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tv   10 News at Noon  CBS  November 15, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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good afternoon. i am allison kropff. i am 10news morning anchor ian reitz. a story where the side effects can include headache an empty wallet than a question of how this is happening. we started putting together a list of drug price increases in leading the investigated actions, chris vanderveen.
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like one drug was an anomaly. it wasn't. >> reporter: could could be an oversight. >> know when needed an actual barbecue to consider this. >> we never intended this. >> i feel like it is not giving me answers. >> the ceo of mylan. maker of the now infamous epipen. >> you raised the price? >> yet what we found suggest congress may want to fire up the grill a few more times. >> this is $1800 worth of insulin. >> the best time to tell you isn't just the epipen. months ago we started looking into the national average drug acquisition cost database. it is the average price pharmacist pay for their drugs. we found the epipen is merely
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at least 70% since 2012. >> we are putting people's lives at risk. >> drugs like the one a denver middle school teacher takes. >> neuromuscular condition making it impossible to walk or swallow. she takes a 57-year-old drug named mastodon and it now costs 419% more than it did in 2012. >> this is a nonnegotiable in my life. something i need to maintain my health. >> it is not just obscure >> without it i want to be here. >> but shanklin is one in a quarter million americans with type i diabetes. >> when you make decisions on your health based on money. >> insulin jumped 100%. >> ridiculous amount of money these companies are making off the prescriptions. it is insane. >>, generics like doxycycline,
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brands like enbrel used by patients like claire brennan with rheumatoid arthritis. >> they are using us. we don't deserve that. none of my friends with arthritis deserve that. >> we know many people like claire don't pay what is on data. you have to consider insurance negotiations. or rebates. i tell them yes and then i tell brian novak. >> i'm at the mercy of the drug companies. spurr -- spurr i have to take it every day. >> another co-pay shielded him from price increases but today he doesn't clown with a $4000 deductible. >> are you reaching a breaking point? >> yes. he place close to the price until he hits that deductible.
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going to purchase this medication. >> the kaiser family foundation reports 10 years ago 10% of people who received insurance through work had a deductible of 1000 or more. today for the first time, a majority do. it means millions are potentially losing out on rebates and substantial price negotiations. >> that is what high deductible plans do.>> steve miller works for expressed scripts. the average american's out-of- pocket cosfo in no small part due to drug costs. many times do what the patient is contributing beyond the capability. one more thing we hear over and over again, research can be expensive. and then we tell them 70 drugs on the list are at least a decade old and 38 drugs on the list are two decades old and vitamin k went to fda approval 14 years before the moon
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>> one day we will have to pay attention to these guys. >> now we are paying attention taking the investigation national to states like south carolina. and texas. >> and georgia. >> it's not fair at all. this is a disgrace. >> we interviewed dozens and did grilling of our own. because of our list of 100 drugs tells us anything -- tells us those who fail to look beyond the epipen fail to see any more than mere 1% of the story. >> that was reporter chris vanderveen from our station in denver. what are some of the reasons behind this? >> one of the biggest things we found is these are necessarily drugs fresh on the market. we
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been on the market for decades and it's only going up in price because it is a monopoly and there is no competition. one thing we will dig into as we continue is other causes and trying to tear this down. >> what happens next and what can be done. >> we want to get momentum as we can because it sounds like it will be congress that has to step up and do something right and this is a bipartisan issue. senators and representatives on both sides who want to see a fix and we get there.>> we will see that tonight at 11:00 mike evans said he will no longer sit for the national anthem and apologizing to military members and families. his agent released a statement. on sunday he sat on the bench during the anthem in protest of president-elect donald trump. the truck that -- the bucs honored military on that game. here is what you are saying. gabriel wallace right, he got
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i bet he was back to down. >> when someone called you out you backed down. larry right response with the power of mass and social media. both need to remember that the world is really a small place. most folks in the world can share and communicate in seconds. >> hundreds are outraged over the story that has been spreading. you see these protests and we have been showing them since president-elect donald trump won. it turns out the not registered to vote. the partners in portland look at those arrests during unrest there. emerald morrow has more of the reaction. >> reporter: this story is getting some very strong reactions from you all on our 10news a wtsp facebook page. i want to share some of the comments. allison schooler said if they didn't vote they have no right to complain or to protest and then we have chris who says
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also unable to vote. this election affects them as well. it drove hundreds of students out of the classroom and into the streets yesterday in other parts of the country. students said they worried about how minority communities will be treated under president- elect donald trump especially after his comments on immigration. a lot of you take issue with protesters who did not vote. our partners at kgw in portland compared agents -- ages and arrest records. 70% of the protesters arrested did not vote in the election. to be clear this was a small percentage of protesters. there were 4000 people who were demonstrating compared to the 112 who were arrested. the other interesting tidbit to share is that 10 investigates found a similar pattern back in 2012 and the occupied template movement -- those were arrested and those demonstrated seasons
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demonstrators did not vote. mister trump is meeting with high-level positions in his cabinet. he was criticized by democrats and republicans for choosing breitbart news leader chief bannon as senior counsel. craig boswell joins us from the white house today. top contenders for other high- profile jobs. >> reporter: alabama senator jeff sessions tower where the president-elect and governor mike pence our meeting later today to discuss cabinet positions. among the candidates being discussed for secretary of state, rudy giuliani and ambassador to the united nations, john bolton. and stephen nguyen was recommended as treasury
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is the leading choice for america's top diplomat but has limited foreign-policy experience. trump transition officials are asking about having some of trump's family members get high- level security clearances. three adult children could get access to america's top secrets but they are also expected to continue running trumps businesses and that could be a problem for trump who criticize hillary clinton's ties to the clinton charitable foundation as pay for play during the campaign. >> if they want to drain the swamp the relationship with the family of the business would be open and aboveboard word the walls between the two would be high if the president trump wants to keep face with the promises he made and the criticism he level. >> trump has nine weeks to fill thousands of administration positions before taking the oath of office. craig boswell, cbs news. making marital -- medical marijuana in florida. a call to make him the governor
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burning tens of thousands of acres in georgia, tennessee and north carolina. some of the hardest hit areas. an update to a story. a chili's restaurant under fire for denying a veteran his free meal on veterans day. it is cool today. >> we're getting more sunshine in the mix as well. a really nice afternoon and a relatively warm few days when
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and the chili's manager who took a free meal from a veteran on veterans day is on >> ernest was taking advantage of the free meal promotion in dallas. he said a customer questioned his service. when the manager confronted him as well as a legitimate id of a service dog they took away his to go back. >> i served my country. i did not go inside the war but i was ready and i respect those that went into war. but anybody to come here whether i was a veteran or customer to have a manager
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>> walker recorded the video and posted it. it has been viewed thousands of times. call 911 and it did not merit charges. you heard the ads for morgan & morgan. how about morgan for governor. 2018 is a long way away but why the race for florida's top job is shaping up and john morgan may soon be in the running. ford a journey morgan was the man behind getting medical marijuana past and his supporters want him to do something else, going from his law building like this one in downtown tampa to another building all together, the governor's mansion in 2018. >> i am john morgan. >> it is a household name in florida. hundreds of these commercials air. and you could soon be seeing more of him. a petition website launched a
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but could he actually have a chance. some say yes. we've seen a big shift in political outsiders successfully taking over office. just like the new president- elect. morgan supporters say if he can get medical marijuana to pass there is nothing he won't be able to accomplish. >> it's important to note that morgan hasn't said if he will run but if he does, he will have fieco whoever else enters the race in the next two years. dry weather and drought conditions across the southeast are fueling this. an explosion of wildfires. they burn thousands of acres already and heavy smoke is raising air quality concerns. >> reporter: more than 70 wildfires stretch across 87 states. the fires have already chart
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evacuations. >> i am concerned. it was at the top of the ridge and now it's down here. it's unnerving and scary. >> and north carolina flames are threatening at least 1700 structures. >> we have california wildfires in north carolina. >> 20 wildfires are burning in north carolina and many of them investigated for suspected arson. >> the way this fire is it is different. this is the worst thing i've ever been involved with.>> from the flame, plumes of smoke, so much that dozens o are facing air quality advisories. a view from nasa shows the smoke. some of it has started to drift into the metro atlanta area. >> i have twins with asthma and being outside with them i've noticed them coughing. >> 40% of the se is facing drought including three quarters of alabama and half the state of georgia. >> that we're going to be okay. >> 5000 firefighters on the
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colorado, arizona and california. this continuing drought, there is no rain in the forecast. mark strassman, cbs news. out the door this morning or this afternoon rather we're seeing a lot of cloud cover across the board. that will break up quickly and we will see temperatures warming up. that is why it looks like patchwork. 78 in tampa. we are starting to see some sitting in their and that will continue through the afternoon. by 3:00 we should start getting more sunshine back into the forecast all the future cast earlier once clearing is out, this is will take a few more hours and we may deal with residual cloud cover. either way it is going to keep temperatures on the cooler side. we will talk about around 74 and notice not really breaking up the clouds until we headed
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that will allow us to cool off overnight. low 60s and eventually falling into the upper 50s. that is going to be a warm spring day compared to the air moving in behind this next frontal boundary. notice this is the line of clouds we're seeing and it falls apart. this will move through as a dry front and then we get you into sunday. the front pushes to the east and we continue to filter in the cool dry air. by monday morning is in place across florida and these are the temperatures you will be waking up to as we look ahead to next week. 40 for tampa bay, upper 30s for the major coast. upper 30s for the inland areas. coastal areas may see a few areas able to hang on to 50 degrees. it will be chilly across the board. some of the coldest temperatures we have seen so far this year. but if you are not a fan of the
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still have nice weather ahead of that so you can enjoy things. that holes into the weekend, at least the first half, were temperatures are near 80. we get a lot of sunshine in the forecast and moving different through as a dry front so it won't be cold and wet but just cold. notice a big drop in temperatures and we don't get out of this as we look ahead to early next week. 40s in the seven day. co ncis followed by bull and nci
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don't forget to join us for 10 this morning because all this week because us and the diamond store have teamed up to give away gift card. all you have to do is watch
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your chance to win. bruno mars is going on tour for his magic world tour. >> he will be in tampa next year. you have time to prepare because the concert is october 19 at amalie arena. tickets go on sale monday. plan now and get your tickets. to for time off work. >> wayne the rock johnson is people's sexiest man alive. the rock who is 44 is the world's highest paid actor this year. he's in the animated film alana . he is 6'5" and 245 pounds. we are chatting about this right now. do you like it or would you rather have somebody else?>> so far everybody is okay with it. let me know what you think. that will do it for us at noon. thank you for joining us. we will see you back tonight
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[ laughter ] >> nick: uh, like, really? >> chelsea: that's pretty good. >> esther: ooh, it sounds like you two have been having a great time. >> chelsea: well, we just pulled off a harrowing escape, actually. >> nick: yeah, as we were leaving the ranch, we saw a horde of photographers on the road across from the guard house. so how'd you get past them? >> chelsea: well, nick turned the headlights off and went to this back gate that led to a dirt road that only the local farmers know about. >> nick: we're just lucky it hasn't rained in awhile, otherwise we could have got stuck. but we made it to highway b, turned the lights on, and then cruised right past that esteemed grouping of members of the press. >> esther: [ chuckles ] well, i bet they just wanted to get a picture with this handsome little guy, right? oh, nick. what a miracle having your son with you again.


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