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tv   10 News at 500pm  CBS  November 8, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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the kids did not see any of this happened.>> while this is very tragic that this man lost his life it would have been much worse if it had happened when he had children with him. we were called at 2:28 and the kids get out it 2:35. you see how closely the dust make it could've become a great this might tragic. smith the crossing card was pronounced dead at the hospital. we see around here very upset. we believe he lived nearby. police are not releasing his name as they want to make sure that everyone who knows him has been notified before giving us the name. they are still talking to that driver trying to figure out why the driver was swerving before he finally came to a stop. the investigation will continue here on now does make ninth avenue north for a couple more hours. between 44th street and 46th
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it is your choice, 2016, the clock is ticking. just hours to go and tell we hopefully find out who won the race for president. remember there is no telling how close the race will be. both presidential candidates waited until today to vote. hillary and bill clinton voted in new york and donald and melania trump voted in new york city and her husband.>> all eyes are on florida. voters are turning out in huge numbers. >> in pinellas county more than 640,000 people have voted as of 430 this afternoon.>> in hillsboro 30,000 people voted in the first hour there.
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the election of a lifetime. there are lots of ways hillary clinton can win and i will show you those as well as the ways that donald trump can pull this out. trump has to win florida, ohio and north carolina. those are not locks for him yet. its neck and neck in florida, deadlock in the latest poll. in north carolina, the poll has clean and trump tied. an ohio donald trump looks the best so far up by an average of 3.5 points. il of these states, especially florida, you ready to say madam president let's say donald trump does pull off these states, he will need to win every state that mitt romney one back in 2012. if hillary clinton can pick a few off like utah, arizona or georgia, then she wins. if trump keeps that in with all that romney did, then it comes down to in sylvania. pennsylvania is an interesting
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elections is gone to democrats but it is still close. clinton up by an average of two points. it comes down to you and your choice in florida. i'm working on a piece for 6:00 right now about where we will be watching tonight in florida because as we go so goes the nation. we're actually using election night to try something new here at 10news wtsp. with their coverage. you can use your phone, computer or tablet and head to now or look for the vote now section in our 10news out. we will be asking questions about the election starting with this one. it is a tight race for president what time do you think the final results will be announced? you can head to now. if you pick a time between 8:00 p.m.
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the results come in at the bottom of the screen. in 2000, the presidential race was never called. that was the florida recount. in 2004 it was called for george w. bush at 11:19 am the next day. in 2008, a call for president obama at 11 pm election night. in 20 1211 -- 2012, 11:38 pm. murphy are holding their election watch parties and south florida. there are about 1.5 hours away from each other. eric glasser is live in miami following the rubio campaign. eric, are the confident there? >> i think that they are and they have good reason despite the ups and downs and back and forth i can tell you when it comes to the senate race here in florida, marco rubio has let
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virtually every poll. for the last six months. i think maybe only three cases where they tied. although trump defeated rubio in the presidential primary, in ruby's own home state of florida we spoke along the way as they said they are ready to send him back to washington dc as florida's senator. >> in fort myers it's all about time in politics. republican red for decades now, trump and rubio getting solid support here.>> i think at this time in our history he is what we need.>> just up i-75 the next generation echoes its elders>> is a businessman and he gets a good job done. >> backcrossing alligator
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the only thing that changes. in overtown one of miami's oldest black communities preserving obamacare for the once uninsured is a priority. clinton and murphy win here. >> i'm voting hillary 100%.>> she is very loving and caring. >> and in little havana, age splits the vote. once solidly conservative -- >> mostly >> older cuban-americans backing trump and rubio.>> we are supporting him because they have done a great job for our community.>> eight months ago when i was here in miami covering rubio, he lost to donald trump in the presidential primaries, was clearly disappointed and said
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he decided to get back into the race and as you can see from the folks there are plenty forgiving. there ready to send him back to washington dc. on the bottom of your screen we are asking folks -- folks what time they think the presidential election will be called. moser saint 11:00 p.m. -- >> i can see why the presidential race will go much later. you've got western states to deal with. florida should be finished for the most part voting at 7:00 local time for those in the panhandle. even if marco rubio is close to tied with murphy, remember the panhandle is very conservative. it would be very like elite that marco rubio would only pick up more votes there. shortly after the polls start to close here in the east coast of florida i anticipate you will see people starting to do exit polling. this may be a fairly early night for this senate race.>> throughout the senate race we
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murphy attacking rubio saying rubio did not do his job as our senator. how have the voters that you spoke to feel about that?>> it's true, there's no escaping that. a lot of voters say they know it was true that the republicans, a lot of them diehard conservatives especially on the west coast of florida. they say let, marco rubio did not go to those votes but thosee go in a certain direction with or without his ballot. once it was clear that he was not going to be the presidential nominee they say he went back to washington dc and did his job as a senator just as any other when it came to it attendance.>> eric glasser live in miami. we will check in with you throughout the evening. thank you so much.
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. >> as eric mentioned murphy has been trailing in most polls in this rates -- race. i just caught up with him in the last hour down the street at a polling place where he is out thanking supporters and insisting that every vote still counts. as we were heading here from the bay area we stopped along the way talking with voters and many say they are excited about tonight's results and there ready for the turbulent election to be voters and murphy himself. looking forward to that. tonight by the way, your chance to interact with 10news. you see that the bottom of your screen, those are the results coming in from all of you to the question we asked a few minutes ago. what time do you think the race for president will be decided? on the sliding scale it looks like most of you expected
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right up to the end. you do have time to share your opinion just had to now. on a phone, tablet or computer. you can also cast a vote on our free 10news app. we will let you know the results again in about nine minutes. one thing you've heard it through the entire campaign is that people have had enough and they are going to move to canada if their candidate does not win. i we will show you why our friends to the north might not want -- welcome everyone with open arms. it's a way to honor the post nightclub shooting victims. why the plan to buy the business is not sitting well with some. our election coverage
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over the past few months we've heard a lot of stories of campaign signs being vandalized and stolen. e these taking his signs so he fought back. here's the shocking story. >> reporter: in the hippie haven of bellingham political views tend to go one direction. public opinion can lean so far to the left that sometimes the right overcompensate just to get back to center. that's the case with ray. >> a tried-and-true trump
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know how proud he is of his presidential candidate. >> i started putting out signs and some like it and some don't. its freedom of speech.>> of freedom that he says has been trampled on by vandals and thieves. in four months he has had seven signs stolen. his security system captured one and recorded and other when putting a bernie sanders sign in his yard. he was stunned. >> if someone comes to my property and still something its staff>> shock them. he rigged up a system connected to his trump sign zapping anyone who touches them like this woman who grabbed the sign in the middle of the night.>> just enough to surprise them. >> how much of an electrical current? >> as funny as some find the idea, do two wrongs make a right?>> it's over 3 feet off
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injured he has a right to protect what's his even if his neighbors do not like looking at it. in bellingham alyssa hearin.>> one thing they do a great on this might they do agree on. >> no matter who you voted for there is no denying this election will be close. >> that does mean it may take a while for states to the results. we asked you what time do you think a winner will be declared? we have been weighing in w now. a lot of people are voting and it seems steady right now. you are expecting a late- night.>> the past two collections have been late around 11:00. we will keep asking you to
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section and are app. the next question will be up in a few minutes. we want to know if you and did a friendship or any other relationship because of a disagreement this election season? we will bring you the results of 5:30. you don't want to be on facebook tonight or tomorrow. there's no option for a week or two, we need to add week. suntrust financial center downtown tampa another gorgeous sunset going on. very comfortable temperatures. lighter winds today you can see that on the bay still coming out of the east north east. a lot of sunshine today and a couple clouds looked over and showers off the east coast. there are also showers offshore. out in the gulf and we're watching these. there is a small chance
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will move in but there is a small chance that a couple of the showers to make it on to our coastal communities. hernando, pasco and sarasota counties. a small rain chance 10% to 20% mainly in afternoon hours. temps right now barakat -- very comfortable. 81 in tampa, 82 sarasota. 70s for pulled county lakeland to bartow. tonight we're dropping dak -- act down into the mid-60s. upper 50s, hernando, citrus even part the pasco county. 60s tomorrow morning in newport. the winds will go light tonight and that's one of the reasons why we will cool off a little bit. it will come back up tomorrow. tomorrow late in the day there will be a surge. if you're voting -- boating keep that in mind.
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that's lunchtime but ucl the milky white here that's the mid- level clouds miss that will come in. i do think it would be partly to mostly cloudy at times. 3:00, ahead of the front trying to produce a sprinkler to. we really need the rain but i don't think we will get anything near what we need. i don't think most of us will see rain. it looks like another dry front. back into the upper 70s to near 80 tomorrow. there will be more cloud cover so it tends to keep us a little cooler. sunup at 6:47 there's the rain come across tomorrow. notice as the front comes through in the evening hours it stays offshore on the east coast. here comes that north to northeast wind behind it. that thursday morning. a little on the breezier side but
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this is the reason why we have all these festivals this time of year because we get rid of the heat and humidity. the riv fast, friday about 81, 77 on sunday. keep in mind that it will be dry but a 10% chance on sunday. the evening hours will be on the cool side. there's your weekend forecast. sunday looks fantastic although i think there will be more clouds on sunday and a 10% chance of a shower. monday into tuesday the rain chance will go up slightly. will have to see. we could have a better chance tuesday and we will trackback. the city of orlando is working on a plan to buy posted nightclub the site of the attack that left 49 people dead and more than 50 win did. it's known as the deadliest mass shooting in modern
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the city will vote next monday to buy the building and turning into a memorial. orlando plans to pay to distract $2.25 million. that's $6.5 million more than the appraised value. a lot of you are skeptical this makes skeptical about the price per on facebook nathan says i sure hope the owner of the property will turn around and donate that money otherwise it smells of government corruption. ch any of the victims but i'm not sure a memorial is the best idea. doesn't it almost glorify the attack? i think it should reopen as a clever terror down. if the plan is approved the city will take over the property at the end of this year. they're asking the community for ideas. orlando's mayor says the site will probably stay that way, the way it is for the next
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my dad was a family doctor in pinellas county for 55 years. he used to even take me on house calls. both my parents taught me to help others. that's why i believe in public service. as your governor we got things done, and if you send me to congress we can do it again. i'll protect social security and medicare.
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ist and i approve this message because i'll put you, the people first. always have, and always will. lines have been stacking up all day outside a spot there has been a constant line. >> take a look at this video. all day long you can see voters have been visiting susan b anthony's great in rochester new york. her headstone is covered with dozens and dozens of either voted stickers. some are leaving yellow roses.
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celebrating the fact that we can vote.>> look at all the people and the women who voted. it's fantastic>> the cemetery has extended its visiting hours to 9:00 p.m. so everyone has time to visit. susan b anthony played a huge role in getting women the right to vote. anthony passed away in 1906 at -- 110 years before the first female presidential candidate for a ma to get a good deal but that's not always the case. coming up on 10 news at 5 deck 30 how a woman ended up with a fake rolex and learned she was the victim of fraud at the same time >> more and more stuff is happening with technology. now i know better.>> a mom has
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picture of a naked man popped up on her phone while her two- year-old was playing with it.>> new at 6 a political sign these caught on video. the suspect taking off on a golf cart. hear from the homeowner who hopes their caught sooner
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good evening. >> take you for joining us. the clock is ticking tonight just about one hour and a half left to vote in this year's election. you're taking a live look at the baptist church in tampa. the parking lot -- look at the line. we have all pretty much voted. >> the early voting has kicked


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