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tv   10 News at 600pm  CBS  November 11, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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honored a cancer survivor. arthur kropff went missing in action. he was rescued after a night in a life raft. in tampa veterans had a chance to get back on their feet. look at this right here. everything from clothes to insurance help, legal advice, and even apartments. all of this made possible by government agencies, non- profits, and businesses. it is hard to imagine with the amount of appreciation that we have seen for our veterans that there was a cursed at, spit on, called horrible names for what they thought what they were doing was patriotic. >> on this veterans day eric glasser spoke with people who experienced a much different homecoming years ago and are grateful things have changed. >> reporter: signs of appreciation everywhere in the bay area for our military veterans, and no one is happier to see it than warriors who came home to a seemingly less grateful nation. >> back in the early '70s, you
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baby killer. >> spit on. yelling and screaming. i am saying to myself, what's going on here? >> we had pride in ourselves and knew we were doing a good job and we were here for america. >> reporter: which is why for vets like jeffrey, his free scoop of chocolate ice cream is sweeter than you might think. >> this shows that the country cares about me years later. it shows that they care veterans. >> today veterans are treated all sorts of deals and discounts. appreciation for their service. a free carwash. a free haircut. pancakes. doughnuts. meals at dozens of restaurants. >> they will come up and shake your hand and say thank you for your service or thank you for your sacrifice. >> reporter: as most vets will tell you, they were never it in for the free stuff. just that simple thank you. words that took vietnam veterans 20 years to hear.
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military ball cap. a day that changed his life. >> right then and there, it just got me. >> reporter: a debt of gratitude, deservingly paid. >> happy veterans day. >> reporter: in st. petersburg, eric glasser, 10news wtsp. >> president barack obama noted the importance of this veterans day after a very long election cycle. >> yeah. the president said the best examples for people to come together as a nation are our >> the world makes you cynical. when you seek true humility and selflessness, look to a veteran. >> veterans who fought for our freedom are the bravest americans, but they can also be among the most vulnerable. >> 10news spent the last hour putting a spotlight on issues affecting our veterans. many of them have a hard time trying to get serious help for the emotional problems that they are facing. we posted the entire docu- series online for you to watch
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mission to get change for our veterans. it is all up on our website as well as our free 10news app. meantime, protests in america continue days after president-elect donald trump wins. some of them even violent. a far cry from what we initially saw. in some cities police suited up in riot gear and launched flash bangs. vice president-elect mike pence is in charge of team that will bring president- elect trump into the white house. that staffing announcement was made a few hours ago. also on the transition team chris christie, newt gingrich, ben carson, and a platform face from florida, attorney general palm donned bondermandy. >> checks and balances were put in place between our three branches of government. why are people so fearful of a trump presidency? >> shannon valladolid speaks with the political experts to break it down. >> reporter: yes, there are
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the amount of power one branch can have, but this is why people are worried. the republicans now control the legislative and the executive branches, and let's remember that vacant spot in the supreme court that could be filled by a conservative. so what does this mean? it means that president-elect trump, it could make it easier for him to change policies. >> we may remember during this election process the republicans had started to campaign with the idea that hillary win, so they were campaigning saying put republicans in the legislative seats in the house and in the senate because we want to have a checks and balance on her. >> reporter: 10news political expert dr. lars hafner says this situation wipes out a true checks and balance. >> you could see some of the people's rights that they have had, that have been upheld by the supreme court, being scaled back. >> reporter: you will remember in 2008 when president obama first took office.
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helped him pass obamacare. then two years later they lost some of that power. if you are still concerned, you want to remember that every two years members of congress are up for re-election. so that's your time to voice your opinion and really push for change. shannon valladolid, 10news wtsp. >> and a live look right now. a protest going on at lake eola in orlando. from what we understand, about 1,500 people responded to a facebook call to attend this rally. this is going on we will continue monitoring it to see if it turns violent as we have seen some of the protests across the country. meantime, you can be the first to know about president- elect trump's transition development. you can get alerts sent straight to your phone through our free 10news app. right now a wife wants justice. her husband was shot and killed while working at a gas station in lake wales. the people who killed him still have not been caught, and she
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cold. 10news polk county newsroom reporter grady trimble shows you the toll it's taking on the victim's family. >> reporter: people who shop here say along with more than just a clerk, he was a friend. now the person who knows him best is asking anyone who has information about his murder to come forward. >> so many time i ask the police, he's okay? but they say i don't know. >> reporter: talking about the day her husband was murdered is difficult. she went to the store. then to the hospital hoping doctors would be able to save him. >> i went. the doctor came and hold my hand. he is no more. [ crying ] he is no more. >> reporter: police say he was finishing his shift at this convenience store in lake whales when two men in hoodies demanded he give them his pants and then one of them shot him and ran. because of him two little girls
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>> he was a very, very good husband and good father. >> reporter: police found his cell phone not far from the scene, but the killers are still out there. his wife and police want to bring them to justice. >> there is a man who went to work, was doing his part, worked a full shift, going home at 2 a.m. walking to his truck and was robbed, shot, and killed over whatever little bit he may have had in his pants pocket. >> reporter: a reward for information that leads to an arrest has been grady trimble, 10news wtsp. >> here is one more look that you can take at this surveillance video. to get that cash reward, head to our 10news app. there is a number for crime stoppers there if you have any information for deputies. there is more to come on 10news. >> we will take you out to our school of the week where students are learning the future of technology today. plus, a veteran hits the road with a mission to get you to care, and he is racking up
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it's friday and it's time for 10news school of the week powered by duke energy florida. tonight all eyes are on north port high school. home of the bobcats in sarasota. >> 10news reporter tammie fields shows you how the school is grooming the next generation of engineers. >> it was something that not a lot of other schools offered. it's very specific to north port high. >> reporter: it's not hard to see why robotics is such a
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it's not just fun and games either. steps include designing, brainstorming, developing prototypes, and building the robots. >> we teach the kids a little bit about all the engineering fundamentals. we work a lot with local business and partners with our 3d modeling and 3d printing. >> i am very proud to be doing what i'm doing, not just robotics, engineering, 3d modeling, being part of this school has helped me excel as a student and a person myself. >> reporter: with students here, principal brandon johnson says there are all kinds of programs here for the bobcats to cheer about like their visual and performing arts program. >> we have a performing arts center here. second largest in sarasota county. actually holds over a thousand students. we put on plays. we have 2d and 3d art and ceramics that students can make on campus. >> reporter: just one of several reasons why north port high school is 10news school of the week powered by duke energy
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$1,000 to the school, too. in north port, tammie fields, 10news wtsp. >> you, too, can make a nomination for the school of the week by sending an email. that is make sure to tell us which student, teacher, or program you think needs some recognition. tracking storms, alerting you, protecting your family. it's time for 10weather. >> we can officially look forward to the weekend now. [ laughter >> yeah, it's here, guys. that was a great hour of tv. i am glad we did that. >> very, very important. >> we have a great weekend ahead of us. great weather. and temperatures that are at or slightly below average for some of us for this weekend. so it's going to feel very, very good. >> i love it. >> you are chowing down. >> look at that. >> you didn't bring any back? >> this is the ribs. well, i brought some back on my
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there. this is the judging for the rib contest. judge today, judge tomorrow, and on sunday the winner gets $1,000. when you go to the ribfest, it's the northeast exchange. they have been doing it 26 years. $4.6million they have raised for local charities. and incredible fun out there and incredible ribs, as a matter of fact, too. so head on out. we have fantastic weather for it. we will see some high clouds. we had a couple of those. tell you wha comfortable each afternoon because it wasn't be just direct sunlight. i think it will be mostly sunny saturday. partly cloudy on sunday. now, let's talk about tonight. we are now in the low 70s to upper 60s. this is what you will wake up to if you are up around 6:30, 7:30 tomorrow morning. 48 for brooksville, crystal river, sugar mill woods. upper 40s in the morning. lower 50s for pasco. mid-to-upper 50s for hillsborough county, especially
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look at polk county. low 50s tomorrow morning. warm spots even along the coast, well, obviously along the coast, but 57 for bradenton and sarasota tomorrow morning. so it will be nice and cool and dry. dry all the way through. there is the forecast model. it takes us through tonight into tomorrow morning, tomorrow afternoon. it's very quiet. same thing on sunday. sunday, as i mentioned, we will see a few extra clouds. we will walk it partly cloudy. ok upper 70s to near 80. 79 is the average high for this time of year. the tot trot is first thing tomorrow morning. great weather. don't forget the sunscreen. 80 on sun. a little bit warmer. partly cloudy skies. i think we are rain free though. that ribfest forecast, yeah, greek fest going on today, tomorrow, and sunday as well, too. great weather for it.
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auto keep an eye in mind 8:30 tonight huey lewis and the news. a fantastic rundown of fans out there this year. in the evening hours it will be falling out of the 70s into the 60s. i would bring a sweater. if you follow me on facebook, bobby deskins weather, i posted this picture yesterday. this is from western north carolina. it's called the party rock fire. incredible picture by john clayton. he actually took that shot. there is more information on that on my page if you want to learn more about i portions -- i mean, southwest u.s., the northeast, but especially right here in the southeast, north georgia, parts of tennessee, kentucky, and of course western north carolina. we are not there yet. i do think we will dry out. obviously, we haven't seen in over a month. october 8th was the last one. continuing on a dry spell perhaps monday into tuesday. coming up a small chance for rain. it's going to be big problems there because i don't think they will get a whole lot more rain. i think we will start into a
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already started. i want to talk about supermoon. that is a full moon when the moon is closest to the earth. it's going to like 15 to 16% bigger and brighter tomorrow evening and sunday evening. sunday evening is when it's full, actually. but the clouds will start to filter in sunday night. tomorrow -- tonight even, tomorrow night sa great night to look at it. sunday night at 4:43 in the evening is when it comes up. sun sets after that. that's the best time to take a picture. af until we get into wednesday night at that point. guys, really nice weather taking us into next week as well. mid-70s wednesday, thursday, friday. every year we pay special tribute to veterans on this day, but one man has made it his mission to make sure that we recognize them every day. he is spending his own time and money doing it. you see his ride right here. 10news reporter garin flowers shows you the unique way he is getting your attention. >> reporter: talk to me about this car.
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>> yeah, like i said, it's the only car in the whole united states that is -- everything that you see on it, i created and i did. i designed this giving heart and evidence to all our veterans. >> reporter: why did you do this for the veterans? >> because i love my country and i love the veterans, and because i, unfortunately, was rejected from the service and i wanted to show the veterans that they had someone that's out we lost 58,429 vets in vietnam that never made it back here. i cry myself to sleep to see that. i don't know. what is it, you know? i say america, wake up. if it wasn't for vets fighting on an everyday basis and losing their lives, 724, those people
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standing and living in the freedom and the pursuit of happiness that they entertain every day if it wasn't for our veterans i may not be over there, but i am trying to do my part here in america. and i do it every day. no veteran is ever forgotten by me. i stand by them 7/24, 365 days a year, and they know it. >> that's so much more than just stickers, more signs. >> every day saying thank you to our veterans. >> that's all it takes. >> thank you. >> yeah. >> george rides his car around the country and one of his goals is to get
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now live from the suncoast hyundai dealer sports desk it'si a knife. lines drawn in the sand amongst americans post-election. the beauty of this uncomfortable situation. we have provided the ability to celebrate because of those who sacrificed themselves in the name of democracy. these are the countless athletes who have served our country. pat tilman is the unofficial face. in 2002 he turned down $3
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rangers. three years later, tilman was killed in action. danielle green survived after playing basketball at notre dame re-enlisting in the army. she lost her left arm in iraq when a grenade exploded. 2015 she won the pat tilman award. >> after my left arm was separated from my body on that i in iraq, i felt i also lost my wedding ring. that might seem like a small footnote, comrades that might they went back to the rooftop where we had been attacked, dug through a foot of sand, and fanned my hand and -- found my hand and my ring. >> jack loomis lost his life before he could get married. he played nine games for the new york giants and joined the marine corps. he was one of the first in iwo jima. some of his final words in a letter written by his
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complacency jack said, quote, the new york giants lost a good man. we all lost a good man. to all of our veterans, thank you. you are certainly not forgotten in a week full of tension. certainly not. i want you all to be aware of this. it starts next week. 10news golden diamond stores, we are giving away a $500 gift card just in time for christmas. it starts next week on "10news this morning." and that, everybody, is "10news at 6." thank you for watc >> and to our veterans, to our current service members, thank you. we leave you tonight with your 10news photos of your favorite vet. a salute to the past and
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captioning sponsored by cbs trump backtracks on obamacare. >> reporter: are you going to make sure that people with preconditions are still covered? >> yes. >> pelley: a first look at an exclusive "60 minutes" interview. pence is in, as the transition team is shaken up. an anti-trump march turns into a riot. >> we are here for love. we are not here to spread hate. >> pelley: there's a jump in accidents with more elderly truck drivers at the wheel. >> reporter: do you think his age played into that at all? >> i do, i do. >> pelley: and why would a couple wait nine years to open a


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