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tv   10 News This Morning at 530am  CBS  October 25, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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completely different. that's if a company gets permission to build a massive, mixed-use development right in the heart of downtown. 10news reporter emerald morrow is live in downtown tampa this morning. emerald, this new development could mean a lot of new jobs for the area, but there are some concerns about traffic. yeah, it only takes one drive through this area during rush hour to know it can really be a mess trying to get around. so adding in new developments with space for business, housing and retail that would bring more people and more cars just means traffic would only get worse. but developers have apparently already anticipated this discussion...and have included room for parking in their project designs. the hillsborough river realty company wants to build on the riverfront next to the university of tampa... and developers' plan includes three huge towers...two of which would be connected. as far as parking, they're making room for that behind the christian science
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with were less concerned with parking woes, and more excited about what this new development could bring to the area. the development company says it's done some studies thast show the west bank of the river can handle any increases in traffic. but, they say this new project really encourages walking. so when could we see all of these new buildings go up in our beautiful city's zoning board approves the project. i'm looking into when that could happen. and i'll be back with more at 6:30. back to you. this morning-- the battle heats up this morning-- the battle heats up between ride sharing companies and hillsborough county's public transportation commission. but this time the p-t-c is the one under fire. 10news reporter sarah hollenbeck is live at county center.
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debated. what happens if county leaders get rid of the committee? it would be great news for any of us that use uber or lyft--- because the fight would finally be over-- and the companies would be free to do business. this morning's meeting about the future of the ptc is the latest in this fight: pitting uber and lyft drivers against the committee. the ride sharing companies have been ticketed again and again for operating "illegally" in hillsborough county. the ptc has tried to enforce new rules: making uber drivers get vehicle inspections and background checks. and now-- the ridesharing companies are even suing the county for trying to force them out of business. this morning-- everything is on the line, as the ptc debates their own integrity at a 9am meeting. coming up at 6am--- ride sharing companies have accused the ptc of being too closely influenced by the taxi cab industry. we have new details about the executive director of the transportation committee partnering with taxi cab drivers to ticket uber drivers. i'm putting the final edits on that and will have it for you in 30 minutes. ian....
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and donald trump hold dueling rallies in florida today. and clinton will be in tampa tomorrow. a cnn/orc poll shows trump trailing clinton by 5 points nationally among likely voters. people in more than 30 states are already voting, including florida. so far, nearly 5 million ballots have been cast faith leaders are asking state lawmakers to pass a bill which would reduce the number of children arrested for first time, non-violent offenses. hundreds showed up for the 13th annual fast assembly monday night in st. petersburg. church leaders from across pinellas say kids who are arrested for stupid mistakes can have their criminal record follow them into adulthood. sami hernandez was arrested when she was 12-years old for stealing an 8 dollar bracelet. she says she had problems getting into nursing school and even applying for her first jobs. church leaders
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arrested in florida last year on first time, non-violent offenses. new this morning...we have learned a 67 year old man from tennessee visiting disney died after riding star tours. it happened in september. the incident was found on a list of serious injuries and illnesses list released every quarter. the man did have a pre-existing heart condition that was listed as a contributing factor. four people were killed at a popular theme park in australia. two men and two women died while on a river rapids ride at dream world. as of right now, park officials have not said how the accident happened. the ride, called thunder river rapid, moves riders in circular rafts along a fast-moving river. a new study is shedding some light on why trucks may not be as safe on the road. the insurance institute for highway safety says headlights may be inadequate, especially because
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the driver of the truck and for you on the road. researchers tested 11 of the most popular trucks and reported the honda ridgeline scored the highest. it was the only truck to receive a "good" rating. some really interesting health news this morning. harvard doctors are looking at whether elderly people's risk of dementia rises in af like hurricanes or earthquakes. researchers found that relocation to temporary shelters after a major disaster can speed up cognitive decline among vulnerable people. prince's paisley park home and recording studio can now open as a permanent museum. a minnesota city council voted to rezone the area so that the public could access it. a temporary permit allowed for the museum opening earlier this month. prince died in april of an
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this is a crazy story out of pennsylvania. a family got an unexpected visitor while having friends over to their house. they were looking at jewelry to raise money for an animal rescue group, when a deer broke in and started running around the house. you can see the holes on the wall from the antlers. there were also blood stains all over the house. unfortunately the deer broke it's leg and police had to put it down. they say there was no way of getting it out of the house. two new shows are joining c-b-s's primetime lineup! one of them is called 'pure genius.' it is a new cutting-edge medical drama about a young silicon valley tech titan who enlists a veteran surgeon with a controversial past to run a state-of- the-art hospital. it premieres on thursday at 10:00
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make sure you tune in for the premiere of ' the great indoors.' it's a comedy about a renowned adventure reporter for an outdoor magazine who must adapt to the times when he becomes the desk-bound boss to a group of millennials in the digital department of the publication. it premieres on thursday at 8:30 p- m. it seems medically impossible, but one baby was born twice. after the break, how doctors were survive...both times. coming up tonight on 10 news and c-b-s. starting at 8:00, n-c-i-s, followed by bulla t 9:00. at 10:00 n-c-i-s new orleans. then tune in to 10 news at 11. don't forget to stay up for the late show with stephen colbert and his
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i served under president bush and obama. i fought the taliban. i was asked to form a global coalition to counter isil. when someone makes the comment that they know more about the islamic state or isil than do the generals, it implies a complete ignorance of the reality. but i believe secretary clinton really understands the threat that the islamic state poses to the united states and to the american people. and i believe she understands how to wield american power to ultimately defeat this threat and to keep us safe. i'm hillary clinton
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morning, here are some stories we are staying on top of. hillsborough county is looking to cut ties with the p- t-c. at the root of the problem: uber and lyft. even tampa mayor bob buckhorn says the agency is ancient as it continues to stack one rule on top of another against the ridesharing companies. the commissions future will be talked about again this morning. just two weeks to election day. hillary clinton and donald trump will be campaigning in florida today. during a campaign swing in the sunshine state on monday, including a stop in tampa...the republican nominee maintained polls showing him falling behind clinton are flawed. a cnn/orc poll shows trump trailing clinton by 5 points nationally. what would you think about a new skyline in downtown tampa? a proposed development will
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the center of the city. check out what the hillsborough river realty company wants to build on the riverfront next to the university of tampa. it's asking the city to re-zone the area so it can build three towers that will offer hotel, retail, office, parking and high- end residential space. the development is called lafayette place. a music producer and recording artist is getting a lot of attention. --dj khaled shared the birth of his son on social media sunday morning. --he documenhi entire delivery on snapchat. --several hours of snapchat...taking followers through the process...from contractions, to interviews with doctors. --you could even hear his own music during his snaps --according to usa today -- he didn't show followers footage of the newborn...but did show his footprint and you can hear the newborn crying. --got alot of attention on socia media -- some thought he was sharing way too
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this is an incredible story out of houston, texas. margaret boemer was 16 weeks pregnant when she went to the hospital for a check up. she was told her baby had a tumor and would require surgery to survive. at 23 weeks, she had her baby surgically removed and the tumor was taken out. doctors then returned the baby to the womb. boemer remained on bed rest for 12 weeks before having a c-section at
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at 8 days old, lynlee had another surgery to remove the rest of the tumor from her tailbone. she made a full recovery and was able to go home just
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newspaper tease:
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the ledger we have a lot to get to here on 10 news this morning. scary video this morning of a man breaking into a florida home and creeping around as children sleep just feet away! and, looking to make some extra money? the easy way you can turn
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we are working on all those stories, plus ashley has your forecast and we'll check out how the morning commute looks, it's all coming up on 10 news this morning. live look of downtown st. pete! ? life can be messy... but with crayola color wonder...
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color wonder. find it in the crayola aisle. sets each sold separately. hillary clinton: this is not an ordinary time, and this is not an ordinary election. i want to send a message to every boy and girl and indeed to the entire world. that america already is great, but we are great because we are good. we are going to lift each other up. i want us to heal our country and bring it together. ting the economy to work for everyone... not just those at the top. making the best education system from preschool through college. making it affordable, because that's, i think, the best way for us to get the future that our children and our grandchildren deserve. my vision of america is an america where everyone has a place. this is the america that i know and love.
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there's nothing that america can't do. i'm hillary clinton
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you love all-day brest ve that you can't get all your favorites. but now you can get more of what you love. so you can find something else to not love. year in a row - outdoor gear store 'rei' is shutting its doors to shoppers on black friday. its also paying employees for the day off. online orders wont even be processed that day. the closest 'rei' store is in jacksonville. a number of other retailers have decided to close for
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of america. usually your first day on a new job is kind of rocky. but for one k-9... nothing can beat his first day. tank and his partner, a police officer in missouri, are getting some praise for helping find a missing teenager who has special needs. it was their first assignment together. the day before they were in training!
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live look of
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amendment 1 protects consumers from scams, promotes safe solar, and is endorsed by florida's firefighters. so, why are out-of-state billionaires attacking it? because amendment 1 stops their subsidies. amendment 1 ensures that if you don't choose solar, you don't have to pay for those who do. amendment 1 blocks special subsidies
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good morning and happy tuesda morning and you're looking great as you're getting out the door this morning no visibility issues and pretty comfortable temperatures across the area. we're seeing from 49 in crist crystal river to 68 in st. pete so it's pretty chilly but we're all going to warm up nicely as we head through the day. not hot just yet but we start getting in that very warm region as we head into tomorrow. i'll talk about tomorrows forecast when our winds pick up and look ahead to your weekend
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6:00 on tuesday i'm road warrior hillary. just south of bradenton in manatee county there's a hit and run crash reported along 34th street, no lanes are blocked from this and now i am learning some construction in downtown tampa as well as drive times getting a little heavier so i'll have that in less than 10 minutes. good tuesday morning to you welcome to 10 news this morning. i'm allison cross. >> we're just hours a away from game one of the world series and this is one is a historical one. while you'll soon be paying more for a popular super food. you've heard about uber and lyft's fight to stay in tampa bay. the organization that reg you you lates them could be on the chopping block. >> 10 news is live and the integrity of the public


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