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tv   10 News at 530pm  CBS  November 8, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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good evening. >> take you for joining us. the clock is ticking tonight just about one hour and a half left to vote in this year's election. you're taking a live look at the baptist church in tampa. the parking lot -- look at the line. we have all pretty much voted. >> the early voting has kicked
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their decision and others say the heat of the election has them fed up. something i want to move to canada.>> and tonight's story we're taking look at weather there will really be a mass exodus out of the u.s. be a mass exodus out of the u.s. this is nothing new. it seems like every four years someone in y office, on your facebook page says if my candidate loses i'm moving to canada. but this is what we found out. >> it's become a hallmark of american presidential elections the person who threatens to move to canada if they don't like the election result. but when you press the issue, not many people are buying a. >> i don't think people would do that.
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myself. even though i never would. >> i think people are frustrated. you say things that you don't mean.>> let them give up and go. we can get rid of more like that maybe will be better off. >> even though canadians we found think it's a bunch of tough talk.>> i don't think they want to move to canada not with the nice weather down here.>> i don't think they will. there's going to be a wall, apparently.>> canadians build a wall? >> i don't know it depends on who wins.>> i have no problem with that. come up in cs our medicare is a free. you do pay for it in the taxes but it's included.>> it's not as simple as packing up your stuff and driving north.
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to see if you are eligible for immigration. i just took the survey and i'm not eligible to immigrate so it's not that easy but even still if your mind is made up and you don't want to be a part of the solution here in the united states i say go ahead and leave. and we who stay, will put this country back together without you. i'm curious as to why they won't let us in.>> think it's a joke it appears it's not. google searches for moving to canada has skyrocketed in the last few days leading up to the election. meanwhile if you want to take the survey, if you can find it, and a list of the eight things to know before moving to canada, it's on our website. taken a closer look at what it means to live in canada versus the u.s. canadians say one of the biggest shock for americans
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there could be a 20% difference between what you pay here and what you pay there. on top of that, you could have to pay double taxes well you transfer your citizenship. then there's high sales tax on certain items like cigarettes that cell in the u.s. for $6.50 . in canada, nine dollars for a pack. however the schools there are top-notch ranking 10th in the world compared to america at chance for you to have your voice heard but what if you or someone your close to don't like to -- you don't like who they are voting for. it can lead to better arguments or broken relationships.>> very harsh words between france and even family. today is the last day to get over this thing and start healing america.>> this is
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there is a website right now on the bottom of your screen now. if you go to the link on your phone, tablet or computer and you can find it on our 10news app. you will see this question. have you ended any relationship over political differences this election season? some people are weighing in. we have 69% saying no. and as the results weighing in we're speaking with a couple who after four decades have learned how to agree to disagree. >> i've been married 40 years. >> are you voting for the same candidate?>> kathy and jean say they have had healthy discussions about their choice for president. >> we did get into a heated discussion about it.>> he told me his opinion and i told him
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it's not going to affect their marriage in any way. life will go on.>> everyone should have their own opinion and you have to respect other people's opinion.>> jean says and 40 years they voted together but rarely for the same candidate.>> do you think the person that you vote for defined to you are as an individual?>> no. i tried to go by the issues.>> while kathy is not excited about any of the candidates -->> when they hear of an election tearing apart friends and family and couples, >> it's not worth it to have a major fight and and a relationship or friendship over it. >> we have the right to vote here and when you go in the booth you vote for who you want to vote for.>> are you still happy couple?>> yes. we are in love. >> that's no problem.>> they
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and when a winner is declared -- >> we will be at odds. it will just be we hope for the future.>> they are a great example right there. looking at the results of this poll that we've asked you about, have you ended any relationships over political differences? 69% of you say no. you can see 31% you have ended a relationship. it keeps fluctuating. you can still weigh in on this one now. you can find it on your phone, computer, tablet as well as our free 10news app. your next chance to weigh in this election day is coming up on 10news at six. for parents it's not that common to hand over your phone to entertain your child.
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parents went and naked man's picture popped up on their iphone. all while their two-year-old was watching cartoons. now the peterson family was out to dinner when the photo showed up on the screen with an option to accept or to decline.>> if this was somebody that was older, the damage was done. you don't want your children to see that. >> the air drop feature on iphone has a 30 foot range and pictures, videos, contacts and more with those around you. the peterson's believe it was someone at the table next to them that are dropped the photo that you can adjust your phone if you are afraid this might happen to you. when you swipe up from your home screen go to air drop and you can choose whether you don't want the feature at all or just for your contacts only. the peterson had it on and everyone meaning anyone can
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be a dramatic explained chen despite expansion of legal pod. half of americans live in a state where mayor juan is legal. florida is one of four state voting on whether you should be able to use pot. >> what will it take for voters to say yes to amendment to.>> the folks here think that they are in fairly good shape election. they've got to get to the 60% level. two years ago the vote was 58%. and it failed. the key may be to have seniors vote yes. >> i'm going to vote yes.>> i'm going to vote no. some the reason they worked hard for the senior vote is because polling to show every demographic group reached the
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despite those with debilitating diseases that say marijuana eases their pain, there is still much opposition from some of the seniors.>> it allows me to be functioning in a normal way.>> my sister long does back in law is very sick with cancer and he gave her relief from her pain. it kept the nausea down.>> i things.>> in some ways it is surprising that the seniors are such a tough sell because 20% of the baby boomers are over 65 and they were part of the flower power generation that during the 60s experienced marijuana and brought it to the forefront. but still the folks here are feeling good about tonight's results but it's an election
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outrage on the island with dozens of voters wanting to cast provisional the -- ballots. we find out if the votes will count and if it's legal.>> he's proudly wearing his eye
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>> all of the ballots to get reviewed and they do get counted. they don't necessarily get counted tonight at 7:00 but they will be counted.>> and manatee county 10news wtsp>> 10news reached out to the commissioner and we have not heard back. the supervisor of elections say the frivolous challenge can result in a misdemeanor charge for each time that it happens. everyone. looking great out there now on our sky10 network that's florida southern college out there on campus. you can see a beautiful -- its darkened up here it was beautiful earlier. tampa bay looking nice. a little bit of high cloudiness out there this afternoon that it's nice and temperatures into
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holding onto 80 in tampa. dew points are comfortable at 54 degrees and those numbers are going down. the humidity will be lower in the next couple of afternoons. here are the numbers for today we topped out at 82, averages 80. this morning was 64. that's above average. we should be about 62 in the morning. no rain out there ag way through the weekend. 10% to 20% tomorrow. i don't think much of it does. the clouds will and we will seymour clouds tomorrow than what we had today is still a very comfortable day. eventually this cold front, the whole thing is going to push off towards the south and east and that will come through here tomorrow evening 630 6:30 pm, 7:30 pm and 8:00 p.m. it's not a big chance for it.
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76 for st. pete, 72 newport, 73 temple terrace. riverview, i have to get another center there. light winds today we did not have the breeze we had yesterday so boating was good that sticks around for tomorrow as well. the winds will turned a little bit in the later hours. through the 70s and 60s and tomorrow night -- tomorrow looks exactly like it did today. let's talk about tomorrow afternoon and that small chance for rain. october 8, that's when we saw the last recorded rainfall at tia. that's 4:00 tomorrow afternoon. the clouds thicken up in here comes the front. just a couple spots of green around the front. i think that's a lot, most of
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mexico and coming back north to northwest wind, north to northeast on thursday it will be on the breezy side that's cooler, drier air coming in for the weekend. wednesday goes back to 80, we made 82 today but with extra clouds i put it down a little to 80. as we get into friday, thursday and friday we will be lucky to get to 80. most places were stay at 70s. boating tomorrow looks go. water temperatures about 76 degrees. as far as a cool air, you can see the cooler dives in across the northeast and it does not last long. another shot friday, saturday and sunday and another one into next week none of these at this point looks very cold but it will keep us about where we are
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the weekend, upper 70s to near 80. most of next week the same although i do think we could be stuck in the 70s which will feel nice monday, tuesday, wednesday. tuesday into wednesday could see a slightly better chance for rain. i will track that for you. a change in military benefits and increase competition. the drugstore chain expects 40 million prescriptions next year because walgreens is teaming up with prime therapeutics for a tri-care is also getting out of the cbs network, shares of cbs have tumbled. the company has also changes profit forecast. this political season is getting nasty. even right here in our area. new at 6 tonight, >> what drove a local woman to build her own campaign sign. she had multiple signs stolen
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y262ry yy6y let's take a live look outside, downtown st. petersburg. see how dark it gets with the time chang great for this weekend. >> i get to eat all of the ribs. if you would like getting a good deal odds are you are looking online at auction sites.>> looked -- listen to this one woman, she got stuck with a fake rolex and an even bigger problem, she's a victim of fraud. she got a package in the male and inside there was a rolex. but the only clue as to where
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tracking number on the front of the envelope. she did not have an ebay account. it turns out a man in indiana was trying to return the watch because it was fake. he wanted to send it back to the seller and it came to marie's house because the seller use her address. that is both name and address fraud.>> a list of people, this information is quite readily available.>> it is a rare problem when you consider that there are millions of sales that happen on it site ebay told us it has suspended that sellers account and it will reimburse the buyer and get its money back. i hope they find the person behind it.
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it's been a long and sometimes bitter row to election night. now with just one hour until the polls close, the world's attention is turning to america. and it could come down to the bay area where nothing is a sure bet. 10news is live across the strait -- state with your choice to
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is it. we're in the home stretch. just one hour before the polls close.>> the voting does not stop there. we are giving you a chance to take part in our polls. here's your first question, did you vote in the election or did the negative ads turn you off? you can vote now and through the next few minutes. let's get you up to speed. donald trump voting at a polling place he gave children high-fives and talk to voters. the republican candidate generally seemed happy with the early returns.>> cheering crowds greeted hillary clinton as she arrived to vote. the democratic candidate said voting for herself was humbling.>> i know how much
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the outcome of this election.>> and we are keeping a close eye on our senate races. eric glasser is in miami following the rubio campaign.>> and we have kendra conlon live with the patrick murphy. but first check out this political video a political sign thief caught on camera. getting away in a golf cart. it seems the same people hit the same house more than once. the reporter shows you how a homeowner is not taking this lightly. >> i said unbelievable. she took my sign. i was mad.>> check it out again it was october 30 check it out again it was october 31 two people cruise up on a golf cart and a woman sneaks up to the clinton sign and snatches it up and the two people take


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