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tv   10 News at 500pm  CBS  October 31, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EDT

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>> you're a coward. >> reporter: deputy adam pennell was trying to do his job helping jessica enchautegui- otero after she crashed her car into a tree on state road 60. moments later a driver plowed into them and took off. otero was killed and pennell is in the hospital. >> he has broken arms, broken pelvis. >> reporter: the reward is $10,000. there is hardly a trace of id who did this. we got this comment on our facebook page. it says if polk deputies had bodycams or dashcams we might have been able to get a look at the car the suspect was driving or gotten a license plate numbers. 10 investigates asked why pro polk is the only sheriff's office that rejects wearing those cameras. i tracked down brad davis. he runs a fable page that is --
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>> so today the person who did this would be in jail instead of out free roaming around able to do this to somebody else. >> reporter: hold on a sec. i want you no know that polk deputies arrested davis in 2009. he says if they were using dash cameras or body cameras it would have helped him stay out of jail. >> on this particular case, would we have liked to have cameras? we would like to have lots of cameras, but we didn't and we won't. >> he says s afford to buy cameras, install them and store the footage on them. he also has privacy concerns. detectives are left asking the killer or anyone who knows the killer to come forward. in polk county, grady trimble, 10news wtsp. >> again crime stoppers is offering a $10,000 reward if you know anything about this hit-and-run crash on state road
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tips. it's the last full week of campaigning for donald trump and hillary clinton. the fbi is scouring through thousands of new emails found on a laptop used by clinton's aide. they are trying to figure out if they are relevant into the investigation into clinton's email server. trump is pressing th this michigan. clinton rallied supporters in battleground ohio calling her republican rival reckless. and mike pence is getting ready for an appearance in the bay area. you can see lots of people behind you there, mark. >> reporter: yeah, we are waiting for them. i want to show you the crowd.
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crowd size between mike pence and donald trump. you see maybe 300 people here, about that, compared to the more than $10,000, 15,000 that was at trump's rally. this is the election that keeps on giving. more drama every day. a blitz to the end. the trump campaign has a vague statement from the fbi taking a look at emails related to their investigation of hillary clinton's private email server. those are on a top aide's co tonight we will see how mike pence treats this newest election drama. donald trump has said this is the mother lode and what's in the emails will be damning. the fbi said very little about what could be in them. leaks are indicating the emails could be copies of those already reviewed which would change nothing in terms of criminal allegations. the fbi director has come under fire by some republicans and democrats for updating congress publicly about this investigation so close to the election.
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firsts though, folks. so we are gonna continue to keep you updated on that. mike pence, still waiting for his plane to touchdown in clearwater. we will bring you what folks on the ground are saying coming up all new at 6:00. live in clearwater, mark rivera, 10news, wtsp. >> thank you much. hillary and bill clinton will make stops in the bay area tomorrow one week before election day. hilary will be in dade city at 3 p.m. while bill will be in the south stops across the state. we say this all the time. don't believe everything you read on the internet and it's advice that you should definitely follow this election season. thousands of bogus websites sharing false news are getting a lot of attention on social media. i want you to look at this headline right here. you might have seen it. fox news exposes megyn kelly, kicks her out for backing hilary. how about this one? footage that proves bombs were
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september 11. both are false. 10news reporter shannon valladolid explains how you can spot a phony web article from a real one. >> what they did is took a trump rally and stuck this on top of it. >> reporter: senior faculty with pointer institute showed me this article. it may look legit, but it's fake. >> you can see that it says dot c-o. that's not abc news url. that's the url. it's abc news dot g-odot come. >> reporter: what do you think? >> i would say that looks real. >> i think it's true. >> reporter: this specific article has been viewed more than 63,000 times, and here is another way to tell if it's fake or not. this is the real abc news logo,
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fake website is using. but there are many bogus websites, and you can actually go to fake news watch dot-com and find a list of websites that aren't credible. are you gonna double check your sources from now only? >> definitely. >> reporter: the best thing to do is triple-check those news articles before you share. in st. pete shannon valladolid 10news wtsp. this news story is definitely real, although you might scientists are a step closer to creating hormonal birth control for men. it's in the form of a shot and a study found it's 98% effective at preventing pregnantty. the shot was tested between twitter 2008 and 2011. researchers end the study earlier than planned because of the side effects of the hormone injections. women might be reable to relate. mood changes, acne, muscle pain, and in some cases
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female hormonal birth control. that study is bringing up questions about how many men would choose to start regular birth control and if women would trust them to do it. new at 5:30 an expert weighs in on how that changing dynamic could affect relationships and gender roles. new tonight one bay area community consistently at the highest rate of children being removed from their homes. this one zip code in the forest hills and h florida. child protective investigators have already removed more than 100 kids this year. why in that area and what can be done to help protect our kids? 10news reporter tammie fields is working to get answers tonight. >> my mother could not take care of me. >> reporter: abandoned at birth, moses brown grew one a soft spot in his heart for children in the system. >> i was fortunate to be
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the advisory board for the lead agency for child welfare in the bay area. he is deeply concerned over the number of kids removed from their homes. 129 so far this year in one community alone. >> first, i wonder why. why here? >> reporter: major james bradford has the answer. he heads up the child protective investigations division for hillsborough county. >> most threatened harm, domestic violence, and substance abuse. >> reporter: his investigators look into those types of reports. some 12,000 of them already this year in hillsborough county alone. he says the last thing they ever want to do is remove a child from their home unless that child is in danger. >> reunite the family. not separate them. >> reporter: bradford showed us how they are trying to solve
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making sure families in distress get the services they need to keep their kids out of the system. >> they have office space with us right in the middle of where the cpi's sit. we can go to the source and say i have this family. what can you do? >> if someone didn't do it for me, god knows i don't know where i would be. >> reporter: tammie fields, 10news wtsp. >> major bradford says in the cases where they have had to remove a child from their homes only 2% of those cases have been reversed by a just ahead some heart- stopping video. yep, you see it right there. a child playing in the street. you won't believe though how long cars were swerving around him before someone finally stopped to do something. this inspired you and thousands more. an unlikely friendship between a world war ii veteran and a preschooler.
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taking a live look outside downtown st. pete, you know almost time to head out and do some trick-or-treating. you will be happy to hear deskins next with a not so scary forecast tonight. a friendship that inspired all of us across the country. you might remember it. this pair, 91-year-old earl and his 4-year-old buddy emmett were next door neighbors in minnesota who became best friends. their story was shared all over the internet two years ago. we have a sad update. erling passed away. we will remember the good times with his best friend because
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whole world to cement boyd huppert caught up with the pair in august. >> reporter: emmett richner is still working to make sure of directions. >> i don't really know left and right. >> reporter: but this he knows. >> who is that little shrimp? >> reporter: is right. >> how >> good. little guy. >> reporter: it's been eight months since the friendship between world war ii veteran and the preschooler next door became a social media sensation. half a year since they hugged good-bye as emmett moved to a house in the country. yeah. and ehrling to a retirement home. a 90th birthday is pause for celebration.
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>> is the pope catholic? yes. >> reporter: but emmett's parents have made sure the visits have also continued on the ordinary days. >> i can do it faster. >> reporter: ehrling's wife joyce knows, too. >> he misses emmett. >> reporter: the boys still need each other. >> we used to call this dog tags in the army. emmett [ laughter ]. >> reporter: when the friendship has bridged nearly nine decades and two moves, consider it true. left and right? >> you come back again. >> reporter: just a formality when your heart tells you what to do. >> oh, my gosh.
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first story when it first aired and went viral. >> you know that emmett is going to remember all of those times that he spent and all that he was able to learn as well. >> the best people that my kids have in their life are their grandparents. they don't sweat the small stuff. they are wise. they get it. >> i know. i told you i was going to do this. i knew there was them mitt story. it's a good lesson to learn. i am so thankful they shared that with everybody so we can pass that on. >> are you okay? >> someone is cutting onions in here. >> i know! >> they do that in the kitchen. all right, guys.
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dry. we wouldn't want rain today. look at the state. i want to show you the state of florida. the only showers are in the keys. it's starting to fall apart. they are in the keys. they have that going for them, too. temperature-wise we are warm. that's our only issue today. 86 crease in tampa. 58 in the new tampa area. polk county we are still in the low 80s. pinellas in the low-to-mid 80s along with manatee. bradenton and sarasota at 87 degrees right now. sowi in the low 80s for trick-or- treat time. you might want to bring a couple bottles of water for the kids if they have the full suits on because they are going to get warm out there. 86 in largo. 82 in lutz and ruskin and riverview 84 degrees. michelle sent this in from lake placid. there is a doughnut and a nerd. i kind of like the nerd. i am on the nerdy side myself.
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you got to get the color. i can't remember the colors all the time. that is from the decendants, as well. bobby deskins weather, send them in. all right. here we go. here is the big forecast tonight. nice and dry all the way through. just warm. 5:84 degrees. then falling by 7:00 to about 80, 81, and then into the upper 70s by 8:00. a little bit on the warm side. there is a nice breeze. so that it's blowing around 10 to 15 miles per hour. the gusts aren't that bad. 20-21 miles per hour and that's mainly for eastern polk county. tomorrow morning some patchy fog. it will not be a major issue, but if there is some watch out for the kids at the bus stop. look at the sunrise this morning in westchase at tampa bay down. notice they have the sprinklers going all the way around. they come back around because, yeah, it's dry. it's been dry. guys, it's going to stay dry, i
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our next chance for rain, and i have only got 20% chance in the forecast for that. so that means here's tomorrow. sunshine through lunchtime. again watch out for a patch or two of fog and tomorrow afternoon just like today. mostly sunny. the air is pretty dry. so i don't think we are going to see much in the way of clouds out there. that's about exactly what we saw today. it also means we are going to stay warm and warmer than average. 86 degrees. we should be 82-83. new moon was, i think, last night. so basically a little sliver of the moon out er we are looking at sunset at 7:40 -- excuse me, sunrise tomorrow morning at 6:42. sunset at 6:45. same tonight for sunset. high temps tomorrow on the warm side. 86-87 degrees from springhill to brooksville to wesley chapel. hillsborough county 85-87 degrees. 86 in seminole. 88 in sarasota, bradenton. polk county just as warm.
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there is a big change coming. that rain chance i talked about on friday, that's coming with some cooler air, and it is going to feel fantastic this weekend. so make the plans now. look at this. a 20 to 30% chance of showers on friday and 70s for highs and 50s for lows this upcoming weekend. lot of sunshine. all right. new video tonight of a situation just so scary it's really hard to even believe what you are seeing. watch that is, indeed, a little boy riding on a toy scooter in the middle of a busy road. all off this is in eastern china. you can see there are cars that swerve around him. finally, finally, after what seeps like too long, this could end horribly, but instead you see a police officer runs into traffic to stop him. finally the child is safe in the officer's arms, but once they are on the sidewalk it takes a little while. you can see that boy is reunited with his mom.
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that's infuriating. that's what everyone is wondering. your evening commute traffic is at a crawl near malfunction junction. this is i-275 at the i-4 ramp. in east hillsborough backups on i-4 near mango road. careful out there. check in with our road warrior hilary zalla every morning before you head out the door.
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erything, but she's strong, and i respect her. and she's someone that my grandkids can respect too. im hillary clinton and i approve this message. bob buesing... on the record. he sues tax payers to cover the outrageous cost of a lavish courthouse. buesing files forclosures on homes critical to seniors. his law firm is accused of running up costs on a school district at the expense of our kids. trailing in the polls,
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for things she never did. so we ask... mr. buesing, will you do anything to win? anything? to beat this woman. they might already be knocking on your door and you
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candy. trick-or-treaters are taking over the streets of tampa bay and now is the perfect time to make sure you know your neighborhood and your neighbors. police departments across the bay area are reminding you to check the florida department of law enforcement's website for registered sex predators living near you. this is similar to what you will see when you look online. that does draw a one-mile circle around the address that you enter. when you widen out that search, you can do it up you will see blue flags. those are registered sex offenders. the red flags, these are registered sexual predators. predators have strict rules when it comes to halloween. remember they cannot have up decorations, they cannot have candy, porch lights have to be off, and they cannot have any interaction with your children. we have a link to the fdle search feature on our website also you can take it out on the go with you as you trick-or-
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10news app. a woman crashes her car and isn't found for days. i am reginald roundtree. all new on "10news at 5:30" hear her desperate call for help and why it took so long for rescue crews to find her. it's an incredible survival story. a pet store thief caught on camera, but there is nothing typical about this. you're gonna see him run off with a bag full of snakes. new at 6:00, up controversial on social media. a sarasota gun store is behind it. why some say the owner is using the upcoming presidential election to try to drum up sales. those stories and more coming up. that's new at 6:00. a 4-year-old gainesville boy decided to dress up as his favorite superhero. it wasn't superman or batman or spider-man. it was someone he missed
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when he was out trick-or- treating, watch what happens? >> it's daddy! >> hey, buddy. [ cheers and applause ] >> wasn't whey was expecting. i thought i was coming to pick him up from trick-or-treating. turned out to be a whole lot more. >> it's his mini me. >> it is. >> come on. >> literally mini me. >> yeah. that is jayden hayes and jermain hayes. hayes has been in iraq foe home just in time for halloween. >> they will enjoy it together. staff sergeant hayes, thank you so much for your service. welcome home and have fun. stay with us.
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under state attorney mark ober's watch, rape and sexual assault are on the rise.
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stops their subsidies. amendment 1 ensures that if you don't choose solar, you don't have to pay for those who do. amendment 1 blocks special subsidies for special interests. "10news at 5:30" starts right now. >> good evening. i am reginald roundtree.


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