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tv   10 News at 530pm  CBS  October 31, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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stops their subsidies. amendment 1 ensures that if you don't choose solar, you don't have to pay for those who do. amendment 1 blocks special subsidies for special interests. "10news at 5:30" starts right now. >> good evening. i am reginald roundtree.
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the battle of the sexes while women have had a variety of options for birth control, the choices for men have been somewhat limited. now science holds promise for closing the gender gap as a new form of birth control is open in a testing phase. that's opening the discussion on who should be in charge of contraception in a relationship. >> whether guys would use it and whether 10news reporter phil buck took what started as a huge debate on social media and then took it to the streets of tampa. >> i never heard of that before, so that's kind of out of left field. you have to study it more, i guess. >> to have something instead of a woman taking a pill every day, to have that on the men instead would be nice. >> for me, i'm good. in the day and stuff, i need to just worry about the things i
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perspective. >> a shot would definitely be an interesting alternative. >> reporter: something you may consider? >> something i may consider, sure. definitely with some statistics and proven facts. >> reporter: opinions were all over the board in asking people about a potential injection form of birth control for men. so i went and talked to an expert. >> things are getting better, and i think this is evidence of that. i think that men are finally being asked to be more responsible about family planning and in that discussion. >> reporter: dr. katie shubert, a certified sex therapist and professor of isobariology at the university of tampa, has written for our partners at the "tampa bay times." >> women don't trust men to take it, and men say they don't want to be charged with that responsibility, but the data shows that they do. >> reporter: in fact, dr. shubert says 66% of men would be willing to take a pill version of birth control. >> that is great that women
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patch and gain 20 pounds by taking birth control. let the men carry the wait for a little while. >> reporter: in tampa, phil buck, 10news wtsp. >> the study showed this injection form of male birth control to be 98% effective. the treatment is far from being fda approved. dr. shubert says we likely won't see any form of male birth control available on the market until 2018. there is one major payoff medically for men control in addition to preventing unwanted pregnancy. men are 24% less likely to see a doctor than women are. however, if they are prescribed birth control they will also get regular exams and they are more likely to get medical care for other health concerns. what would you do if you found yourself trapped in your own car? take a look at this. fire crews found a california woman stuck inside of this red hummer near san bernardino.
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contact 911 after crashing back in october the 23rd. now, by the time rescue crews got to her over the weekend she had been missing for almost a whole week. >> it's really in a bad spot. it looks like it's going to continue going. i am on some rocks. it's on the beginning part of the hill upside down. >> she was 100 feet down on the slope from the top of the ridge. it was on the ridge. the car was actually leaning downhill and it was very unstable. >> wow. rescuers used struts and a rope system to keep that hummer from sliding down that hill. >> i got about 20 feet away from that car and my hair on my neck started to stand up. >> she could barely lift her head. all i heard was. [ moaning ] >> the woman was flown to a
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you should soon hear the conversations between the pulse nightclub gunmen and police. a judge ordered the city of orlando to release the audio recordings of omar mateen calling them during that june shooting. that same judge will review whether more than 200 other 911 calls should be released. meanwhile, gofundme is matching up to $100,000 for an anti-lbgt hate crime and violence campaign. it's equality fl to support lbgt students in florida schools. donors have already given, listen to this, more than $67,000. a developing story out of atlanta tonight where a high- profile case is underway. the mother of the 22-month-old who died after being left in a hot car took the stand today in the trial against her ex- husband. >> cooper was the sweetest little boy.
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[ sobbing ]. >> liana taylor broke down on the stand in fathers as she described her son cooper harris. her ex-husband, ross harris, has been charged in the june 2014 death of cooper. the defense claims it was simply a tragic accident. taylor described the day cooper died, saying much of it is a blur. the defense showed her photos of cooper and ross as they tried to painted a picture of their relationship. she described him as a very hands-on father and never ever put their son in danger. it's one thing to steal from a pet store, but this is either really brave or, well, we know thieves are really stupid sometimes. a thief took off with not one, not two, eight snakes. >> what? >> who steals snakes? now, check this out. all caught on surveillance video. he smashed through the front door of this sydney, australia pet store. he runs through the store with
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taking out snakes and stuffing them in the duffle bag. one of them an 8-foot long python. all in all, he made off with $9,000 worth of snakes. if you are bringing oreos to a halloween get together tonight check the batch. two varieties of the fudge creams are a part of a voluntary recall. that's because a milk allergen was left off the list of ingredients. this effects all had used by dates through october. those with milk allergies could have a reaction if they eat one of these cookies. reggie, what are you scared of? >> snakes. [ laughter ]. >> see, that was easy to admit. we are all scared of something, and sometimes those manifest in a good night's sleep. you might find what we are about to show you could be too much for young children, so take a moment, step away. we are going to show you right
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your dreams and creep you out. >> you run and run, but your legs won't move. the screams you here, the horrors you see, it seems as if it's really happening. [ screaming ] and then you wake up exhausted, yet relieved it was all in your dreams. >> physiologically, it looks like we are awake. our brain activity looks just like wakefulness. >> reporter: a neurologist to specializes in sleep studies the good dreams. >> it's striking that a significant percentage of human dreaming seems to be unpleasant. >> we dream during rem sleep. our eyes move just like they do when we are awake. we only remember our dreams when we wake up during this period of sleep. >> it's a difficult thing to actually study in a scientific way. >> reporter: we know what's going on physically.
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don't know why people dream. >> all of it is somewhat controversial. >> reporter: these images that manifest when we sleep may not be real, but psychologist daphne stevens says they could have meaning. >> the important dreams are the ones that are haunting, that do either disturb us or sometimes reassure us. >> reporter: she believes our dreams can function for a path for our subconscious thoughts to grab our attention. >> what does this symbol remind you of what experience have you had? >> reporter: steven sees common themes in nightmares and offers her thoughts on what they mean. one is being chased by someone or something. >> some kind of wisdom is trying to get to you. >> reporter: another is drowning or being flooded. >> there is something bubbling up for the unconscious -- from the unconscious that really is needing our attention. >> reporter: and dreams that involve death.
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often are dreams about transition. the world as i know it, my perspective is falling apart. >> reporter: stevens says many times stress, anxiety, or other emotions trigger the nightmares. >> i think that some of the richest work that we can do is to just explore and to be curious about our dreams. >> open your eyes and wake up. >> you can have some -- i have had a couple of, you know, like the night sweats and stuff like. this i of cake or pie and i am fine. >> that is the cure. >> if you struggle with bad dreams or you want to know what those dreams mean, she encourages you to keep a journal detailing what your dreams involved and any of those common themes. >> i had one with snakes. >> there was a movie with snakes on plane, too. the hot trend too look forever young.
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key to that super smooth skin. psychiatrists will tell you that you are born as a human being afraid of just two things, and cockroaches are not one of them. neither is death. are you a i served under president bush and obama. i fought the taliban. i was asked to form a global coalition to counter isil. when someone makes the comment that they know more about the islamic state or isil than do the generals, it implies a complete ignorance of the reality. but i believe secretary clinton really understands the threat that the islamic state poses to the united states and to the american people.
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andrew warren, an experienced prosecutor, will reallocate resources to target violent crime, in my job, i see a lot of fires that could've been stopped before they started. that's why florida's firefighters support amendment 1. amendment 1 does solar the right way, commonsenssafeguds for the health, safety and welfare
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for the sunshine state. vote yes on amendment 1, for the sun. you are taking a live look outside at the gorgeous clearwater beach this halloween. it's a little warm out there, but bobby says there is another cooldown headed your way. he has the details in two minutes. a recent survey asked 1,500 people what they are afraid of
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out on the road in downtown tampa to find out what you're afraid of. >> reporter: spiders? >> yes. >> reporter: snakes? >> yes. >> reporter: needles? >> yes. >> reporter: heights? >> no. >> reporter: loud noises? >> no. >> i am not too afraid of any of those. >> reporter: what are you afraid of? >> spiders. >> reporter: why spiders? >> i hate them. cockroaches, they just freak me out. >> reporter: you live in the wrong place, >> ghosts. >> dentists. >> monsters. >> reporter: how many monsters have you seen walking around tampa? >> none recently. >> clowns in the dark. >> reporter: you can't see their real face, and their faces are scary. >> oh, yeah, just like -- yeah. >> reporter: what are you afraid of? >> buttons. >> reporter: is there anything you're afraid of? >> heights. >> reporter: you won't be skydiving this weekend? >> no, no, no. i have a child. >> i am not scared of you. you have a friendly face. >> reporter: thank you. what do you think americans are
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first person to say that. >> politics right now. >> the election. >> reporter: that was a quick answer. >> my biggest fear is america making a mistake on november 8th. >> reporter: one in three adults is afraid of snakes. one in four adults are afraid of public speaking, which is interesting because those are scare your to american adults than dying and ending up in a cemetery. 19% of afraid of that. i started reading a book that tells about fears and psychiatrists say the only fears that you are naturally born with are the fear of falling and fear of loud noises. that means that most of you who are deathly afraid of spiders, you don't have to be. you learn to be afraid of the creepy-crawlies. you can unlearn it, as well. >> the survey that bobby mentioned found americans are most terrified of corrupt government, terrorist attacks,
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tracking storms. alerting you. protecting your family. it's time for 10weather. >> the anchor men out there, i want to yell loud noises! that's my line. that's supposed to be my line. 86 degrees out there. you know what? you're not sitting in that right now. enjoy wherever you are. that's traffic out there -- where are we looking at? 275 and the i-4 junction. you can recognize that. it's beautiful 86 degrees. it's warm. dew points at 59. that's okay. i mean, humidity's 40%, but it's on the muggy side. this is a time lapse from this morning. going back into the sunrise, this is tampa bay to westchase, we started sunny with a patch or two of fog out there, and man was it gorgeous. then notice the sprinklers come on and they go all the way around because the grass is starting to brown up. i don't see rain, guys, until friday at the earliest, and even at that it's very slim.
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tampa's at 86. sarasota we are at 87 degrees. lakeland we are at 82. riverview we're 83 degrees. that's warm. and new tampa area basically in the lower to mid-80s as well, too. thonotosassa 85. tarpon springs 82. new port richey we are about the same. holiday is not reporting but it is 82 in holiday and 83 seminole. this evening the trick-or- treaters no problems as far as the weather is concerned. nice and clear out there. we will stay that way. most of the state is that way as well, and light winds out there for areas north of i-4. without a gusty last hour at brooksville of 20 miles per hour, it was 10-mile- per-hour winds, there are a few more out there. it's a nice breeze for the evening and the kids will enjoy it in those thicker costumes out there. 84 to 81 degrees now between 7, 7:30 or so, and then we drop to the upper 70s. so especially for the little ones that have the big thick costumes on, bring a bottle of water because they are gonna be
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running around out there. sunset 6:46 and then through the 70s overnight tonight back into the upper 60s with sunrise around 7:42 tomorrow morning. your forecast. i got to be honest with you. it's like the last three weeks or so. it's very quiet on the forecast model. again watch for patchy fog in the morning. some of our normal spots say eastern pasco, dade city, zephyrhills a little bit of fog. and then it's sunshine for the rest of the day and one or two clouds in the afoo above average again tomorrow. we are going about 86 degrees. 82, 83 is where we should be. boating looks fairly decent. the winds are coming down. tomorrow morning a surge around 10 to 15 knots and 5 to 10 around the afternoon. they are doing the new taxi from st. pete across the bay to tampa tomorrow. we will be covering that for you. looks like it should be okay midday. water temperature is 74 degrees and that chop on the bay will be about moderate. all right.
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tomorrow. look how warm across the deep south. chicago is 73 degrees. the first day of november. that's pretty warm. 82 in atlanta. there is cooler air though up north in canada and that's gonna dive down friday night. so friday afternoon we've got a 20 to 30% chance for rain. but look what it does for our weekend. 70s for highs. 50s for lows. there will be some spots in the upper 40s to low 50s especially as we get into sunday morning. but the only chance for friday. it's friday midday into the afternoon hours and it's only about 20 to 30%. so keep those sprinklers going. i am dion lim and new at 6:00, grabbed, man-handled and thrown to the ground at a walmart. what a tampa woman went through when a security guard said she stole something worse less than $30. have you seen the latest ad
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controversial because of the wording, why are firefighters now being dragged into i alone can fix it! bomb the [bleep] out of 'em. i'd like to punch him in the face. i like people that weren't captured, okay? he's a mexican! she ate like a pig... i moved on her like a [bleep] i did not say that... i love war. yes, including with nukes. blood coming out of her... they're rapists... wrong. there has to be some form of punishment. such a nasty woman. i wanna be unpredictable. ...on 5th avenue and shoot somebody... she's a slob...
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in my job, i see a lot of fires that could've been stopped before they started. that's why florida's firefighters support amendment 1. amendment 1 does solar the right way, commonsenssafeguds for the health, safety and welfare of florida's consumers and it's first responders. amendment 1 means more solar, safe solar, for the sunshine state.
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the quest for younger looking skin this halloween. >> you look great. ha i haven't done this one. some are actually using their own blood to look younger, reggie. >> that's scary. the vampire facelift is part of a hollywood trend to try to turn back the clock. here's how it works. a few vials of blood are taken and then spun down in a centrifuge dividing the blood
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which contains the platelets that are the soul of the vampire facelift. >> very important for skin rejuvination which triggers new collagen. the platelets are put back into it's done over the entire face and neck area. >> now, in order to get the full benefit of the vampire facelift you will have to have several done in a row, but the effects -- >> remember when they handed these out at the oscars, that swag bag that the celebrities get and everybody was raving about it. i don't know. >> you have to take your time with it.
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procedure. it will set you back about $400. >> 400? >> 400 bucks. >> talk about sucking blood. [ laughter ] 400 bucks? >> "10news at 6" is next. port tampa bay has now become florida's largest and most diversified. which helps explain why it is one of dana young's top priorities. generating over 15 billion for the regional economy, and 80 thousand local jobs.
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and fighting a bureaucracy that too often gets in the way. dana young for the florida senate.
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attacked and framed at a local walmart. that's what a tampa woman says happened to her, and forever ruined her life. you might have seen this ad
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message. using politics to pick up sales? what's going on behind the ad that's getting some serious attention on social media. "10news at 6" starts right now. >> good evening. i am reginald roundtree. >> and i am dion lim. okay. stop exactly what you are doing and take a look at this surveillance video here. imagine shopping at a store and paying the cashier and then moments later getting attacked as you're about to leave. >> now, this happened to a tampa woman wa walmart. now, 10 investigates mike deeson explains how this woman claims she was not only framed, but physically detained over less than 30 bucks. >> this was the most humiliating thing to ever go through. >> reporter: vicki karl is talking about what happened almost two years ago as she was leaving this walmart in tampa. as soon as she walked at the door two men grabbed her, man- handled her, and dragged her back into the store.
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happening. i thought i was being mugged, actually, because i had $500 in my hand. i was just -- i didn't know what was going on. i had no idea. >> reporter: it turned out she was being arrested for shoplifting. you can see the security guard in this video on the bench. he said she stole flea medication worth $29. >> shameful. >> reporter: karl res attorney says this was an elaborate plan by his client. in this lawsuit the security tape shows the guard, who just started that day, dump something on the floor from a box and then seconds later accuse karl of stealing that item. >> i have never seen a case that i could think about where the bad guy in this case a walmart employee is actually caught on video planting the evidence. >> reporter: we reached out to both walmart and the state attorney's office.


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