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tv   10 News This Morning at 600am  CBS  November 11, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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hillsborough county as well. brooksville, zephyrhills your visibility down to less than two miles at this point. seeing a lot of 50s out there. even some upper 40s. it is chilly. we will rapidly warm up through the day today. there will be a time you won't need the jackets, but you want to pick those up again as you are heading out the door later on tonight it gets cold again. i will talk about how cold it will be tomorrow morning in a few minutes. good morning. here are your on your friday. i am road warrior hilary zalla. a crash just happened in the last ten minutes and this is on the westbound i-4 ramp to southbound 75. you can see it's blocking the right lane there. also, you have police in the median. this is causing delays. so coming up in less than 10 minutes i will have a drive time for you on i-4 and i-75. also take you to your bridges with drive times there, as well. your news, your community,
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back in the morning. this is "10news this morning" at 6. good friday morning to you. welcome to "10news this morning." i am allison kropff. >> i am ian reitz. you can see we are live at our 10news school of the week powered by duke energy florida. we are live at north port high school in sarasota county. on this veterans day we are shining a light on some of the issues our men and women face coming back from war. more protests against president-elect trump. me emerald morrow is in ybor city where hundreds of demonstrators marched last night. things were peaceful here? >> reporter: yeah, but peace is not something that hundreds of protesters here and all over the country feel in their heart knowing that president-elect donald trump has the country in his hands. [ crowd chanting ]. >> reporter: here is the scene
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you have people of all different races and backgrounds coming together to protest president-elect donald trump. demonstrators say they will not support the racist, sexist, and demeaning rhetoric he has shown throughout his campaign. fortunately, things were calm here. in other places like portland, oregon, the demonstrations escalated to riots. protesters across the country and here in tampa say that's not what they stand for, but they do stand against hate. >> only thing y'all report on is the broken windows as opposed to the demonstrations and messaging before that. >> a lot of people are frustrated. a lot of people had it up to here with your system. we are not happy with donald trump as president. he needs to be removed. that's what we are trying to get. >> reporter: take a look at this video. i am going to just let you watch this for a second t . this is a woman throwing laundry detergent on a
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protesters in oregon with a gun after his window got broken. things ended peacefully, but there was lots of frustration among a lot of people on both sides. sorry about that. we didn't have that video. again there was video of protesters having laundry detergent having laundry known on them and a man threatening protesters with a gun after he said his window was broken out. lots of frustration on both ends. have to figure out how to get through this together. >> in terms of the protests in the tampa bay area, there was not any violence. did police have any other problems they reported? >> reporter: no major problems. the most they had to deal with was rerouting traffic, and then they had to make sure they were guarding the entrance ramp to i- 275 to make sure protesters weren't blocking the roads. >> thank you. now, there are just 70 days until president-elect donald trump takes office. on thursday he met with
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transition process. they had no 90-minute discussion in the oval office focusing on domestic and foreign policy. the president-elect also met with senate majority leader mitch mcconnell and paul ryan. one thing trump vowed do is appeal the affordable care act. not only did president-elect trump meet with president obama, the future first lady met with michelle obama for the first time. one thing they have in common, both will have raised young children in th 10-year-old barron trump will be the youngest boy in the executive mansion since jfk jr. melania trump will be the only one to grow up in a communist nation. >> hillary clinton was seen near her new york home on tuesday. she described herself as heartbroken. a woman was hiking, and she said when she was hiking out of nowhere came hillary clinton
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dog. they took a picture. they exchanged pleasantries and went about their way. margot says this is a sign, she hashtagged it with a quote owe #iamstillwithher. >> the woman who was out there did not expect to run into her. >> not who you expect to see on the hiking trail. >> she heard some crunching of leaves like you would hear somebody else coming. she didn't expect to see that. we know you are busy this morning. if you have a this out. >> look at these two bald eagles. they are thankfully now free. they were trapped in a drainage dutch in orlando. originally, police thought one of the bald eagles was trying to protect the other. wild live experts believe they may have gotten into a fight and fell into that drain. one of the bald eagles as you see was able to fly away. the second had to be rescued. >> happy that he is out and i
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hopefully, we don't have too many injuries. i can't tell right now. >> as of right now we don't know how the bird is doing. it caused a traffic jam. the american bald eagle is the national bird and it's federally protected. >> a lot of folks have been talking about this and sharing their thoughts on our 10news facebook page. sandra rights, thank you everyone for working so hard to free that beautiful bird. hopefully, she is not injured and can be released soon. great job. jeff wrote, quote, wishing the best for today we are honoring our veterans and taking a closer look at some of the programs being offered to help our men and women in uniform. >> 10news is dedicating time to shine a light on shoes they say when they return from war. a preview of our coverage in just a few minutes. engineers, look at this, the robotics program one of several programs we are highlighting today at north port high school. our 10news school of the week
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[ cheers and applause ]. >> wow. they woke up and got at that school at 5 a.m. so they are up bright and early with us here. our bridges right now not bad at all across the bay into tampa. gandy bridge taking five minutes. howard frankland is at six minutes. we are not seeing the delays just yet. courtney campbell is at seven. if you can get out the door, you will save yourself some time in the next 30 minutes. get ready for another gorgeous sunrise that will help to warm up the chilly temperatures in the forecast. cool air arrives once again tomorrow morning. we will talk about how long this cool dry air remains in place. let's take a look at the very
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we love friday mornings. it's when we get to feature a great school in the tampa bay area as 10news school of the week powered by duke energy florida. >> all right. so this morning we are live at north port high school in sarasota county. the students are so excited. >> are they? [ cheers and applause ] >> you can see. on cue right there, they are up with us bright and early on this friday morning. we have a lot to talk about with the school. >> yeah, this is an amazing school. i spoke to their global prospective students yesterday, a core component of their program, similar placement ap program. not only that. they have an amazing robotics program. so check it out. >> it was something that not a lot of other schools offered. it's specific to north port high. >> reporter: robotics is a popular program, but it's more than just fun and games. it offers a hands-on approach for students to learn engineering fundamentals. >> it's not just i am going to put together a robot. >> reporter: steps including
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prototypes, and building the robot. for competitions, the robots must complete tasks, but teamwork and the content of the notebook are judged as well. >> robotics is a part of our program. it's a big part. but we teach the kids a little bit about all the engineering fundamentals. we work a lot with local business and partners with our 3d modeling and 3d printing. so we world experience in the classroom. >> reporter: one example of a student project is a caribbeaner made with no metal parts. even though it's made with plastic, it can hold up to 85 pounds. >> it's lighter weight and more durable. >> i am very proud to be doing what i am doing, not just robottings. engineering. 3d modeling.
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>> they are working with local businesses. that's incredible. >> so cool. >> it is incredible. >> the robotics students have a competition this weekend at north port. this is made of plastic. they put it on a 3d printer. it can hold 85 pounds. it's amazing. i spoke to their global perspective class yesterday. they are talking about really controversial issues and they are able do it in an open- minded way. they are respectful to each other. it was really you had a lot to say about the school. you came back, it was such a great place. 10news tammie fields is live there. tammie, they are all excited today? >> reporter: they did get up early. it's so interesting to see what the young engineers are doing. they will be competing with 50 or so other schools from all across the state. really talented young people.
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learning. these are our future engineers, everyone. this is one of many reasons why they were chosen as the 10news school of the week powered by duke energy florida. check out how many of them got up super early this morning just to brag about their school. [ cheers ] >> reporter: they are also recognizing veterans day. we will show you that coming up. >> might be a little difficult to get them to quiet down over the next couple of hours, tammie. we will talk to you soon. >> how interesting. >> that's cool to have that. if you have a school that you
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school of the week powered by duke energy florida we want to hear about it. send us an email 10 schools at tell us about a teacher or school or program that you think the rest of tampa bay needs to know about. back over to hilary. she is checking traffic for us. how are we doing? >> a pretty big accident in tampa at i-4 at i-75. i want to give you drive times. a delay on westbound i-4 because this crash is right on the ramp to 75. you can se minutes from polk parkway to 75. that's a one-minute delay. that delay is happening right as you approach 75. 75 southbound you're not seeing too much of an issue. 17 minutes is your drive time from state road 56 down to the selman expressway. let me show you a live look from our sky10 camera. traffic is really backing up. you can see this is westbound i- 4 to 75 there, and the right lane seems to be blocked. so as this injury accident gets
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morning rush hour, that delay will most likely get worse. i will keep an eye on the drive times for you and help you get out the door. if you are traveling in the rest of tampa bay, we are not dealing with anything else major. in manatee county there is an accident in bradenton. this is not blocking any lanes. on 301 boulevard at first street there. in pinellas county our drive times are looking pretty good along u.s. 19. you can see that in the southbound direction boulevard to gandy boulevard your drive time it 11 minutes and speeds are at 47 miles per hour. ulmerton road is not backed up. a great time to get out the door. in polk county, state route 60, i-4 and polk parkway are pretty quiet. if you have any issues on the roads accepted me an email -- send me an email. you can always email me @road warrior at things are quiet. we are kicking off the first
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outside. a little bit of light over the airport. shouldn't be any issues for you over the next several days. in fact, looking straight through the weekend, we are forecasting temperatures around 80 degrees for the next several days, and then overnight lows, yeah, those are going to be getting chilly over the next couple of overnights as we continue to move that dry air in place all across the area. now, out the door this morning one thing you want to watch out for, some patchy dense fog that we are seeing especially just north of the bay area into pasco and counties as well. not widespread, but there is some of that out there. so if you do take this route along i-75 keep in mind at times your visibility could be reduced. other than that, clear skies, and we are going to move this out pretty quickly as we are getting you out the door this morning. something else you probably noticed if you got up early because the dog needs to go out, anything like that, it's
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especially in brooksville. 49 degrees. 61 in tampa, st. pete, but then there are areas east of i-75 and north of i-4 where it is pretty chilly this morning. so take a light jacket with you. you can ditch that later on this afternoon though because your veterans day high temperature today right around 80 degrees. again want to extend a big thank you to all of those who served our country. overnight tonight those temperatures do some down similar to what we are going to see as you are getting out the door this morning. by 7:00 though we start to warm the numbers back up, and then 9:00 actually looks really, really nice later in the day. your lunch hour picture perfect. temperaturn a lot of sunshine. notice we have got some thin clouds from time to tomorrow. by the time the kids are coming home from school and you're coming home from work, we will see upper 70s to near 80 degrees once again. but heads up. as you are heading out for this evening, friday night, a lot of us have plans to get out there and enjoy the weekend, it will start to get chilly pretty quickly. if you are going to stay out past 9, 10:00, it will get pretty cool. you want to make sure you have
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going to be dropping into the upper 50s for the bay area tomorrow. also going on for today, ribfest. so big events coming up at the park. we are rain free. we are going to be warm and dry. overnight gets cool. not tracking the rain chances until we head into monday and tuesday. monday morning could see a few showers popping back into the forecast. get 10weather updates on the road with our 10 radio partners. duv on 105.5 fm, on sarasota talk-r 1 92.5. from coast to coast, the miami dolphins head out to san diego to take on the chargers. i am ryan bass. fins-chargers sunday at four on 10news. here is what to keep an eye on. milestone watch for qb philip rivers. he hits 300 for his career. a 300 passing game against miami would be the 50th.
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landry is an elite receiver, while howard is tied for the lead in picks. and then the backs. i am ryan bass and that's your toyota sunday spotlight. dolphins-chargers at four on cbs 10news wtsp. heading into the holiday shopping season, do you shop online or do it in person? >> all online. that's my thing. we are going to take a look at this because we tell you which items you want to buy online and which ones you want to go want to -- go to the store for a better deal. how to plan for that holiday
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you love all-day breakfast. but you don't love that you can't get all your favorites. but now you can get more of what you love. so you can find something else to not love. carabiner. $800 billion on holiday shopping. >> millions are already working
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already. those of you waiting for the deals that are coming in, what's better? to buy in the store or shopping online. online shopping is more convenient. soon we could have things delivered by drone. shopping expert matt granite says there is a balance to shopping both ways. >> reporter: i always favor online shopping compared to shopping in a physical store, and i am not saying don't support local retailers. it's crucial to support local retailers. many of them >> he says items are better online because that's where you get some of the best deals and it's easier to compare prices. items like clothing and cars, those are better to do in person so you get the fit right and that kind of thing. >> i like shopping in person. >> you do? >> you can touch it, feel it, play with it. it's so much different than, well, i hope this is the right color i am going to get, click. >> different for a guy.
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when you shop online. if you are looking for like cool local stuff, it's fun to check out the stores. >> sure. >> if i can buy it online. >> sometimes you can get better deals at the store itself. >> yeah, you do. >> you never know. >> can i send you guys with my list? >> no. >> we have our own list to deal with. we are dealing with a bad accident on westbound i-4 to southbound 75. a live look coming up. >> and grab the jacket. we will warm up a lot during the afternoon. we are eventually going to have to drag the umbrellas back out with us. i will talk about rain chances heading our way early next week. we are excited to go back out to our 10news school of the week powered by duke energy florida. >> the north port rotc was named the highest unit. this is the first time they received this recognition in the 15-year history. take a look at this. we will get to see this all throughout the morning.
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to -- heather, she has been out there all week meeting with the school. you were out there as well. this is something they really take a lot of pride in. it's wonderful we get to feature it this year on
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good morning. we are coming up on 6:30. as you are heading out the door this morning, fantastic shape for most of the bay area. be aware along i-75 north of hillsborough county you may see a little bit of patchy fog. otherwise, look at some gorgeous sunrises across the area and we are going to warm up these temperatures quickly. look at 46 in brooksville. 10 degrees warmer in clearwater. most areas are going to get close to 80 degrees this afternoon. pretty consistently dry weekend forecast, but i showers and even some thunderstorms in the forecast starting monday. i will break down the timing on when you might need that umbrella coming up in ten minutes. good morning. here are your hot spots at 6:30 on your friday. i am road warrior hilary zalla. we just got word from a viewer that there is a crash on u.s. 19. this is in the southbound direction at whitney road. two lanes are blocked here. if you are heading this way, you will start to see delays. also live at sky10 in hillsborough county. this crash along westbound i-4
6:30 am
at southbound 75. the biggest delay i am seeing is south on 75. so coming up in less than ten minutes i will have a drive time for you. good morning. it's friday, november 11. i am allison kropff. >> and i am ian reitz. this is your eye opener. a look at today's top stories at 6:30. police in riot gear broke up a protest against president- elect trump in portland, oregon. demonstrators broke windows and started a dumpster fire. across the country thousands continue to protest overnight. most demonstrations were peaceful. i very much look forward to dealing with the president in the future, including counsel. >> and president-elect trump's transition to the white house is officially underway. on thursday he met with president obama in the oval office. it is important to honor our nation's veterans every single day, especially today on veterans day.
6:31 am
across tampa bay, and a big focus on getting much needed help and recognition for the men and women who serve our nation. 10news reporter sarah hollenbeck is live in the newsroom with the three big initiatives to help our veterans. sarah, some of these are difficult topics? >> the most difficult is talking about suicide. 22 of our nation's veterans commit suicide every single day, and they are not getting the help they need. but there is a brand new treatment center in san antonio, texas, that could serve as a model healthcare centers for veterans. it's called warriors heart branch, they treat ptsd with a program that focuses on group therapy, fitness, spirituality, and working with therapy dogs. a lot of you have heard about these incredible honor flights to allow veterans to travel for free and see the monuments built in their honor, but some veterans may not be able to travel because of health concerns. now honor everywhere is
6:32 am
veterans through virtual reality using 3d goggles. very cool. this veterans day is particularly special for female warriors. this is the first veterans day since the historic ban on women participating in ground combat was lifted. just this year the first women graduated from ranger school, becoming role models for the next generation of female warriors. 22 women are in line to become platoon leaders. there is a push to get women into high leadsh our nation's military. the last big program that we are looking into, there are a lot of new programs to get veterans into high-paying jobs when they get out of active duty. it's really cool to see these programs rolling out. allison, today is the biggest day to thank these veterans for their service. they are so courageous and there are a ton of local events that everyone with participate in. >> a big thank you to each and every one. veterans who fought for our freedom, they are the bravest
6:33 am
vulnerable. >> we have focused a spotlight on the issues impacting our veterans. this is a project called "charlie foxtrot." not only do veterans have to battle emotional problems when they come home, also an endless maze of red tape to get help. >> the place of failure is great. it is often suicide at 5:00 we dedicate an hour to our service members exposing a problem and work with you to find answers. do not miss "charlie foxtro a number of places around the bay area are looking to give back on this veterans day. many are offering freebies and discounts for you to enjoy. applebee's has seven free meals. get a free breakfast. ihop you can get a free order of red, white, and blue pancakes. at red lobster a free appetizer and dessert. make sure you have proof of service or valid military i.d. we have the freebies for you on
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website and on the 10news app. a viral video from a middle school in michigan has sparked outrage today. the video shows students shouting, quote, build a wall, during their lunch hour. there are reports that some students also locked arms and would not let minority students pass by. the principal sent out a message to students saying, quote, this is not who we are. this video has nearly 5 million views. a historic moon will soon be lighting up the supermoon can appear 14% bigger and 30% brighter. you can see it shining on november 13th to 14th. nasa says the last one was in 1948. the next will not be until 2034. the holiday season is here. busch gardens wants you and your family to have some fun. if you buy a fun card, enjoy all of 2017 for free. you can visit the park for the rest of this year at no
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enjoy the festive lights and the treats that they have at the park. kick off the holiday celebration with all of the rides. >> the rollercoaster. >> exactly. >> and you may have been waiting for this. ribfest is back and it kicks off today. the doors open at 11:00 today, saturday, and sunday. if the barbecue doesn't get you there, the music will. tonight huey lewis and the news. ashley batey is going to be tomorrow the doobie brothers and claire dunn. everything you need know at >> we said ribfest. her eyes, she was so excited. i withish you could see how excited she is. you think back in time to your favorite toys. the newest inductees into the national toy hall of fame has been announced. >> we told you about some of the finalists thursday on "10news this morning." many of you remember these from
6:36 am
swing, dungeons & dragons, and little people. they must promote creativity and learning. i am confused about the swing. >> i am surprised the swing wasn't there earlier. that has been around for years. >> it doesn't -- >> you don't think of it when you think of a toy. more like outdoor playground equipment. >> i mean great, but. >> right. silly putty. it's cool to walk through and see check this out. if you are already making a holiday shopping list we have to look at the top list for 2016. if you are thinking of toys, here is what you may want to lean towards. >> for a 3 to 5-year-old a singing princess elena and a nintendo quadcopter would be perfect for children over 9. this is from toy insider magazine. >> you have to put the copter thing together? >> it looks like a drone.
6:37 am
all right. so just keeps getting better and better. coming up, a mannequin you do not want to miss it. >> this comes from the white house. and we have a live mannequin challenge from our 10news school of the week powered by duke energy florida. tonight at 8:00 "macgyver" followed by "hawaii five-0" at 9, "blue bloods" at 10, and then "10news at 11". then stay up for "the late show with stephen colbert." his guests jeff goldblum. holiday shopping. >> got it get ad >> we are gonna help you out next week. a cool give away monday. all next week 10news and the golden diamond store has teamed up to give away a $500 gift card to the golden diamond store. >> that's pretty good. >> that's nice. so watch us 6 a.m. monday morning for your first chance to win.
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good morning. 6:40 on a very busy friday morning commute. at least our bridges aren't affected by the accidents that we are seeing on our interstates. so if you are going into tampa, the gandy bridge is still taking five minutes. i am not seeing slower speeds at this point. the howard frankland bridge is definitely slowing down right
6:41 am
you are at 44 miles per hour. the courtney campbell causeway is at seven minutes. now, we are definitely seeing less traffic because, of course, it is veterans day, but we do have quite a few accidents. so coming up in less than ten minutes, i will break those down for you. all right. we are quiet getting out the door this morning and look. not a cloud in the sky over the airport. no issues for you there. if you happen to have the day off and you are looking to get out on the water, it's a pretty great day do that unlike earlier in th choppy. a light chop on the bay and one to two foot seas. there is a chance tuesday those may come down. we are going to start tracking some shower chances monday that could remove some of those pollens. i will have more on the timing of those rain chances coming up in five minutes. first here is a check of your morning sports. good morning. happy friday. i am ryan bass. coming up tonight on 10sports fsu faces off with boston college tonight. we will give you keys to a
6:42 am
also, our college football and nfl weekend picks are coming up. justin granit gives you his thoughts on the weekend games. and the bucs are days away from facing the bears. we will update you on the latest with doug martin has he returns to the buccaneers line- up. i brought you the michigan mannequin challenge yesterday. this is betterment check it out. the cleveland cavaliers pulling it off in the white house, and even the first lady getting involved. they just keep getting and better. >> that's pretty good. >> that's a good one. i like the music, too. very presidential, right? >> that is difficult. i mean, i am continually impressed by these. >> i love these. they are so cool. we got one coming up, we are going to do a live one. >> yeah, fun to see, watch and wait. so far they have been great. our 10news school of the week powered by duke energy florida this week is north port high school. >> so we have been spending the week at the home of the bobcats.
6:43 am
highlighted in sarasota county, and we have had such a great time. 10news tammie fields is there this morning. tammie, you have a lot of students joining you there this morning? >> reporter: there are a lot of students here bright and early this morning here at 10news school of the week powered by duke energy florida. north port high school. i have the principal, brandon dodson, he is here with us bright and early, too. what an exciting place. there is so much energy here. you say your always, many of them up very bright and early? >> we are. we have a program. they just made breakfast for the staff. they are here at five in the morning. >> reporter: wow. tell me a little bit about the ace program. we haven't had an opportunity to highlight it. i have some video to show our viewers. tell me how the program works. >> ace is advanced international certificate out of cambridge in england. they did a cockroach milk.
6:44 am
>> reporter: we have. >> and you actually have to convince someone i want to buy your product? that's what that was. >> reporter: wow. you start talking about cockroach milk, that just sounds so bizarre. >> it is. think about it. it's something you have to be creative to present it in front of someone and convince someone that, hey, maybe you should purchase that. students are getting an opportunity in writing to do that. >> reporter: you are proud of the visual performing arts program, too. i want to show viewers video of that so they can see how works. what makes that program so special? >> we have a performing arts center here. second largest in sarasota county. actually holds over a thousand students. you're looking at a program where we start with that, and then we have our vpa, visual and performance. we put on plays. we also have 2d and 3d art we work through and and --
6:45 am
we put on plays outside with a box office that opens at 1:00. if anyone wants to buy tickets, please do. >> reporter: i know that gives them so much experience. >> it does. >> reporter: and so much exposure to so many different things. mr. johnson, thank you for getting up early and allowing us to be at this school. it really has been a lot of fun. and the energy at this school -- >> we want to thank you guys. seriously. i truly appreciate you selecting us for school of the week. >> reporter: no problem. thank you. i want you to hear their school. [ crowd chanting ]. >> 5 a.m. good energy. >> we love learning about schools in the tampa bay area. if you have a nomination for a 10news school of the week powered by duke energy florida.
6:46 am call us about a program, a great student, teacher, something you want us to highlight. we would love to hear from you. let's get over to road warrior hilary zalla. >> it has been a busy friday morning. let's start in pinellas county where we have two big issues. the first southbound 275. an accident completely blocking the exit ramp to mlk street. you cannot exit here. as you frankland bridge you have to skip and get off at roosevelt boulevard. there are two cars involved here. we are learning injuries are reported. the tow truck is there, so this should be cleared in the next 30 minutes or so. also go live to u.s. 19. here is our other big issue. there is a crash just before whitney road on southbound u.s. 19. so this is near belleair road. and there is only one lane blocked at this point. you can see it.
6:47 am
but you still have heavy delays. look at this. that backup at least a mile. and this, of course, is veterans day, so we don't have as many folks on the roads. but our morning commute is still tricky. if you are heading this way, your best alternate route, if you do usually take u.s. 19, you do have some other options if you are heading south from the northern part of pinellas county, you can of course take the bayside bridge. back to our maps. in hillsborough county i am still dealing with along southbound i-75 at i-4. the drive time is 19 minutes from 56 to the selman expressway. live to sky10, this crash is blocking that right lane on the exit ramp to southbound 75. so we do have heavy delays here. and in manatee and sarasota counties at least we are quiet for you guys. not dealing with any major accidents. ashley. all right. somebody is looking good out there. weather-wise we are all doing terrific. look at this gorgeous sunrise
6:48 am
again. also notice nothing but high then cloud cover. that means our temperatures that, yes, are pretty cool to start, will be warming up quickly. 61 now in tampa. we have some 40s up into the nature coast. 44 right now in brooksville. so especially for you, make sure you grab the jackets as you are getting out the door this morning. 49 in crystal river. most of us are starting off in the low-to-mid 50s as you get out the door this morning. nothing but a few high clouds. that means we will warm things since our dew points are actually going to keep falling as we head into the weekend. those will actually be down in the 40s by saturday morning. so the dew points are a measure of how much moisture is in the atmosphere, but they are also a good indicator of how low the temperatures could go. in this case, we are not going to get down to 42 degrees in tampa, but we will continue to see that drier air filtering on in. so eventually what's going to happen is we run out of nighttime hours and start with sunshine warming things back
6:49 am
to the day tomorrow without much cloud cover today and not much tomorrow. big swings in the temperatures. we go from some areas seeing 40s up to upper 70s to 80 degrees later this afternoon. and rapidly so. especially with lighter winds in the forecast today. this evening falling very quickly once again. already by your 7:00 hour we are down in the 60s. take the jackets if you are out celebrating whatever it may be. the fact that it's friday. there you go. who needs a better reason than that? especially if you are going to be out and there once again as we fall back into the upper 50s for at least one more day in the tampa bay area. our rain chances though, they are going to hold off straight through the weekend. no issues for us friday, saturday, or sunday. now, as we head into early monday, we could get only isolated shower chances popping up in the morning, more likely during the afternoon, but especially for tuesday. that's going to be the best chance for more widespread activity, but the heaviest of this should stay well south of tampa bay and be more of a
6:50 am
central florida issue. still i think we will get a few showers, maybe a couple rumbles of thunder out of it. not expecting severe weather with it. 30% coverage of showers and maybe a few rumbles of thunder in there. starting to dry out wednesday. notice we cool back down, and next thursday, oh my gosh, looks perfect. 75 degrees. we will start off around 60 as you are heading out the door thursday morning. make sure you check out our 10weather forecast with our newspaper partners in the "tampa bay times" and it's also in your copy of "the surprise our 10news school of the week powered by duke energy florida. >> yes. we are in sarasota county for the first time at north port high school this morning, and before we do that presentation check this out. >> it is a live mannequin challenge. >> you see the -- >> the whole group! wow. they just gathered there. they are trying to do it live on television.
6:51 am
and tammie fields and the principal. that is fantastic. good job, guys. we are going to be back to north port high school, bobcat nation, in a few minutes with very special presentation.
6:52 am
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6:54 am
lives are changing. and all those changes take energy. at duke energy, we're changing too, giving you new ways to control your power use and stay in the know... ...for smarter energy choices every day. fridays are so much fun for a lot of once, but especially on "10new because we get to feature or 10news school of the week powered by duke energy florida. >> we are at north port high school. the big announcement from duke energy florida. hey, tammie. >> reporter: hey, suzanne is here with us, and we are so happy to have her because she has a special presentation. >> i have my big fake check, which is actually good for real money. at duke energy we are so excited to be here at north port and to support your school and all the great things you do. we really love to support
6:55 am
technology. i was blown away by the robotics, and the food smells fantastic. thank you so much. this is an amazing opportunity. >> thank you so much. >> you are very welcome. >> reporter: feel the love. i know money is such a big help when it comes to the academic programs. >> we will use it for robotics and engineering programs. we have the s.t.e.m. fair coming up as well. >> reporter: wonderful. thank you for allowing us to be here. i don't want to leave before you all are able to see all of the hard-wo that are here that make things happen. so thanks. i know this is something to really be excited about, and i know the kids are excited, too. >> they have the big robotics competition this weekend. good luck with that. >> look at these kids that got up early. they have the robotics stuff out there. it's been a really fun morning. >> great. they got up. they got up at 5 a.m. >> good for them.
6:56 am
>> early wake-up call. >> yeah. we have a lot going on. i mean, this is a very busy traffic morning. start starting on u.s -- starting on u.s. 19. you have one lane blocked in the southbound direction. heavy delays between whitney and belleair road. another live look for you on southbound 275 just as you get off of the howard frankland bridge. the exit ramp to mlk street is totally blocked from crash. use roosevelt. >> of course, we will be checking back in 30 minutes. weather-wise, great shape this morning. a high of 80 degrees. even though it's chilly, you want the light jackets, but something you can ditch around the lunch hour. we will be back in the mid-70s and we are nice and quiet through the weekend. >> and a big thank you to our veterans today for all of your service and sacrifice. we appreciate everything that you have done for us. let's take you back out to north port high school in
6:57 am
thanks so much for joining us. hopefully you have a great day and a wonderful weekend. we will see you back here on
6:58 am
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good morning. it is friday, november 11, 2016. welcome to cbs "this morning." ol president-elect trump escalate overnight in cities around the country. a demonstration in portland, oregon, turns into a riot. anarchists break windows and police respond with rubber bullets. the president and president-elect meet for the very first time, hopending a peaceful transition. and what the administration should know about fighting isis.


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