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tv   10 News at 1100pm  CBS  November 3, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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a stalker tracking your every move. >> secretly watching and waiting. >> he always seemed to know where i was.>> and you might be the one arming him with information >> good evening. >> imagine it's your day off so maybe you see a movie, go out to dinner and do shopping. but everywhere you go you keep seeing the same person.>> you may not be imagining things. our investigative reporter finds you made the -- be the victim of geo stocking. >> it's a chilly fall morning so take it guess we can find me.>> can i have a pumpkin spice latte please. >> that's right a coffee shop. how many times have you done
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set yourself up for any stalker or creek can find you. >> how did he find me? fortunately this is a demonstration. ethical hacker found me in minutes. >> i can figure out where your home is and where your work is.>> he gives the detail at his hacking headquarters. >> when you make a post most social media you embed a geolocation. your phone has a gps device. >> take my tweet. in seconds he pulled up the gps coordinates him headed in it and found every place i had ever tweeted from. >> this software creates a heat map so the more you tweet from a particular location, i can start to see exactly maybe where this is where she lives, maybe this is where she works. >> but where you are is
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extra information embedded in the image. >> jeff his assistant instructor for crisis and a meth -- for domestic abuse hot line. she says geo stocking is on the rise. >> we are seeing an increase with the light -- younger generation. just -- >> i moved four times in six months. he always seem to know where i to find me using other people's photos or other people's posts. >> in the end she developed ptsd and even on her wedding day it had an impact. guests were not allowed to post anything online about the ceremony.>> everything had to be hush-hush. >> the detective specializes in crimes involving geocoding.
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>> we also see other types of crimes being committed such as burglaries and crimes against children.>> such is the reason that pokemon go robberies in the kim kardashian heist. >> if you're going to use the technology such as social media, it's about using it safely and wisely. to make sure that your personal information is not getting out there.>> what can you do go into your iphone, settings, hit privacy and location services and turn it off. or you can choose individual apps. the process is very similar on an android phone. he looks at me and shakes my hand and said i always wanted to meet you sheriff. but i didn't want to meet you like this. and then he said, i voted for you for president. that is if i ever get to vote
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you will never get to vote again. you are going to stay present.>> a 71-year-old man behind bars tonight after the sheriff says he is responsible for killing a 33-year-old woman and hurting a deputy over the weekend. the sheriff tells 10news reporter that he is 100% sure that he is guilty. that can often be difficult to prove. >> it's been almost one week since jessica enchautegui-otero a deputy sheriff adam pennell were hit by an unknown vehicle standing road on lake wales.>> we solve the case because the community came forward. >> a crimestoppers tip led to the arrest of this 171-year-old charles lewis. >> a crimestoppers tip gave came in and give us information to include a blue ford pickup truck. >> they follow the tips to this street where the blue track happened to be driving down the road.>> we are all thankful for the anonymous
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involved but there's not too much damage. he is positive that charles lewis is the one driving -- was the one driving because he admitted it. smith does it make it easier. smith the defense attorney -- >> a lot of times the difficulty is putting someone behind the wheel. that's what's difficult even if they can identify the vehicle, you still have to identify he was driving.>> 10 used 10news has learned that half of the cases in florida go unsolved. and they can be hard to convict once they are.>> location and identification are the hardest part. >> when it comes to this case that took the life of a 33-year- old woman and seriously injured a 25-year-old deputy, the sheriff says the suspect will go way for a very long time. >> he 71, he will spend the rest of his life in prison as
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he also admitted to drinking. he is facing numerous charges including leaving the scene of a crash because death. as the race for president enters the home stretch new numbers show hillary clinton is in the lead but not by much. the latest polls show hillary clinton leave donald trump by three points nationally. that's down from nine points that she had a couple weeks ago. this new poll where the race was at the beginning of october. clinton and trump crisscrossed the much -- must win state of north carolina and florida today. clinton appeal to voters in winterville and raleigh. attacks from the both candidates continued. clinton associated with -- trump with white supremacist and trump claimed clinton -- is unfit to serve.
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lines is bringing in a second cruise line to port tampa bay. the carnival miracle, will operate a seven-day western caribbean sailing that includes stops in the cayman islands, mexico, honduras and belize. there will be two very unique sailing and -- and eight and 14 crews to the panama canal the carnival miracle joined the carnival paradise. if you would like to see what the carnival miracle looks like on board in the state room, restaurants and much more had to our website or our free app. we have a photo gallery with more than 100 pictures. what happened to a missing west virginia toddler. the case may have been cracks wide open right here at the bay area with the arrest of the little girl's mom in cmp. three-year-old aliayah lunsford vanished from her home in 2011.
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10news her mom has always been a person of interest. tonight, 10news reporter discovers how the mother lena lunsford is now the prime suspect charged with her daughter's death.>> reporter: for five years neighbors in weston west virginia have not stopped searching and wondering what happened to little aliayah lunsford. now it appears her mom lena has been living here in st. pete daughter's death. >> a lot of people have always felt that is where the answer did late. with this whole mystery. >> she had told investigators she saw her three old sleeping in bed the morning of september 24, 2011 and when she went to check on her again she had vanished her mom did not report the disappearance for 2.5 hours. she claimed she had been out looking for her daughter.>>
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for her girl. >> there are so many investigations -- questions for she is charged with her daughter's death but the sheriff is not revealing fr where the little girl's body has been found it's upsetting to neighbors here.>> the house is right there if i were to ever see, i had never seen the little girl outside. >> we are happy to provide lewis county with assistance in county chair -- jail. >> she is been in and out of jail for welfare fraud and lost custody of her six other kids. the sheriff does tell me he would've liked to a fine aliayah lunsford alive but now hopes there will be justice for her. >> justice needs to be served. >> i hope we do get resolution
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to reveal more information about the investigation in a news conference tomorrow morning in west virginia. we will stay on top of all of these developments. an 81- year-old woman is taking quite a stand. she refuses to sell her townhome to one of the largest towns are companies.>> she won't budge. and eight story tower is now being built 12 feet from her property. westcott says her condo has been empty for more than one decade and as you can see it's falling apart. this may remind he for that seattle home use for the disney movie up. a new protein bar will make you rethink where your protein comes front. the not so secret ingredient ahead. i'm tracking that cooler air that headed our way. i will let you know when it arrives and have the weekend forecast that's coming up. start a pedophile -->> a
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the unseen and unspoken world of a pedophile. attracted to children but never acting on it. tonight, you are weighing in. courtney robinson is here to help you confront all of your fears. >> this is uncomfortable. so uncomfortable in fact that when we tried to put together a panel of parents most of them said no. law enforcement could not be involved because making ross has never been charged or convicted of a crime. most therapist to not return my calls. but two parents did jamie porter a mom of three. chris sutton, data three former law enforcement and creator of the globe a cobra self-defense program.
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children?>> yes. >> jamie porter and chris sutton watched, listened and reacted. >> i'm not going to do anything physically. >> at times tough for them to believe. >> i don't do anything physically but mentally yes. >> i have never had sex with children as an adult >> he's not a pedophile by definition of the la there's no tool out there for me to know where he is.>> ross is adamant he is never sexually assaulted a child. and i dug into his past. i found no evidence he has ever been charged or convicted. while these parents understand that, they worry about those who do act.>> it's so scary and i feel that with my kids all being under five, the only option is not letting them out
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possible at all. i don't think they would stand a chance against the sky.>> kids learn very quick. if the 91 -- nine-month-old can learn how to swim a five euro can identify this unnatural feeling and what to do. how to anchor and how to access the targets on this guy. the only important people in the world are mommy and daddy.>> i try not to go to the beaches. >> as a parent, when i'm at the beach i will be more cognizant of who is around and who is watching.>> these parents said ross shared details that will help them where he does not go, what triggers his attraction and what intimidates him.>> when he says look me in the eye, is that something -- >> that resonates absolutely. when you look them in the eye, and you say i got you icu. i think it's very powerful.>> he hunted you down to give you
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motive behind it. this is what i think about, this is what i suppressed urges. >> let them in the eye, screen, attacked. you want to look at your child's daily routine and strength than any of those weaklings whereas the parent -- where is the parent to parent not -- handoff not happening y child but preteens and teenagers, they're here and there. it's tough.>> you want them to also spread their wings but you want them to be safe because they are soft targets. there still children. >> a mom of 13-year-old actually asked me that about her child walking to the bus stop and here's what sutton said. your child, preaching, teenagers they need to keep that daily routine.
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are not walking alone and they are not on the cell phone. that its broad daylight and there is a well lit area. may be busy with other people around and other neighbors the biggest key is training. they can get training. >> speaking of training a does not have to be complicated. it can be as simple as talking to your kids. >> i want to reiterate that this is the reason why we shared this story if anything, this should make you wake up, . because many times we have these talks after something tragic happens. and also this weekend sun is teaching a self-defense class for five years and older with all that information at ws -- let's get your forecast going. it is comfortable out there
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partly cloudy skies. winds out of the north of four miles per hour. where slowly going down into the mid-60s but 66 or 67 degrees for first thing tomorrow morning. sums up at 7:44. if you don't like it that late it's 6:4042 for the morning on sunday. we don't have any rain for overnight hours or the morning commute or bus stop. suntrust financial center building over downtown it's quiet out there. it will stay that way through the evening and morning hours tomorrow, we will start with sunshine and see a few clouds in the afternoon. we will call it mostly sunny. a look at this, this is 9:30 in the evening. that is a cold front that's coming through. i want to call it a cool front because it will give us a small taste of cooler and drier air as we move into saturday and sunday.
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we could see a sprinkle tomorrow evening. that will take us to about 11, 12 or 11:00 in the morning. for the bay area, most of it will fall apart before can get to you. we will be clearing things out throughout the day an early morning hours on saturday. still one more warmer day today. 84, 85 degrees that's for friday. this afternoon will be a warm one. as we get into saturday and sunday, upper 70s. it's not that much cooler but it is a little bit. with got about 80 degrees for daytime highs on sunday. don't forget to push those clocks back and get an extra hours sleep before you go to bed on saturday night. forecast will stay in the moderate. will have a little breeze on saturday. will have a little more pollen
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the drier air will be coming in so dew points will go from the 60s into the mid and upper 50s. that will happen as we get into saturday morning and the afternoon during the down saturday is when you will feel that really nice air coming in. we will keep it around for sunday and monday. we're always trying to get protein in -- and all the right vitamins. there are plenty of bars but now some companies are >> it sounds crazy and maybe disgusting but listen to this. about 80% of the world regularly eats insects in 23 team -- 2013 the students started their company. a new kind of protein bar.
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including all major u.s. airports and it includes one special ingredient.>> it has double the protein of beef. they have more iron than beef, more calcium than milk.>> i don't know if that taste like steak.>> look at that, and the sound. apparently crickets are 65% protein. full of zinc and iron along with calcium there are 40 crickets in each xo bar crickets per bite. the company says it has a nutty taste similar to buckwheat plus it's good for the earth because crickets produced 100 times less greenhouse gas and cattle. by the way crickets are not recommended for people with shellfish allergy. >> i don't need crickets. >> talking about a night to remember, from last night i think everybody is still
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>> what a victory for joe maddon and the cubs a got me
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of sports.>> he can't help but be happy for joe maddon. thanks to joe we were captivated and fixated on the cubs crack in the curse. and it got me wondering what if? the jelly see creeped in as well. why couldn't that have been us.the rays has a similar young core. it felt like it could last for a decade. before game sim -- before game six, finances chance that a dynasty we do not have the same opportunity to keep that place together which i've often lamented. the rays could've rivaled the yankees. look at all of these guys that the rays either traded or let walk to free agency franchise favorites. that's not yankees type talent but it could've contended for years. but they cut the cord.
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the rays collects pocket change. you always wonder what if that core have stayed together. >> off to the ice. lightning lost in the shift -- shoot off. two goals tonight. a slow start. >> this was half-time at tonight backs falcons game. the hardest hitting safety in nfl history. he was honored and inducted into the bucs ring of honor tonight. a great crowd ouch -- out there . everybody and the buzz all around. it was a good night >> your post because you were pre-gaming?>> you heard that wrong.
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scammers captured of -- a special moment between obama and a baby. >> you see the baby in the crowd. he rubs his face and touches his hair. who is campaigning for hillary clinton. >> that will be good story when he
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carson and i have seen some terrible ads attacking our mom dana young. for things she never did. it hurts because mom is cool. she is caring, she works hard. whenever something is not right mom is on it. trust us we know from experience. mom put her career on hold for us. to raise our family. she is a role model for everyone in our community. dana young for the florida senate. we traveled the world sampling the best cheese for two reasons one, to bring them all back for you to enjoy and two, we got to each a bunch of really good cheese along the way.
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