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tv   10 News at 600pm  CBS  November 9, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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clinton. she has rested her emotional supporters this morning. it was the first speech since trump beat her. >> and i know howdies appointed you feel because i feel it too. we have seen that our nation is more deeply divided than we thought. but i still believe in america and i always will. >> reporter: president elect donald trump is also talking about unity after his acceptance speech this, such a beautiful and important evening, the forgotten man and woman will never be foregone again. we will all come together as never before. and now this afternoon president barack obama invited trump to meet with him at the white house. >> from the rose garden president obama said that he hopes that trump could move the nation forward. >> we are now all rooting for success in uniting and leading
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that is really their goal here. if you go through social media though that you'll see it might take a moment for the nation to get on board with that message. >> we went out into the community to get your take on the election results and what is next. >> i would be pretty upset. i'm very happy. >> i'm doing fine. i'm doing good. and it is kind of shocking. >> it is troubling that they are trying to make those statements against the woman and the against african americans. >> i'm fine, it's wednesday morning. i went up, got to work, took my kid to school. it's not, you know, the end of the world. we will deal with it and keep on moving. >> now the question is how we heal from such a bitter election season. that you might be turning to the religious leaders. >> 10news spoke down to grady trimble who sits down with a minister is and a muslim to ask
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>> how do we heal? >> that is a good question because the hard feelings are on both sides. i wish we would come together to recognize the legitimacy of the issues on both sides and what they are feeling and then work together on all of it. >> when people are so angry as a minister, how do you tell them that they see love? >> god loves us even though that we're not worthy. love with others, even when we don't think that they are worthy. >> what's the general feeling of your congregation right now? >> as i told you earlier, fear. i feel for those people and they feel for the children. my daughter will call me when she goes to school.
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cover. >> reporter: now it's time for muslims to put a bandage over this wound. with what? kindness. i think that we all, christian, muslims, whatever should do what jesus said to love thy neighbor. >> as a result of the poll or the election being rolled in, they say what some of you presidency is hard for parents to explain. but the comment being shared thousands of times on twitter. >> you have people that are putting children to bed tonight and they're afraid of breakfast. they're afraid of how do i explain this to my children? >> reporter: and some parents say that they would sensor donald trump's speeches from the kids during their campaign. afraid of what they might say. 10news sarasota newsroom reporter isabel mascare?as
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having to explain the man who made many outrageous comments is now our next president. >> reporter: election night results were not rachel morning's choice. in part to donald trump's remarks about ethnic groups and women. >> she was married. >> i think it is disgusting. >> reporter: rachel has a 15- year-old daughter and two sons 20 and 24 years old. >> it is definitely a teachable moment, yes. we can all teach our daughters and our sons, you know, how treat women properly and how to be a good person. >> reporter: it's a talk she hasn't had with her youngest malia. >> i will see what her friends are saying. if she says to you, but mom the president elect has made these comments and said these things, why can't i? >> because it is not okay. it doesn't matter who says it, it is not okay to say those things or to hurt other people in any way. >> reporter: child psychologists say it comes down to your family values.
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says or does. mental health counselor christy skogland says to start that conversation tonight. >> have some family time and talk about what our values are as a family. how important it is for us toreally believe in the greatness in this country. >> reporter: they could ease their kids fears by letting them know the president doesn't act alone. >> we're going to hope he'll surround himself with people who say this is not okay. >> reporter: remind your kids to do >> call them out when they say things like that. call them out on it and be the voice of change. >> reporter: in sarasota isabel mascare?as 10news wtsp. now we have been taking a close look at florida today. what could have been a fire wall for hillary clinton. >> 10news political reporter mark rivera shows you why florida might not be the hot spot in deciding the election anymore. >> reporter: look at hillsborough, it's a bell
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need. >> reporter: dr. hapner says florida will always be vital to the presidency because of the 29 electors we have. but we may see a re-- resurgence in future powers. >> donald trump won the election without the popular vote. something that only happens four times before. george w. bush had 5, points than al gore. the same scenario played out in 1988 with harrison and hayes. 1824 john quincy adams was elected president without the popular vote, but neither candidate would have enough electoral college votes. that decision was ultimately made by the house of representatives, which voted adams into the white house. back in the bay area tonight a community infuriated after a crossing guard is
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hit but an impair -- by an impaired driver. now the street where it all happened is known for speeding. david roundtree was putting out cones on ninth avenue north when he was hit. police officers are fed up with drivers who are speeding down ninth avenue north. while we were out there today, they busted a man going 103 miles an hour. david spanley tells us he insisted on goinba as a crossing guard because the kids at mt. vernon elementary school needed him. >> i can't believe it. i can't believe it. he was a very, very good man. a very good man. it's hard. >> i didn't get to see him for one last time. >> you know a few years ago he predicted this was going to happen. investigators think the driver who hit roundtree might have been on drugs.
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uber and lyft are legal in hillsborough. our partners at the tampa batimes tells us they agreed on a deal that runs through 2017. now that deal forces ride sharing companies to beef up their background checks. and insurance requirements. get your devices out. a chance to take part in tonight's live polls. >> plus, medical marijuana will get a green light, but what's next? it's green and approved by the voters and the billion dollar industry that's coming to florida. a cold front is coming through the area right now. i'm tracking a couple of showers from it.
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plenty of american places lit up tonight as voters backed the marijuana laws. voters in california along with massachusetts, maine, and nevada approved pot for fun. and including florida, north carolina, arkansas approved medical marijuana initiative. e bay area with pinellas county at a whopping 75%. you can see that in the very deep green. 10news pasco county newsroomreporter shows you how it is a win/win for the economy. >> reporter: excited echos with passing of amendment 2. tears mixed with sadness. >> at the end of the day you see someone else that will be able to get this medicine
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brandon has a severe form of epilepsy. she's happy that others can get help from prescribed marijuana. >> they won't have to watch him or her suffer like i do every day. >> reporter: last night was a good night for the world. why i say that, we need to disrupt the good healthcare system. it's broken, it's too expensive. >> reporter: his company magical butter lomedcom makes edibles, developing it to a friend with chromes disease. >> that's the beauty of the cannabis community. it is predicated on helping people. >> reporter: the health department says that construction jobs, cultivation, security, and medical marijuana tourism all totaling a $1.3 billion industry. >> local government like pasco county that currently prohibit any medical marijuana business no time is ticking and it needs
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>> we will actually have two public hearings to talk about the zoning for the possible dispensaries in the future. >> the health department says that potentially two dozen dispensaries could be helping them. and all by the end of 2017. >> the florida department of health has passed regulations. medical marijuana t >> tracking storms, alerting you. it is time for 10 weather. >> it's a little gloomy outside like a winter day. >> yeah, it looks like, doesn't it? some of those clouds are thick and they're dark too. they've got some rain coming out. most of us haven't seen any rain, but there is a chance through the evening hour. storm tracker 10, it's not a lot of rain guys. you'll need much more than this, but it will be a little bit of the sprinkle for many of us, kind of falling apart now
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hernando county coming through once again here. but a little more rain will try to fall in pinellas and manatee over the next couple of hours. really between now and midnight is the best chance to see it. after that dry air will be moving in from the north. there it is in motion coming from the north-northwest ahead of the cold front. and the thickest rain that we've seen here today is not all making it to the ground, but up in citrus county. sugar wood will have a sprinkle right now including crystal river. pinellas county has not seen much, but we're starting to get a couple of returns. that's state road 60 heading off towards the east. we've got a pretty good batch offshore mainly south of indian rocks beach. we're talking almost down to st. pete beach. you're going to get a sprinkle here within the next half hour. that should move across pinellas park, downtown st.
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couple sprinkles out there. look what's happening in manatee county within the last half hour that we've seen the rain start to pick back up from bradenton and lakewood ranch. certainly some sprinkles and enough to wet their roads in places, extending out into eastern manatee county. duet included, but mostly south. but southeastern hillsborough, if you live towards brandon and fish hawk we could get a quick sprinkle. it won't be too much if you're won't last much longer. we will push it through 7:30 to 8:30, real spotty rain, where in fact most of this area here should stay to the south. that air is coming in behind it on the dew point map. the low 60s here. that's the difference in the air and the drier air mass that
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northwest along the coast keeping us in the 70s almost all day. now we're low to mid-70s there. tampa checking in with 74. 73 in lakeland. largo and seminole about 72 to 74 degrees with a little bit of a north-northwest wind. there's not a lot out there. that was a shot from earlier today where we did get some sunshine, but not a whole lot. overnight and a couple of 50s on the maps. hernando and citrus county, a touch of the drier air for crystal river about 53 in the morning. we're going to bring the sunshine back for you tomorrow. well i'm not, but mother will and it will mean a lot of cooler and drier air. now, we've been in the low 80s, the upper 70s to the near 80s for both thursday and friday. in fact all the way through your weekend it's not a big difference guys, but it will be a little bit drier and that is what you'll notice more than anything else. dew points will drop a good 10
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upper 70s to the 80s including friday, saturday, sunday. not only for the rib fest, but we've got the greek fest going on here as well. and there will be a lot going on this weekend and just beautiful weather including veterans day. enjoy yourself and get out and relax and have a good time. the next chance for rain will be on tuesday with the next frontal boundary. okay, now it's question time. head to our website on today's question has to would you make medicine in your coffee machine? basically what's going on, people are using their keurigs to make coffee, but cvs is selling cold and flu medication
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the votes have been cast and the ballots are counted. the people have spoken. for a second straight term they were served as your gold glove winner. the best defensive center fielder for the second straight season despite playing just 105 games. they said that this year's gold glove is even more special.
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center fielder in the game. this is an award that i hope to be for many years, but this is a lot more special for me. >> reporter: there is some talk that they might be on the move for their reporter. he is reporting that they have spoken. as for longo he thinks that a deal will make sense for tamp just rumors. as for archer, you would go less than $40 million over the next 45 seasons, extremely affordable for their level of production. now longoria carries a $94 million price tag through 2022. a bargain, unless the rays are. but for a deal these two are staying put. now as for the bucs they could be getting one of the best in
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to practice the first time since injuring the hamstring as they needed that back on the field. he was on their status for their game and likely will be a game time decision. >> and now earlier we asked you if you would brew the medicine in your coffee machine. >> it's an interesting idea. here is what you said. check it out on the bottom of your screen polls say 60% of you think that it is simpler. the other of you say it's gross. >> i want to know what happens to the coffee you make afterwards, right? >> i think that you'll feed to rinse it out. whatever. >> thanks for taking part of the poll. it is still going on covering polk county pet smart just donated a truckload of stuffed animals to the lakeland fire department.
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give it to children traumatized by what they've seen when they are out on calls. those toys might not look like much, but they do mean a lot to help children relax for paramedics to treat them even better. >> that's it for 10news at 6:00. we'll see you right back here tonight at 11:00. breaking news with live local radar, always here, always on. don't forget you can always download the 10news app.
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>> pelley: america's new reality. >> donald j. trump will be sworn in as the 45th president of the united states on january 20. >> i think we're kind of in unchartered territory. >> i promise you that i will not let you down. >> we owe him an open mind and the chance to lead. >> we are now all rooting for his success. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: the outsider is in. donald john trump rode a wave of anti-washington anger on an


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