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tv   10 News This Morning at 500am  CBS  November 15, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EST

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i'm allison kropff. and i'm ian reitz. it's been one week since voters went to the polls and elected donald trump the next president.
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been protests daily. 10news reporter emerald morrow is live in the satellite center, emerald, some of the most violent protests we've seen have been in portland, oregon. and we're learning many of the people who were arrested there didn't even vote. yes...that is true. many of the people responsible for channeling their anger over the election into violence didn't even bother to head to the polls. our partners at kgw in portland got the names and ages of all 112 people who were arrested. and from there, they compared those names to state voter . what they learned was interesting... at least 70 of those arrested didn't vote. it's ironic...but there is a bigger picture to keep in mind. one...there were more than 4- thousand protesters who filled the streets in portland. so those 112 arrests represent less than two percent of the people who came out... which brings me to point number two, which is as americans, we have the constitutional right to a peaceful protest...which is what most demonstrators were a part of. many of them denounced the
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a lot of you all are talking about this on our facebook page... we've got a ton of comments... i'll be sharing those with you, coming up at 5:30. back to you. president-elect donald trump will meet with vice- president-elect mike pence today at trump tower. the two continue to build the next administration and go over cabinet picks. a campaign source tells cbs news former new york city mayor rudy giuliani is favored to serve as secretary of sta in donald trump's new administration. giuliani refused to discuss his chances at a wall street journal forum in washington monday night. instead he came to the defense of steve bannon... the right-wing media mogul tapped as the president- elect's chief strategist. president-elect trump has nearly 4-thousand jobs to fill in his administration before he takes the oath of office in
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ambassador to the united nations, is also said to be in contention for the job as secretary of state. this is scary. an investigation is underway this morning after someone shot and killed someone as they were fighting a deputy on i-75 in estero. that's just south of fort myers. a deputy was working a crash when the suspect came up on him. he then chased him down the highway. they both got out of their cars at an exit and started to fight each other. that's when someone passing by, told the suspect he would shoot him if he didn't stop attacking the deputy. deputies say when tus person shot the suspect three times. the suspect later died. the deputy was taken to the hospital, but has been released. he says the suspect was armed. deputies say the person who shot the suspect does have a concealed weapons license. you've heard the ads: "morgan and morgan... for the people" but how about "morgan for the governor"? this morning-- an online petition is gaining momentum for attorney john morgan to run for florida's top spot. 10news reporter sarah hollenbeck is live at the morgan and morgan law office in downtown
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sarah, john morgan is coming off a lot of momentum...... yes, he was the main man behind amendment 2-- florida's push for medical marijuana. it passed with flying colors a week ago, and now people hope morgan will run for governor in 2018. here's the petition website that just launched a few days ago. it's importao note john morgan hasn't officially said wheter he will run for rick scott's seat. but.... democratic consultants are trying to draft morgan anyway, collecting signatures on the new "for the governor" website. they've even collected around 25-thousand in donations to get his campaign started. but morgan could have some steep competition. a lot of big names are announcing they'll run for governor too-- who he'll be up
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today parents in pasco county will take their frustration to the school board as the district moves forward with plans to rezone its school boundaries. district officials say they're expecting a lot of parents to say what they think at tonight's school board meeting. many are upset that their child could have to go to another school next year. for many, being forced to move to a new school is tough, especially if students and parents have built relationships with teachers and the rest of the school community. howevehe to make changes to deal with overcrowding in the classroom. tonight's meeting starts at 6 o'clock at the district's headquarters in land o'lakes.
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recovering after falling into an empty water tower. police say the 32-year-old man was painting the inside of the tank when the scaffolding snapped. he fell 25 to 50 feet into the tower. he was rescued from the tower by being lowered down a chute. he was taken to the hospital with injuries to his back, arm, and head. in just a few hours, people will gather in tampa to support the native americans currently battling the dakota access pipeline. more than 100 protests are planned across the country today. the goal is to push president obama to take action to delay or stop the project through executive action. the event will take place at curtis hixon park in downtown tampa starting at 2 this afternoon. a minnesota man is getting some recognition this morning for helping find a missing girl. nathan stoffel was hunting with some friends when he spotted the 12- year-old clinging to a tree in the middle of the minnesota river. at that point, she was missing for 30 hours. the girl's
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the girl's parents released a statement thanking the community for their support. she is still recovering in the hospital this morning. if you want to get your feet into nike's self-lacing's going to cost you. nike says its "hyperadapt one point zero self- lacing shoes" will sell for a whopping 720 dollars. the sneakers are inspired by the pair worn in the film "bla battery life lasts up to two weeks on the kicks. there's a button on the tongue of the show that lets you tighten or loosen up the laces. they go on sale december first. this is interesting. new reports out this morning say apple could be developing its own version of digital glasses. this comes after snapchat's spectacle video glasses came out last week. according to bloomberg, apple's glasses would connect to your iphone and use augmented reality to show different images. it will be like
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photos. 2018 will be the earliest the glasses would become available. this has a lot of people excited this morning. we've been waiting months for this. the first trailer for disney's beauty and the beast film is out. check it out. this is disney's first live action remake of the the classic animated film. the trailer gives us a lot to take in before the movie's release. getting a good look at all the characters, especially the beast. you may recognize belle, that's emma watson, who is known for playing hermione in the harry potter movie. the film will be in theaters march 17th. there are a lot of surprises with
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is going to blow your mind. coming up... what farmers are doing to virtually communicate with cows. but first, chances are you have one or two vinyls at home. well, don't get rid of them because turntables are making a comeback. holiday shopping kicks off in the next few days. and you want to watch 10 news this morning this week for a really cool giveaway. all week 10 news and gold a have teamed up to giveaway a 500 dollar gift card to gold and diamond source. you have to watch 10 news to win.
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president-elect donald trump continues to form his transition team. he has nearly 4 thousand jobs to fill in his administration before he takes the oath of office in january. wipe a campaign source
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former new york city mayor rudy giuliani is the favorite to be secretary of state. wipe john morgan for governor? right now there's an online petition calling for the man who helped pass medical marijuana, to be florida's next leader.> you may have them stuffed in a closet somewhere, but you may want to pull out those old records. vinyl is back. a spike in album sales over the past few years has lead to a turntable boom. turntables sales are projected to hit 194 million dollars this year. that's up from just 19 million dollars just 11 years ago. so, major corporations are doubling their staff to keep up with demand. panasonic is resurrecting its legendary technics record player after taking it off shelves in 2010. experts say
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turntable revolution. amazon dot com says turntable sales on the shopping site are up 30 percent over
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you can get 10
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the road - with our 10 weather radio partners. in tampa bay, catch us on magic 94- point-9.... and the dove 105.5 f-m on sarasota talk radio, listen to wsrq 106.9 fm. and hear 10 weather in spanish on maxima 92-5. a high school student got in trouble for the shirt she wore to school. but is it really offensive? the story behind this shirt and why it created controversy. yoga is a great way to relax and connect with yourself. coming up, why a group of people decided to bring
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sure, you could buy this. but why miss out on this? it's baking season.
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owy warm, flaky layers are on the inside. but let's just say it's more than ever. share the warmth of grands biscuits, now with even more flaky layers it's baking season. warm up with pillsbury. germany's largest airline could soon be grounded if pilots strike. the union representing pilots for lufthansa are fighting with the airline over pay and are threatening strikes. the union says those pilots have
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started flying out of tampa international airport last year. the milk you drink this morning could have came from a cow that can text. it sounds strange, but its pretty neat it sounds strange, but its pretty neat technology farmers are using. newser dot com reports 350 farms across the world now have a wireless sensors in their stomachs. the device can monitor the cow and check if it has any major health changes. if the cow does, the sensor sends a text and email to the farmer and allison and hilary... you like to do some yoga, right? how about sharing your mat with a dog? japan's family
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japan's family week just kicked off and to celebrate, dog owners and their pets got together to do some exercise. 136 dogs and their owners gathered at an amusement park in tokyo for japan's record breaking dog yoga event. this event was a partnership between groupon japan and dog yoga. tease traffic and weather
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and weather one of the busiest times for travel is almost here and we want you coming up... some travel tips that will make your life easier. and if your destination is las vegas, make sure to check the newest taco bell. what the fast food chain is offering cantina
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