert kearney: i fought for my country in kosovo and iraq, and i've been a republican all my life.
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don't want my daughters hearing it. i want my girls to grow up proud and strong, in a nation where they're valued and respected. donald trump's america is not the country i fought for. so, i'm voting for hillary clinton. hillary clinton:
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here, i even take care of my mom here. but you know what? i could use a hand. hey! we hear you! it's why a-a-r-p is supporting family caregivers like you with free tools and resources. and we're making our community an even better place to live, work and play for people of all ages. if you don't think "this is right for me" good morning. coming up on 6:30. out the largely problem free. if you are traveling along i-4 or i-75 northeast of tampa bay there may be a couple patches of fog. overall, things are quiet and they are gonna stay that way through the evening commute. we expect a little more breeze for the second half of the day today. 69 in tampa. 66 in clearwater with mid 80s coming our way later this afternoon. we have got that big weekend cooldown to talk about. i will have the latest on the timing of that front coming up in about ten minutes. good morning.
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on your friday. i am road warrior hilary zalla. in pasco county and dade city an accident blocking lanes along northbound old lakeland highway at clinton avenue. let's go live to sky 10. this is right near the hard rock there at orient road and i- 4 westbound is definitely picking up. coming up in less than ten minutes i will have drive times for you and show you the howard frankland bridge because we are really getting slow there. friday, october 21. i am >> i'm ian reitz. this is your eye opener. >> a fired pinellas county deputy is speaking out. >> i need to get my name out. >> deputy stephen smith was fired for drug possession last week. his attorney says he was fired when he spoke out against the sheriff's office policy and he will release more information on the case today. the sheriff's office says deputy smith had a drug problem. restoring electricity after hurricane matthew.
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is on the way to the island. as healthy as a horse. you know, the one vladimir putin rides around on. >> hilary is so corrupt, she got kicked off the watergate commission. >> hillary clinton and donald trump back in the must-win states today after a night of awkward humor at this catholic charity dinner in new york. the st. pete pier officially gone. construction on the new pier is set to 6:31 is the time. a fired pinellas county deputy says what happened to him is wrong and he has hired an attorney to fight the charges. 10news reporter jenny dean is live in the newsroom with more on this former deputy who spoke exclusively with 10news. >> he says he was a whistleblower complaining about department policies and he says the sheriff wanted him to shut up. he was arrested for theft and
6:32 am
deputy for four years until his ex-girlfriend told investigators that he was abusing prescription drugs. an attorney says the biggest problem with the charges, there are no drugs or controlled substances to offer into evidence. and smith says it was time for him to break his silence. >> i need to get my name back. that's the most important thing. who i am as a man. who i am as a father. who i was as a deputy. >> smith's attorney also says the sheriff's office has admitted to criminal offenses, but they were never charged criminally. now, that attorney john trevino plans to hold a news conference today to give more details on how they plan to fight these charges. we did reach out to the sheriff's office, 10news did last night, and the sheriff's office simply said they said all they're gonna say about this particular case. back to you.
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side of pulse nightclub in orlando. all night long a team of workers used paint and canvas for the one of a kind piece of art. friends, family, and survivors came out to write heartfelt messages. it could also travel the country and the world as a symbol. the art has created the mural not only because of what happened on the site, but also because of the community response. 49 people were killed and 53 others hurt when a gunman opened fire inside th june. an 11th death is being blamed, attributed to a faulty takata airbag. officials say the 50-year-old california woman died in a car crash last night while driving a recalled 2001 honda civic. it was on a list of those most susceptible to airbags failing. this is scary. manatee county is being called the drug death capital of the state. here is part of what that report said.
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heroin-related deaths and 77 related to fentanyl. according to manatee county deputies they are making arrests and trying to educate the public, but little seems to be working to stop the deadly epidemic. they say already this year there have been 891 suspected heroin overdoses. 60 have been deadly. it is alarming and deputies need the public's health to stop the addiction and save lives. statewide in 2015, 779 pele another 91 from fentanyl. today fans and bands are blaming a local promoter for abruptly canceling concerts and demanding their money back. st. petersburg phoenix productions organized the tour. people showed up to discover the show wasn't going on. ticketmaster is refusing refunds because it wasn't notified about the cancellation. 10news tracked down the
6:35 am
for pulling the plug after he wouldn't sign over company stock shares. >> reporter: you don't believe you are a shady promoter and leaving fans high and dry? >> no. it feels terrible because i am not shady and i, you know, i have made my mistakes in the past, but i have also done some really good shows in tampa bay for 21 years. >> as a former janice live operator, he served for than year of jail. he vows to work with ticket masttory get the fans' money -- ticketmaster to get the fans' money back. allied bank based in detroit placed a hundred fake pennies across the country and they were worth a thousand bucks apiece. >> yeah. imagine finding one of those. instead of president lincoln's head it has ally's logo and on the other side it has 100,000.
6:36 am
lucky winners in charlotte. >> i was walking down the sidewalk. i seen something shiny. i picked it up. looked at it. i had it in my pocket for a few days. so last night i asked somebody about it. they said, man, they looked on the computer and said, man, you got $1,000 winner. >> how about that? >> he carried that around for a few days. >> carrying $1,000 around in your pocket. allied bank started the campaign to urge save more. >> good thing he asked somebody about it. you may think, hey, this is just something that was used, you know, in a play or prop for something. >> could have thrown it in a drawer and thought about it. >> got a thousand bucks this morning. we are gonna go back out to our 10news school of the week powered by duke energy florida. it's muller elementary magnet and we are going to find out about their science program. and how generous cleveland
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friday night. tonight we have "macgyver" at 8:00 followed by "hawaii 5-0" at 9, "blue bloods," 10news, and then "the late shohowith
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good morning. 6:40 on your friday. here is your bridge update. we are getting into morning rush hour and i am seeing delays across the bay into tampa on the howard frankland bridge. 65 miles an hour. the delay i am seeing at the kennedy airport and it's just as you get off the bridge into tampa. your actual bridge time is 6 minutes. the gandy bridge is 5 minutes and the courtney campbell cause way is so far so good weather- wise. a couple of patches of fog for the inland areas mainly east of i-75 north of i-4. overall, a quiet start to thedy. allergy levels, they have been stuck in that moderate to medium-high range over the last several days. we will see that straight on through the week. out on the water it starts getting choppy later on as winds pick up and by tomorrow morning small craft advisory in effect and choppy waters could
6:41 am
not a great day to get out on the water. a great day to be outside. i will talk about how gorgeous our weekend forecast is gonna be coming up. 6:41 whistleblower speaking out against policies within the department. we will learn more from smith's attorney today about that case. and hillary clinton and donald trump campaign in must win states today after roasting
6:42 am
night. now, trump was booed at the event for blasting clinton as corrupt, while clinton attacked trump from his alleged ties to russia. both candidates are focusing on key states. monday night trump will be at the amphitheater in tampa. here is a check of friday morning sportsments happy friday -- friday morning sports. >> happy friday. watch the bulls as they try to go for their best art in tonight on 10 sports the key to the bulls' gulf coast offense and watch one of the most lethal in the country. also, get to know the folk. we will introduce you to temple coming up tonight. plus, my picks for the football week. hey, i was four and one last week. you are gonna want to listen up at six and 11 on 10 sports. the internet can be a funny place. ryan merritt knows that all too well after his wedding registry went viral during wednesday's
6:43 am
merritt and his fianci. when most of the gifts were fulfilled, some people bought gift cards. the couple couldn't believe it at first. some fans took to twitter to figure out what they bought. >> the woman was like, we just wanted to do something nice and say thank you. >> yeah, they were so excited about making it to the world series and somebody leaked it and now it's viral. >> and now it's full. >> it's done. >> they got everything on their list. >> so cool. it's friday morning. we got 10news week powered by duke energy florida and this week it is muller elementary magnet. >> we have been spending the week at the home of the gators in tampa. 10news reporter tammie fields is live there this morning. the students there are doing some really cool things with science? >> reporter: amazing things with science. and right now i want to introduce you to the principal. she is gonna talk a lot more about that. this is the principal. we also have an instructor here, too, who we have been
6:44 am
too. it is andrea marshall, the science resource teacher. two important people. i know you have a lot of programs you want to highlight here. want to start off right off the bat with the vertical garden project. what's that all about? >> our first fourth graders are working on a design challenge. gardening these days is so hard. there is not a lot a lot of land to use. we have created vertical gardens where they can grow herbs. they are working on a garden. being creative and learning about other ways to garden. >> reporter: that sounds really good right there. vertical gardens project. students have broken into groups. they have $75 to design something, but then they have to come back to you? >> yeah. you know, we do the arts and sciences here. so part of this science project is a presentation and they will not only present to me, but to miss marshall and their teachers, and then we will
6:45 am
what's that all about? >> sure. it's another design challenge in fifth grade. the students have $20 and the opportunity to use recycled materials that they can get their hands on and create a garden instrument that will be outside and be able to survive in the florida weather. it's a pretty difficult challenge. >> reporter: as we watch these kids back out here live designing things, we have been watching this all morning long, it's so amazing what they're able to do with 3d pr about the jobs that are out there for these kids. some of them haven't been created yet? >> yeah, 60% of the jobs that these children are going to have don't exist yet. so bringing this up to date technology to them and giving them to their fingertips is a way to prepare them for those jobs that don't exist. >> reporter: thank you both for being with us. got to send it back to you because we're out of time. so impressive.
6:46 am
school is 10news school of the week powered by duke energy florida. >> absolutely. what they are doing with science, they are so far ahead of everything. >> right. the skill set they take into middle school and high school is just incredible. so we're gonna check back in a few minutes. one more thing before we leave them on this friday morning. >> yeah. >> we will head out there in a moment. let's get over to road warrior hilary zalla. a few issues on the roadway? >> we have a big issue right now in north tampa and hillsborough county. a car crashed into a power pole on fletcher avenue. westbound lanes are shut down between 15th and nebraska avenue. let's go live to sky 10. we are flying live over this right now. eastbound lanes moving. westbound fletcher is closed. there is also no lights on. power is out. at least 1,000 duke energy customers are without power because of this accident. it's totally dark in this area of north tampa. the traffic signals most likely are not working either.
6:47 am
they are on scene trying to fix the power issue and clear out this accident. take fowler as your detour. there are a lot of side streets again for your detour. it's dark. get the headlights on. make sure you are driving very, very slowly. in polk county an accident in lakeland on memorial boulevard at red devil way, and this is also blocking a lane. there is also south of there in plant city a crash buffalo and now we're starting to see delays as we get into rush hour. eastbound delays at james l. redmond parkway. live to sky 10 checking out pinellas county. 275 at 5th avenue north in st. pete so far quiet along 275. you're picking up a little bit as you head more towards the howard frankland bridge. and sarasota manatee counties so far no major issues. in the green on i-75. you are about to pick up near university parkway.
6:48 am
i forgot to tell me if you want to email me email me at no big issues out there weather-wise except for a couple of little things. you may want to look out for some patchy fog. mainly inland. it looks like visibilities come down around bradenton beach. this is not going to be anything that's going to be causing you any problems this morning. 66 in clearwater. 67 a comfortable 69 right now in tampa. so temperatures looking great. here is where we are likely starting to see the fog increasing along the i-75 corridor in eastern pasco, hernando, and the i-4 corridor in polk county. there could be playoffs in there. largely it's going to be contained to those area. the visibility is not going to be superiorly, but low enough where you want to slow it down and use the low beams. dry through the day today. any fog this morning is gonna
6:49 am
afternoon. so here we go. by 2:00, yeah, a little sprinkle possible. really not much going on though. then as we head into 4:30, 5:00 notice what happens here. we start seeing some shower activity. this is with our frontal boundary that's gonna be working its way on in and notice here it is about 8:00 starting to work its way into areas just north of tampa bay, pushing through the entire area about 11:00 tonight. but notice really minimal rain chances. there is about a 10% chance, , sprinkle. that's really going to be about it with the front. then you can watch the cool, dry air move in. through the morning no big impacts, no big changes from yesterday. lunch hour, noon today, noon, 1:00 into the low-to-mid 80s. that's where we'll park it through the afternoon. evening drive times looking great. and then start to watch those temperatures fall initially just from the sun setting. then as we go to 9:00 you see that cooler air working its way
6:50 am
away from the water since that water does have a bit of a moderating effect. the inland spots cool off a little bit first and then through the evening those temperatures continue to drop area wide leading to a perfect day tomorrow with temperatures in the upper 70s. even on sunday when we start to warm back up we are talking about readings near 80. look at the overnight lows sunday morning. mid 50s, low 50s for the nature coast, and it sticks around through at least tuesday of next week. forecast in our newspaper partners. the "tampa bay times" and if you live in polk county you can see the forecast in "the ledger." 10news and the lightning want to put you in the stands. next week make sure you join us on "10news at 11" to win two lower level to the tampa bay lightning-boston bruins game on thursday, november 3. one winner also gets an autographed jersey. back out live to our 10news school of the week powered by
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today, technology is changing... homes are changing.... lives are changing.
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giving you new ways to control your power use and stay in the know... ...for smarter energy choices every day. it's friday morning and that means we are live in our 10news school of the week powered by duke energy florida. >> this week we are at muller elementary magnet. tammie fields this morning with a special announcement. hey, tammie. >> reporter: yeah, you know, this is my favorite part of th whole program. anna is here from duke energy florida with a big check. >> we are proud sponsors of the school of the week and we are here to present you with $1,000 this morning. >> we are so honored. we are so appreciative. we will put this to good use. >> reporter: we have all these kids we have been showcasing everything that they do. all the students and staff, they got up really bright and early because they are so proud of this 3d program that they're doing as far as printing.
6:55 am
that they have been making. they have the arts here. so you see students mast ring dance and musical instruments and environmental science, which is so impressive, everything that you all do. we appreciate you all getting up early and letting us hang out. we thank you for that, and thank you, anna, of course, as always. we love 10news school of the week powered by duke energy florida. muller elementary. i want to -- i know that this is a l you guys can hear your excitement so that all tampa bay knows that you guys love your school. let me hear it. [ cheers and applause ] love doing this. we love being here, everyone. so thank you again again -- again for letting us be here. that's gonna do it for us. again live at muller elementary. >> how cute are they? >> they got a hold of that. [ laughter ] >> they passed it around.
6:56 am
our school of the week. >> how cooler the 3d things with thundershower names on that? -- how cooler the things with our names on that? >> it's the coolest thing. i had never seen one before. >> dropping subtle hints there, right? there is a crash on the sunshine skyway bridge. it is in the southbound lanes on the pinellas side, but it's as you are going south towards manatee. the right lane is blocked and you are down to 20 miles per ho this is the north tampa area of fletcher avenue and 15th street. the power is out after a car hit a pole and westbound lanes of fletcher are closed. they are on scene trying to fix it. weather-wise off to a great start today. it will be a little bit breezy for the second half of your day and especially overnight into tomorrow as that front continues to move in. it's looking gorgeous for saturday and sunday. if you haven't already made
6:57 am
docks it. -- do it. seas as high as six feet. thanks for joining us this morning. we will see you back here on monday morning. and we're gonna say good-bye. hopefully you have a great i spent many years as a nuclear missile launch officer. if the president gave the order we had to launch the missiles, that would be it. i prayed that call would never come. [ radio chatter ] self control may be all that keeps these missiles from firing. [ sirens blearing ]
6:58 am
i love war. the thought of donald trump with nuclear weapons scares me to death. it should scare everyone.
6:59 am
amendment 1 guarantees your right to generate your own solar energy. it also guarantees that those who don't choose solar don't have to subsidize those who do. amendment 1 means commonsense consumer protections safeguarding seniors-and all floridians from scams,
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amendment 1: good for the economy. captioning funded by cbs good for the environment. good morning. it is friday, october 21st, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning.? a campaign tradition brings hillary clinton together. the awkward political roast drew laughter and boos. >> big boos. the nfl finds itself in a new domestic violence controversy. explosive police documents reveal giants kicker josh brown vividly describing how he abused his then wife, so why did he get a new contract and only a one-game suspension? >> how much screen time should your children have? we have new guidelines from


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