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tv   10 News at 530pm  CBS  October 26, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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and building an economy that works for all of us. i'm patrick murphy and i approved this message because i'll be a senator who always works for you. "10news at 5:30" starts right now. >> good evening. i am dion lim. >> i am reginald roundtree. >> i am courtney robinson live on madeira be you have told us is frustrating. people not using crosswalks and drivers not stopping when they see these lights flashing yellow. this is a big problem and police are fed up. so today they launched a new campaign to crack down along gulf boulevard, which is a road busy for both drivers and pedestrians as well. this is a problem where not just one person is at fault, and there is not just one
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tonight's big story. statistics are eye-opening. there have been more than 9,000 crashes involving folks walking across the street here in florida over just the last 12 months. more than 7,000 people were hurt in the crashes. and listen to this. another 600 people died in something that is potentially preventible. but it is going to take all of us to make these roads safer, and i am joined now by 10news re valladolid. you spent the day getting both perspective of this issue. phil, you were behind the wheel? >> reporter: yes, driving up and down gulf boulevard today. really surprised at the number of people i saw stepping out right in front of our car. i mean, and shannon, you were riding shotgun. you saw it as well. >> reporter: the most disturbing part was not seeing people illegally cross the street, but the fact that they had their small children with
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person running across. they make it most of the time. when they start dragging two and three and four-year-olds across the street in the middle of the road, it's like who raised that guy? >> reporter: and that's exactly what we saw. this family was just feet away from a crosswalk but still chose to dart through traffic with their two daughters. >> i have seen people with stroll he is in the middle of the road and it's just, you know, it makes you want to get out and say something like, crosswalk one block away. >> at nighttime when i drive it, you can't see them on the road. they are like right in front you have. >> reporter: the more people we spoke to that spend time here will tell you that jaywalking is nothing new. they feel the only solution is lower the speed limit. >> there are two sides to this ad campaign. safety is a shared responsibility. yes, they say walk with care, but they also say driveway ware. they say some of these
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see cars blowing through the stoplights? >> yes. the little crosswalks that the pedestrians have to push the button, a lot of times i see the vehicles not slow down for them. some of the pedestrians are doing the right thing. the cars aren't paying attention. >> with the texting and driving going on nowadays and, you know, just unaware drivers doing whatever they are doing while they are driving, they may not see you. >> of course, they all do. >> reporter: that's campaign is so important. it addresses both sides of the problem and makes safety the top priority for everyone involved. >> safety is a shared responsibility. some people thought the sign should say use crosswalks. that would be too limited. both sides have to be careful. both sides have to preserve life. >> reporter: so if you come to these beach communities anytime soon, get ready, you will see
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businesses up and down gulf boulevard. it makes even more of a difference, i think, because we are starting to see more tourists, more snowbirds come down. many don't know to look for the lights. >> reporter: and to stop. >> reporter: and it stop when they see the lights. they want to get this out there as much as possible as we get more traffic on the roads and in the crosswalks. >> reporter: yeah, guys. as long as you are following the rules, you are making the roads safer. >> reporter: that was eye- opening. we have seen people stopping. this isn't just a problem for treasure island and madeira beach. every county has this problem. something we all need to keep in mind. reg. >> all right. take a look at the lowest of the low. look at these two women rifling through a church office with a sunday worship underway. you can see the surveillance video. they are looking for valuables, going through the drawers. they ended up walking away with
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cell phone. now, the women also stole a $300 donation check. the pastor says she is practicing what she preaches. >> absolutely. absolutely. i forgive them. i am sad for them and i pray for them and i would love to talk to them. >> now, money aside, property can be replaced, but there is some things that were stolen that can't be replaced. the pastor had photos where she spread her daughter's ashes after she died cancer. well, a louisiana man says playing by the rules is actually working against him. he is trying to fix his home after the historic flooding in august. now, he says having flood insurance paid off, but his mortgage company is now fighting him on the payout. >> it's kind of funny. the guy who had insurance in the neighborhood is gonna end up being the one with his house done last. >> he has been using his own
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repair flood damage. the mortgage company refuses to give him the money from the flood insurance. the bank says in order to give him the funds to do it himself, state law requires him to have a contractor's license. the contractor's licensing board says that's not correct. >> we go back and forth. you can show us legal documents that you are correct, then you will be able to do it. >> he says he actually provided the right documents. his bank finally released insurance payout, but denied the rest. so this fight isn't over. congo river rapids is back open at busch gardens tonight. we told you how they shut the ride down yesterday to go over safety procedures. it was all because of similar water ride malfunctioning in australia where four people were killed on the thunder river rapids ride at dream world park. investigators say they are working to figure out what went
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malfunctioned. we are learning that the ride passed its annual inspection a month ago. that theme park is set to reopen on friday. busch gardens says it completed a review of the congo river rapids and found it was, indeed, safe for guests. no parent should have to bury their child, but every day every minute a family has to. and every family grieves differently. some need more time to say good- bye. now thanks to a first of device locals right here, and it does just that. 10news reporter jennifer titus shows you how it's all thanks to an 11-month-old girl named everly. >> after her birth she was diagnosed with a genetic condition. >> reporter: only 10% of children born with that condition survive their first birthday. everly didn't make it that far. >> 11 months and 6 days old. >> reporter: her family was in
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they say if she would of passed away in the hospital the options not much betterment babies are taken back and forth from the morgue for families who need more time. >> we weren't prepared to say giudice yet. >> reporter: her mom crystal has started a foundation called everly's angels. they raise money in hopes to donate one of these to bay area hospitals. >> having it here is going to allow families, countless families to have extended time. >> reporter: the first cot donated wednesday to johns hopkins all children's hospital. >> it hooks up to these tubes actually and then the mat lays underneath the child and it allows the child to lay in the beautiful bed and stay cool so that the natural processes that follow death don't occur as quickly. >> reporter: it's the first of its kind for any bay area hospital and on this cuddle cot
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memory of your child. you don't want it to be because they are not here. so even in thinking of that, it just is not what you want. but we know that we can turn her ashes into some kind of a beautiful thing and we feel like the gift that we're giving will help these families to have that precious time that you can't get back. >> one cuddle if you like to make a donation or find out more about everly's angels just look for this story at or on the 10news app. psoriasis was a big problem. bullying greater. how her classmates and the
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port tampa bay has now become florida's largest and most ch helps explain why it is one of dana young's top priorities. generating over 15 billion for the regional economy, and 80 thousand local jobs. dana young is working to continue that success, by attracting high waged jobs for families who need them and fighting a bureaucracy that too often gets in the way. dana young for the florida senate.
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i moved on her like a [bleep]. you can do anything. grab them by the [bleep] no we don't. marco rubio stands by trump and failed to show up for florida. here's what i believe in. bringing people together and reaching across the aisle to get things done. protecting social security. and building an economy that works for all of us. i'm patrick murphy and i approved this message
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special homework folder. >> reporter: not because she
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looked thanks to psoriasis that covered her body. >> it felt like people didn't like how i looked or how i felt. >> she didn't want to come to school. she was very, you know, upset about the way she looked. even though she is a beautiful girl, she couldn't see that because others pointed it out. you know, it got to the point where she is gonna start to believe them. >> it makes me feel sad. >> reporter: haley's story can be summed up in the pages of her diary of a whimsy kid. it made her feel like a third wheel. when the teaches saw her getting bullied, that was the last straw and they knew they had to do something. >> fifth graders wrote her notes telling her we love her, she is beautiful, she is kind. you know, it's the inside that matters. these are older kids. you know, the lessons we teach aren't just for the classroom. they are life lessons.
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squad. >> you had your own protection group, right? >> um-hmm. >> reporter: what was that like? >> i felt good. >> reporter: you felt good? haley doesn't feel the bullying pressures any more. not after help from friends and teachers. she certainly doesn't feel too wimpy any more. on the road of land o'lakes, bobby lewis, 10news wtsp. >> a great bunch of kids. haley's psoriasis is gone now thanks to special treatments from foreman dermatology in tampa. she will be the youth ambassador it saturday's national psoriasis foundation wall, also in tampa. now, if you have a story idea for on the road, tweet facebook, email, just come on by the station and knock on the front door. [ laughter ] bobby is here all the time. 24 hours a day. >> ding dong. >> that's right. send the stories into
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big screen tv in the lobby. >> is that it? >> when the lightning is playing, when the world series is playing, yeah, i'm out there. it's a lot easier. i can open the door. >> you were that guy on the couch the other night? >> that's right. uh-huh! [ laughter ]. >> we are talking about sports and all, the big screen. of course, world series game two tonight. >> live shot cleveland, ohio. and it's cool. and they have got the tarp over the mat. they have seen some sprinkles. tarp over the field out there. first of all, it's just cold. well, especially as far as we are concerned. it's in the 40s. >> listen, they are robust over there. the cubs fans, this is nothing. >> they are in the 40s to low 50s. the game will be in the 40s. you see the umbrella go up. that's the key. take a look at our temperature.
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but that's the problem for the game later tonight. now, what i have done is track this one line. this is the main line right here moving off towards the east. now, this moving at 20 to 25 miles per hour would get to cleveland at midnight or so. the game could go pretty late. they have moved the game up one hour because of the chance for rain. the problem is this stuff out here, and that i think is going to affect the game. that's light rain. 48 degrees and raining is not fun for end up happening. this is 7:00. the first pitch is at 7:08. you can see a sprinkle is possible. i think they will get the game off. by 9:00, 9:30, 10:00, there will be some sprinkles in the area. i don't think it's enough to cancel the game. it's just gonna make it very, very uncomfortable. later this evening after midnight or so we will see the best chance of rain. most of that will hold off. i do expect 40s and sprinkles
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this, too. that is snow in parts of michigan right now. cadillac down to saginaw. so there is cold air around. yeah, that's going to spell 40s for the game tonight. now, flip that around, guys, and we've got 85 degrees. it was 88 for a high in sarasota today. that's tampa's number there. it was 86 for a high in tampa. and you can see all the beautiful sunshine out there. doesn't have the high clouds today. they are coming back for tomorrow, which will make for 84 in clearwater, brooksville, lakeland right now. 85 in bradenton. sarasota still 88 degrees. new tampa this afternoon low 80s. 81 to 83 degrees from loop to thonotosassa to temple terrace. land o'lakes at 83. yeah, that's a shower. trying to make it over. i don't think it will happen. but if you're in haines city and perhaps even lakeland, a 10% chance for a sprinkle. it will fall apart. sebring no showers are south of
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here we go through tomorrow. we are gonna wake up in the 60s. quiet overnight tonight. then we will get the high clouds in the afternoon. especially south of i-4. if you have the cameras ready, i would love to see pictures. it's gonna make for a good sunset. they are high clouds. 30 to 35,000 feet. sunny. we will go partly cloudy. it's just gonna filter the sunshine and till go to about 84 to 85 degrees with the clouds. boating. it's been breezy all day tomorrow. tomorrow morning mid-morning they are coming back up. two to three foot seas flat near shore. bigger than that the further offshore you go. choppy on the bay. northeast winds 15 to 20 knots. we have seen gusts all day in the 20s. 20 to 27-mile-per-hour wind gusts. expect that again tomorrow. on friday more of the same. saturday a little less wind. high clouds. we will see a little bit more sunshine and sunday looks fantastic. a great weekend ahead.
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which looks fantastic, as well, too. trick-or-treat time dry. really important, and about 80 degrees. donald trump's star on a hollywood walk of fame gone an unwarranted makeover. a man used a sledgehammer. it has to be replaced. witnesses say the man was unhappy with how trump treated women. so far he hasn't been arrested. oprah winfrey officially "t.d. jakes show." oprah told t.d. jakes people don't have to like her to vote for her, but she is the best to be president. jake spends an hour talking to oprah about many things, including how women will influence this upcoming election. >> i think that women are leading this discussion in a very powerful way during a central loading block.
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next president is. her thoughts being shared for others to consider is our american right and heritage. >> oprah also talked about her own talk show and her new drama series queen sugar. the oprah interview airs tomorrow at 3:00 right here on 10news. you may be paying more of the bills for renovations at ray jay than you first now 10 investigates uncovers how you could be forced to pay twice for all of those upgrades. a 10news facebook post about a young girl who died of complications from the flu has sparked a passionate debate about whether or not to get the flu shot. flu shot. that's
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nsumers from scams, promotes safe solar, and is endorsed by florida's firefighters. so, why are out-of-state billionaires attacking it? because amendment 1 stops their subsidies. amendment 1 ensures that if you don't choose solar, you don't have to pay for those who do. amendment 1 blocks special subsidies for special interests. hillary clinton: far too many families today don't earn what they need and don't have the opportunities they deserve. i believe families deserve quality education for their women, and jobs they can really live on. people ask me what will be different if i'm president? well kids and families have been the passion of my life and they will be the
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as a federal prosecutor, i've spent my career prosecuting criminals and fighting for the rights of victims. i want to make the state attorney's office a model for criminal justice. crime and be tough on murderers, gangs, and anyone who commits domestic abuse or sexual assault. and i'll make the system fair by working with police to wear body cameras and using dna to put criminals behind bars, not innocent people. i'm andrew warren.
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appen as the result of hate. my son matt was murdered in laramie, wyoming, in 1998. he was befriended by two men in a bar who pretended to be gay. they offered him a ride home, and when he was in their car, they robbed him and beat him. they drove matt out to the prairie and tied him to a split-rail fence, then beat him some more and left him for dead. in the aftermath of matt's death, my family saw the best of america in the love and support we were shown. so when i see the hate ign for president, it terrifies me. i'd like to punch him in the face, i'll tell ya. ahh, i don't know what i said, uhh, i don't remember. he's a mexican. i could stand in the middle of fifth avenue and shoot somebody, and i wouldn't... words have an influence. violence causes pain. hate can rip us apart.
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what better place to learn how to write horror fiction than the stanley hotel. >> it's the inspiration for the stephen king novel the shining. the university of colorado offering new advanced horror fiction writing class at the stand any in january. consists of two weeks of online work and then a week in residence at the hotel. steven graham jones hopes the haunted house and the haunted hotel, rather, will inspire his students to write some of their scariest works. >> scary stuff, you know? lots of lights out. lots of nights where the students don't want to turn the lights out, and hopefully nights where the people they write to don't want to turn their lights off.
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the course costs just over $3,000 and includes a room at the stanley. king's novel published in the late '70s after he visited that hotel. >> very good writing. the movie hit the big screen in the 1980s.
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in my job, i see a lot of fires that could've been stopped before they started. that's why florida's firefighters support amendment 1. amendment 1 does solar the right way, commonsense safeguards for the health, safety and welfare of florida's consumers and it's first responders. amendment 1 means more solar, safe solar,
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a mother on a mission after her daughter dies from the flu.
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answer? you decide. thank you! [ cheers and applause ] >> as hillary clinton celebrates her birthday in tampa, donald trump welcomes a new project in d.c. the final political push is on. tax dollars are helping to pay for these upgrades, right? 10 investigates, find out how you could have to pay more to see events at raymond james stadium. >>od >> i am dion lim. it's one of those topics that can divide a room, and we are not talking about politics. >> it's the flu shot. some people live by the annual dose. others will do anything to stay away from it. >> now, it's a debate that's being renewed tonight after a mother lost her daughter to the flu. she is pushing for vaccinations with this campaign. in january, 12-year-old piper lowery collapsed in her mother's arms outside a
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how serious it was. three hours later she had to say good-bye to her forever. >> i miss her every day. it doesn't get any better. the things i hold on to is her first words were mama and her last words were mama. >> piper's mom didn't push for the flu shot because her daughter was scared about needles. she says her eyes are opened about the vaccine and hope does yours as well. we are talking about an extreme case here. >> the centers for disease control strongly recommends these people get the flu shot, but some people swear the shot gives them the flu or makes them sick. >> you are sounding off on our facebook page. check it out. 10news reporter jenny dean tracked down some people who commented and find out why they feel so strongly about the topic. >> this is brandon. he suffers from debilitating


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