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tv   10 News This Morning at 600am  CBS  October 25, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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6:00 on tuesday i'm road warrior hillary. just south of bradenton in manatee county there's a hit and run crash reported along 34th street, no lanes are blocked from this and now i am learning some construction in downtown tampa as well as drive times getting a little heavier so i'll have that in less than 10 minutes. good tuesday morning to you welcome to 10 news this morning. i'm allison cross. >> we're just hours a away from game one of the world series and this is one is a historical one. while you'll soon be paying more for a popular super food. you've heard about uber and lyft's fight to stay in tampa bay. the organization that reg you you lates them could be on the chopping block. >> 10 news is live and the integrity of the public
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>> reporter: absolutely all because of our 10 investigates e-mails we uncovered something. it's turns out that the executive director of the ptc, which is based inside of this building here at the county center was cracking down on these ride sharing companies like lyft and uber but he may have been using taxicabs to actually help them out in this. it's just the latest and a lot of controversy involving the public transportation committee in hillsboro county and the ride sharing companies uber an lyft who say that basically the ptc is forcing them out of business here in hillsboro county. now, this is the same organization that the mayor has called a dinosaur that needs to be extinct and now the transportation committee's future is up in the air. the public transportation committee regulates taxis, cabs, limos, ambulances and ride sharing companies and this morning they are going to actually debate their own future right here at the county center starting at 9:00 a.m.
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a lot of people have looked forward to ever since this fight began between uber, lyft and the ptc. back to you guys. just two weeks until election day. hillary clinton and donald trump hold rallies here in florida today and a new poll shows trump falling further behind clinton. romanna is staying on top of both campaigns. >> reporter: donald trump capped a second day of a three day push through florida railing against obamacare premiums, set to increase by double >> it's over for obamacare and hillary clinton wants to double down and make it more expensive. >> at a round table with farmers, the republican nominee blasted pre-election polls as inaccurate including one showing him trailing clinton in battleground states. >> they are fake put out by media. >> in a radio interview trump
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misconduct. >> one said she grabbed me on the arm and she's a porn star. i'm sure she's never been grabbed before. >> there's a full court press for clinton's campaign yesterday. she criticized her opponent at a rally in new hampshire had p sure. >> this is someone who wrote for failure and takes lead in mocking our country. >> alongside clinton massachusetts senator elizabeth warren. >> he thinks because he has a mouthful of tic tacs he can force himself on within groping distance. appearing on jimmy kimmel live president obama criticized trump's campaign. >> if you are willing to say anything and do anything that a problem. >> with 14 days left in the race clinton has already begun looking past the republican nominee turning her focus to helping other democrats on the ballot. cbs news. >> as we reported clinton will be in tampa tomorrow. people in more than 30 states are already voting and so far nearly 5 million people have cast their ballots.
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6:00. subway is facing a loss this morning from the former subway pitchman jarod's ex-wife suing subway for several thing including invasion of privacy. she claims the restaurant chain was told three different times between 2004-2011 that he had expressed sexual interest in children. she says subway continued to promote him despite multiple allegations. she claims she never knew about the allegations until after the fbi raided her home last year. the department of is giving back to those who help respond to the pulse nightclub shooting in orlando. the city of orlando approved a grant of more than $316,000 from the doj. a big portion of that money will help cover nearly 6,000 hours in overtime as overtime law enforcement officers work during the nightclub shooting and days after. the remainder of that money will go to additional costs. investigators are learning more about what happened in the moments before this tour bus crashed into a tractor trailer
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driver who was one of the 13 who died in that crash did not brake before slamming into the truck. that's because of how powerful the impact was and the fact there were no skid marks. only two passengers a man and woman are left to be identified. this is scary an investigation is under way this morning after one man died and two others were hurt after a scaffolding collapsed in hollywood, florida between ft. lauderdale and miami. the scaffolding collapsed 40 feet above on a building when that happened. with $15 billion on the line today is an important deadline in the volkswagen emission scandal. a judge has to decide whether to aprove the largest vehicle setment in u.s. list rich the company admitted technology inside cars could cheat emissions test allowing dirty can cars on the road. if approved the money would be used to buyback or repair hundreds of thousands of cars. this may frustrate a lot of
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more to buy avocados. there's a shortage in mexico cause prices to go up. prices are double and in some cases triple what they were a year ago. high prices at supermarkets could linger until after the super bowl when demand for guacamole hits a peak. a lot of folks looking forward to this one the world series kicking off tonight. we are excited about this in cleveland, ohio. >> ashley? >> oh, yeah. >> [laughter] >> cubs fans are anxious to see the team beat the in claim their first championship title since 1908. the indians haven't won the series since 1948. first pitch is at 8:00. the cubs haven't won suns 1908 so we took a little trip back in time to see what's changed since then. >> this is interesting when you look back so in 1908, stamps cost one penny, there were 46 states, sliced bread had not been invented yet and the titanic hadn't been built. >> oh, wow. >> also to put this into perspective there was no nba,
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yeah. >> wow. >> the world series was everything at that point. >> wow. >> and still is a huge part of the sports world in our world today. >> when you look at stuff like that it makes it seem like a really long time. >> first pitch tonight. big changes are coming to the florida georgia game and people aren't happy. we'll explain about this. also, the skies the limit for taking selfies. coming up we're taking a look at new technology being used to get the perfect picture. tampa could completely change as we know it i'll have details on when a brand new mixed use development could go upcoming up at 6:30. 10 news in the tampa bay lightning want to put you in the stands make sure you watch 10 news at 11 all this week for your chance to win two lower level tickets to the tampa bay lightning game on thursday, november 3 and one winner also gets an autographed jersey. it is 6:07 on your tuesday and here is your bridge update
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door this is a live look at 275, actually this is at bush boulevard this isn't a bridge. supposed to be showing the howard frankland bridge. that is actually looking really good the drive time on 275 is 15 minutes let's look at the sunshine skyway had bridge. dark and early, we aren't dealing with any accidents and just kept your drive times it's 17 minutes from pinellas point drive down to 75 in manatee county. i am learning of a new accident in bradenton i'll let you know about that in less than 10 minutes. we are starting our warming trend around the bay area, up to the north and it's going to stay there for quite some time. we'll talk about what sort of impacts our next couple of cold fronts could have on our forecast but first a check of
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robert kearney: i fought for my country in kosovo and iraq,
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gs, dogs, and bimbos...and i sure don't want my daughters hearing it. i want my girls to grow up proud and strong, in a nation where they're valued and respected. donald trump's america is not the country i fought for. so, i'm voting for hillary clinton. hillary clinton: i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. i moved on her like a [bleep]. you can do anything. grab them by the [bleep]
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marco rubio stands by trump and failed to show up for florida. here's what i believe in. bringing people together and reaching across the aisle to get things done. protecting social security. and building an economy that works for all of us. i'm patrick murphy and i approved this message because i'll be a senator who always works for you. , this will put a smile on your face this morning parents of 89
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school in iowa were given a big help hadding hand recently. jerry fenton donated about $700 to the school to cover all of the overdue lunch balances. he originally got the idea to donate from a facebook post by a mother in texas who paid for her sons classmates lunch fees after finding out his family lost their jobs. >> i find it hard to believe in this day and age that there are kids that go hungry. it's just unthinkable to me that should happen. >> so the was $458 and that extra money donated is enough to cover future fees as well. love that he's paying that forward for those kids. >> that he heard about it and someone else did something similar and he wanted to help out as well. 6:12 is the time. you may have seen this story or heard about it on your facebook feed. a boy in atlanta wakes up from a coma speaking spanish instead of english. some of his friends spoke spanish but he's never spoken
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kicked in the head during a soccer game and this was his third concussion. researchers with the cdc say traumatic brain injuries can cause changes in language. as he is recovering he started speaking english again. this also has a lot of people talking on this tuesday morning. you may know the florida/georgia rivalry game as the world's largest cocktail party but you done want to call it that anyway. the gameplayed in jacksonville will be known as the river city show down. both schools say they decided on the name ch from the alcohol themed nick name that's been around and stuck sin the 1950s. now there's been so much talk about this and so much reaction on twitter and facebook. a lot of folks not too happy about this. >> no its been called something like that for so long it's hard to change that name. >> for decades and they are saying changing it and making it sound similar to other rivalry games isn't sticking with people. apparently selfie sticks are so 2015. >> [laughter]
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selfie. >> this is a hover camera passport. it's a drone that takes yourself its. it has facial recognition and it can follow you around even if the winds are up to 10 miles an hour. it also has a feature that can make panoramic shots. the image quality is just about the same a a smartphone camera which are pretty good. >> they're great. >> you can get pretty cool photos i'd think. way better than just a reg you you lar selfie. >> well yeah so it's like a try pod you and it floats around? >> yeah. i love this idea. >> hope it doesn't fall. >> christmas. >> there you go. >> keep it in mind. >> last week you you wanted that jet. >> so that's come down a little bit. we're talking about this on facebook. allison croft while you're scroll through your facebook feed and join the conversation, do you want a selfie drone? >> yes tell us about it. we are chatting we'll be on the live stream until about 7:00 or so this morning.
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checking with hillary how we doing on the roads? >> not too bad just about 6:15 and we are is starting to see our first slowdowns. in pinellas county your hottest spots right now, gandy boulevard as you head east towards the bridge so passing fourth street and mlk where all that construction is you're down to 13 miles per hour and then u.s. 19 that intersection is down to 30 miles per hour so that is a slower spot as well and in hillsboro county, one of your hotspots is actually veterans expres south passing memorial highway. your drive time isn't really affected by those slower speeds though you're at 11 minutes from around van dyke road down to memorial or the sun coast parkway down to the tampa airport. let's go live to 275 across the how you and frankland bridge. i meant to show you you this earlier. fhp has reported some debris in the northbound lanes on the pinellas side so just north of fourth street. i'm not seeing slower speeds from this and hopefully a road ranger is able to get that
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for rush hour. back to our maps in downtown tampa a heads up. there is some sewer pipeline work going on along havana avenue and this is something new that started yesterday. you only have one northbound lane open at mlk so a heads up. if you you are traveling the sarasota or manatee county area i75 is very quiet still so you're looking great there. there is still just this crash in bradenton along 15th street. it is blocking the lane northbound th avenue. this is a hit and run accident by the way. if you have any problems on the roads be sure to send me an e- mail. i'm your road warrior and i'll help you with any traffic safety issues e-mail me at good morning we are off to another fantastic start this morning. feeling like fall out there, working in a little bit more cloud cover as we head through the day this is wesley chapel right now, it's still pretty dark but once that sun is does come up we'll see a little bit
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won't produce rain so you can go ahead and leave umbrellas at home you won't be needing those but the sunglasses as well as an extra layer for the morning hours not the worst idea we are down to 49 right now crystal river brooksville only 51 but st. pete 68, so there is a bit of a range in our temperatures with most of us somewhere in that 55-65 range and off to a pretty nice cool fall start. still northeast winds but the high pressure building into our north is going to continue to keho and as that sinks downward becoming more easterly as we head into tomorrow and it's that little jog in our wind direction that starts bringing in more moisture, higher due points warmer overnight temperatures, and some rain chances by the end of the week so one little thing means big changes to our forecast. notice that instead of 50s dew points we're back up into the 60s so first up that says okay it's not going to be as cool during the overnight hours, we can't drop below the dew point. it also tells us back over 60,
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chance for some showers here. we've got that low level moisture but the problem is theres no trigger so with that extra cloud cover we won't see that focus heating and we're going to stay dry for today which not too bad for us and we'll sit hit 84 degrees with good stretches of sunshine from time to time. we will see some cloud cover from time to time though, so it is a little bit more mixed today than it was especially over the weekend and by the weekend, by this upcoming weekend we start to warm things up. we'll have time to keep on heating things up have any frontal boundaries we're tracking on the horizon. at least not for the next seven days ate looks like there's one that tries to move in early next week. it's going to fizzle out well to our north and even the one behind that moving in in november, that doesn't look like it's going to have the push to get all the way down here, so this is probably going to be our forecast for probably the next two weeks or so, but we're going to continue to track that and of course if there are hints at getting another frontal boundary you'll hear about it from us.
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the warm side during the afternoon. check out our 10 weather forecast with our 10 weather radio partners in tax far bay catch us on magic 94.5 and wsrq 106.9 fm. if you have a million dollar idea, coming up next we'll help you know how you can sell it. also coming up, this video right here, this is really disturbing. it shows a burglar inside a home that happened here in florida and this guy creeping around. there were children in one of these rooms. follow us with you when you're on the go on your desktop, laptop, or cellphone or smartphone, search for 10 news wtsp in the app
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you love all-day breakfast. but you don't love that you can't get all your favorites. but now you can get more of what you love. so you can find something else to not love. so just in time for the
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bringing in a popular toy brand. how about this it's now going to start selling american girl dolls. this is the first time a u.s.- based retailer will have an american girl shop. the dolls will be sold at about 100 toys r us stores we don't know right now if that includes any bay area stores . so the widely used app pokemon go is helping you get into the halloween spirit so the mobile game adds a couple new features for the holiday. starting tomorrow you can earn more candy through the regular activities and also catch more because this will only last the next week, week and a half or so it ends november 1. so i'm sure you've come up with a million dollar idea it's the invention of all had inventions and then there is that roadblock. how do you sell that idea? >> in todays money for me segment john anderson talked with a college student who found a way to market her idea and actually get buy in from a hollywood actress. >> i was highly inspired by my mom. >> that inspiration brought 19- year-old ann to the fashion
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she started sewing at 13, pretty much just items for her. >> i would make dresses and just again clothes for my dolls. >> and that turned into gifts for family and friends and eventually the thought of starting her own business. she came up with her own design based on her love for the cleveland skyline. that lead to other designs, for new york, and chicago, put them on anything, from pillowcases to purses. >> it's a simple elegant classy product. it caters to people who like to travel but love home or wa them. >> to market her idea she built her own etsy online page under the name ann kate to showcase her work hoping it would land her a buyer and then american greetings came calling or e- mailing in this case. >> it was huge. i freaked out. >> actress monica potter's home store wanted in and started selling ann's designs. >> i was so excited. >> she has added 25 city skylines and talk about going
6:25 am
town, south africa with over 100 current customers and may even have to hire employees to keep up with the demand. her advice? >> if your heart is into it, then you'll be successful and you you never know who will come your way. >> and for ann they just keep coming her way. >> now as for etsy, you do have to pay a $0.20 listing fee as well as paid transaction and payment processing fees. >> but it is a site where you you turn your hobby into those rhiannon ally monk the dozens of other sites similar to etsy. >> so many options for you. >> they say if people have the ideas and you've got to try it out to see if it's going to work and stick. >> and social media helps so much these days. >> oh, yeah. well we do have an accident in bradenton other than that we have hotspots in terms of traffic getting heavier. so i'll get you you drive times coming up. weather wise you're off to a great start this morning, enjoy it if you like that little taste of fall because it starts to slip away from us tomorrow i'll talk about if
6:26 am
sight that may bring a little taste of fall back to us coming up. so if you drive a truck you'll want to stick around for this story a new study out this morning this takes a closer look at a feature that may not be as safe as you think. and cleveland let's take you live out there because guess what? game one of the world series is tonight. the indians and cubs are kicking the whole thing off in cleveland.
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ndorsed by florida's firefighters. so, why are out-of-state billionaires attacking it? because amendment 1 stops their subsidies. amendment 1 ensures that if you don't choose solar, you don't have to pay for those who do. amendment 1 blocks special subsidies for special interests. it's solar done right. our children, they look up to us. what we value, how we treat for speothers.terests. and now they're looking to see what kind of leaders we choose. will it be the one respected around the world, or the one who frightens our allies and emboldens our enemies? the one with the deep understanding of the challenges we face, or the one who is unprepared for them? a steady hand? or a loose cannon? common sense and unity, or drama and division?
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our children are looking to us. what example will we set? what kind of country will we be? hillary clinton, because we're stronger together.
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good morning time now 6:29 and we're off to a really pleasant start this morning so if you're thinking i'm not ready to get out of bed just yet if you do it will be worth it. it's really nice with temperatures that are chilly in some spots if you're in crystal river you're starting off in the 40s but around the bay area we're seeing a lot of temperatures in the upper 50s petersburg. we're all going to warm up pretty quickly as we head through the day. we'll get a good amount of sunshine and what clouds we do see they are pretty thin so a lot of that heat gets on through and we warm up into the mid 80s today. we get even warmer later in the week i'll talk more about that coming up in just a few minutes. good morning here are your hotspots at 6:30 on your tuesday. in manatee county in bradenton there's an accident reported
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and let's go live to our morning commute in downtown tampa flying over i4 had westbound these are the headlights coming at us this is right under i75 so you can see westbound lanes of i4 are really picking up. i'll have your drive time here coming up and also get you a report of an incident in sarasota along i75 through northport. good morning it's tusker october 25. i'm allison croft. >> this is your eye opener a look at todays top stories at 6:30. >> money into a city, a win-win for everybody. >> redeveloping downtown tampa. a proposal would add three towers along the hillsboro river, but some are concerned that would mean even more traffic in tampa. possible trouble for hillsboro public transportation commission. an emergency meeting will be held today. get out and vote. leave here and vote. >> and just two more weeks until election day and both candidates are fighting for your vote. donald trump was in tampa
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clinton will be here tomorrow. as you head into work this morning take a good look at the tampa sky line because there's a chance it could look a whole lot different in the next few years. 10 news is live in downtown tampa this morning and now developers want to create a new mixed use area in downtown around the hillsboro river, so emerald when could we start seeing changes is? >> reporter: allison we are still a couple of years away from seeing major changes to the beautiful skyline we have down here because the city still has to aprove some rezoning plans but here is a look at some of the changes that we're expecting to see here along the river for this particular project. now the hillsboro realty company is asking the city to rezone six acres of land near the kennedy boulevard bridge across from the university of tampa for a mixed use development. the new development will be called lafayette place and would include three huge towers for office, retail and housing. but as much as this new
6:32 am
more people to live in the city, some people have serious concerns about how much this is going to impact traffic in an already congested area but others say they welcome the change. >> it's good for jobs and bringing more people to tampa. >> i always think there's so much more to be built up here. >> but again, the traffic is a real issue. developers are including room r say they've done some studies that show the west bank of the river can handle any increases in traffic but again developers also say this project the way this project is laid out it makes a lot more room for walking. it's designed to be more community oriented so hopefully having more traffic in the area and parking problems won't be an issue. >> you mentioned this isn't exactly a done deal and developers still have to get approval from the city to make
6:33 am
happens when could construction start? >> allison, construction could start in about 2018, so we are a little ways away from it. not all that much longer because we are already at the end of 2016 pretty much, so it could be happening pretty soon if the city does aprove those plans. >> it will be interesting to see it happen, live for us in tampa, emerald thanks. 6:33, faith leaders are asking state lawmakers to pass a bill reducing the number of children arrested for first time non-violent hundreds showed up for the 13th annual fast assembly monday night in st. petersburg. church leaders from across pinellas say kids arrested for stupid mistakes can have their criminal record follow them into adulthood. sammy hernandez was arrested when she was 12 years old for stealing an $8 bracelet. she's had difficulty getting into nursing school and applying for her first loan. >> they are our future. locking them up isn't going to help them. branding them scarring them for
6:34 am
>> church leaders say an estimated 10,000 kids were arrested in florida on first time non-vie leno fences. four people were killed at a popular team park in australia. two men and two women died on a river rapids ride at a park called dream world. park officials have not said how the accident happened. the ride called thunder river rapids moves riders in a circular motion along a fast river. hillary clinton and donald trump hold rallies in a crucial state in florida. clinton will be in county tomorrow. a cnn poll released monday shows trump trailing clinton by five points nationally among likely voters. people in more than 30 states are already voting including here in florida. so far nearly 5 million ballots have been cast. prince's home and recording studio can now open as a permanent museum. a minnesota city council voted to rezone the area so that the public could access it. a temporary permit allowed for the museum opening earlier this month. prince died in april of an
6:35 am
inside that complex. just about 35 minutes after 6:00. there's a new study out these morning shedding light on why trucks may not be as safe on the road. the insurance institute for highway safety says that headlights may be inadequate especially for how big the vehicles are. it can be dangerous for both driver of the truck and for others also on the road. >> some had headlights just even properly aimed aren't going to provide a wide enough distribution of light across the road to allow drivers to see where they ne >> researchers of the most popular truck reported the honda ridgeline scored the highest and was also the only truck to receive a good rating. well really interesting health news to pass along this tuesday morning. harvard doctors are looking at whether heatherly peoples risk of dementia rises in the after math of natural disasters like hurricanes or earthquakes. researchers found relocation to temporary shelters can speed in cognitive decline among vulnerable people.
6:36 am
out of pennsylvania. a family got an unexpected visitor while having friends over to their house. they were looking at jewelry to raise money for an animal rescue group when a deer broke in and started running around the house. look at this. you can see the holes in the wall from the antlers, and blood stains all over the house. >> here we are trying to save animals and we are having deer shot in our house and they knew there was no way this would survive. i felt bad it had to suffer for as long as it did. >> unfortunately the deer broke its leg and police had to put it down. they say there was no way of getting it out of the house. this is really crazy video this morning a burglar breaks into a house but what he does inside is really scary. >> so this is out of rockledge florida near cocoa beach and here is the video. not only did the burglar walk around the homeowners grandchildren while they were sleeping in the living room but just look outside the front
6:37 am
>> he just walked right around in between them. my bedroom door was right there and he was right there. he never opened the door. >> just walking around those kids. >> so scary. the owner said he installed new locks on all of his doors and all of his windows. >> of course you would do that. so coming up lebron james doing his part to make the world series sweeter for fans in cleveland. this is just an amazing story a baby born twice to get a chance at life. coming news at 8:00 it's ncis, followed by bull at 9:00, nciis s new orleans at 10 and 10 news at 11 and then the late show with steven colbert and his
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z2562z zy6z y2562y yy6y
6:39 am
ndorsed by florida's firefighters. so, why are out-of-state billionaires attacking it? because amendment 1 stops their subsidies. amendment 1 ensures that if you don't choose solar, you don't have to pay for those who do. amendment 1 blocks special subsidies
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good morning it's 6:40 and your morning commute is definitely getting a little heavier out there. the howard frankland bridge is slowing down and we know that because this kennedy airport exit into tampa you can see 275 northbound is really stop and go. that means the bridge is backed up just a little bit. you're a minute delay so taking
6:41 am
and as we look at the gandy bridge into tampa different story here still very quiet. your drive time is just about five minutes. ashley? we are problem free as you you get out the door on this tuesday good morning off to a great start there, pack the is sunglasses, pack the spf30 but ditch those umbrellas you won't be needing those today. the benadryl or whatever you are taking to deal with allergies is a bit of a different story still in that moderate range and still ragweed we ca that. out on the water light to moderate chop 10 knot winds and seas around two feet but winds really pick up as we head into tomorrow talk about your wednesday forecast and warm up for the weekend in five minutes. here is a look at the stories we are staying on top of 10 news. hillsboro county is looking to cut ties with the ptc. at the root of the problem, uber and lyft. even tampa mayor says the agencies ancient as it continues to stack one rule on
6:42 am
the commissions future will be talked about again this morning. what would you think about a new sky line in downtown tampa? a proposed development will change it making the hillsboro river the center of the city. the hillsboro river realty company wants to build on the river front next to the university of tampa. it's asking the city to rezone the area so it can build three towers for hotel, retail, office, parking, and high end residential space. the development is called lafayette place. just two weeks until ti trump are both holding rallies in the crucial state of right here in florida. during a campaign swing in the sunshine state monday including a stop in tampa trump maintained polls showing him falling behind clinton are flawed. a ocnn poll released monday shows trump trailing clinton by five points nationally. here is a look at morning sports. >> good morning. i'm ryan bass. tonight, back in his hometown and the bolts take on the
6:43 am
hear from the amount an plus the good, bad and what you need to know after tonights gym. we'll have that coming up at 11 and hatch it world series open tore all you cubs and indians fans we'll tune into show former rays doing the fall classic. so tonights going to be obviously a wild one in cleveland game one of the word series and next door, lebron and the cavs get their championship rings. lebron was asked yesterday if there was anything that could make the night better and his response? he said having an ice cream truck outside both arenas would be icing on to the king because blue bunny ice cream is coming through. free ice cream tomorrow outside both venues and now, i am insanely jealous and want ice cream. >> lebron asked for ice cream and he gets what he wants, ha? >> all the fans are excited about that as well. this is an incredible story out of houston, texas. margaret bomer was 16 weeks pregnant when she went to the hospital for a check up. >> she was told her baby had a tumor and would require surgery so she could survive.
6:44 am
the baby surgically removed from her womb and the tumor was taken out and the doctors then returned the baby to the womb. now she remained on bed rest for 12 weeks before delivering her baby with c-section at week 36. >> she didn't have much of a chance, she had a 50/50 chance as making it and the tumor was so big so it was a choice of allowing the tumor to take over her body or giving her a chance at life so that's what we chose was to give >> at eight days old she had to have another surgery to remove the rest of the tumor from her tail bone. she made a full recovery and was able to go home just a few you weeks after the surgery. just in credible that they were able to do that. >> yeah, you'd think about all that went into that the doctor talked a little bit about that and they had done a similar surgery about seven years ago and the girl in that case is fine and doing great seven years later and he said this new baby looks very health it and should be okay. >> as a parent to make that
6:45 am
to remove the baby and take out the tumor just to get the chance at life. it's incredible. >> incredible she's doing okay. so there is a tv ad a commercial causing a little bit of controversy for one woman. it's a kentucky fried chicken ad not sitting well with this woman. annahad filed a $20 million lawsuit against the fast food chain because of that so the reason she says that kfc's ads not delivering on what they promised, just talking about the ad it shows a $20 bucket of chicken overflowing here you'll see some shots from the ad. she says when she got her order she received less than half a bucket of chicken. now kfc officials state there are only eight pieces of chicken in the bucket and they tried to make this right so they offered her $70 in coupons and she said no. according to the cbs station in new york, kfc reclosed a statement calling this claim meritless. so she again is saying-- $20
6:46 am
$20 chicken bucket ad. >> i mean-- >> we done really know where this is going to go. kfc says this is meritless. we tried to make it right offering her coupons. $70 worth. she says the ad didn't live up to what she was expecting. >> $20 million? >> i know. i know. >> all right let's get over to our road warrior keeping an eye on the roads. you have a couple spots backing up. >> definitely for rush hour it is 6:46 so we are seeing those hotspots right now. and th south of plant city in hillsboro county along state road 60 right at james redmond park wait i'm not seeing delays but if you're heading this way heads up you'll see police on scene. by the way polk county, you aren't dealing with anything. i just checked with fhp, no accidents or delays along polk parkway or i4 so here is what allison was talking about in hillsboro county. we're seeing those delays for rush hour. we aren't in the red but notice 75 as you you head south down
6:47 am
hour and if you you watched closely just now, you can see that i4 westbound just turned in the red so you're really stop and go going towards the downtown tampa interchange and then 275 as you head south is down to 25 miles per hour passing bush boulevard down to hillsboro avenue. let's go live to sky 10 flying over the apex right now in wesley chapel and you can see as the apex splits into 75 on the right of your screen and 275 on the left, that we're definitely seeing that heavy traffic right now. and your from the apex down to i4 is just about 20 minutes, that usually gets up to about 30 minutes for rush hour. back to our maps here, i do want to show you you an accident in sarasota causing some issues through northport. it's in the southbound direction of 75 at sumter boulevard, there was report of smoke coming from this accident. that has been not an issue but really there would be lane blocked here because look i'm seeing a delay as you head south. pinellas county so far for you you know major issues just
6:48 am
down to 22 miles per hour if you pass keystone road. ashley? all right we are looking good as you head out the door this morning here are our temperatures and notice there is a bit of a range here so everything from 49 in crystal river to almost 70 degrees now in st. pete. so for some of us this is picture perfect. for others it's a little on the cool side so if you are north of tampa bay generally speaking it's a little bit chiller for you take the jacket but you need it by this afternoon. out the door this morning over downtown tampa, from our suntst camera it's looking great. no issues with visibility and check out some of the gorgeous sunsets we saw this was clearwait last night. just a really gorgeous shot there donna thank you so much for sending this in and if you do have those gorgeous sunrise sunset photos i'd love to see that. contact me on facebook and twitter and instagram there and would love to share more of these photos just really gets our day started right so a good amount of cloud cover across the area but it's thin so we're still going to get a lot of
6:49 am
warm things up into the mid 80s later on today and also remember we're already off to a warmer start there. so watch our temperatures climb pretty rapidly as we head into your lunch hour so mid 70s, and then from there we warm things up easily into the low to mid 80s later on this afternoon with a pretty quiet day ahead of us but eventually we start working in more moisture, notice we start to see winds just ever so slightly shifting back around out of the east and there's a little bit of a difference in our wind makes a u for today, still have a more northeasterly wind. lots more sunshine, low humidity, but warming up those temperatures a good bit so overnight tonight don't drop nearly as much and that's when that easterly wind takes over. our dew points start to come up which means our moisture levels start to come up at the surface and from there, we can't drop those temperatures overnight nearly as much, so starting tonight gone are the 50s in our forecast we'll be starting off
6:50 am
days. so today 84 but by the time we head into tomorrow, we're going to climb even more for you so 87 for your high on wednesday, we'll hang out in that 86-87 range for the next seven days with isolated rain chances moving in for the weekend but still coverage is only around 10% and unfortunately it looks like for the next two weeks we aren't tracking a real big dose of cool air so what you'll see here pretty much how things are going to be for a tt check out our 10 weather forecast with our newspaper partners grab your copy of the tampa bay times and if you you live in polk county check out our forecast. two new channels are joining primetime line up. >> one is called pure genius this is a medical drama about a veteran surgeon with the controversial past with run a state-of-the-art hospital. this stars a number of folks that premiers thursday at 10 and you can see that here on 10
6:51 am
the great outdoors. this is a comedy about a venture reporter for an outdoor magazine who has to adapt to the times and he becomes the desk bound for a group of millenials in the digital department. you see joel there star thins 8:30 thursday night on 10 news wtsp. >> he's really funny so looking forward to that. >> he's always funny it will be cool to see what he's got. coming up we're taking a lock at what dogs dream about. yeah, new study on smile on your face. plus there's a big announcement from victoria's secret on its annual fashion show. take you live to downtown tampa this morning all lit up in all kinds of beautiful colors on this very comfortable start to your tuesday morning. hopefully you're having a great start to your day.
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row outdoor gear store rei is shutting its doors to shoppers on black friday . it's also going to pay employees to take the day off. on loin orders they won't be processed on black friday as well. the closest for us to rei is in jacksonville. a number of other retailers decided to close for the thanksgiving holiday including the mall of america. this year the victoria's secret fashion show is heading to the fashion capitol of the world. the show which airs on cbs december 5 will be taped in paris for the first time ever. you'll see the ge newest looks from the victoria's secret and pink collection. so far we haven't heard who will be performing. those are huge names to perform the huge name. so have you ever thought about what your dog dreams about? >> yes. >> i would imagine like chasing things. dogs and babies like what are they dreaming about? is. >> well they might be dreaming about you. >> i hope so. >> there was a new study out of harvard medical school spent years studying sleep behavior
6:56 am
dream about their every day experiences just like humans. >> wow. >> since dogs are extremely attached to their owners they may dream about your face, your smell and of course, dream of pleasing or annoying you one of the two. >> your face. dreaming of your face? >> [laughter] >> just picture those little bubbles? >> like i'm dreaming of your face. >> [laughter] >> that's really funny. >> now you know. there is almerton road one of the worst places in pinellas county to have a crash just reported in the westbound direction at u.s. 19. we are heading there with sky 10 to get a live look reportedly five cars involved. and we're off to a nice quiet start this morning but we are anticipating to really work things up as we head through the day so expect temperatures in the mid 80s this afternoon but we'll be the upper 80s by the time we head into tomorrow. >> are you still thinking about dreaming? >> the dreams of your dog? >> i don't know why i've got the giggles. >> [laughter]
6:57 am
like running after something with their little feet going a million miles an hour, and-- >> it is really cute. >> dreaming about a nice walk in the park they had. game of fetch. >> thanks for
6:58 am
an. i was asked to form a global coalition to counter isil. when someone makes the comment that they know more about the islamic state or isil than do the generals, it implies a complete ignorance of the reality. but i believe secretary clinton really understands the threat that the islamic state poses to the united states and to the american people. and i believe she understands how to wield american power to ultimately defeat this threat and to keep us safe. i'm hillary clinton
6:59 am
7:00 am
good morning. it is tuesday, october 25, 2016. welcome to cbs "this morning." just two weeks to go election day. hillary clinton shifts her strategy to focus more on women. donald trump launches his own nightly website. posting live videos on the run. oklahoma a hunt for a man also accused of wounding two police officers. and accident on a river raft kills two people at australia's biggest theme park. >> we begin with today's


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